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Controlling the coach

By Wolftamer88
published October 10, 2019

Big wolf controlled by small dragon

Thanatos groaned softly as Liam stopped the soccer ball for the fifth time in only ten minutes, shaking his head a bit as he fought to keep from falling over. His lungs and throat burned, and his scales were all sweaty from the soccer training that he was going through. Fingers clenched at his knees as he bent over, heaving and trying to catch his breath.

He couldn’t believe how hard this was. He’d read about all the rules of soccer and how it worked, and some of the good moves, and he thought that it’d be…well, maybe not easy, but not impossible.

Looking up from the soccer ball, he blushed as his wolf ‘coach’ chuckled at him. The soccer ball got kicked off to the side of the field, and Liam walked over. “You know, I think you’re really getting better at this. Some of those kicks almost got past me,” he said.

The dragon shook his head slightly, waving his hand as he fought to catch his breath. “You…just saying…that…” Thanatos said between gasps. “Just to…make me…feel better..”

“No, really, you were getting pretty close there.” The wolf chuckled, reaching up and rubbing his head lightly. “Though I swear one of those kicks was aimed right for my forehead. Were you trying to knock me out with that one?” he asked with another laugh.

Thanatos shook his head. It wasn’t what he had been trying to do, though it would have been rather funny, he would admit. He’d just been kicking like usual, and it had gone higher than he’d meant for it to go, almost hitting the wolf right on the nose, and Liam had only avoided it by ducking his head at the last minute and taking it on the forehead instead. After that, the ball had come right back at him, and HE’D been the one that was bonked right on the nose.

The young dragon wasn’t the best athlete, as his practice had continually proven. He got tired easier than most of the people running around, even faster than the rodents that took the field, and his kicks and throws were off the mark more often than not. It didn’t help that he started sweating easily, either, as the sweat dropping down his dark and light gray scales dripped down into his eyes and made it harder to see, which made him miss his kicks more often than not.

Still, it was nice for Liam to try and make him feel better, and he smiled at the dark-furred wolf in thanks for the compliment. “Thank you, anyway,” the young dragon said. He pulled himself up straight as he finally caught his breath. “So…any more today, Liam?”

“No, I think that’s enough,” Liam said with a shake of his head. He patted the dragon on the back and nodded towards the school gym behind them. “Come on. We better get inside and get cleaned up, or your parents are going to kill me for sending you back home all stinky,” he added with a laugh.

Laughing with the wolf, Thanatos followed him off of the field. He could see a few of the real soccer players of the school coming around for their practice session, and they waved at Liam as they passed by. The wolf waved back, but didn’t respond to their invitation to come along with them for more practice. That made Thanatos a little happier; it was nice to know that his coach would stick with him.

As they walked through the hallways, Thanatos couldn’t help looking at his ‘coach’. Liam treated him like a good friend. Sometimes a little like a little brother with him being a year younger than the highschool student, but most of the time pretty much like an equal friend. It was a very fun change, and it made him like Liam all the more.

They did look like an odd pair, though. He was a good bit shorter than the wolf, considering he was so much younger, and he wasn’t nearly as muscled, either. His wings poked up enough to get to Liam’s shoulders, but even with that, the wolf was able to look down on him pretty easily. Liam’s tail wagged as he walked, and his stayed pointed downwards for the most part, though he did make sure to keep it from dragging on the floor. That was just better manners, after all, and it would get his tail all dirty if he let it sag too far.

Thankfully they didn’t have a long way to go in order to get to the showers, reaching them in a few minutes. Several older guys, a lion and a rhino, stepped out of lockers with wet hair. Obviously they’d just used the showers. Liam paused and waved. “Hey, guys,” the wolf said.

“Hey, Liam,” the lion said. His eyes shifted down to the dragon cub and chuckled. “Heh, another long day of soccer practice with the little guy.”

“Yeah, long and sweaty. He’s getting pretty good, though. Probably gonna make his team if he tries out for it next year,” Liam said, prompting a little swell of pride in the dragon cub. “Hey, the showers pretty much empty? We need to clean up before I get Thanatos here back to his family.”

“Yeah, we’re the last ones,” the rhino said with a nod. “Nobody else should be around for another hour or so, when the football and soccer teams get done with practice.” He chuckled. “Aren’t you supposed to be there right now, actually?”

