Morning Coffee

By Willie Cici
published October 8, 2019

Bobby loves the coffee Derek makes every morning, but doesn’t know why …

“Ah! That smell!”, Bobby said. He lay naked on his bed, covered in part by a white and blue-striped cotton sheet. He sat on his bed, the cotton sheet covering his naked body.

Before he could say anything, Bobby heard a voice. “Good morning.” He looked up and saw his roommate, Derek carrying two cups of coffee. He was wearing a grey athletic shirt and a pair of tight white bikinis. His morning hard-on strained to fill the basket of his drawers. (To see Derek, click here). “Here’s your coffee. Just as you like it.”, Derek said, a cheerful grin gracing his face.

Bobby accepted the piping hot brew and sipped his coffee. He watched his roommate walk down the hallway, presumably back to the kitchen. (To see Bobby in his bedroom, click here).

“What are we going to do with him?”, Bobby called out.

“I thought we’d keep him. He could pay half the rent.”, Derek said.

Bobby smiled. “And how do we …?”

“We share him. I have the odd days. You have the even days.”, Derek said.

It sounded logical. Their love life had grown stale in the last couple of months. This would definitely spice up their bedroom. They could even enjoy threesomes with the entranced stud. “Fine with me.”

Derek smiled as he sipped his coffee. He watched Bobby sip his brew, the special brew that Derek fed Bobby a year ago, placing him under Derek’s control, making him his boy toy. He walked out of Bobby’s bedroom and headed for the living room. Derek found Steve, frozen and dazed, as he left him the prior evening. He walked into the kitchen and fetched another cup of coffee. He returned to the living room and said, “Can you hear me?”

“Yes.”, Steve said.

“Drink the coffee.”, Derek ordered. Steve sipped the coffee.

Derek watched Steve drink the coffee, the same coffee he brewed for Bobby. When a couple of minutes had passed, Derek stared at Steve and said, “You’re going to live here with Bobby and me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Steve replied.

Derek smiled. Steve would make a fine fuck toy.

A month later –

Bobby opened his eyes. His bed lay empty; it was an odd-numbered day. Steve spent the night in Derek’s bed, as they agreed. He rubbed his eyes and stared at his alarm clock: 9:28a.m. “Damn! I overslept.”, he said to himself. He shook his head in disgust. He wanted to get a jump start that Saturday morning, getting to the gym early and running his errands. He hustled into the kitchen, deciding to brew a pot of coffee while he shaved and washed away his bed smell. In the kitchen, Bobby found the coffee canister in the frig. It was practically empty. He opened the cupboards and found a coffee can, an Italian brand, ‘Medaglia D’Oro’. He opened the can and found a handwritten note, ‘special blend’. He shook his head. “Derek and his exotic blends.” He poured eight tablespoons into the automatic drip basket, filled the water compartment and activated the brewer. He ran into the bathroom and shaved. He walked back to his bedroom, donned his gym clothes and packed his gym bag.

When he walked into the kitchen, he found Derek, holding a coffee mug. “Hey, Derek!”, Bobby said. Derek did not reply. “Derek.”, Bobby said, a little louder. Still, no reply. Derek stood in front of Bobby, waved his hand in front of Derek’s face and said, “Helloooo! Derek.” Still, no reply. Bobby looked into Derek’s eyes. “The lights are on, but nobody’s home.”, he muttered to himself. He forced Derek’s arm and tried to get Derek to drink some coffee. He assumed the caffeine would help. Bobby fed Derek his coffee. Some of it spilled out of the side of his mouth. “Can you hear me?”, Bobby said.

“Yes.”, Derek said. His voice was stilted, robotic and dazed.

“Derek, drink your coffee.”, Bobby said. Derek drank the coffee. Bobby was intrigued. “Did he just obey me?”, he thought to himself. “Derek, I want you to answer my questions truthfully. The special blend of coffee in the coffee can in the cupboard. What’s so special?”

“It has a mind control chemical that attacks your brain functions, makes you receptive to suggestions.”, Derek replied.

Bobby stared at Derek. “Bobby, did you use this coffee on Steve?”

“Yeah. I used it on Steve and on you.”, Derek answered.

Bobby stared at Derek. “You used the coffee on me?”, Bobby asked, his tone, angry and disgusted.

“Yeah. For the last year.”, Derek admitted.

Bobby took a moment to consider the last year. “Was I always a bottom?”

“No. I made you a bottom.”, Derek boasted.

“Son of a bitch!”, Bobby muttered. “Get on your knees and suck my dick.” Derek fell to his knees, pulled out Bobby’s cock and sucked his member. Bobby smiled as he watched his roommate on his knees. He thrust his hips, fucking Bobby in the face. “Derek, from now on, you won’t be able to get to sleep without sucking my cock. If I’m in the apartment, you will automatically suck my cock every night. Do you understand?”

“Yes.”, Derek replied.

“Steve’s cock, too. Understand?”, Bobby insisted.

“Yes.”, Derek answered.

“And from now on, you pay half the rent. Steve pays the other half. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Derek answered.

“And, around the apartment, you wear only jockstraps. No. Lingerie panties. Satin and lace. The feel of the satin makes you hard. You love satin. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Derek replied.

Bobby felt his cock ready to explode. “Aaahhhh!!!! Fuck!!!!”, he shouted, as he bust his nut down Derek’s throat. “Swallow it, bitch boy.” He watched Derek swallow the ounces of cum that shot out of his cock. “Good boy.”, Bobby said, as he pulled his cock out of Derek’s mouth. “Go put on your silkiest jockstrap and go suck Steve’s cock.”

Derek meandered into his bedroom. He found Steve lying on his bed. He pulled the covers off of Steve’s body, lay on the bed and positioned himself to suck Steve’s cock. Steve opened his eyes when he realized what Derek was doing.

“Steve, let him suck your cock. He owes you.”, Bobby said.

Steve looked towards the threshold of the door and saw Bobby standing and watching Derek suck Steve’s cock. “Whatever you say.”, Steve said.

Bobby nodded ‘yes’. Derek trained Steve to obey Derek and Bobby. He nodded his head ‘yes’. “I’m going to have to teach Steve the new house rules.”, he muttered, as he watched Derek suck Steve’s cock. “No time like the present.” Bobby entered the bedroom, lowered his trousers and slid his semi-hard cock into Derek’s hole. Derek moaned. “You love cock in your ass. Every day. My cock in your ass. Understand?”

“Yes.”, Derek mumbled.

Bobby plowed Derek’s ass, with vengeance and anger. With every thrust of his hips, with every glide of his cock in Derek’s ass, Bobby shouted. “From … now … on, … I … make … the … coffee.”

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