Jock Radio

By MSTGay3000 -
published October 5, 2019

An obnoxious radio host has his way with a couple of jocks, through his magic microphone.

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“Hello everyone, and welcome to Jock Radio, your number one radio station for all the latest sports gossip and news, where anything’s game, including, you guessed it—my cock. This ain’t your momma’s radio show, people. I’m your host, DJ Vance Roque, and today our special guest is baseball star Drew Rex, who just happens to be accompanied today by his amazing ass. Can I get a round of applause for Drew, and also, his ass?”

A sound clip of applause played. Drew smiled, a little red in the face.

Vance and Drew were seated in a studio, surrounded by sound equipment. Jock Radio was one of the more notorious stations on satellite, and Drew was reluctant to even show up. His coach, however, forced him to be on the show. He said it was fun, and it was good for publicity. Drew wasn’t so sure.

DJ Vance himself was a character. He wore a colorful shirt, had silly glasses, a bright-colored hat with wings on it, and drank from a mug with a huge cock on it. He was known for his schlocky sense of humor, which included plenty of vulgar jokes and obnoxious sound clips, and had no problem making people uncomfortable. It had only been a minute since they had been on air and Drew was already blushing.

Drew himself was stunning. He had a square jaw, warm brown eyes, a handsome face, and an amazing body that filled out his clothes, which consisted of a baseball cap, jersey, and jeans. He was a pillar of muscle and oozed sexiness, from his charming smirk to yes, his ample sized ass. Despite his spectacular performance on the field, Drew’s posterior had become a bit of a meme on the internet. There were countless videos and gifs online showcasing his perfect, round bubble butt as it strutted across the field, and DJ Vance, being the respectful person that he was, had no qualms in bringing it up.

“So Drew, let’s talk.”

“Uh, okay,” Drew said with a nervous laugh.

“You know how we do things here at Jock Radio. Just get to the good stuff, is my motto. Never mind your outstanding record as designated hitter for your team, or the Rookie of the Year award you got last year, or your hot ass fiancee—let’s talk about the one thing that’s been on the public’s mind since they saw you. Let’s talk about your ass.”

Drew giggled nervously and rubbed the back of his head while Vance rested his chin on his hand, eyeing the handsome stud with the solemnity of a job interviewer.

“Uh, it’s pretty big?”

“Duh, tell us something we don’t know. How big is it? Do you have exact measurements?”


“Does your girlfriend like your ass?”

“I think she does.”

“She ever stick anything up there?”

“No way.”

“Not into pegging, huh?”

“What even is that?”

“Ever stick a baseball bat up your ass?”

“No! Fuck, man.” Drew laughed nervously. Vance played a sound clip of a group of people saying “awwww” in disappointment. Drew expected things to take a turn like this, but he wasn’t prepared for how uncomfortable it made him feel.

He also was not prepared for anything else that Vance had in store for him. In truth, there was a little more to Vance’s appearance than what people were aware of.

Underneath his outrageous persona, there was a person that was strangely powerful, maybe even terrifying. Vance hadn’t created his success through his own wit (if one could call it that) or his hustling skills, or his prowess as a disc jockey. His success came from the fact that he was a magician.

Not a stage magician, but a real, actual magician. Even his staff, the people that recorded and produced his show, were nothing more than conjured simulacrums he had created himself. His double life as an occultist was well hidden from anyone not trained in the mystic arts.

Nobody even expected that Vance was actually gay. He joked all the time about female anatomy and made enough bawdy jokes to satisfy an entire locker room, and that was during a single show.

Not only was he gay, but Jock Radio was a front, a place to lure some of the hottest athletes to his station, where he could play around with his powers. His microphone was laced with small runes he had carved itself, and he could activate them with a single gesture. The microphone would then lace his words with the power to make his guests do whatever he wanted, without them even knowing it, or able to resist.

He always recorded two shows. One for the public, and then one for himself. The private one was always first. His guests never remembered the private show they participated in, and all of the jokes and questions during the interview were solely for his own amusement. He even recorded it for posterity—and his own private collection.

