I am unit 7 part 10

By Jeep
published October 14, 2019

The final chapter for unit Dan and the Great Leader

it is over… I sit now in the seat of power. I am unit Dan, and I am victorious, but victorious at a heavy price. I avoid looking in mirrors, for I know what I will see. I will see the form of the person who was responsible for this, the form that hangs in super sized portraits in every town, in every district, the form that Declan took before he made himself Great Leader.

Back in the time before, I’d laughed at him when he’d first shown me his new form. Gone was the slender, slightly effete man with the pale skin and slicked back black hair, in his place was the form I’d jokingly referred to as every fetishist’s wet dream. Declan had become what could best be thought of as a power brute. He’d retained his height , but the nanobots had thickened his bone structure and piled on massive amounts of muscle, all of it covered in tattoos from the neck down which were partially obscured by the black curly hair that was profusely abundant from his neck to his toes. He’d heightened the masculinity in his face, squaring his jawline, enlarging his nose slightly, making his brows heavy and thick. Laser cut cheekbones, and penetrating green eyes were complimented by permanently tanned skin and blindingly white, slightly feral looking teeth. His hairline bore witness to what should have been unabashed years of steroid use and amounted to little more than a dark landing strip on an other shaved scalp. To finish off his face, a menacing,dark goatee called to mind vintage gay porn. Glints of metal from piercings, eyebrow, ear, septum, nipples, ( and as I later discovered, frenum and penis piercings) caught the light as did the studs on his leather harness, and on the detachable codpiece of his spit shined leather pants. The codpiece surrounded a penis and balls that once could only have been achieved with silicone injections, but now simply were “natural” appendages to this body, the balls grapefruit sized, the dick the size of a toddler’s arm and in a permanently semi hard condition.

How foolish was I not to think that he might have amped up aspects of his personality to match his new exterior. At the time Declan laughed along with me, saying he’d directed the technician to turn him into a Tom of Finland leather daddy mixed with Conan and a dash of punk rock for good measure.

But then, in the time before, this unit believed in the science, believed in the promise of nanotechnolgy, in the God chip, but most of all I foolishly believed my friend and business partner would abide by my decision to not play God. I don’t know, maybe he tried initially, maybe in increasing his aggression, masculinity, and intellect it became to difficult to resist his vision for a world remade. But then again, maybe he’d always been an egotistical asshole who’d only been waiting for his chance.

Well, this unit had waited for his chance as well. As a unit 1 this unit was programmed for leadership and cool impartial intellect blended with ambition. Unit 1s are passionate only about ruling and carrying out the dictates of the Great Leader for the betterment of the Great Society. Unit 1’s do not pair for the Great Ejaculation for each are marked as special to the Great Leader, and daily he chooses who will service him during that time. There is much jockeying for position among the ruling units to be chosen, to catch the Great Leader’s attention. I knew I would catch the attention of the Great Leader, the odious one, when I introduced a bill calling for the elimination of surplus unit 7’s in order to further reduce the carbon footprint to save our world.

I had prepared for months, using a combination of this units intellect, and my own memories, which came back more and more each day. It was easy for me to gain access to labs, to computers, to manufacturing, and after months, I had come up with it. The device was small, fitting into excess space on a key fob for this unit’s Mercedes, and if it worked, the world would be free of the Great Leader, and I might assuage my conscience a bit for my part in allowing the world to be…

As expected, my bill had caught the attention of the Great Leader, and a unit 7 dressed in the black satin pants and bow tie of a house servant, brought me a summons on a silver tray directing me when to present myself at the throne room of the Great Leader. I allowed the unit to give me the kiss of servitude, and told him to assure his master that I was humbled by the great honor bestowed on a humble unit 1, and that I would present myself with pleasure at the appointed time.

That day after the work was done in the ruling chamber, I presented myself at the appointed time to share the evening ration and the Great Ejaculation with the Great Leader. I entered the room as commanded, head bowed on my hands and knees. i followed the reflections of a thousand candles along the glossy marble floors until I reached a dais. I positioned myself prostate on the floor when i could smell the musk, the scent of leather, heat, and sex, the scent of ultimate power. Momentarily this unit wanted to confess all, to offer myself completely to the Great Leader, BLESSED BE, as his humble slave and vessel, but then this unit remembered. It remembered being unit 7, unit 6, unit 2, and all the others, remembered what it felt like to have no will, to exist only to serve a single purpose, it remembered the time before, it remembered unit Dan, and it w.as enough… my will returned….

