Respect the Singlet

By DMears
published October 10, 2019

Mr. Gerald Merriman has had enough with the wrestling team getting so much adoration. Guess he needs to learn why it’s so well-respected.

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Mr. Gerald Merriman was getting fed up with the constant tardiness of one particular student. In fact, he was so tired of it, now seemed like the perfect time to take action. Merriman has been teaching at Forrest High School for almost twenty years now. With a bachelor’s in math, and a masters in education, he’s definitely one of the most respected figures at the school. For the most part he is incredibly supportive of all the other areas outside of academics. Sure he might look older than he actually is (only 55), and that’s mainly due to his old-fashioned fashion sense, but he knows how to stay up to date with school life. He’s always doing his best to show support for the theatre club, chess, debate, so and so forth. However, there is one area he has never been too much of a fan of: sports. Growing up, he wasn’t the most athletically inclined child, something that was even more apparent in his teen years. No, in fact he was always treated with disdain and disrespect. After all, being a nerd wasn’t cool. Being an athlete was.

Sadly, this has left the man with a bit of an inferiority complex when around even the youngest of athletes at his school. Honestly, anyone of them could pummel him to the ground if they wanted, so him being able to hoard his position over them gave him a great thrill. With one word he could get a football player benched for the entire season. One word could force a basketball player off the team. One word is all it took, he had that much power at the school.

However, there was one place he didn’t have as much influence: the wrestling team. Considering most of the students from the team went on to make names for themselves wrestling for big universities, it was no wonder the school wanted to keep that area as untouched as possible. Merriman wasn’t too thrilled with this, so he’s spent a lot of time slowly chipping away at the teams support among the rest of the community. Doing his best to hurt whatever chances they had at staying the top commodity the school had to offer. That’s where Ryan Hendricks comes in. Ryan is a senior and the captain of the wrestling team. For the most part he is a pretty well-adjusted young man but he has had some missteps. There were a couple times he was caught trying to skip school and Merriman would blow it out of proportion to hurt the team’s credibility. It looks like it’s starting to work, and Merriman is getting a little daring. If he can catch Ryan in one more screwup, then he can probably have complete control over the entire wrestling team. God, just thinking that makes him hard. He’s not gay, but he loves power and controlling other people with it. However, things were a little quiet with Ryan. For a hot second he thought he might have to do something to frame him. Maybe plant some weed in his locker. Or cocaine. That would really get him expelled. Where would he even find drugs though?

Before he has a chance to see this plan any further, he overhears Ryan talking to one of his teammates about some special “stuff” he’ll give him before practice to help with his performance. The only catch is he has to meet him in the locker room during lunch while everyone else is busy. Merriman smiles, this is it.

When the lunch bell rings, Merriman makes his way to the locker room, hoping to beat Ryan there. If he can find a good hiding spot before Ryan shows up, maybe he can catch him in the act. Imagine how he’ll be lauded as a hero. Mr. Gerald Merriman, the hero who stopped a drug trade happening within his own school. Before he knows it, he’s already in the locker room. Ugh, it is just so smelly and gross and reeks of teenage hormones. For a second he’s stunned by the awfulness of it all but then he hears a sound. Someone is coming.

Ducking behind some lockers as quietly as possible, he peeks to see who it could be. It’s Ryan. Strangely enough, he’s wearing his blue singlet instead of his regular clothing. This jock must love the feel of it so much he’s decided to keep it on for lunch. Merriman can’t wait to see the look on his face once he catches him. He watches as Ryan goes to his locker and looks around to see if anyone is nearby. Merriman quickly hides before he’s seen but then peeks out in time to see Ryan opening his locker.

It’s hard to make out what he has in his hand but it’s clearly nothing good. Seizing his moment, Merriman walks out of the shadows.

“What do we have here Mr. Hendricks?” he sneers.

Ryan jumps, then turns to see the well-dressed figure of Merriman approaching him.

“Oh, umm, nothing sir. Just some…” Ryan stutters.

Merriman is in front of him now, definitely shorter than Ryan but his suit makes it clear who has the power in this dynamic.