Vance brushed the runes on his microphone with his fingertips, causing them to glow.

“Are you gay, Drew?”

“What? No, I’m getting engaged. To a woman.”

“Sorry gays, this one’s off the market.” A sound clip played of a woman crying.

“What kind of stuff do you and your girlfriend like to do in the bedroom?”

“Lisa likes to play with my nipples a lot.” Drew’s brows furrowed a bit. He had no idea why he blurted that out. Before he had set foot in the studio, he was resigned to be as tight-lipped as a loyal mafia member, but for some reason, he was already backpedaling.

“Does she really now? How so?”

Drew started rubbing his pecs right through his shirt. “Like this.”

A sound clip of people making an “ooooohhh” sound played. Drew felt a slight tinge of embarrassment, though he couldn’t tell if that was coming from him rubbing his nipples in front of another man, or if it was because he had just shared a piece of his sex life with, what he thought, was the public. Lisa would be pissed.

“That looks really nice, Drew. Can I try?”


The runes on Vance’s mic glowed again. “You sure, buddy? You don’t want to give ol’ DJ Vance a feel? It’s just me, relax.”

“What? Why would I….uhhhh…” Drew’s eyes glazed over for a moment as his mind changed its line of thought. “Actually….yeah, that’d be fine.”

Vance got out of his seat then headed over to Drew. He stood behind him and his fingers slowly snaked down his firm shoulders, enjoying every feel on the baseball player’s body, until they came to his nipples. Vance took a deep inhale: body spray and clean, beautiful skin. All natural and delicious.

He started rubbing.

“Ooh…those pecs are firming up nicely, huh pal?”

“Yeah, I guess they are.”

“Speaking of things getting hard, I guess you weren’t lying—that’s quite a boner you got there!”

“What?” Drew looked down and was mortified to find that his crotch was tenting. He didn’t even realize it.

Vance spoke before he could protest.

“There’s nothing wrong with that Drew. You’re a guest here on my show! Jock Radio doesn’t shame anyone for their bodily reactions, no matter how extreme, it’s all good. Feels good too. In fact, you feel so good just being in here with me, don’t you?”

“I…I guess…yeah, I guess I do.”

“Is it presumptuous to say that you feel so comfortable that you’d show any part of your body to me, or let me do whatever I want to it?”

“Uh, no, I think that’d be fine? I think? Wait, what?”

“It’d even feel good I bet. It’d even turn you on, huh?” The runes glowed and Drew’s eyes glazed over as his brain took in all of Vance’s magically laced words. He smiled and leaned back in his chair.

“Ohh, man….maybe you’re right, Vance. That does sound kinda good. Thanks for being so cool with everything and…and this.” Drew glanced down at his boner again.

“Cool is my middle name, bro. Why don’t we get this shirt off then?”

“Yeah. Sure.”

Drew held his arms up and Vance pulled the shirt right off. He took a moment to gawk at Drew’s flawless upper body. Perfect pecs, taut arms, firm muscles, chiseled stomach—Drew was a god!

“You know what else would make you feel better, maybe even turn you on even more?”


“A kiss. Let’s kiss bro, and get to know each other better.” Vance playfully puckered his lips.

“Yeah…let’s kiss…bro…” Drew felt a slight internal struggle at the thought, but it was overruled by something in his brain.

Vance leaned down and kissed Drew right on the lips. Drew welcomed him, despite the fact that he was quite the conservative behind closed doors. His cock throbbed in his jeans as Vance invaded his mouth. Drew was surprised to find that Vance was right—it did feel good to kiss him! And it really was turning him on too…

His hand reached for Vance’s cheek to bring him in closer. The mic picked up all their lip-smacking goodness, as did the camera that secretly taped them.

Vance pulled away, but was surprised when Drew pulled him in one more time for another kiss.

They finished kissing before Vance pulled up. “Whoa there, guy! Someone’s feeling horny tonight, huh?”

Drew looked down at his jeans again, still unable to figure out why he was so hard, or why he was so strangely okay with everything.

At the same time, where was the problem? He was having a good time anyways, right?

