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Chapter 11. The End- Part I

By Slave Abdamelek -
published October 7, 2019

The Pharaoh, the Snake God and their respective followers, finally face off in a battle of power and wills.

Chapter 11. The End

Part I

The Pharaoh looked besides him on the bed, at the naked sleeping body of Radames. He looked intensely beautiful to him, his white skin so rare and pure, lying so peacefully. A strange thought broke the moment. These feelings were not normal. He was cold and calculating, with no time to admire the existence of any other being, for He was the most perfect creation of the Sun God. Memories came to him of ancient times, when he had had the same feelings. Awe before beauty. The beauty of Karim. Being entranced by His love of His adopted son had been His downfall, thousands of years ago. Trusting those around Him had been His weakness. The boy and Lateef, His own Commander, had revealed to be serving the Snake God all along. Had Radames been brought to Him as a means to ensnare Him again? As He considered all this, He could not stop looking at the boy He himself had converted and shared His bed increasingly with in the past months. He enjoyed it. He could not help thinking This felt very much like a form of mind control. He could not afford giving in to human weakness.

Suddenly, Radames opened his eyes, and gasped. His body trembled.

“What is happening, my Son…?” “My mind… He… is trying to… Bend it…”

His breathing was labored and his body was shaken by small seizures. For a moment, his pupils became slits, then returned to normal.

“My head… hurts so much…”

“Very good, my faithful servant,” said the Snake God to his new slave. The soldier formerly known as Abdamelek, his body and mind now those of a Beast, was kneeling in front of him, his eyes shut, sweat appearing on his scaly face. “I will use the bond you retain with your former brothers to obliterate their minds, allowing my eggs to hatch inside their brains. Very soon they will all be mine,” continued the Snake God.

“He… resists… my God…”

“Work harder! Force him to give in. When the Pharaoh’s last creation is converted, the rest will fall in line much faster.”

The Pharaoh was now holding Radames’ head between his hands, his eyes tightly closed, sweat appearing on his face. He sensed what was inside the boy’s head, trying to take over him, and was now adding his will to the boy’s to wrestle the thing out.

Radames’ head finally jerked back and he violently vomited on the floor. Then, his breathing slowed down. The trembling quieted down slowly. On the floor, something moved among the vomit. It was alive. Some sort of larva. It looked like a very small snake, its skin pale and covered with small green scales. It sneaked on the floor, working to get away. The Pharaoh stamped his foot against it, killing it.

“You were able to fight it. We chose you so well. I brought all my soldiers from the outside world and molded their minds after mine. But you were always different. You never belonged outside. You were always meant to be here, and serve Me.”

The Pharaoh leaned over to him and kissed him passionately. Radames kissed back as they embraced.

“I was born to be Yours, my Pharaoh. My King. My God.”

The Snake God fiercely slapped the Beast’s face, making it bleed.

“Why did this happen?” He wasn’t talking to the Beast, he was talking to himself.

The small piece of mind where the consciousness of the Snake God’s host, the soldier formerly known as Abanoub, still lingered, spoke. He seemed scared, much less confident:

“My God, the boy and the Pharaoh have a special bond. When both their minds worked in tandem, they managed to prevent your egg from taking over the boy’s mind.”

“I AM A GOD!” yelled the Snake God.

“And that is why You will prevail,” said the Beast, bowing.

“Why are you doing this, my Brother?” the Beast felt a voice say in his head. He looked around, finding no one else.

The Snake God furiously exited the hall, and the Beast followed quickly. They entered the gymnasium, where Nasahkma, Knahtim and Amenhotep were training. They turned to look at them, startled.

“Warn Commander Abdamelek!” Said Amenhotep to Knahtim.

“There is no Commander Abdamelek now,” said the Snake God, pointing to the Beast. “I have perfected him into my faithful servant.” He now pointed his outstretched palm to the young men. “As you will also be.”

The three men took their hands to their heads, trying to avoid looking at the stranger.

“Prastut karana,” said the Snake God.

The men, still covering their faces, suddenly starting to yell, feeling their heads explode in pain as the eggs inside them hatched and made their way around, taking over their minds. Their eyes rolled up in their sockets, exposing only the whites. Their yelling intensified turning to screams of protest.

“Prastut karana… Prastut karana… Submit…” They now understood the god’s words.

“No… No…” they yelled. “Nahin… naa… hin…” they now spoke in the god’s language.

Their eyes now returned to their original position, slits replacing their pupils. Slowly, the screaming subsided.

The struggle ended, and they finally stood very straight, their arms flailing on their sides, their looks lost.

Then their skin started to turn green and scaly, their bodies enlarging, as they painfully growled, becoming Beasts.

Finally, the humanoid animals stopped struggling and faced the Snake God. The knelt before him, chanting in unison:

“Main naamaheen hoon” (I am nameless now)

“mere bhagavaan ka sipaahee” (A soldier for my God)

“Good, my slaves,” responded the Snake God in his language. “Now rise and join me. We must convert all of the Pharaoh’s soldiers.”

They moved toward the barracks.

“You are not an animal. You are a man, and a glorious Commander for the Pharaoh’s army.” The voice said inside the Beast’s head.

“I serve no man,” answered the Beast in his mind. He could sense who was talking in his head. The young boy, the very white-skinned one.

“You now serve an animal. You were tasked with protecting the world from him. We must recruit all men as Soldiers to prevent the Snake God from turning all mankind into animals.”

An image appeared on the Beast’s head. A handsome man, dark-skinned and hairy. A name tag on his shirt saying ‘Sayid’. Then, the same man, much stronger and more muscular, hairless, proud. Perfected. Beautiful.