“Nah, got the coach to give me a pass for the days when I’m helping this guy.” Thanatos blushed as the wolf patted his back. “Besides, you guys know I’m good enough that I’m not going to screw up just because I missed a few days of practice. I’ll still kick your butts any day of the week.”

They laughed, nodding their heads as they walked off. Liam rolled his eyes and led the dragon into the showers. “Heh, come on. You need a shower, and so do I.”

“Thanks,” Thanatos said as they slipped through the doors, and made their way through the locker part of the room. It was completely empty as promised, and nobody was there to bother them. Thanatos shook his head a bit in relief. He didn’t mind stripping down for a shower with his wolf coach, but when there were a lot of other guys in the room, it got a little silly. They always liked to stare at him when he took off his clothes, and they always started getting funny little bulges too. They never seemed to like him looking back, though. Well, except for a few of them, he supposed, but he didn’t get the chance to do much with those people.

They made their way through the locker aisles to the showers on the far end of the room. The ground was still a little wet, and there were some towels thrown into the corner, but it was as abandoned as the locker area. Liam chuckled a bit, patting the dragon’s head lightly before reaching down to his waist, gripping his shirt. “Heh, always good to have a bit of a private shower, huh?” he said with a smirk.

“Heh, yeah,” Thanatos responded. He quickly started pulling his clothes off, his shirt getting thrown over his shoulder to the benches by the shower area, as well as his shoes and his socks. A few little holes in the socks reminded him that he needed some new ones, or that he would need to start trimming his toe claws down, and he noted that in the back of his mind.

As he undressed, he couldn’t help but watch Liam at the same time. The wolf was a pretty well built male, from the muscled shoulders and the corded bulges that ran down his back and his arms, all the way down to his butt and his ample sheath and balls.

That was where his eyes got locked, despite himself. The dragon’s eyes followed the little wagging that the sheath and balls did as Liam stepped out o f his pants and walked across the tiled shower floor. Claw tips clicked lightly on the floor, pretty much the only sound in the room. Well, that and the light sound of their breath, particularly his. He couldn’t stop panting, and this time, it really didn’t have anything to do with being tired from the exercise from practice.

He watched the wolf pause at the shower handle, and then turn to look at him. Liam chuckled a bit. “Gonna take off the jockstrap too, or are you going to wash with that on, save your parents a little laundry?” the wolf asked.

A little blush crossed the dragon’s face. “Come on, it’s not that stinky,” he said with a bit of a giggle.

“Not that stinky? If you were any closer, I swear that I’d fall over from the sweaty smell that you got down there,” Liam said with a laugh of his own. He pointed at the jockstrap. “I don’t know what it is about you, Thanatos, but you sweat a lot for a dragon. It makes everything you wear get all musky.”

“No it doesn’t!” he protested with an increasing blush. He hooked his fingers into the strap of the jock and pulled it right down. Wrapping one end of it around his thumb, he aimed it like a rubber band at the wolf. Immediately, Liam took a couple of steps to the side, but Thanatos kept his aim, following the wolf around. “Heh, you afraid of a jockstrap?” he asked with another giggle.

“When it’s one of yours, very much,” Liam said, though he said it with a teasing grin on his face. He leaned forward a bit, standing a bit on his toes. “Come on, give me your best shot.”

“Hehehe, you asked for it!” Thanatos looked down the wobbling length of his jockstrap at the wolf. He wiggled his thumb from side to side, changing his aim, pretending that he was going to shoot it one way, then pulling it back when Liam looked like he was going to dodge. Each time, the wolf groaned before pulling back to where he was standing, and each time, he started to dodge a little slower than he had before.

When he was sure that Liam thought he was going to keep faking, Thanatos let it fly. The moist jockstrap flew through the air, and Liam only started to move after it was too late. As a result, the jockstrap slapped him right in the face, the crotch covering covering his nose completely. Through a freak accident, the elastic straps wrapped around the back of the wolf’s head, keeping his nose covered and forcing the damp cloth more firmly against his nose. A muffled groan slipped through the front of it as the wolf reached awkwardly behind his head, fumbling for the band.

Thanatos was too busy laughing to be bothered to help the older wolf. It was just too funny to see his face covered up by the jockstrap, and the fact that it had basically tied itself to the wolf’s face made it even funnier to him. He laughed so hard that he barely remembered to be careful of his wings as he rolled around on the ground.