“Just… what?”

“It’s nothing sir, promise. Just something to help release some tension.” Ryan says innocently.

“Uh huh, in which case, do you mind if I see it? If it’s so innocent then I’m sure you have no problem showing me what’s in your hand.” Merriman wickedly smiles.

Ryan just hangs his head and hands him the object in his hands. Merriman takes hold of it and is surprised by what it is. A round, intricately designed ball that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with drugs. Unless it’s hidden inside. He tries to open it but to no avail. It’s sealed shut.

“What is this?” Merriman questions the senior.

“I told you. Something to relieve tension.”

“How does it work? Stop playing games Mr. Hendricks. What were you planning to do with this?!”

Ryan looks up at Merriman for the first time, a wide smile on his face. “Guess it’s time to find out. Stop.”

With one word, the ball glows in Merriman’s hand and has him stand completely still. No matter what he does, he finds himself unable to move. He’s completely at the mercy of this wrestling captain. Ryan just walks around Merriman, inspecting his new prey. At times rubbing his body, feeling the curves (or lack thereof) of Merriman’s butt.

“We’ll have to do something with that.” Ryan mutters to himself.

Merriman continues to struggle against the strange control he’s under. All he can do is feel Ryan rub his body as he walks around him, completely invading his space. Touching his shoulders. Cupping his chin as he looks into his eyes. Then he starts rubbing his hand down Merriman’s chest, stomach, and groin until it is firmly on his crotch. He gives it a little squeeze and Merriman can’t even grunt or squirm under the touch. All he can do is feel Ryan slowly massage him, clearly thinking something over.

“Okay, you can talk now.”

It’s like a gag was released. With a gasp. “What the fuck are you doing?!” Merriman bellowed.

“Please, tell me how you really feel.” Ryan laughs.

“Whatever the fuck this is, you better stop it right now otherwise-“

“Sorry sir but it’s gonna be a no from me. After all, something tells me you aren’t in much of a position to make demands.” He flicks the man’s dick, causing him to groan with pain.

After a moment of taking in his situation, Merriman realizes things are not looking too good for him.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He asks, barely keeping his voice steady.

“You’re kidding right? You’ve been gunning to ruin the team for years now. Not to mention you’ve been making me out into some type of criminal who’s a menace to society. You see, if you just left me alone, I would’ve left you alone. You could continue being the pathetic little man you always have been and I’d live my life. But no, you forced me to this moment Merriman. If you just resisted the urge to come here today then you’d still be fine. Honestly though, I gotta admit, I’m really happy you came here today. All the things that I’m gonna do to you… ugh, can’t wait.” Ryan smiles and licks his lips.

Merriman is now really scared. He’s finally been forced to a point of no return, something he hasn’t done since his high school days. He has to beg. “Please. Please just let me go. I promise I won’t bother you again. I’ll do anything. Anything!”

“Anything? Hmm, now that’s an idea. Okay, let’s make a deal. I’ll let you go right now, everything will go back to normal and you won’t have to worry about this ever happening again.”

“Thank God.”

“Or… or we could make another arrangement. Beat me at a little strategic game and I’ll do more than let you go. I’ll give you all the evidence you need to bring down the entire team. After all these years the team will finally be under your control. You’ll truly rule the school.”

Merriman thinks this over for a second. “What if I lose?”

“Well you’ll have to support the team. No more trying to tear it all down. Instead you’ll become it’s biggest supporter.”

“And you’ll still let me go?” Merriman asks.

“Of course. What else would I do with you?” Ryan answers with a grin.

Merriman thinks this over some more. This could be it. His chance to finally get everything he’s ever wanted. Be rid of this God-awful sport and this awful student in front of him. Yes, he’ll destroy Ryan. He’ll do everything he can to ruin him!

“So… do we have a deal?” Ryan asks.

“It’s… it’s a deal. What game did you have in mind?” Merriman asks.

“Just a little wrestling match. Me and you, alone.”

“WHAT?! You said strategic!” Merriman bellows.

“It is strategic. Takes a lot more brain power than you realized for this game to work.”

