A Second Try

By Willie Cici
published October 8, 2019

Trey, still ambivalent, schedules another date …

Trey’s liaison with Dirk left Trey more confused than ever. He pursued his relationship with Cindy and enjoyed the time he spent with her. The physical connection he felt with Dirk, however, Trey could not deny. Was it ‘the sex’ or was it ‘the sex with Dirk’?

There was only one way to find out: schedule another escort with the agency. “Okay. I’ll do it.”, he muttered to himself as he walked into the locker room of the gym, sweaty and spent. As he undressed at his locker, Trey noticed a fit young man walk into the locker room. His tailored suit packaged an impressive physique. Trey wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the showers. Quickly, he lathered and bathed, hoping to get home, contact ‘Dates Unlimited’ and schedule a session for that evening. He returned to the locker room. The fit young man was still changing out of his business suit and changing into his workout clothes. Trey could not help but notice his sculpted chest, encased in a tight baby blue lycra compression shirt. His white boxer briefs clung to his thighs and strained to contain a hefty, bulging member. (To see the young man, click here).

“Hey, Sean!”, a voice called out. When Trey turned around, he saw his friend, Dirk, walking into the locker room. “Hey, Trey!” He noticed that Trey was wrapped in his towel. “Are you done?”

“Yeah. I have to … I’m going out with Cindy tonight.”, Trey said.

Dirk shook his head. “Trey, you know who this is? Sean. TJ’s brother.”

“This is little Sean.”, Trey teased.

“I hated it when you guys called me that. I think that’s why I started going to the gym.”, Sean said. He looked at Dirk and said, “Chest, lats and core?” Dirk nodded ‘yes’. “Okay.”, Sean said. He locked his locker and said, “It was nice seeing you again.”

Sean walked out of the locker room. Dirk found an open locker and packed away his gym bag. He locked his locker and said, “I’ll see you around, Trey.”

“Yeah. You, too.”, Trey said. Trey stared at his friend, admiring his pert buttocks and beautiful form, packaged in tight, black compression gear. “Damn!!”, he thought to himself. He was more resolved than ever to schedule another session, if only to prove that his fascination was with Dirk and not with all men.

Trey found the contact on his phone and hit ‘call’.

“Good afternoon. Dates Unlimited.”, a voice said. “For a date with a female, press ‘1’. For a date with a male, press ‘2’.”, the voice said. Trey knew the drill from the first time. He pressed ‘2’ and proceeded with the telephone call. “Please hold on to the line. Someone will be with you shortly.” The musack played for a minute. Trey then heard a voice. “Good afternoon. What are you looking for?”

“Um … yeah … a date for tonight, 8:30.”, Trey said.

“Specifications.”, the voice said.

“Fit, in shape. Someone who goes to the gym.”, Trey said.

“Are you looking for a personal trainer?”, the voice asked.

Trey pondered that question. “Yeah. A personal trainer. That works.”

“Do you have an account with us?”, the voice asked.

“Yes.”, Trey said. He provided the account name.

Once the credit card approved the transaction, the voice said, “Your date is confirmed. Have a good time.”

“Thanks.”, Trey said, as he ended the call with a smirk. “A personal trainer.”, he thought to himself. Quickly, he ran into his bedroom and looked for the sexiest gym clothes he owned. He wanted to make a good impression for the gigolo he hired.

At 8:27pm, Trey heard a knock on the door. Pent with nervous energy, Trey hurried to the door to greet his gigolo.

“Good evening. I’m looking for Trey.”, the young man said.

Trey looked at the young man. “Sean, what are you doing here?”

Before he could finish his sentence, the man entered Trey’s home and smiled. “My name is Chip Hardbody. I’m the personal trainer you arranged with the gym. Are you ready to get pumped?”

“Sean. It’s me.”, Trey said. “Trey.”

“I don’t know who Sean is. I’m Chip. Chip Hardbody.”, Sean said.

Trey stared at Sean. He was wearing all white, lycra-tight, form fitting. The strap of his gym bag crossed his chest diagonally. He looked incredible. He plopped the gym bag on the carpeted floor. As he walked around Trey’s living room, fake stretching for the training session, his compression gear folded into the crevices of his buttocks, forming two perfect globes. When he reached for his toes, his cock pointed downward, hard and firm.

“So, how do we start?”, Trey asked, a bit nervous.

“Well, let me see what I’m working with. Take off your shirt.”, Sean said.

Trey stared into Sean’s eyes, the same blank, distant gaze that Dirk had in his eyes. “Sure.”, Trey said. He removed his shirt and stood with his hands behind his head.

