Healthy Competition

By Wesley Bracken -
published October 9, 2019

Two men find themselves competing for a new VP slot under their company’s eccentric new CEO.

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“Sir…it’s about…my boss. About Richard Evans. I know we’ve never spoken before, and I want to thank you for seeing me, and hearing me out. I know you’re promoting him to vice president, but…but I think there’s some things you need to know about him, first.”

Kyle squirmed a bit in his seat, wondering if the older man across from him was going to say anything at all. The man in question was Gary Olson–the rather enigmatic CEO who had recently acquired the company where Kyle worked as a software engineer. Why Mr. Olson had acquired them, his plans for the company–everything was in the dark, aside from a cryptic letter the entire staff had received a few weeks before, announcing the shift in leadership. Kyle hadn’t even set eyes on him until this moment, and he wasn’t quite the sort of man he was expecting. He was…short, and a bit squat. Fat, with a heavy second chin obscuring the knot of his tie. Balding. Not very…commanding, and yet his eyes…were chilling somehow. Stone grey, and he didn’t quite seem to blink as often as a normal person. He hadn’t stopped staring at Kyle the entire time he’d been here, and he was already beginning to wonder if this was a good idea or not…but he had to say something, didn’t he? After the things Richard had…been doing to him, lately?

He supposed he had waited long enough–Mr. Olson was still silent, and so Kyle figured he might as well just say it. “He’s been harassing me, sir. Sexually. Since about the time his promotion was announced in my department. I…He was never like that before, but…I didn’t even know he was gay, but it’s like…the power went to his head. One day he was fine, and then the next…”

Mr. Olson reacted, at last, and leaned forward, elbows on his desk, still gazing at Kyle with those stony eyes. “I see–that is a serious accusation to make against a member of our staff.”

“I know sir,” Kyle said, “But it’s the truth.”

“What has he done, Mr. Porter? Please be specific–spare me no detail. I want to hear it in your own words, if you would please,” Mr. Olson smiled then…but it did not seem particularly kind, or like it was meant to help put him at ease. It just made Kyle even more nervous.

“Uh…well, the first…” He gulped, looked to the door for a moment, and then back at the CEO staring him down. “It was the day after I heard about it. He came by my cubicle, and I congratulated him, and…and he leaned over me, and whispered some…awful stuff in my ear, and while he did, he reached down into my lap and groped my…crotch.”

“What did he say?” Mr. Olson asked.

“I…It was…sexual and…I don’t know if–”

“I need details, Mr. Porter. Please be specific.”

“He told me…he told me that he was going to have a personal little piggy once he became VP, and that he’d decided that the piggy was going to be…me. That I was going to be his little fuckpig, his dirty little pig whore, that he was going to fuck me over the side of his desk, and…and I was going to beg and snort for it like a good little beast…”

Kyle gave a grunt, and realized, to his horror, that one of his hands had found its way into his pants, and was currently milking his cock, right there in front of the CEO, while he recounted how his boss had talked dirty to him. His face turned bright red, and he pulled his hand free–Mr. Olson just smiled a little wider as he did.

“Did you like it, when he called you a pig?”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Did you like it, Mr. Porter, when Mr. Evan’s called you a pig? It looked like, for a second there, that you were almost enjoying yourself.”

“I…I’m sorry sir, maybe…maybe this was a mistake, I…I think I should go–”

“I’m afraid that I would much rather hear more about how Mr. Evan’s has been treating you, Mr. Porter, but first–please stand up from that chair.”

Kyle slowly stood up, not sure what was going on.

“Take off your clothes, please.”

“I don’t…excuse me, sir?” Kyle said, but he noticed something odd–that while he didn’t want his hands to do it…they were already unbuttoning his shirt down the front. He tried to make them stop, or even just slow down, but they were operating without him directing them, somehow. “I don’t…why can’t I–”

“Stop talking–and just strip.”

Kyle’s mouth glued itself shut, and his hands kept undoing his clothes in front of the CEO, Kyle trying to get a grip on himself and what he was doing, but more and more, it all just felt like some fucked up dream he had somehow wandered into. He tried pinching himself, but it had no effect–he dropped his shirt on the floor, took off his shoes, dropped his pants and underwear, and then he was naked, shaking slightly, horrified at what he was doing and unable to understand why he was doing it at all. He went to sit back down in the chair, but Mr. Olson shook his head. “No, stay standing, and tell me what else Mr. Evan’s has been doing to you, that made you so uncomfortable.”

