Real Change Takes Time Pt. 4

By SloChangr
published October 12, 2019

James gets an new app on his phone that let’s him make changes to himself and his roommates

Real Change Takes Time Pt. 4


Hello, I’m back for now. I saw part 3 of my story was featured and I realized that I finally figured out something I could do with the story, aka why it might be so different than before. I wrote this up just in one afternoon. Hopefully this writing inspiration will keep me going for more chapters.


There I am, legs raised up into the air, ass exposed, and Dave’s cock lightly twitching inside of me. I feel the heat of his body steaming off of him as he rests from his forceful fucking. I can still feel his dick deep inside of me when he says it again.

“Show me the app.”

I remembered earlier today when Anne messaged me on facebook I showed it to Dave to ask him what I should do. I always go to Dave for advice on stuff like this he’s just so smart and decisive I knew he would know what to do. He went back to watching TV and I downloaded the app. That event must have kickstarted where I came back into knowing about the app. Right afterwards is when I went out in the living room and Dave started fucking me.

He knew too much about it already. He saw some of the messages. I’m not going to be able to persuade him away. Not that I think I’m even going to be able to resist.

I reach over to the nightstand and grab my phone.

“Here you go master” I unlock my phone for Dave.

He grunts and snatches the phone out of my hand.

“Okay let’s see here. I see your profile, myself, and my other boy Stan. And you said this can make changes? Let’s try something out then.”

I immediately panic. Deep down I know I can’t let him take over control of the app. I need to be the one making changes so I know what’s happening and can stay in control. But I’m not in control anymore. I begin sweating feeling myself under the weight of Dave mentally and physically at the moment. I try to prop myself up on my elbows as Dave is still rock hard inside of me. Dave looks down at me.

“What do you think you’re doing. This is my phone, I just let you use it.” And without even taking his hands off the phone, Dave begins thrusting his hips.

The pleasure is overwhelming. All of my resistance I am trying to put up against him is fading. I feel is slipping away with every pulse of his cock in and out of me. I moan loudly and fall again onto my back. I can’t even help it escape my lips.

“Fuck master. Your cock makes me feel so good.”

He looks up from the screen and winks at me “I know.” returning his stair back at the phone quizzically trying to work its options all the while giving me the best fuck of my life. Even when he puts in 10% effort in fucking me it’s perfect. My entire body is vibrating, I’m moaning with every breath, my arms and legs feel like jello.

“Alright, I think I know what I’m doing. I’m going to start with you to see how this app works out.”

“Dav-, Master, please. I need to see my phone.”

“Oh no. That’s not happening.” I try one more time to take control of my body and reach and grab the phone the phone out of his hand before it hits me..


The world comes back into focus. I have no idea why I just blanked out. I blink once or twice and see Master on top of me pounding me away. Oh, wow this is such an intense fucking. Maybe that’s why I lost my place in the world for a moment. I see my master’s perfect muscular body above me. He’s smiling at me.

“How’s it going Jamie boy.”

“Amazing Master. This is an amazing fuck as always. I cannot thank you enough for letting me be your bottom.”

Master really is amazing. Ever since we met Freshman year, he has let me bottom for him. The moment I met him I knew there was nothing I wanted to do but to service him as best as I could.

“I’m glad to hear you feel that way. Fuck yeah, I remember it all now. I didn’t have to beg you at first and break you in. You’ve always been that way now. It actually worked! Looks like I squashed out any resistance you tried to put up. Not that it got you very far haha.”

I had no idea what he was referring to. I of course have always been fully devoted to Master. I would never give him any resistance. I only want to serve him in any way I can.

Master slides his cock out of my willing hole. “Fuck I’ll never get enough of that.”

He slaps me ass and pulls out the silicon replica of his massive cock that he had made for me. He gently slides it back into me. He got that for me as a present for a few years ago. I would always bemoan the times where I didn’t have access to his cock, and I would be too tight to immediately take his cock. He got me a replica I always wear to make sure I am loose enough to take him whenever he wants.

It was a pretty standard thing. He went to some company that took a mold of his dick to make silicon replicas of it. They begged him to allow them to sell it to the general market. They tried convincing him that with his photo attached it would be the best-selling product they’ve ever had. He just laughed them off and said it was for one person. I’ve always appreciated that part of our relationship, no matter what Master still only fucked me and Stan.