“That’s it, I’m out. No way I’m wrestling you.”

“Too late Merriman. You already agreed. Which means, it’s time to get you ready.” Ryan smirks.

“What the fuck-”

Merriman stops short, gasping and moaning as the ball in his hand starts to glow again. His skin feels like it’s pulling backwards, the wrinkles all over his body disappearing as his skinny body starts filling with muscle. His sleeves rip as gigantic biceps tear through them, revealing tanned, taut skin underneath. He feels a similar thing happen with his legs, completely tearing through his pants, revealing gorgeous quads and thick thighs. His moaning takes on a much more pleasurable sound as he feels his balls and dick grow bigger and bigger. The feeling of his dick rubbing against his constraining pants was almost too much for him. His butt, once flat and boring, balloons up until each cheek are perfectly carved mounds. His face, once stiff and hard, grew a little softer as his age melted away, his hair getting fuller and turning a beautiful auburn black. His pecs, once flabby and flat, grew until the first few buttons of his shirt popped off. He can feel his stomach go from a flat mess, into a six pack as the burn of years of working out flows over his body. Next he gets taller and taller until he’s the same height as Ryan, a wondrous 6’2.

With the physical transformation reaching its end, the next thing to change were his clothes. The torn, old-fashioned clothes of his time slowly grew tighter and tighter over his body. The sweater vest completely disappears showing his torn button-up slowly fusing with his pants into one entity. His tie turns into dust as the collar of his shirt widens, giving even more exposure to his newly defined chest. The sleeves slowly disappear until you can see all of his arms. His pants legs suffer a same fate, slowly rolling up until they tightly hug his quads. The final part of this transformation shows his newly created singlet slowly changing color until it is a dark blue, yet also kinda translucent in some areas (specifically his chest) with the symbol of the high school mascot appearing on his pants leg. Next, his glasses vanish in a puff of smoke, showing off his beautiful, slightly dumber eyes. Finally his underwear completely disappears, completely freeballing now, also giving a greater look at his much bigger bulge. With a few heavy breaths, Merriman was now a high school senior clearly fit for wrestling. Ryan smiled.

“See? Now you’re ready for some good ole wrestling.” He snatches the ball from Merriman’s hand and now the young man is able to move.

Checking his body over, Merriman finds himself in a panic over what’s just happened. He feels his new pecs, his enlarged groin, his lycra singlet, his younger face. He looks over at Ryan and bellows…

“What the fuck dude?!?!” He stops himself, surprised at his deeper, definitely jocky voice. He also notices the inclusion of the word “dude” in there. Something he’d never say in his life.

“What’s wrong Garrett? Don’t like the changes?” Ryan asks.

“Okay man, look, first my name isn’t Garrett, and second, HELL NO! Turn me back right now! No way I’m gonna be stuck like this. Not some dumb wrestler.” Garrett says, unknowingly finding himself thinking more and more like a “Garrett”, feeling the new way of talking getting more and more natural to him. He even starts flexing one of his arms and looking at it, kinda smirks. Pretty nice.

“Look Garrett, if you want everything to go back to normal, you know what to do. Right?” Ryan stares at the newly created jock.

Garrett gives Ryan a bit of a glare. “Beat you in some wrestlin’. I know I know. Okay, fine! With these guns you’re going DOWN Hendricks.” God he can’t wait to be back to normal.

“We’ll see about that… Merriman.” Ryan gets a little closer to him. They are very close now Garrett feels Ryan’s breath on his face and can’t help but feel a little turned on. He shakes it off and they go to the wrestling mat.

No one else is in there, so it’s perfect. Just these two jocks, about to have some fun.

First, Garrett lunges at Ryan, who nimbly dodges him. Garrett looks around at him and lunges again. Ryan dodges again, this time patting Garrett on the back as he passes.

“UGH! Stay still ya little shit.” Garrett says.