However, he wasn’t careful enough to remember to be careful of his tail, and when he slammed the side of it against one of the tiled wall, he winced. Shaken out of his laughter by the stinging pain from that, he slowly pulled himself to his feet, catching his breath slowly. Rubbing his sides from the residual pain of laughing so hard, he turned to Liam to apologize.

When he looked at the wolf, though, he was surprised to see the wolf just standing there, staring off into space with the jockstrap still on his face. “Liam?” Thanatos asked, taking a few steps forward. He stood on his tiptoes, waving his hand around in front of the wolf’s face. “Liam? Are you okay?” he asked.

After he waved his hand a few times, the wolf seemed to stir. Just as Thanatos was about to breathe a sigh of relief, though, the high school athlete turned to look at him. Liam’s eyes were dazed looking, half closed, and he was slowly sniffing at the moist spots of the jockstrap. He did it very slowly, very obviously, the way that a person would savor the smell of a flower rather than how a normal straight person would treat a smelly, musky, sweaty jockstrap. Liam wasn’t even trying to pull it off of his face anymore, and instead just seemed to content to leave it where it was.

It was a little freaky to the young dragon, but it was also fascinating at the same time. He waved his hand slowly in front of the wolf’s eyes again, and rather than snapping his friend out of it, it just seemed to hold his attention a bit. Liam followed the hand slowly, his eyes and head moving back and forth slowly to keep the hand in view.

“This is really weird,” he said. The dragon paused for a moment, looking the soccer player in the eye after he dropped his hand. “Why aren’t you answering?”

There was no answer to be had. All he got was a blank stare and a bit of a smile from under the jockstrap, a smile that seemed way too giddy. The only time Thanatos had seen that smile was after….after….

The dragon blinked. The last time that he had seen Liam smiling like that had been after the wolf had gone into the locker room after a game, and then come out with his girlfriend. Both of them had been a bit unsteady on their feet, and when he’d asked the wolf what had happened, all that he’d gotten as an answer was ‘grown-up stuff.’ Of course, he knew what that meant, but he hadn’t known that last summer.

But why was Liam looking like he’d just had sex?

Struck by a sudden curiosity, Liam looked down at the wolf’s groin. To his shock, the wolf’s sheath had opened, and most of a rather good sized cock was sticking out. It was hard, too, he found out as he poked it.

Realizing what he’d done, he looked up at Liam’s face again. He was afraid that he’d see some sort of anger, or annoyance, or something else that meant his friend was upset with him. Instead, there was just that same smile, perhaps a little bigger from him touching the wolf’s cock.

Experimentally, he reached down again and started stroking it instead of poking it. It throbbed under his hand, and continued to grow. A low sort of moaning growl slipped through the jockstrap cloth, and Thanatos jerked back again. When Liam didn’t get angry or show signs of waking up, he went back to the stroking. The growling moan came back, this time a little stronger. He stopped stroking, and the growl stopped. He started again, and the growl started with it.

Finally, he realized that the wolf was just showing that he liked what he felt. The dragon’s grin at the thought was so big that it actually hurt him a little bit because of his mouth stretching so far, but he couldn’t stop. Finally, he could have the fun that he’d always dreamed of having with his friend, and he wouldn’t have to worry about the big wolf saying no.

“Can you hear me, Liam?” Thanatos asked, having to almost tear his eyes away from the wolf cock to look up at his friend. The wolf nodded at him slowly, and the dragon grinned. “Can you understand me?” Another nod. “Will you do what I tell you, like a good wolfie?” Yet another nod. Thanatos grinned so hard that he thought that his lips would reach around to the back of his head, but he didn’t care. He really could have all the fun he wanted! But what to do first?

As he thought about it, he continued to absently stroke at the wolf’s cock. It felt nice in his hand, and he enjoyed the feeling of it slowly growing further and further outwards. He didn’t have a ruler with him, and he wasn’t really the best at figuring out the length of another guy’s cock, but he knew that it was pretty good size. Probably at least six or seven inches, maybe even eight inches long. Not as big as his could get, but a pretty nice looking cock, nevertheless.

Soon, he felt pre leaking down from the wolf’s cock, and he pulled his hand back. He didn’t want Liam to get all the way to the edge just yet, not when there was so much fun to be had. More to the point, he didn’t know if his friend would snap out of this little trance if he got an orgasm. Heck, he still didn’t know how this had all started, but he didn’t want it to end before he was ready. Licking the pre off of his hand, he nodded towards the benches. “Go over to the benches,” he instructed the wolf. “Sit down on it, and then start rubbing yourself. Don’t squirt, though. I want you to keep stroking, but don’t squirt.”