I heard the voice, rough and deep, yet compelling, “Rise good and faithful servant, rise, and gaze upon your Great Leader, your God…”

I did as commanded, and looked upon that hirsute muscular form, and slowly came forward for the kiss of servitude. As we kissed, I tasted the flavors of cigar, and whiskey, and manhood. My narrow little penis filled with blood as I felt the embrace of this brawny master… soon, so soon, I would taste his ejaculate, and the plan could begin…

The Great Leader released me and motioned to a long table, filled with food for the evening ration, food not seen since the time before, lobster, beef, colorful vegetables, towering sweets glistening with sugar, champagne chilling in silver buckets. At the head of the table was one perfectly appointed place setting. A unit 7 pulled out the chair so the Great Leader might be seated. Then he motioned to the floor at his right side, and bade me to kneel there. The Great Leader then directed unit 7 to serve me the evening ration and withdraw. The unit put a bowl with the typical lukewarm ration in front of me.

“Eat,” the Great Leader ordered, “eat like the dog you are, and be grateful for what is to come. Eat, for I am pleased with your cleverness, and know the honor given to you to be allowed to do so in my presence…”

I ate as quickly and efficiently as I could, like an animal… I saw a sardonic smile on the face of the Great Leader as he looked upon me while picking at the delicacies on the table before him…

“It is good that you understand you are but a pet to the Great Leader, as insignificant to me as the unit 7’s that we will eliminate to reduce surplus populations…”

After he was finished dining, the Great Leader stood, and unsnapped his codpiece… His penis fell forward, magnificent in length, girth, and musk. I was bidden to begin my service as the time of the Great Ejaculation was upon us. I remembered all the ways of seduction learned as a unit 4, and I gently blew my hot breath on his engorged sensitive head… I kissed it with delicate precision, each kiss barely making contact, just a whisper, a promise of pleasures to come… soon my tongue chased along the length of his member, as I felt more blood flow into it… finally, I accepted it in earnest, and I set to work. This unit was specially designed without gag reflex, and with an ability like a snake to swallow items far larger than an ordinary unit. Finally, I sense the time is near, I feel the explosion as the Great Leader sends volley after volley of his master seed down my throat. My own orgasm is fast splattering inside my pants, running down my leg. NOW, I think to myself, now…

I pull the fob out of my pocket and release the stream of nanobiots with a quick punture into the chest of the Great Leader.. the Great Leader looks momentarily shocked, then I watch rage cloud his face, he raises his mighty arm to strike out at me, when the changes begin for us both…

I feel my being ripping apart, my form shifting, changing, reforming… I feel the power, the intellect, the cruelty, the need for domination. My manhood grows thick and long, I burst forward with ropes of glistening ejaculate, I rub it into my gorilla like body hair, I take into my mouth, I watch it absorb, feeling my power increase by a hundredfold… I roar, literally, I roar…taking in the ejaculate of the Great Leader after transforming into the Great Leader seems to have sealed the loop. No more do I transform, sadly, no more do I transform, but it is just as well, for at least I know who I am…

“I am unit Dan, I am God, I am all…”

I look at the prone figure on the floor. It looks up at me with tears in it’s eyes. I look at its sagging, flabby body, it’s hairless face with deformed porcine features, it’s eyes blank and dumb…

I look at it and bellow, “What is your designation?”

“I am unit 8,” it bleated, " I exist only for pain and use by my masters…"


“All,” it said with a pathetic whimper, " all are my masters, but especially you Great Leader, especially you.,."

I call for unit 2s to remove the vile thing from my presence, but only after flogging it for it’s myriad sins…. it sits, still, in it’s dark cell begging to serve any who pass, fondling it’s own tiny member each day at the time of the Great Ejaculation, desperate for a drop or two of semen, trapped without purpose in a hell of it’s own making, for in a society where each member has a sole purpose, to be purposeless is the greatest punishment available, much greater than if I had exposed it to regular beatings and humiliations..

So now, I rule this Eden, trapped for eternity in a body that I despise while I search for a way to return the world to the time before, but while the sadism of Declan is now a permanent part of this units personality, I still attempt to make things better for the units in society. No longer are units restricted to life only with their own kind, all join at every new moon to feast in the old way and enjoy the pleasures of the Great Ejaculation together, and together all units govern, not simply unit ones… of course, I protected the unit 7s from eradication, for deep down, somewhere, I am still unit 7. I may no longer be kind, perhaps I never really was, but I can still be just…

But now, and finally, I AM unit Dan, this is my world..,BlESSED BE…

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