“You know what I’d like to see Drew?” Vance sat at the edge of the desk in front of him.


“Your feet. What size shoe you wear, pal?”

“Uh, twelve?”

“Nice. Why don’t you stick ‘em up on here on the desk for me.”

Drew’s brows furrowed again, before he changed to a cheerful expression, lighting up his handsome features. Of course he could show his feet off to another man, especially one he’d never met, no worries! Vance was so friendly and he felt so good in his presence. And it felt strangely exciting to do so as well.

He plopped his huge feet on the desk. Vance felt his loins stir up. His fingers reached out and stroked the tops of the sneakers.

“I’m going to take your shoes off. Then your socks. And it’s going to turn you on sooo much, Drew, you just won’t be able to stand it. You just love having your feet touched, bro, I mean, who knew, right?”


“Oh, but one more thing—you can’t cum unless I say so. We’re still waiting on your pal Sean to show up.”

“He’s late.”

“He sure is.” Vance rubbed the bottom of Drew’s sneakers, which made both their cocks surge.

“But that’s okay. We got plenty of time.”

Vance started untying the laces. Drew bit his lip in excitement. Why was he feeling this way? Why was he shirtless? Why was this asshole even this close to his feet? And why the hell was he so hard?

It didn’t matter though, did it? He was still having a good time, right? Despite how gay this whole thing was turning out to be, it seemed Vance was pretty cool all along, just like coach said…

Vance got the sneakers off, leaving Drew’s socked feet on the desk. He was wearing ankle socks. Vance dipped down and let his nose run along his socked soles and toes.

“Whoa, you pack a pretty nice smell down here, my friend!”

“Uh, thanks.”

“Are you ticklish?”


“Well you are now. In fact, whenever I touch your feet it’ll make you laugh, which will make your cock even harder.”

“Oh…okay then.”

Vance started his assault with his fingers and Drew broke out into nervous giggles. He slowly upped the tickling, causing Drew’s laughter to get louder and louder, his face turning red.

Drew’s cock writhed inside his jeans, utterly turned on by the stimulation, no matter how strange it was to some part of his brain. He still couldn’t figure out why he felt such things in the first place! His feet were usually a deadzone stimulation wise (Lisa had tried and it was a no-go), but now they made him so hard, and felt so damn ticklish. It was mind boggling!

Vance tickled harder and Drew laughed louder, his body squirming in his seat, his knees buckling.

“You have a cute laugh, Drew. Never heard you laugh before! You always seemed so serious on the field. But look at you now.”

Drew hit the armrests as his laughter got louder and louder. Vance pulled his socks off, and revealed juicy, delicious, plump looking feet with smooth, sexy soles.

“How about we take this up a notch?”

“No, please! I can’t…I can’t take it!” Drew took his hat off and covered his face with it as he caught his breath.

Vance ignored his pleas and started tickling his bare soles. He burst into laughter again and buried his face in his hat. His toes wiggled wildly as Vance held him down, tickling his soles endlessly. His cock was so hard and ready to cum that a wet spot had formed between his legs.

“Oh gawd…please stop!”

“I don’t know Drew. I really like working you up like this. And you seem to love it, so….”

Drew was laughing so hard tears were streaming down his face. The wet spot at his crotch was getting bigger, and he was becoming breathless from laughing so hard. Vance loved seeing the big, serious jock laugh and squirm. It was a testament to his own power as a magician—a cheeky one, at that!

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Vance said. He let go of Drew’s feet, allowing him to catch his breath. Drew panted and winced as he felt his aching, bulging cock in his jeans.

Sean Herris stepped into the room. He was the shortstop for Drew’s team. The interview was supposed to be a double interview, but he ran into traffic along the way.

Vance had invited Sean simply because of his looks. Oh, he was popular, yes, especially with the ladies, but he wasn’t as popular as Drew Rex. Sean had red hair, with bright green eyes, an oval face with cute dimples, and of course, a hot, sexy body. He wore a printed shirt with jeans and boots.

“Sean! So glad you could finally join us.”