He stands up and looks in the mirror. I watch him in awe as he flexes his huge muscles. I have always been jealous of them, but I always work to achieve even the slightest bit of resemblance to him with my free time in the gym.

He motions for me to come over. I stand next to him looking in the mirror. He’s physically greater than me in every way. Slightly taller, more muscular, confident and good looking. I look at myself. I’m modestly muscular. I look good and definitely still get hit on by girls and guys from my classes, but no one compares to my Master. Master looks at me through the mirror.

“Now that I have free reign from you mentally. I don’t care if pose a challenge to me physically.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that. I guess I am going to have to go along. I see him typing on his phone in front of me on some app I’m not familiar with.

In the middle of my thoughts the world goes out of focus for a second before coming back into view. I see Master standing next to me.

“You look good” Master says to me with a cheeky smile on his face.

I look in the mirror and I see two hulking dudes standing in the mirror flexing. I remember it’s my best bro Dave standing next to me. I remember meeting him Freshman year and just being completely inspired by him. Not only would I devote my mind and body to him, but I would do anything he wanted me to. Even if that meant going to the gym. He wanted a hunky guy under his control, so he got it from me. Some people would even see us around campus and think we were brothers given how similarly built we were, but seeing us make out at the local college bar definitely made people to realize our true relationship.

“Dave is it cool if I head out to the gym soon? I really need to get today’s pump in.” I ask my master.

“Course dude. Whatever you need to do to keep up that sexy body of yours. Just really quick I want you to lay down on the bed with your legs in the air.”

I immediately walked over to the bed and did just exactly that. Dave starts looking really excited. I guess he likes what he sees.

“Oh, wow it worked, but I didn’t expect it to be so literal. James, get up and do five push-ups.”

I jump off the bed and quickly do just that, my well-earned muscles straining under the weight of my pushup.

“Well looks like you’ll do whatever I say huh?” I think back about when I first met Dave. He was always so charismatic that it just made sense to do whatever he wanted to. It seemed like he had that effect on everyone he met. I guess I never really thought about it too much.

“Yeah Dave I guess you’re right.”

“Well get on your knees then and start working.”

Without hesitation I got down in front of Dave and started teasing his huge member in my mouth. This was definitely not the first time he’s commanded this over the years. He told me exactly what he liked, and I knew just what to do every time. I’m perfectly suited for it as at my kneeling height his cock perfectly lines up with my mouth.

As I’m sucking my dick, he starts listing off a bunch of things about myself. We were such good buds that I thought he knew this stuff, but I guess he just wanted to make sure.

“So, let me get this straight. You are 6’3.”

“Mm-hmmm” I moan with his dick in his mouth. I have to suddenly adjust myself to slightly bend over to suck his dick. I’m at stomach height while kneeling.

“And you have platinum blonde hair.”

I pull his dick out of my mouth “Yep always have babe,” my golden locks crowning my head, leading through my near translucent body hair, all the way down to my wispy pubes.

I look up and see Dave’s eyes are wide at the transformation that occurred below him unbeknownst to myself. He walked over to where my phone was just sitting and took it into the bathroom and dropped it in the toilet destorying it.


“Dave what the hell!?” Confusing and distressed I get up from my kneeling position and yell at Dave.

“Forget that you just saw that.”

An immediate calm washes over me as I momentarily forget where I am. I see Dave standing naked in the bathroom doorway deviously smiling at me. I can’t help but blush and look away smiling knowing he was staring at me lustfully. All I know is that the man I am completely devoted to who is perfect in every way is in my bedroom hungrily staring me down.

“I just took the app off your phone. Now no one can use it,” He began monologuing to me, “I made a few changes to myself. I don’t need the app anymore to make a change. I just have to command it to make it true. Now forget I said all of that.”

Once again, I found myself dumbstruck lost in a moment. Dave is standing in my room deviously smiling at me.

“Aw babe it looks like you lost your phone when we were out partying last night. I’ll be sure to pick you up a new one soon.”