“What’s wrong Gare-Bear? Am I too much to handle?” Ryan winks. Causing Garrett to get a bit of an erection. He shakes it off and thinks… Ryan is pretty fast. If I can get him off his feet then he’s mine. Maybe that ass can be mine too. It is… really nice. Garrett shakes this idea loose from his head. He has to stay focused. Can’t get distracted. But it was too late, Ryan has already made a break for him, sweeping him off his feet and pining him on his stomach, arms behind his back. Garrett tries to twist away but nothing works. Ryan then lays down on Garrett’s back, doing everything he can to pin him. His dick grinds into his butt as Garrett fights back to no avail. Ryan just leans down and whispers.

“You fold?”

Garrett tries to struggle some more. He can’t fold! This is an important fight. Sure it’s getting harder to remember why it’s important but he knows it’s important! Garrett tries even harder to fight against Ryan, who just wraps his legs around Garretts legs and pins him down even harder. The rough treatment elicits a moan from Garrett, getting more and more turned on by this.

“Do… you… fold?”

Garrett is still struggling but it’s far more hopeless now. He’s trying to hold on to why it’s important to win. But submitting just feels too easy. It feels too right. Plus, Ryan’s dick does feel good on his butt like that. With one more struggle Garrett grinds his butt into Ryan’s dick. They both release a satisfied moan then…

“I… I fold.” Garrett breathes.

Ryan releases his arm and gets closer to his ear.

“Nice choice.” Ryan smiles then blows into Garrett’s ear, causing the senior to close his eyes and moan some more.

“Want some more of that?”

“Uhh, yes sir. Please captain.” Garrett finds himself begging.

“If you insist.” Ryan says.

Ryan nibbles Garrett’s ear, causing him to lean back in pure ecstasy, grinding his butt into Ryan’s bulge even more now. Ryan goes around, kissing and nibbling at Garrett’s neck and cheek until he finally gets to his lips. The two make out, both moaning into the kiss then Ryan forces Garrett onto his back. Then he starts grinding his hips into the newly minted wrestler, causing his dick to grow harder and harder.

“Fuck dude. Who taught you to do that?” Garrett breathes.

“You’ll never know.” Ryan laughs.

He then forces Garrett out of his singlet then strips out of his own until they are completely naked. The naked men grind into each other with force unlike anything they’ve ever felt. Both moaning loudly and happily. Ryan grabs Garrett’s hair and yanks him back.

“Are you a slut?” Ryan asks.

“Yes sir. I’m a slut.”

“Are you sure?” Ryan teases, licking his nipple eliciting a huge moan from him.

“Yes sir, I’m a huge slut.”

“You’re my slut.”

“I’m your slut.”

With that said, Ryan lifts Garrett’s legs up and immediately enters his asshole. At first it’s painful but Garrett remembers, he loves the pain. He loves being treated like the slut he is. As Ryan pounds away, Garrett jerks himself off, writhing in sync with Ryan’s movements. Garrett looks at him and can’t help but feel so much affection for his team captain. Constantly leading them to victory and helping him discover his true self. This was it… Garrett’s true life has begun. And with that final thought, the two young men cum, moaning as loud as possible. As they catch their breath, Ryan leans down and gives Garrett one final kiss.

“You like that?”

“Uhh, yes sir. I did. Fuck dude, you get me like that every time.”

“I’m a good teacher.”

“And you’ve taught me everything I know.” Garrett smiles then kisses him again.

The kiss is broken when Ryan gets up and throws Garrett’s singlet to him.

“Get up. Cause that match was piss poor on your part Gare. Clean yourself up, clean this mess up, then get ready. You still have a lot to learn at practice later today.” Ryan winks then walks away. Leaving Garrett alone with the mess.

As he gets dressed Garrett can’t help but think how lucky he is to have someone like Ryan looking out for him. No doubt Garrett is the biggest supporter of the wrestling team and can’t wait to keep it going at college, maybe his future teammates will be as open as his wonderful captain. It’s official, he’s in love with Ryan Hendricks and can’t help it. If it weren’t for his slutty tendencies then maybe there’d be a chance for the two of them to be together. Oh well. Anyway, if any of his past training sessions have been any indication, then he’s gonna have a lot of fun with the rest of the team later today. Being the resident slut is hard, but Garrett is the best at it.

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