“Well, he…he whispered all those things to me, and I told him to stop, that it wasn’t appropriate, and he…he showed me his cock, sir.”

“Just showed it to you?”

“He…made me suck him off.”

“He made you suck him off–just like that? How did he make you do it? Did you yell for help?”

“No…No sir.”

“Did you try and get away?”

“At first sir, but…”

“But what?”

But he’d liked it. He could feel Richard’s hand around his throat, squeezing until he saw stars, his mouth popping open, and he swallowed his boss’s cock, and…and he’d liked it. The taste of it, the feel of it. He’d felt…ashamed that he’d liked it, but it didn’t change the facts, did it?

“Why is your cock getting hard, Mr. Porter? Are you thinking about how much you liked his cock? Did you really come in here today to complain, Mr. Porter, or is there something else you’d like to tell me? Something you’d like to ask?”

“That’s…that’s not all he’s done sir, it got worse. It got…worse today, especially, please…I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why I’m doing this…I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to be his…his pig sir, please…”

Mr. Olson leaned back in his chair, one hand in his crotch, massaging his own cock, while he stared at Kyle on the other side, completely naked, chubby, his three inch cock at perfect attention. Still…there was something there that was appealing to Gary–Kyle would make a good pig for the rest of the office, just as Mr. Evans had suggested, but maybe…well, he’d have to press him a little more, see what he thought of him himself. “What happened today then? Spare me no details, Mr. Porter.”

Kyle gulped, unable to believe he was going to say this. He didn’t even really have words for it himself, he was still so…horrified, at what what Richard had done, at what…at what he’d allowed him to do to him. “I…I was in the bathroom. I had to piss,” he said, and swallowed. “I had to piss, and I think…he saw he go in, because I was at the urinal when he came in behind me, and he told me that, as the boss, he needed to piss first. I didn’t know what to do, so I moved out of the way of the urinal, but he…he shoved me down, onto my knees, got his cock out, and pushed the head into my mouth, and he…he pissed down my throat, sir. He fed me his piss, right there in the bathroom. I…I felt so fucking dirty sir, like a dirty fucking pig, but I was so afraid someone would see me, would…would, I don’t know…I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t stop myself, like…I have to do what he says. He’s doing something to me. He’s in my head! I wasn’t…this fat, before, and my cock was bigger, and…and I feel like I’m going crazy sir, you have to believe me! This isn’t normal. He told me…told me I was going to be his personal urinal from now on, and he’d…I’d have to eat out his ass too, after he shits, and…and then he fucked me. He fucked me right there, at the urinal, plowed me so hard, and my little pig cock fucking exploded all over the dirty urinal, and he made me lick it up while he laughed.”

Mr. Olson just sat there, in the silence after that, groping himself, and smiling at Kyle across from him. “And you just let him do all of that to you? He did all that, and you still came like a little dirty pig?”

Kyle gulped, and nodded in shame.

“Mr. Olson stood up from his chair, and came around to where Kyle was standing. “You still thirsty pig?” he asked, “You wanna drink my piss too? Eat out my ass? Beg me to fuck that fat, piggy hole of yours for a while? Is that why you came in here, telling me all of this? You want me to get all horny for that fat ass of yours, is that it?”

“No–No sir, please don’t…I don’t want this!”

Mr. Olson stepped closer to him, eye to eye, and stared right into Kyle. His eyes…fuck, they were so intense, that Kyle didn’t want to keep his gaze, but he couldn’t look away, and after a moment, Mr. Olson stepped back. “Well, maybe you’re right. You’re a willful one, I’ll give you that. I don’t know if Evans properly vetted you for the position. Maybe we should have him come in, and we can see about this together.”

“What…what do you mean, sir?”

“Well, I’m recruiting a team of vice presidents from the company that can…really help me take things in a new direction. Evans gave me an impressive interview, and when he told me you would be a perfect pig, I trusted him to make the choice. Seeing you here though, I’m not so sure myself,” Mr. Olson went to his phone, and called his secretary, asking him to get Mr. Evans in for an urgent meeting.

Kyle went to grab his clothes, nervous about his boss, and harasser, seeing him naked here with the CEO, but Mr. Olson gave him a sharp slap on the ass when he did.

“No need for pretense here, Mr. Porter–just wait and be patient.”

Mr. Olson sat back down, and Kyle stood there, worried, wondering how all of this had become so strange so quickly. It was only a few minutes before the door opened, and Richard Evans entered the office as well, looking from Mr. Olson to Kyle and back again a couple of times, wondering what all of this was about.

