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Forced Composition

By Somnius
published November 3, 2019

Things went south for The Editor, and he found a new aspect in his power.

Hello guys. I came back and tried to write something new. It might be something entirely different with Master Jerker’s idea but i hope you guys can enjoy this too.

Once again, sorry if there are grammatical mistakes because English isn’t my native language. Enjoy !

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jean muttered under his breath, his heart beating faster from panic. He should have expected that the Hero Union won’t go down without a fight. He thought the tide would go into his favor after he converted some heroes into his cause, The vigilante Night Owl into sadistic maniac Nightstalker, Aqua Ruler into Tentacle Ruler, but eventually they started to realize that someone was messing with reality. They were superheroes after all.

Jean was on the run, hiding away from the chaos Jean inadvertently created. His husband, Lightningstrikes went missing, they got separated when the Hero Union invaded their mansion. He’s probably busy enough dealing with them, and in this situation the only person that’s strong enough to help Jean would be Master Ace, or so he thought.

So he went to Master Ace’s residence in the Homo Union’s Headquarters. The mansion was grand and lavished, with all sorts of sexual objects scattered around. It reeked of sex as always, and faintly he could hear moans… a lot of moans and grunts inside, which only made Jean wanted to go inside even more, until he saw the entrance guarded by two huge, muscular men. The guard prohibited anyone from entering the residence because currently there’s an orgy happening there. And knowing Master Ace, he would be furious if he’s disturbed in his business. Jean sighed at the irony. He knew just how egotistical Master Ace could be, he was the one who wrote him that way. Luck isn’t on his side this time.

A group of superheroes arrived there not too long after. This place was too obvious as Jean’s destination, and he needed to get away fast. “Do you need help, sire?” A hunk, presumably in his early 20s approached Jean. He recognized him as one of Master Ace’s proteges. The Latino man wearing spandex suit looked charming with his long black hair. “My name is Jackal, sire. Master is busy, maybe I can help you in his place?” Jean couldn’t say no right now, could he? He needed all the help he can get. “Do you know… of any safe place ?” “There’s a place we used to hide, just a bit outside of the city.” The Latino spoke with a hint of Spanish accent.

While Jean could just transform anyone with super power into his aide, the Hero Union wasn’t there to play around with him. One of the superheroes, Red Witch, was somehow able to detect his presence whenever he tried to activate his power, and then the closest superhero to him would try to take him down.

They arrived safely at the shelter. The place seemed abandoned so perhaps… they can be safe for a little while. It’s a relief after a long day and Jean felt like he’s on the verge of collapsing, he couldn’t go on this goose chase anymore. They went in through an iron gate, and decided to take a short break, since it was pretty much needed. Jean peeked into his pocket, looking at a scroll representing Jackal. He didn’t really have options, Jackal was there and willing. So he could rewrite him to make him stronger, he thought as he took out the scroll from his pocket.

Jackal was attractive, if looks could kill then he would be a serial killer. But then Jean learned that Jackal was inexperienced and most times unreliable. He was quick-witted, loyal to Master Ace, and a greedy cocksucker but those are probably the only things he’s good at.

Jean sighed. He took a fountain pen from his pocket. “Jackal, I’m going to make you stronger. This might feel weird but just relax and let the change happens.” Jackal seemed excited, a drop of sweat dripped down to his eyebrow ring. “Yes, sire!”

Jean waved his fountain pen, prepared to do his magic when something materialized in his pocket. He gulped, there’s someone else nearby and it wouldn’t be wise to not know who was it. He took a deep breath, reaching into his pocket, then his eyes grew wide upon looking at the scroll. “Oh shit… It’s The Supreme.” The shelter roof creaked, the whole shelter shook shortly and a hole broke open, a silhouette came in under the light of the setting sun.

A muscled hunk in a blue spandex suit floated in mid air, The S logo on his chest stood out. His short black hair waved in the wind as his piercing blue eyes gazed into Jean. “Found you, Editor. Surrender now or we’ll take you down by force.” As Jean remembered, The Supreme was the vice leader of Hero Union. He’s as strong, if not stronger than Marshall Ace, apparently when Jean rewrote Marshall Ace, a new reality formed, and In this new reality The Supreme was the leader.

Jean shuddered, In his panic he glanced around and looked eyes to eyes with Jackal for a second. His luck keep getting worse and worse, and of all the heroes, it’s the leader himself. Jean sprinted away in a heartbeat while holding Jackal’s scroll, trying to write on it. “Not that fast!” The Supreme shot laser beams from his eyes. It missed, but barely grazed his hand and Jean could feel the heat. “I know what your powers are, Editor. I won’t let you do as you please.” The Supreme chased Jean, focusing all of his attention on him. But Jackal instinctively tackled him down and they fell down on the dust.

Jean trembled, his grip went loose and the fountain pen fell. He tried to catch the pen, and when he threw a glance, The Supreme’s eyes already glowed red, then another laser beam darted from his eyes, this time hitting Jean’s right hand spot on. The burning pain weakened Jean’s knees, he fell as he screamed in agony. Was this the end of his journey?