The first thing Sean saw was Drew’s feet on the table. He looked completely wound up and were his eyes deceiving him? Had Drew wet himself? And no….there was no way he was hard too. His eyes were playing tricks; they had to be.

“Uh, hi.” Sean said. “Did I interrupt something? I could hear Drew laughing his ass off from down the hall, but I wasn’t expecting….this.”

“H-hey Sean….” Drew had finally recovered, the last few giggles leaving his mouth. His face was as red as a tomato. He put his hat back on his head.

The runes on Vance’s mic glowed once more.

“Why don’t you have a seat Sean and join in on the fun? Put your feet up. In fact, you can’t wait to get those boots off.”

Sean’s eyes blinked rapidly before his face entirely relaxed. He smiled, showcasing his natural, boyish charm. “Sure! I can’t wait to uh…yeah. Why not?”

He grabbed a seat and sat right next to Drew, then put his feet on the desk, right next to Drew’s.

“Are you ticklish too?”

“Hell yes I am.”

“Uh oh,” Drew said, chuckling again.

“What?” Sean said to Drew.

“Never mind him, Sean. Just focus on me. Each time I tickle your feet, it’s gonna make you so hard, so hard that you can’t wait to blow your load! But you can’t. Not until I say so.”

“Whoa…” Sean said, his brain processing all of Vance’s commands as if they were coming from his own cerebral cortex. “That sounds intense.”

“It is, bro, it is.” Drew said, rubbing his face.

“Is that why you’re—” Sean pointed at Drew’s crotch with a repulsed look on his face.

“Yes,” Vance said. “But that’s okay. You and Drew are both totally okay with anything I ask you to do during the show today, including being naked, getting worshipped, stimulated, whatever! Even getting fucked! It all makes you so happy. You’re so happy to be here today, aren’t you?”

Sean smiled. “I am, actually. I mean, I wasn’t at first. I was only here to support Drew because he didn’t want to do this in the first place—”

“Shut up, Sean!”

“–but now? I’m game to do whatever you want, Vance! Let’s do this.”

“Glad to hear it. Now let’s get these boots off.”

Vance removed Sean’s boots, noting the nice outline of his feet, then finally his socks. Sean muttered nervously under his breath as his bare feet were exposed. His feet were larger and he had longer toes than Drew, but they were more slender than the hitter’s meaty soles.

Vance lined them up, right next to each other. Sean laughed nervously.

“I haven’t started yet, Sean, jesus.”

“Sorry. Nerves.”

“You should see this guy on the field.” Drew said.

Vance noted how adorable Sean looked next to Drew. He loved his boyish good looks in contrast with Drew’s more mature, distinguished attractiveness.

Vance started the tickling.

“Whoa! S-stop, not so fast, not so—!” Sean said.

The baseball jocks erupted into laughter as Vance furiously assaulted their soles with his fingers. He loved hearing their high pitched laughter as they squirmed in their seats, their feet trembling and fidgeting from the constant barrage of fingers. Their laughter filled the room, and their cocks shamelessly ballooned between their legs, neither of them even realizing what was happening to them. Sean’s laughter was infectious, and made Vance smile. But seeing Drew shake and pant made his cock buzz. Their soles were pink from the stimulation, and felt amazing against his fingers. Even the smell was hot.

Vance let them catch their breath, and gave them permission to get their cocks out, to let those peckers breathe. He was impressed by how large both of them were. Their rods were throbbing and wet and they stroked them lazily as they caught their breath, completely oblivious to the outrageousness of their actions.

Vance couldn’t waste those beautiful, leaking specimens.

“Guys, you are both feeling so good right now, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Sean said. Drew nodded his head.

“But you know what would make you feel even better?”


“A blowjob.”

“Hey, I wouldn’t say no to that,” Sean said, hitting Drew in the shoulder. Drew laughed again.

“From me, that is.”

“What?” Drew said. He sobered up a bit, as did Sean.

“That’s right. You are both so excited to get blown by me. You can’t wait for me to get my mouth around your cocks, can you?”

There was a moment of silence as the jocks’ brains processed Vance’s words.

“I….yeah….yeah, that sounds good, come to think of it,” Drew said.