The canine nodded absently as he walked over to the benches, moving a little slower than usual. Thanatos took full advantage of the slowness, taking in the sexy sight of Liam’s body. The dragon watched every muscle stretch, bulge, show itself. Nothing was all that bulgy like some of the athletes at the high school, since Liam was more focused on endurance than he was on big muscles, but there were lots of lines of muscles, cords of them, that kept the wolf looking lean and fit.

As the wolf’s tail went up, the dragon’s eyes were drawn underneath it. A small pink hole peeked out at him, tight looking and a startling counterpoint of color amidst the dark colored fur that Liam had everywhere else. The hole seemed to twitch a little bit, squeezing and then relaxing as the wolf walked along, and Thanatos felt his own cock stir as he looked at it, imagining how it would feel around his cock, or how it would taste if he was rimming at that musky hole.

He followed Liam quickly, ducking his head down so that he could watch the wolf walk from below. The wolf’s balls swung slightly from side to side, hitting his thighs and making soft ‘fop’ sounds when they bounced off of the muscled legs. From below, he couldn’t see Liam’s cock, but that was because it was erect, and he could just imagine it bouncing against the muscled male’s belly. Besides, his eyes weren’t really looking for that. They weren’t even all that interested in the wolf’s balls, though that was definitely a nice sight.

No, he was most interested in Liam’s ass. The cheeks were quite well muscled, and moved smoothly, almost begging the dragon to reach up and grope them, and the treasure that lay between them was even sexier. Just looking at it, he would imagine that Liam had never actually experimented with any of the other jocks with anything involving that tight pink hole. It was too tight looking, too…..un-used, was the only way that he could think of describing it. The dragon cub had heard that some of the jocks on the high school teams had done some things with each other, sort of like what he did with a few friends, but the longer that he looked at the wolf’s hole, the more he was sure that Liam was not one of them. That was just PERFECT for him, Thanatos thought to himself.

Pulling himself back to his feet just as the wolf reached the benches, Thanatos pulled himself up on the bench with the wolf. He slowly pulled himself up so that he was standing up, just barely managing to put his groin at face level for the seated canine. Taking a deep breath, he reached down and slowly pulled the jockstrap off of Liam’s nose, but he didn’t toss it away. Instead, he watched the wolf’s eyes, looking for any sign of his friend snapping out of this, any sign that he needed to put the jockstrap back on.

There was a split second when he saw some more life come into the wolf’s eyes, and Thanatos started to move the jockstrap back down. However, before he could do that, the wolf sniffed deeply, and his eyelids lowered again, drifting back to being halfway closed. More surprising, the wolf leaned his head over to the side, pressing the tip of his nose against, of all things, Thanatos’s cock tip.

The dragon stared at the wolf, watching as he slowly breathed in and out, feeling the air move around his cock, carrying the musky smell of his cock tip into Liam’s nose and feeling the warm air coming back out of the wolf’s mouth, blowing over the underside of his cock and over his balls. “You….you’re like this because of the way I smell down there?” Thanatos asked.

Liam nodded slowly, the tip of his nose rubbing just under the cockhead.

“You’re all hypnotized, sleepy, horny like this because of the way my cock smells?” he asked, hardly believing it. But Liam nodded again, confirming that he was right.

If the dragon’s cock hadn’t been hard before, it sure was now. It twitched, and he felt his pulse through the rigid shaft, not to mention some pre leaking down the underside of it. His cock stretched out very long for his age, standing proud at ten whole inches. The foreskin at the tip slowly got pulled back as the wolf nuzzled against his cock tip, revealing the purplish head underneath, and letting out even more musk. Thanatos couldn’t be sure, but he could almost swear that he heard Liam moan from the smell when it hit him.

Well, he was going to take advantage of this. Taking a few steps back, but leaning forward to keep his cock near the wolf’s face so that he had easy access to the source of all the musk, he said, “Lay down on the bench, Liam.” The wolf slowly leaned forward, gradually getting down on his back. “Now….go ahead, and lick my cock, while I lick yours,” he said. He supposed this was the ultimate test, he thought to himself as he laid himself over the canine’s fuzzy, muscled, hard body. If this didn’t get Liam to do what he wanted, then he hoped he could convince his friend it was all one big joke.