I guess must have blacked out and forgot where I put my phone. I’m so lucky to have Dave as my roommate that he would get me a new phone.

“But, since I’ll be doing you such a favor, maybe you could do something for me?”

“Of course, Dave, anything you want!” I emphatically state.

“Why don’t you go lay down on the bed. I want to see what I can do”

I unquestioningly do as he says. I lay down on my bed still naked, back straight looking up at the ceiling waiting for Dave to know what to do next.

Dave crawls on top of me, arms holding him up on either side of me. His huge body taking up all the space above me. His beautiful face staring right back at me. I feel his cock drooping down lightly touching my stomach and his virile balls full of manly cum stirring waiting to drop another hot load.

He looks at my eyes before he thrusts forward kissing me deeply. I involuntarily moan having the sexiest man in the world make out with me.

He pulls up for air, “That never gets old. But there is one thing I want from you that after all these years that you could not give me.”

“I’ll give you anything Dave, for you I wouldn’t say no to anything.”

He chuckles. “No, you don’t understand. You couldn’t give it to me even if you wanted to. But now that I have these new abilities, you can.” He lowers his face is right next to mine when he whispers into my ear “I want your virginity.”

My virginity?? What does he mean? I have been having raunchy kinky sex with Dave and Stan for years now. We were all far from being virgins.

“I’m sorry Dave, but I don’t know what you mean.”

“After all these years of fucking your hole nothing has compared to the thrill of being inside you for the first time. We were both freshmen back then barely knew what we were doing. I want that hole back and break it in right the first time.”

I lay there remembering back to our first time together, but I have no idea what Dave wants me to do.

That’s when Dave says, “Turn back into James from freshman year right before you lost your virginity.”


I feel my body shrink under the power of his words. My years of hitting the gym with Dave are disappearing as I revert back to my freshman year body. Modestly toned from some high school gym days, but nothing compared to what I had reached senior year. My years of college knowledge disappear too. I know longer remember any of my classes, the things I learned in them, or even what major I was. My hole shrinks and becomes more sensitive as years of taking Dave’s cock are washed away. I’m reduced to an anxious freshman not completely knowing his place in college yet.

I become starkly aware of my roommate Dave smiling devilishly above me. I had only met him a few weeks ago when I first moved in and now the guy is naked straddling above me!

I try to squirm away as I embarrassingly realize that we are both naked in my bed. I’m gay, but I haven’t told Dave that yet. I was afraid he would think that I was going to hit on him or something. I would because he is so fucking hot, but I didn’t want to make it weird since we were roommates.

“Sh sh sh. It’s ok Jamesy settled down. You were just asking me to show you after gym stretches that I do. I know you were saying that you want to get as big as me one day.”

A calm comes over my body as I listen to the words he’s saying. I did think that when I first met him. Maybe he would show me how to get big in the gym. “Yeah thank you Dave, I really appreciate it. I guess I’m just confused on why you’re naked on top of me is all.”

He smirks. “Don’t notice that either of us are naked or my cock. I’m just here to show you stretches.”

I completely forget why I was worried. Dave, said that we just need to get on my bed to do this, but that we would keep our clothes on. I guess I just thought since his clothes were skintight it almost looked like he was naked!

“Why don’t you turn on to your stomach and we’ll get started. Okay the first stretch that I have to always do after I work out is my sphincter. Remember that James, you have to do this after every workout. Now pay attention you want to keep your muscles nice and lubricated for fluid movements, so we need some form of lubrication. Here, James, get my finger wet with your spit.”

He shoves his hand in my mouth and I mindlessly suck on his fingers. I know I need to have the best stretch possible, so I make sure to get them nice and wet.

“While you do that, I am going to open up your glute muscles by pushing them aside to gain access to your muscle.”

I feel a rod moving between my ass cheeks brushing up and down across my hole. I’ve never felt anything like this before, but I secretly start enjoying it. Hopefully Dave doesn’t get creeped out by me. His rock solid cock feels huge against my tiny butt. I had noticed a sizable bulge when Dave hangs out freeballing in shorts, but i never wanted to stare too long in case he would notice. For now at least I’m grateful that his clothes are covering his monster up. It would be weird to have my roommates bare cock on me!