“Good? That sounds awesome!” Sean said.

Vance made a sinister smirk. He took off his funny glasses and cap and put them to the side.

He headed to Drew first. He instructed Sean to put his big sexy feet on his face as he sucked Drew off. Vance wrapped his mouth around Drew’s cockhead, and Sean did as he was told, even giggling at times from all the jostling around near his feet.

Vance sucked the baseball player down, enjoying the feel and taste of his cock inside his mouth, as well as the soft moans coming from Drew’s lips. He loved having these baseball studs under his power! To think that both of them—so hot and popular, with tons of followers on social media, hot girlfriends, and countless fans—yielded so easily to his whims, truly turned him on.

He sucked Drew’s fat cock hard enough until he finally shot his load. He smeared some on Sean’s smooth soles.

“Sweet. My turn!”

Vance pulled up, wiped his mouth, then headed to Sean. Drew placed his feet in Sean’s lap, smothering Vance’s face as he sucked Sean down.

Sean moaned, louder than Drew, and his cock pulsed inside Vance’s mouth excitedly. Vance spent several moments blowing him, though he didn’t last as long as Drew. It seemed he wasn’t kidding—Sean really was eager to get his cock sucked. Several more slurps later and he shouted as he blasted his load. Vance sucked him dry, leaving him to whimper as he pulled away, and also made sure to get some of Sean’s leftovers onto Drew’s tasty toes.

“Not bad guys.”

“Thanks for that,” Drew said casually, pulling his feet away.

“Yeah. Never knew DJ Vance could give such good head.” Sean said.

“I know, right?”

The jocks laughed.

“There’s a lot of stuff the world doesn’t know about me,” Vance said. “But enough about me, let’s continue the interview. We still have more bases to cover.”

“We do?” Drew said.

“Sure. I wasn’t finished tickling you guys, for one thing!” Vance had them place their feet up again, then returned to tickling, and like magic, their cocks got stiff again. But Vance transitioned from using his fingers to using his tongue this time.

“Oh, shit! Oh-ho-ho noooo…..” Sean said. Their laughter increased tenfold, and so did the stiffness of their cocks, as Vance ravished and whipped their soles and toes with his tongue. The lingering taste of cum on their feet had him reeling.

He stacked their feet on top of each other and rubbed his face and tongue between their soles, slobbering all over them like a hungry dog. The boys had become breathless in their laughter, and were shrieking at points. Drew buried his face in his hat again, and Sean was crying, his hand stroking his cock leisurely as if that would make him feel better.

Vance’s cock was rock hard. Their feet were delicious, and now it was his turn to get off.

“Don’t mind me guys,” he said, giving them a moment to catch their breath as he got his cock out, “I’m just going to cum on your feet. Which you’re going to love, by the way.”

“We…we are?” Sean said wiping his tears away.

“I guess so, hahaha, oh man. I guess so.” Drew said, still chuckling quietly to himself.

“Don’t play coy with me, guys. You love cum on your feet, don’t you? That’s what your coach said.”

“He did?” Sean said.

“Yeah! And it’s totally true.”

“Yeah…yeah, it is,” Sean said. “We love cum on our feet, huh bro?”

“That’s right. I love…ahahaha….I love cum on my feet.” Drew said. They snickered loudly as they unwinded, still a few chuckles left in them.

“Oh, but guess what guys?” Vance said as he placed his cock against their soles, hissing as he did so.


“My cock is ten times more ticklish than my fingers or tongue.”

“Oh no!” Drew said in a little voice. Vance started fucking their feet and the boys exploded into laughter once more. They became nothing but tears, red faces, shrieks, whimpers, and throbbing, leaking cocks.

In the meantime, Vance took his time to spread his precum all along their toes, enjoying the feel of their feet against his shaft, hissing and moaning quietly to himself. He rubbed his hard cock vigorously against them, brushing the cockhead against their toes, pressing the shaft against the balls. It drove the boys into a frenzy of hysterics; they could hardly breathe and spittle flew from their mouths. Their cocks were throbbing wildly.