Thankfully, there was no problem, and he felt a tongue across his cock head almost immediately. Moaning softly at the eager lickings, he leaned forward and gently grabbed hold of Liam’s cock in return. Stifling a few new moans as the wolf started licking his cock in earnest, he slowly pulled his ‘coach’s’ cock into his mouth. The musky taste from it was potent, very strong, and he had to take a moment to get used to it. Sputtering a bit, taking his mouth off of it for a second, he looked back at the wolf. “Heh, and I’m the one that sweats and stinks, huh? Tastes like you get pretty darn musky down here too,” he said with a bit of a smile. “Not that I’m complaining,” he added as he turned back to it, giving it a few more strokes. “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

As soon as he opened his mouth again, he was moaning from Liam’s continued licks around his cock, but it was muffled in seconds by the wolf’s cock. The taste was less strong the second time, but no less enjoyable for the young dragon as he licked it, lashing it with his tongue in quick and eager motions.

However, tongue work was something that neither of them were satisfied with for long. Since he was on top, Thanatos took the initiative, starting to rock back and forth between Liam’s crotch and mouth. Sliding back, he pulled most of the wolf’s cock out of his mouth, but pushed most of his cock into the wolf’s mouth instead. When he slid forward, he pulled most of his cock out of Liam’s mouth, but jammed most of Liam’s cock into his mouth in exchange.

After he got the rhythm down, Thanatos just let himself enjoy the feelings; the taste of the hot wolf cock in his mouth, throbbing and ever so hard, smooth along his tongue, and musky with pre; the feeling of his cock sliding down a warm, eager mouth, leaving his cock slick, wet, and more excited than ever; the feeling of Liam’s nose pressed against his balls as he slid back, and the rush of air as the wolf sucked in more and more of his musk. Probably sinking deeper and deeper into his hypnosis for that matter, Thanatos thought absently.

He only stopped when he felt the wolf’s cock starting to throb in his mouth, and noticed that those heavy, fuzzy balls were starting to rise up. The dragon hadn’t done this as much as he’d like, but he did know what THAT particular reaction meant. Gasping, he pulled back as quickly as he could, pulling Liam’s cock out of his mouth, while at the same time sinking almost all of his cock into the wolf’s mouth, nearly sitting on the older male’s face in the process.

Shaking his head as he caught his breath, Thanatos slowly pulled himself off of the wolf’s body, sliding his cock out of Liam’s mouth. It was slick and messy now, his entire cock wet and shiny with either spit or pre, and more pre sliding down the underside than he could remember seeing in a very long time. It took him a great deal of self control to not tell Liam to get back to sucking him, but he wanted to have a little more fun first. Still, despite all that he had gotten Liam to do so far, he was a little worried that the wolf wouldn’t go along with this next bit.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained. “Liam, sit up.” The wolf still had that silly smile on his face, giddy looking as he sat up again. His cock was pulsing hard, and even as Thanatos watched, pre leaked down his shaft and dripped from his balls, showing just how turned on the wolf was. If he was capable of making his own decisions at this point, the dragon had little doubt that the wolf would want to get relief in any way possible. Possibly involving the dragon’s mouth or hole.

Which made him all the more thankful that he was in charge. “I want you to spread your legs and lean back on the bench,” he said, “and let me lick and tease your ass, and then you’re going to do it to me, okay?” He couldn’t believe he was saying ‘okay’ like that, but he wanted to keep things from going out of control if this snapped the wolf out of it.

He didn’t realize that he’d been holding his breath until the wolf spread his legs a bit. As Liam leaned back, Thanatos leaned forward, grinning as the wolf’s rump slid along the bench until it was part on and part off, the cheeks just parted enough for him to see the pink that waited for him down there. Just the sight of it was enough to make his cock jump and twitch eagerly, and had to force himself to not just leap forward and have his fun.

Instead, he waited for Liam to be completely comfortable before looking up at the wolf again. "Go ahead and keep stroking yourself while I rim you, but don’t you cum!"Thanatos was adamant on that point, and wanted to make sure that the command was fully understood. So far it had been so fun to have this sort of authority over his friend, and he didn’t want it to end. No matter how much the wolf liked his musk, he didn’t know how well the hypnotic effect would work a second time, or if he could even get the wolf to sniff at his crotch again. The best way to keep him under would just be to keep him from getting any big surprises. Yes, that was it.