“I’m glad you could join us, Richard,” Mr. Olson said, “Mr. Porter here came to me with some concerns about your conduct towards him as of late–and listening to him, I’ve found myself reconsidering some of the decisions I’ve made so far, since assuming control of the company.”

“I don’t…understand what you mean, sir,” Richard said.

“Well, I worry I offered you a position as my VP before you were properly vetted. After all, I can’t just have pigs wandering into my office, making complaints, now can I? I’m a very busy man, as you know, and the fact that you have not been able to resolve this on your own has me questioning whether you are fit for the role. In fact, given Mr. Porter’s substantial willpower, and the fact that some part of him even understands what you are doing to him, I find myself…sympathetic.”

“Please, can someone just…tell me what’s going on?” Kyle asked, “Why…why are you doing this to us?” he asked Mr. Olson, but the CEO ignored him.

“I was just taking my time sir, is all. I’ll have him broken by the end of work today.”

“Oh yes, one of you will be broken, most certainly–that’s why you are both here, after all,” Mr. Olson said. “Evans–please strip, if you’d be so kind.”

“Sir, this really isn’t necessary–”

“I said strip!”

Evans grimaced, but did as he was told, adding his own suit to the pile, where Kyle had set his own clothes. He was older, in his mid 40’s, but built solid. Kyle didn’t know if he had started going to the gym, but he seemed…thick, and commanding, and…and had he changed too, in the midst of all of this? Kyle focused, trying to remember who his boss had been before the takeover…who he’d been, as well, but it was so hard to remember anything clearly before Mr. Olson had been here, running everything. He was certainly in better shape than Kyle–taller, more muscular, a bigger cock…Kyle forced himself to tear his eyes away from it–he couldn’t afford to be distracted, not right now.

“Here’s what we are going to do,” Mr. Olson said. “The two of you are going to settle this, here and now. One of you is going to be my new VP, and the other is going to be the office pig. It matters very little to me, who ends up as what, but I suspect it makes a great difference to you both.”

“You can’t be serious sir!” Richard said, “After everything I did, you still doubt me?”

“Now is your chance to set my doubts to rest, Richard–show me you have what it takes. Don’t let this pig squirm his way out of your control anymore.”

Richard looked at Kyle then, and was unprepared for the loathing in his eyes. Kyle looked to Mr. Olson, but the CEO showed no real interest in his plight, or in his understanding of it. Then, Richard was on him, one big hand around his throat, squeezing down, reducing Kyle’s breath to a wheeze.

“You stupid fucking pig–you thought you could, what, step in here, and that he was going to do something to help you?” Richard said, and laughed, “You still don’t fucking get any of this–he’s in charge now, and we’re all going to be on top, or we’re going to be on the bottom–and there’s a whole lot less room on top, trust me. I’m not about to let you fuck this up for me, you fucking understand? No dirty, stupid, worthless fucking cock sucking, piss swilling pig is going to ruin this!”

Kyle gave a snort, tried to squeeze out an apology, tried to beg, but Richard just scowled at him. “How about you apologize to my pits, pig–let’s start there.”

Richard’s hand shifted from around his throat to the back of his head, he raised an arm up, and shoved Kyle’s face into the musky armpit. It wasn’t the first time Kyle had cleaned them out for his boss, in the last few weeks, and he was so scared, he just started licking like he was supposed to, tasting Richard’s sweat…but his mind was racing, trying to pull away, trying to figure out what to do about all of this. He…he had a chance here. He could feel Mr. Olson’s eyes burning into him, looking for something inside him. Why hadn’t he just dominated him earlier? It was clear that Mr. Olson could have made him do…anything, but he hadn’t. And now, he was in a fight he barely understood…but if he lost, well, he’d be drinking a lot more piss in the future, that was for sure.

But what could he do? He…he was just a pig, wasn’t he? He licked a little harder, giving a small snort, feeling his cock bounce a bit as he did. Richard…did taste good. He wondered if Mr. Olson tasted the same…maybe…maybe he’d get to find out. One hand rubbed his belly, certain he could feel it growing a bit larger, and that was what made him pull away from Richard and look down. Sure enough–his gut was larger than it had been–he was still changing!