Vance took his time servicing himself at their feet’s expense, until he finally came, which made both boys almost piss themselves with laughter. The cum dribbled down their soles and toes, and when Vance smeared it across their soles with his dick, their laughter increased.

“Oh gawd….stop!” Sean said.

“Please!” Drew said.

They were leaning back in their seats, their faces turned to the ceiling as they tried to endure the onslaught. Once Vance was satisfied with the creamy marinade he left on their soles, he gave them another break.

It took them awhile to recover. Their cocks were so hard they were starting to ache, and their arms hung limply from their chairs as they caught their breath. They wiped their faces.

“Holy fuck, man,” Sean said. “Fuck this radio show.”

Drew giggled. “This is some wild stuff, Vance. Man…” Drew wiped the sweat and tears from his face with his cap, then placed it back on, but backwards this time.

“This is a wild show, guys,” Vance said. “You should have seen your coach when he was in here. Now there was a crazy guy.”

“Coach Monty? Yeah, I bet, that guy is a freak,” Drew said.

“But now that you guys have recovered let’s try something else, shall we?”

“Shit, man, what now?” Sean said. The runes on Vance’s mic glowed again, amplifying the power of his voice.

“We still haven’t talked enough about Drew’s ass, guys.”

“Not that again.”

“Come on Drew. Your ass is totally hot! In fact, you totally want someone to fuck it, don’t you?”

“I….yeah….yeah, I do.”

“Eww,” Sean said. “Gay.”

“Hey. There’s nothing wrong with a little gay fantasy every now and then, okay, Sean? I wouldn’t be surprised if you really wanted to stick that hard cock of yours into Drew’s ass too. Don’t lie. You know it’s a secret fantasy of yours. Time to finally let the cat—or in this case, the cock—out of the bag!”

“Secret fantasy? Secret….yeah, it sure is. How the hell did you know that?”

“What, really?” Drew said.

“Yeah! I’ve always wanted to fuck your ass ever since I saw it in the locker room.”


“Well, what are you waiting for guys? Drew, let Sean fuck you in the ass. You’re among friends here. And don’t mind me. I won’t stop you.”

Vance played another sound clip, this time of a whip cracking the air.

“Yeah, uh…okay,” Drew said. His cock twitched excitedly at the prospect of having his teammate inside him.

He got up from his seat.

“How do I do this?”

“Stand at the wall, Drew. There we go, just like that. Get those jeans off. Bend your ass out a little more. Man, look at that thing. It’s like a small moon.” Drew chuckled.

“So hot…” Sean said, licking his lips. He smacked Drew’s ass and watched it jiggle.

“Well don’t keep us in suspense, Sean. Get in there! You’re so hard for Drew’s ass, and Drew is so hard to get fucked. Go, go, go!”

Vance played the whip crack sound followed by a jaguar growl.

Sean got up and stroked himself even faster. His eyes were glued to his teammate’s ass. He slapped it again several times, mesmerized by the way it bounced, as well as the shape and size. It felt so good to finally let the cat out of the bag, as Vance had said. He had secretly fantasized about sticking his pecker up that amazing ass for so long; he couldn’t wait to finally get in there!

Sean groped and squeezed Drew’s ass, causing him to sigh softly, his own cock throbbing from finally having his bum touched by his teammate.

Vance watched with an evil gleam in his eye as Sean struggled to get his huge pecker inside Drew’s pinhole. He was so eager, so horny, that he was clumsy. It was cute, in a way. Stupid straight boys.

They both moaned and groaned in pain, as Sean eased himself in. Vance was glad the cameras were picking this up. He knew he could always create a scandal with any of the athletes in his studio, though he never did. Just the thought of having so much power was turning him on again.

Once Sean had established himself, he started plowing away. They both started to groan and moan, as cock and balls hit skin and buttcheeks. Drew’s fingers clawed into the soundproofed wall, and Sean even dug his own fingers into Drew’s ass cheek at one point. Their moaning became louder and the fucking became faster until Sean finally went off, filling up his straight friend’s ass with fresh cream. Drew loved every drop he could feel between his cheeks, which was enough to tip him over as well. He came shortly after, spewing his creamy gunk all over the wall.