“You look like you could use some training sessions.”, Sean teased, as he fondled Trey’s chest. He tweaked Trey’s nipples and smirked. “You need training.” Sean suckled on Trey’s nipples. Trey loved the warm touch of Sean’s mouth. Sean then knelt in front of Trey. He lowered Trey’s shorts and exposed his member. He stroked Trey’s cock, spitting on it for some lube. Trey stood with his eyes closed, his hands behind his head. He bobbed his hips, his cock gliding in and out of Sean’s fist.

Trey then felt Sean poke his finger around his rosebud. “I don’t …”, Trey tried to say. Before he finished the thought, Sean shoved his finger into Trey’s ass. “Ahh!!”, Trey moaned. “I don’t …”

Sean rose to his feet and said, “You need to get limber. Let’s do a cobra stretch.” Trey looked at Sean. “C’mon. Cobra stretch.” Trey remembered the position from some Yoga class he took. He formed the position, his buttocks exposed, his hard cock pressing and rubbing against the carpet. As he held the position, Trey felt Sean’s wet fingers exploring his hole. Then, he felt something harder poke his anus. “Good boy. Now breathe and clinch.”, Sean said. Trey turned around and saw Sean pumping his ass with an acrylic dildo. Sean pushed the lubed dildo deep into his ass. Sean left the dildo in Trey’s ass and walked around. He lowered his compression pants, whipped out his rock-hard cock and shoved it in Trey’s mouth. “Suck it.”, Sean shouted. “8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. Good. That’s one. Now breathe.” Trey took a breath, but quickly found Sean’s cock buried in his mouth again. ““8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. Good. That’s two. Now breathe and relax.” Trey collapsed on the rug. Sean hoisted Trey back into his cobra stretch position. “Not so fast. You got more reps. Do it again.” He shoved his cock down Trey’s throat and said, “8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. Good. That’s three. You’re doing great.”

For the next thirty minutes, Sean trained Trey. By the end of the session, Trey knew. He loved cock. Not just Dirk’s cock. He loved cock, period. Once Sean climaxed, he pulled the dildo out of Trey’s ass and said, “Lie on your back. Put your hands behind your back. Now, give me ten sit ups.”

Trey, tired and spent, looked at Sean. Sean smiled at Trey and winked. “Damn! He’s hot.”, Trey thought to himself. Trey lay on his back, bent his knees and performed the sit-ups. Sean nestled his head between Trey’s crotch and sucked Trey’s cock as he performed the sit-ups. The feeling of the crunches and Sean’s sucking was incredible. Even when it hurt, Trey did not miss a rep. His last crunch blew his wad.

Sean grabbed Trey’s shirt and wiped his hands and Trey’s groin. “Okay. So, next time, let’s work on legs and pecs.” He walked around the living room, adjusting his cock back into his compression pants. He collected his toys and stored them in his gym bag.

Trey lay on the carpet of his living room floor, his hands behind his head, staring at Sean. Minutes later, Sean grabbed his gym bag and said, “I’m ready to go.” Reality sobered Trey. He rose to his feet and scurried into the kitchen. He opened one of the cabinets and retrieved $200 for Sean’s tip. He hustled back into the living room and handed the currency to Sean like a restaurant maître d. “Thanks.”, Sean said.

Trey said, “I’ll call for another training session.”

“Thank you. Have a good night.”, Sean said. Trey escorted Sean to the front door.

When Trey closed the door, he leaned against the back of the door. He shook his head in disbelief.

The next day –

Trey walked into the locker room with Dirk. They spent the last ninety minutes pumping iron, working the cardio and sweating a storm. As the two studs stripped their clothes, Sean walked into the locker room, again sporting a business suit. The stud undressed for his daily regimen. Trey slowed down wanting to speak to Sean out of Dirk’s earshot.

“Hey, Sean.”, Trey said.

“Hey!”, Sean replied.

“I had fun the other night.”, Trey said.

“Yeah! What did you do?”, Sean replied.

Trey looked at Sean. The tone of Sean’s voice and his look puzzled Trey. “The other night.”

“What did you do?”, Sean asked again.

“Went to the ball game.”, Trey said. Trey went into the showers. “This is not a coincidence.”, Trey thought to himself. Something was up. He wanted to confront Dirk, and Sean for their bad acting, but chose not to do at that time. He needed proof.

Trey had an idea. When he finished showering, he returned to his locker and tapped Dirk on the shoulder. “Dirk, how did you become an escort?”, he whispered.

“Why do you ask?”, Dirk asked.

“I’m … thinking about it.”, Trey said. The only way he would learn why Sean and Dirk acted the way they did was to infiltrate ‘Dates Unlimited’. “So, who should I call?”

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