A familiar voice echoed in Jean’s head. Who was it? The voice was… alluring and dark.

“… combine the scrolls…”

He remembered now, it’s the same voice he heard when he found out about his power. He had so many questions, but in despair he decided to just follow through.

He saw Jackal and The Supreme fought against each other on the other side of the shelter. His right hand hurt so bad but he tried to gather his last strength and steadily unrolled The Supreme’s scroll, placing it on top of Jackal’s and rolled them back together. He prayed whatever was going to happen would work.

The scrolls shimmered, gradually glowed and a light burst for a second, forcing Jean to close his eyes. When he opened his eyes, only one scroll can be seen. What just happened?

Jackal hopped into The Supreme’s back, while The Supreme got distracted by the blinding light. Then reality trembled, distorting around them. When he landed, his legs went through, seemingly fused into The Supreme’s legs. “What is happening?!” The Supreme tried to move his leg, but it wouldn’t budge. Then he felt the heat on his thighs, his thighs muscle growing, absorbing Jackal’s mass.

Jackal felt like he’s in a quicksand, the more he struggled, the more he sank in. Most of his legs already absorbed and he felt his crotch touching Supreme’s ass. He felt warm and his cock melded into The Supreme’s ass, The Supreme’s ass inflated, becoming a perfect bubble butt as the last of the Jackal’s ass sank in. The Supreme gasped, Jackal’s butt plug settling down in his hole, it was warm, tingly, and somehow it felt good. On the other side, his cock grew thick, long, and… hard.

Jackal’s torso went in next, and The Supreme’s defined pecs swole to huge proportion. He felt his nipples grew bigger and sensitive, constrained by his spandex suit. His arms bulging out, his back becoming even more toned. A wet spot formed from his leaking precum.

Jackal shared the experience with The Supreme. The sensation was intense and erotic to him, and as he accepted his fate, he closed his eyes and fell into The Supreme head to head, merging completely.

The Supreme felt surge of memories invaded him. He remembered growing in an All-American farm with his parents, but he also remembered being a Latino teen on the street, living freely, hooking up with random strangers and sucking cocks in the dark alley. But… he’s straight! He dated Lana Louise back in the college… No, he never went to college, he never had the money and resorted to becoming a rent boy because he’s just so skilled at sex. Then he met Master Ace, his saviour who trained him, showing him the desires he never knew he had. He was infatuated by his master, he swore to be his loyal slave, eventually joined the Homo Union. He loved Master Ace, he loved sucking that glorious cock. The Supreme licked his lips.

This isn’t right… He’s a hero.This is just Editor’s mind game, he needed to fight it.

He could hear another thought in his mind and It was nothing like his own thoughts. Thoughts about the pleasure of men… How good it felt to suck cock, how satisfying it is to have his hole filled, It was so.. erotic. He had been trained to resist pain for years, but pleasure was something he never expected. He resisted for awhile, but eventually his resistance crumbled.

Someone whispered in his mind, filling it with new knowledge. The training to serve and submit. To serve big, muscular dominating men. It just felt so good to follow your heart’s desire. He felt his morality ebbing away, surrendering to the primal lust. The virtue he no longer needed was discarded, heroism was gone, only lust remained… Yes, he live to fuck and be fucked.

Jean still sat in the corner, watching the changes happening before his eyes. The Supreme convulsed, He was holding his head with two hands in excruciating pain. He stood up, moaned loudly and he came.

The Supreme’s outfit lost its colour, becoming deep black, His boots morphed into shiny leather. His costume shrunk into a very short wrestler suit made of rubber, it’s very tight fitting, showing the outline of his huge cock. Then hair sprouted on his chest, armpits, legs, almost everywhere. His face grew darker with 5 o’clock stubble then his short hair grew into shoulder length. Two golden hoops on his ears, and an eyebrow stud materialized. His facial features shifted, from an American stud to a mixture of American and Hispanic look. The symbol on his chest faded and a Jackal’s head replaced it.

The hunk rubbed his crotch, then stroked his cock. Even after cumming he still felt so fucking horny. “Who… are you?” Jean was intrigued. He opened his eyes, and his left eye changed color to golden brown.

"I don’t know.” he giggled. “Call me anything you want.” his voice deep and sensual. “Hey, you wanna fuck my hole?” He lifted Jean up, rubbing their crotches together. Jean grinned from ear to ear, then Supreme Jackal kissed him and their tongues wrapped around each other for a moment. He embraced Jean tighter, slightly brushing Jean’s hand.

“Ack!” Jean yelped in pain. “Oh right, sorry about your hand.” Supreme Jackal frowned. “Why did I do that again?” his memory of past life already forgotten. “Let’s go back to base. We can fuck after that”

“Base?” Jean asked, a bit concerned.

"The Homo Union, pendejo. Where else?”

Supreme Jackal started to float. “Hold on tight, amigo.” and they flew into the sunset.

Meanwhile far away, the Red Witch watched what happened from a tear in space. She couldn’t afford to get close or she might also get transformed into a perverse fantasy of Editor. The Editor’s powers are dangerous, and she definitely recognize that voice. the voice of a malicious creature lurking in the shadow…

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