When he was sure that Liam understood everything, the dragon took a deep breath and leaned forward. His nose brushed under the wolf’s fuzzy balls, and he took in the musk that covered them. It was strong, manly, and he moaned softly at the scent. He lingered for a moment, breathing in and out, taking in the musk of the bigger and older male’s balls, but he couldn’t be distracted from his real goal for long.

Dropping his head down below the balls, he homed in what he had wanted ever since the wolf had stripped down. The hole was slightly more stretched looking than before, probably because of the pose exposing it or something. Thanatos grinned at it nonetheless, and leaned in closer, closer. He moved slowly, wanting it to last. The smell of musk was present here, too, but it was a different sort of musk. It wasn’t bad, just…different. Sweatier, saltier than what was at the balls and cock, but also more like a man smell, raunchy, but not filthy.

Figuring that he would try and decide just what it smelled like later, he got down the main event. Sticking out his tongue, he pressed it against the sensitive flesh. The wolf jerked a bit, and he heard Liam moan from the touch of his tongue, much to his amusement. Grinning wider, Thanatos started lapping along the wolf’s ass hole. It didn’t take long for his tongue to get it nice and slick, wet and a little bit shiny in the locker room lights. Pulling back after a few licks, he looked over it. It twitched slightly, and it looked visibly wet from all of his licking.

He liked that look, but he knew a look that he would like better. Before he could let that thought go further, though, he shook his head. “Not yet,” Thanatos muttered to himself. “Not yet. I gotta get a little more out of this first, just in case.” If this was a one time thing, he didn’t want to have any regrets.

Leaning in again, he attacked the wolf’s hole with his tongue, lapping at it, licking it, stroking it, making love to that hole with his tongue. It started to give before his oral assault, starting to pull back a bit when he pushed at it. The giving flesh made him grin, and he pressed harder, not so much licking as he was pushing against Liam’s hole. He pushed his tongue tip against the pink flesh, feeling it give, weaken…

Until his tongue slid inside of the wolf. Instead of a moan, Thanatos heard the wolf gasp in surprise, and he froze. Please, please, he thought to himself, don’t wake up yet, don’t wake up yet. Let me have more fun.

The gasp must have just been from the penetration rather than from waking up, because the wolf was soon back to stroking himself, the soft fap fap fap clear in the locker room. Sighing in relief, Thanatos slowly started sliding his tongue in and out, pushing it deeper into the wolf’s ass before pulling it back out. The taste was clean, something that he hadn’t thought to be sure about beforehand, so he was thankful for that. Hot, eager flesh surrounded his tongue inside of the wolf’s ass, and the dragon’s thoughts shifted to what that flesh would feel like around another part of his body. He smiled at the thought.

However, despite how much fun he had with shoving his tongue up the wolf’s ass, the dragon soon got bored with doing all of the work. Groaning as he pulled his tongue out and feeling that it was a little sore, Thanatos pulled himself up onto the bench again. “Let go of your cock, Liam,” he said. The wolf’s hand fell from his cock immediately, and the wolf’s cock bounced a few times, twitching in need. Tempting as it was to allow Liam some relief, Thanatos suppressed the urge. He wanted a little bit of fun time, where he didn’t have to do any of the work for a change. “Get on all fours on the bench, and face me.”

As Liam got on all fours, Thanatos did the same thing. He lifted his tail and pointed his ass back at the wolf, shaking it back and forth a few times, even reaching back to show off his ass to his bigger friend. “You see this? You see my ass?” Thanatos asked, looking over his shoulder. The wolf nodded. “I want you to lick my ass. Rim me, pleasure me. Make sure that I get really close to cumming, but don’t push me over the edge.” There, that should be all that he needed to say, and saying that he wanted to be rimmed would make sure that the wolf didn’t start mounting him or anything. That was something he might want to try sometime, but not without a chance to stretch himself out a little bit first.

The dragon waited for a second or two, wondering just how the wolf would start. Would he start with a tongue over his ass cheeks, or would he go right for his hole? Maybe start at his balls and work his way back to his ass? There were a lot of possibilities.

When he didn’t feel anything after those first few seconds, he started to turn his head around, only to freeze when he felt Liam’s large hand on his cock. The pads felt very different to his cock compared to the normal feeling of his scales, and the fur on the fingers was softer as well. It made him moan a little bit, but it also worried him. He hadn’t said for his cock to be touched, or anything near it for that matter. What was -

“Ooooh!” Thanatos gasped in pleasure, feeling the wolf’s tongue at the head of his cock. He looked back, his face red with a blush, as he watched the wolf licking at his cock head. Liam had pulled his cock down between his legs, his shaft pointing backwards. It forced his balls up a bit more, and it was a little uncomfortable, but the pleasure that he got from being licked like this was more than good enough to make up for it.