“This is you.” The white-skinned boy’s voice said. “You are Commander Abdamelek. Everything you are you owe to your Pharaoh. Do not let the animal take over, my Brother.”

As he heard this, they entered one of the barracks where two soldiers: Nefermaat, the older man, and Tnephactes. As his new Master extended his arm towards them and they struggled against their domination, the Beast felt a surge of excitement from witnessing so much power. His heart beat fast and he trembled, feeling sexually aroused. Giving up free will was a rush of adrenaline.

“You are giving up your free will because you choose to. You could stop if you wanted to,” the white-skinned boy said in his mind. “You can choose whom you serve.”

The Beast hesitated.

“You have such doubts. And you know deep inside that having doubts means that you still retain your freedom. And it means that the Snake God is not all-powerful.”

“Because gods are powerful, but not all-powerful,” said now the Pharaoh’s voice in his head. “I am also a god. Your God.”

Radames felt overwhelmed with power as their sexual bonding amplified the reach of their minds exponentially. As he lay on his belly and his knees, the Pharaoh on top of him, caressing his body as he slowly penetrated it, Radames felt that their connected mindwaves could reach anyone.

The Snake God was now marching along tens of Beasts, moving along the remaining barracks, turning every soldier they encountered.

The Beast formerly known as Abdamelek was sweating from his internal turmoil. His mind was being pulled in two different directions. He didn’t know which one to yield to. As he and the others passed by an entrance to a room, the voice of the Pharaoh spoke inside his head:


He couldn’t resist its power and fell to the ground, his hands clutching his head in despair.


“I am not your soldier.”

“You are my soldier.”

“I serve the Snake God.”

“You serve your Pharaoh.”

“No… I… serve the… Snake God.”

“You were the Chosen One who brought Me back from the dead. You are destined to command my glorious Army forever. My Prince is destined to rule by my side. Finally, the destiny that awaits the three of us has been revealed to Me. There were once two men who were meant to take your places, and they betrayed Me. They were not worthy of sitting by My side. I have learned and gained much power from that, and now I am ready to take my place as the rightful ruler of all men. As the first step, I now command you to face your fate and return to My side.”

The Beast looked around the room, panting. It was an armory. Swords, daggers, bows and arrows were all around. In the center was a huge vial about a meter tall, made of very thick glass. All around it were the arrows that had been anointed with its contents. With the Cure.

Each soldier in the whole army had now been turned into a Beast. The animals were now gathered in a huge hall, facing the Snake God, standing on their right knee, their heads bowed. The Snake God spoke.

“Victory is mine once again! You are all my soldiers now! My former pupil’s power is no match for mine, and it never will be. His seed that ran through your veins was only good for boosting my own when they met. You are now the perfect soldiers. Stronger, more brutal, equally docile and obedient. I have summoned my army here. Now, you and your improved venom will help me perfect them.”

The main entrance opened, and the Snake God’s soldiers entered, their bodies fully naked as usual, covered in snake tattoos.

The Beasts rose, and immediately ran towards them.

“Embrace the Beasts’ venom, my sons! Let it change you and complete my new Army!” yelled the Snake God.

The Beasts started to pounce on the soldiers, baring their venomous fangs. The air filled with yells, grunts and howls of pain, less and less human, becoming more savage every minute, in a dance of human flesh spotted with blood, green scales, and claws.

“The fact that your body, even broken and remade into this monster, still yields to my orders, should be enough to understand the extent of My power,” said the Pharaoh. “I am a god. I am your God. Obey and return to My side. Take your place beside Me, my Commander.”

Against his will, the Beast started to crawl toward one of the arrows.

“No… I… belong… to the Snake God… I serve… the… Snake… GOD!” he screamed the last word out, and started panting. He looked down. His right hand was now holding an arrow. Part of it was lodged inside his chest, blood dripping from the wound.

With violent shakes, his body dropped to the ground, shrinking. His scales disappearing, becoming smooth human skin.

The Pharaoh and Radames entered the room. Abdamelek’s body, human again, naked on the ground and dirty with sand and blood, stirred. Radames offered his hand and he got up, facing them.

“My God. My Prince,” said Abdamelek with reverence. He then knelt before them, bowing.

“Rise, my Commander,” said the Pharaoh. The three of them were now facing each other. “Finally, there are three of Us. Together, we shall be invincible.”

They embraced and kissed, caressing each other’s bodies. Abdamelek and Radames went down, and slowly undid the Pharaoh’s loincloth, exposing his enormous pulsating cock. Abdamelek took it in his mouth first, sucking on it. He then kissed Radames, feeling the taste of their God’s precum as he passed it to the boy. As Radames took his turn, Abdamelek rose and kissed the Pharaoh again. The Pharaoh grabbed his shoulders and started to turn him around, lowering his body and positioning himself behind. Abdamelek felt his King’s cock against his asshole and gasped with anticipation, missing his God’s fucking intensely. He completely relaxed and let Him inside.

As the Pharaoh fucked Abdamelek, Radames got up and stood against the table next to them, propping his ass up toward Abdamelek. Abdamelek then took the boy’s ass in his hands and entered him. It was the most ecstatic and complete he had ever felt, the three of them finally becoming one. There was no greater power on Earth than their bodies and minds working together, their brainpower that of the greatest sun.

The Pharaoh projected his mind around the pyramid. He reached through the hallways and rooms, and barracks, and finally arrived at the greatest hall. There was His army, corrupted and brainwashed, and His enemy, standing before them.

“Here I am, my sworn enemy. My mind at its most powerful, but, as you once taught Me, at its most vulnerable,” said the Pharaoh to him.

“Come to Me,” continued the Pharaoh, “and see if you can finally take Me.”

To Be Continued.

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