“Ok, that should be wet enough now. I’m going to start off slow. Just one finger.”

He moves his slick hand down to my ass and rubs his groin slightly before then sliding his index finger into me. I moan loudly, but turn red realizing that I’m sexually enjoying my roommate who’s just trying to help me get big by working out. I had played with my ass before with a finger or two, but I never had anything larger in there. I was too afraid to buy a dildo let alone have sex with anyone!

His finger plunges in and out of me. “Oh yeah I can definitely tell you haven’t done this ‘stretch’ before. It’s just as tight as I remember it being.” He sticks a second finger in me.

I’m moaning away trying to play it off that I enjoy the stretch. “Yeah, I don’t think any of my coaches or teammates ever showed me this one, but it already feels great.”

“Ok I wasn’t going to show you this, but it seems like you are ready for an advanced technique. to really stretch I’m going to curl my fingers alright bud?”

“Uh huh.” I barely get the words out before I’m overwhelmed the pleasure of his fingers kneading my prostate.

As Dave starts massaging my insides as I feel my cock is becoming rock hard. Good thing that I’m wearing shorts still so that he probably can’t see how turned on I am!

“Buddy, I’m going to insert the stretching rod now. This is the real thing. Fingers are a good warm up but remember if you really want to get big you need the real thing every workout.”

I nod as I feel Dave’s rod enter me. At first the rounded head pops in and then a long-curved length continues pushing in. He huffs and exhales as its fully inserted. His hands plop down on both sides of me as he is in push up position on top of me.

“How does that feel bud?”

“Sooooo gooood” I moan out not even trying to hide my enjoyment anymore.

“Fuck it’s even better than I remembered” I hear Dave mumbled to himself as the rod penetrates me. He slowly begins moving the rod in and out of me. I feel the entire length being pulled out before it being reinserted. I’m not quite sure how he is moving it since his hands are next to me, but i just assume he knows what he’s doing. The rod must also have some inherent lubrication coming out of it as well because I actually feel myself getting more wetter as the bare rod penetrates me.

“Hey James?” I hear him say as he pumps away

“yeah, Dave?” I lazily respond enjoying the pleasure.

“Are you a virgin?”

My entire body freezes up. This was something I was embarrassed about coming to college with never having been with any guys before. Especially when I realized I was living with a guy live Dave who I’m sure had been getting pussy for years. I wanted to hide that fact until I was able to actually find a guy that I trusted in a relationship to lose it.

Blushing, I respond to him “Yeah, um, Dave, um, I am”

Without breaking his stride in me “That’s totally cool bro, I just wanted to know. I’m sure we can get you some pussy soon.”

I internally roll my eyes hearing him say pussy. I guess no better timing to bring up that I’m actually gay. “Um… actually that too. I’m actually gay Dave. I hope that’s ok with you. I promise I won’t be weird about it or try to hit on you or anything.”

Dave pauses, rod pulsing inside of me, “that’s totally cool dude. I don’t judge. I like getting with guys too if I’m being honest.” He gives me a quick slap on the ass before continuing to pound me.

“Oh, that’s such a relief to hear. you have no idea”

“Of course man. I’ll totally be your wingman. Just promise me you’ll play it safe right man? Always using condoms with hookups and getting tested regularly”

“Yeah definitely! I want my first time to be special and safe. I wouldn’t have sex without a condom.”

“That’s great to hear bud.”

I close my eyes in contentment knowing that this first year of college might go alright. I have an awesome jacked roommate who promises to help me workout and stretch everyday who’s totally cool with me being gay!

I hear Dave grunt and thrust as hard as he can pushing deep in me before collapsing on top of my back. His breathing is right in my ear. “fuck James. That hole is like no other. Thanks for letting me be the first to use it.”

“of course, Dave. Thanks for being cool and showing me that. I feel so relaxed now. No one had showed me that before.”

He kissses me on the cheek a few time, the rod slick with something still pulsing in me. I blush having my roommate being so intimate me I nervously giggle.

“We are going to have so much fun.”


Stay tuned for more transformations that Dave tries out on his good friend and roommate James. Dave’s always open for suggestions for things to do to James when he isn’t feeling creative enough.

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