Unable to keep himself fully upright, Thanatos slipped down to lean his chest on the bench, smiling all the while. His tongue lolled out of his mouth despite his desire to remain in control, and he moaned again and again as that strong, broad tongue licked along the head of his cock, slipping under the foreskin now and then and licking at the sensitive tissue beneath, the parts that still hadn’t quite been uncovered. That hot tongue, those soft paws holding his cock back in that position, cradling it as though it was the most important thing in the was heaven for the young dragon.

It didn’t take long for the wolf to continue upwards, licking slowly past the head along the underside of his shaft. It was very different from being sucked on. Lacking the feeling of a full mouth around his cock, all that he could focus on was the feeling of the tongue going back and forth, up and down his shaft. More than that, he could still feel the huffing sniffs that Liam took, still sucking in his musk. With all of that musk, there wasn’t much worry about him snapping out of this trance early, that was for sure.

As he continued to tremble in pleasure, the wolf reached his balls. Rather than suckling on them, as Thanatos rather wished that the wolf would, Liam only licked them a few times before proceeding further upwards. His warm, thick tongue continued to leave the dragon’s scales wet and warm with eager, firm, but slow licks, and each one was just a little bit closer to Thanatos’s asshole. Four inches, three inches, two…

And then it was there. Thanatos moaned louder than ever, raising his chin off of his arms as his hole was licked directly, once, twice, three times. Firm hands grabbed hold of his ass cheeks and spread them more, and he felt several warm breaths of air over his hole before the tongue started working on it again. The feeling of it sent warm tingles through his body, making him shiver in pleasure. His cock sprung back up against his belly, and leaked little drops of pre down against the bench below.

It took all the willpower that he had to keep from thrusting back against the wolf’s tongue, to push his ass back against Liam’s face. For once, it wasn’t that he wanted to keep from knocking the wolf out of the trance, but because he wanted to pretend that this was happening because Liam wanted it to. He wanted to pretend that this was all Liam’s idea, that this was what he wanted to do every time after practice. It was a fantasy that he would probably get off to a lot later, something is that he would keep in his mind for future times when he was by himself, and he wanted his memory of this to be as perfect as possible.

Still, when Liam started wiggling his tongue up his ass, it was really tempting to just forget about the future and enjoy the moment a little bit more. Each little movement seemed to push a little more of that hot tongue up his hole, and when there was enough of it in him for Thanatos to really feel it, he couldn’t stop his moans from getting louder. His hole flexed hard around the tongue inside, and he pushed back a little bit before he could stop himself.

Whether it was the hypnosis or Liam’s own desires, the wolf didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he groped Thanatos’s ass a little more firmly, squeezing the butt cheeks that much more eagerly, that much harder. Wet licking sounds echoed through the locker room, and the hot sounds only made it sexier for the dragon cub.

Panting, Thanatos forced himself to get back up on all fours, and wiggle forward. “Let…let go…let go and sit up,” he gasped, his hole tingling and twitching a little bit. Trembling with arousal, he forced himself to sit down and look back at the wolf.

Liam looked back at him with that silly giddy grin, that ‘just had sex’ grin. His cock was just as hard as the dragon’s was, just as eager for his release. It was so very rigid, so very hard, and so very, very slick with all the pre leaking off of it. It looked utterly delicious to the dragon. But there was something else he wanted to finish this. Laying on his back, Thanatos pointed towards his cock. “You…sit on this…ride my cock…until I cum in your ass,” the dragon said. Please, he thought. Please, don’t fail now. Let him let me fuck his ass.

For a moment, the wolf remained where he was, and Thanatos worried that this would be the straw that would break the camel’s back. He half sat up again before the wolf started moving, and he was still thinking it might be a good idea to run when Liam walked over to him and straddled his lap. A smile crossed the dragon’s face, and he leaned back again to watch.

Once more those big hands grabbed hold of his cock. His large ten incher required the wolf to use both hands, and even then there was a little bit of it showing over the hands. Soon it was impossible to see his cock as Liam started squatting over him, but Thanatos could feel where it was. Rubbing against one of the wolf’s ass cheeks, slowly sliding into that warm, slick valley between the ass cheeks. Then slowly sliding along the valley until it reached that hot spot not far under the tail. It was easy to tell when his cock head was at that point; Liam’s hole was still twitching, and it was the wettest, slickest spot down there.