Richard just sneered at him, and Kyle backed away again, wanting to put more space between them. How could he do this? He was shorter than Richard. Fatter. Weaker in…in every possible way. He was supposed to service him, wasn’t he? He shook his head–those weren’t his thoughts–what had Mr. Olson said? He’d called him ‘willful’. He wasn’t going to be able to fight him and beat him–Kyle knew that, but maybe…maybe he could out think him. Richard had never been the smartest fellow after all–even before this, he’d had a reputation for stealing other people’s ideas, always sucking up to his bosses. Kyle was smarter than him. If he was changing, becoming more like a pig after smelling his pits–then maybe Richard could change too. What he had to do was drag Richard down to his level. He who lies with pigs…well, something like that. If Kyle didn’t lose his wits first, of course. It was now or never, he supposed, and so he charged into Richard hard enough to knock them both to the floor, where they started to wrestle for dominance.

Of course, Richard was in much better condition–Kyle knew that. This wouldn’t be a test of strength, but he knew it was important that Richard thought it was. And so, Kyle focused on his keeping his head on the prize, doing everything he could to get them both sweaty, and musky, pushing Richard’s face towards his own pits, towards his crotch, and he noticed, sure enough, that Richard was changing slightly. Getting a little pudgier, his eyes a little more wild and eager. More than once, he managed to force Richard into his pits, and the older fellow gave them a lick or two before shaking himself out of it, and doing his best to get control back from Kyle–but it was clear it was wearing on him. Richard hadn’t noticed what was happening, but from the grin Kyle could see on Mr. Olson’s face, it was clear the CEO knew exactly what was going on.

Kyle almost lost it, a couple of times. Once, when Richard pinned him down, shoving his musky cock in his face…and Kyle couldn’t stop himself–he took it in his mouth and started sucking on it while Richard laughed and snorted in glee, thinking for a moment that he might have won. It was close. Kyle was exhausted, both in body and mind. It would be easier to just give in, let the pig have control, let Richard have control, let Gary have control. But part of him still refused–and when Richard started pissing in his mouth, in an effort to break him, Kyle held some in his mouth, pulled off his cock, and sprayed Richard’s piss back in his face.

Richard was furious–but the fury didn’t help him. He started getting careless. Kyle could manipulate him, told him how much he wanted to be Richard’s pig, got him to start…tasting him. Spending more time in his pig’s pits, licking his big gut, grinding them together, tasting the piss in his lips…didn’t he want to taste more? Richard stood up, leering, eyes wild, and started pissing all over Kyle on the floor–but then he just got down and started licking it off of him, grunting and snorting, Kyle eventually feeding him his own piss right from the tap. It was after that, his gut bloated with piss, mind reeling, that Richard realized what was happening. He looked down at himself–and saw he was almost as much a pig at this point as Kyle.

“You…you fucking pig! What the fuck did you do to me?” he shouted at him, and then turned on Mr. Olson. “You piece of shit–this is what you fucking meant?”

The CEO just shrugged. “I don’t see anything wrong with two men competing for a position in my company. I consider it healthy.”

Kyle stood up too–and figured that if he didn’t act now, he was going to be too exhausted to go through with it. After all, while he’d dragged Richard down far, he’d fallen himself–he was over 300 pounds, cock hard as a button, and there was a beast in him clawing at his mind, trying to tear down the walls, desperate to submit to these…men, these men who were superior to him, the pig, in every way. He tackled Richard and got him on the floor again–but now, his weight was to his advantage–pinning the older man was much easier now, and without thinking too hard about it, he swung around, and planted his ass right on Richard’s face.

Richard squirmed and pounded on Kyle’s ass, but he was too heavy–he couldn’t move him, and Kyle just heaved for breath after the exertion. “Make me a pig, you fucks? Fuck you! Eat it, you fucking piece of shit, eat out my piggy hole, and let’s see how you like it!”

Richard stopped fighting after a moment, there were a series of grunts, and then he started licking–and then probing, and then he was lost, grunting and snorting and chewing at Kyle’s hole, one hand reaching down to start toying with his own cock in excitement, his belly swelling under Kyle’ pushing him up slightly as Richard continued to grow. At last, it happened–Richard’s cock exploded in a massive load, and Kyle could almost hear the man’s mind shatter to bits under his fat ass. When Kyle stood up and looked down at him, Richard’s eyes were empty, face coated in sweat and the scum from Kyle’s ass. “Oh fuck sir, thank you sir, for letting this pig service you, can…can I taste it some more? Or some of your grunt piss? Or you wanna fuck me? Fuck my piggy hole sir, make this hog squeal like a fucking sow!”

Richard said, and rolled over, ass high, shaking it in Kyle’s direction and grunting, but Kyle just backed away–not at all interested in it. He’d won–he’d won, and now…now he was going to get put back to normal, right? But one look in the eyes of the CEO told him that this meeting was far from over.

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