For a moment, the wolf held still. Then he started pushing down against the dragon’s cock, and Thanatos could feel the wolf’s hole resisting his cock. It was slowly giving in, but it was still a virgin hole, only prepared by his tongue - eager as that was - and the copious amounts of pre that were leaking down his shaft. He hoped that it was enough.

The resistance continued, holding out against his cock, and the wolf pressed down harder….harder…until POP, the head of the dragon’s cock slid in. Thanatos’s eyes went wide at the feeling of the sheer heat inside of the wolf’s ass, how tight it was, and how wet it felt inside. All the tonguing he had done must have been good for something after all, he thought to himself.

Then he stopped thinking as the wolf pushed himself down his cock. He swore that he could tell when each inch slid inside of his ‘coach’, feeling the heat surround more of his cock, feeling the tightness inside squeezing down on his shaft. He panted softly, and only the wolf’s bigger size and weight kept him from thrusting upwards to get it inside of his friend a little bit faster.

Despite his hurry, though, the wolf took his time. He went down an inch or two, and then slid up a bit. Then he would go down again, just a little bit further, and then slide back up, almost off of Thanatos’s cock. It drove the dragon mad, his balls pulling up slightly, then dropping down, his cock pulsing, twitching, and spitting pre inside of the wolf’s ass. He could feel his own juices inside, making it that much slicker, that much easier for him to slide inside.

After what felt like ten whole minutes, but was probably only two at the most, Liam had taken the whole thing inside of him. He looked down with a grin and a cock that was throbbing hard, spilling pre down on the dragon’s belly. Thanatos grinned back at him, and reached down, rubbing some of the pre on his fingers and then licking it off. “Come on…make me cum…ride my cock!” he begged. He could barely remember that he was the one in charge here; he just wanted to get off now, wanted to cum and fill up his friend’s ass with his seed.

Nodding, the wolf started to slowly move up and down again. The speed soon picked up, though, and Liam moved up and down at high speed, slamming his ass down each time on the young dragon’s big cock. Thanatos wanted to participate, but there was no way that he could keep up with the speed of the wolf. All he could do was lean back and enjoy the whole thing.

It wasn’t long before he felt his balls starting to pull up, feeling them getting ready to release his seed. Absently, he could tell that Liam wasn’t far from an orgasm either, considering the way that his cock was bobbing up and down faster than his cock-riding could account for. Probably the dragon was going to get quite a shot of cum across his chest when the wolf was done, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to finish. “A…a little….more…” he moaned softly.

When Liam came down the next time, it was just enough stimulation to shove him over the edge. Reaching out and grabbing hold of the wolf’s hips, Thanatos kept him pinned down against his crotch as he unloaded his seed into the larger wolf. He panted and moaned as he did, shivering as he felt his balls finally empty themselves after waiting through this whole session. In the back of his mind, he just registered the feeling of the wolf’s cum splattering across his belly and chest, leaving streamers of white against his scales.

He didn’t care. His eyes were closed, and he was just enjoying his orgasm, the feeling of the cum shooting out of his cock, the sensation of the hot, tight wolf ass squeezing down around his cock, the warm feeling of cum leaking back down and out of the hole over his balls….it was so hot, so sexy….so good….

Slowly he opened his eyes when his orgasm was over, a nice, soft afterglow setting in. A little worried about what he’d see, he slowly looked up at Liam. He was prepared for anything. Anger. Confusion. Sadness. Hurt. He was ready for it.

Or so he thought. Instead of looking awake again, Liam looked just the same as he had when the jockstrap had him in the face. He was still under? Thanatos’s eyes went wide at the possibilities. “Um…you can get off of my cock now,” he said, unable to keep a moan from slipping out of his mouth as the wolf slid off of his cock quickly. His half soft shaft slapped against his thigh as Liam got off of the bench, and looked down at him.

The musk. It had to be the musk. It was still filling the room, and until the wolf got a chance to get a fresh breath of air, it would probably keep affecting him! The dragon’s eyes glittered as he thought of what that might mean…and whether others might be affected by it too.

“Hmmm….” Thanatos muttered under his breath, pressing a hand to his chin. “This could be a lot of fun.”

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