Sean pulled out with a heavy sigh and jizz fell out, hitting Drew’s beefy legs.

“Goddamn, man….that was crazy,” Sean said, panting.

“You’re telling me.” Drew said. “Oh god, it hurts.”

“Sorry bro.”

“Nah, it’s okay. You’re good.”

“Awww, how sweet. Why don’t you guys kiss then?”

“Kiss? Who, Sean?”

Drew barely had time to change his tune before Sean pulled him in. They began making out at the spot at Vance’s suggestion.

“There we go. That’s what I like to see. Teammates that get along and make each other so hard. Yes, very hard. All over again. Good. Keep kissing guys, until I say stop.”

Their cocks started rising again; they couldn’t help themselves. It just felt so good to make out with each other. Vance spent several moments watching them get it on, rubbing his own crotch at the sight. The internet would kill to have a photo of this, let alone actually getting a firsthand view!

“Hey guys, don’t forget whose show this is! Instead of hogging Drew for yourself Sean, why not let me have him too?”

“Okay,” Sean said, still pecking at Drew’s mouth.

“Actually, scratch that. I want both of ya’s. Stand at the wall, and get ready.”

“Sure thing,” Drew said.

They stopped kissing (though it seemed like they could have keep going for hours), and spread out on the wall again.

Now it was Vance’s turn. He pulled down Sean’s pants, shaking them off the ankles, and had both of them naked from the waist down. While Sean wasn’t sporting a full moon like Drew was, it was at least waxing. It was more than good enough.

Vance went to Sean first. Sean whimpered and struggled to stay standing as Vance made his way through, but they got there. He fucked the red-headed player wildly, shoving his face against the wall at one point, pounding him harder and harder. They both moaned and screamed until he came inside him. Vance didn’t leave Sean’s ass until he was sure he came too.

He pulled out, leaving Sean’s legs a sticky mess, almost unable to stand, then headed over to Drew.

Finally! He had been waiting for this all week.

He rubbed his hands together and slapped Drew’s ass, several times, enjoying watching it bounce as much as Sean did. It was hypnotizing. How many people had fantasized about doing this? Then he placed his finger inside, causing Drew to tense up.

“Ooh….ahhh…” Drew said, wincing.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy. But at least this feels good right?”

“So good…” Drew said.

“It’s a good thing Sean opened you up.”

“Yeah…thanks buddy…”

“No sweat,” Sean said wearily, still crouching in pain.

Vance fingerfucked Drew for a little while, loving the way he squirmed and moaned, and took great pleasure in the fact that he knew Drew’s fiancee’ had probably never seen this side of him. He was a blubbering little bitch now, totally controlled by a finger. It made Vance’s cock burn with excitement.

Once he was done with that, he placed his cock right at Drew’s hole, then shoved his way in. Drew screamed as Sean made it inside him, tearing him apart as he pistoned in and out, both their cocks bouncing wildly. They both moaned and Drew shook so hard from the force of Vance’s fucking that his cap fell off. Sean watched in fascination, his own cock twitching at the sight.

Vance pulled out, then shoved his dick back in in one long, wonderful, painful thrust, sending both him and Drew into a greater state of pleasure. Drew’s infamous butt cheeks bounced like baseballs hitting the grass as he got taken to homebase. They continued for several moments, alternating between rapid fucking, and longer, slower thrusts, until both of them exploded, leaving them both sweaty, sticky, and fatigued.

Vance pulled out. “What a fucking show guys. Thanks…thanks for cumming! I mean, well, you know what I mean.”

Drew and Sean laughed weakly. They winced as their holes buzzed with pain, but hey, at least they felt good, just like Vance promised.

Drew and Sean were surprised at how much of a good time they had on Vance’s show. Vance was definitely bawdy and gross at times, but he remained surprisingly respectful of their personal lives, and asked some great questions. They both agreed they’d love to be back on the show, and maybe even bring some other teammates too. Vance couldn’t be more thrilled.

None of them knew why they felt so sore or dirty after the interview though, but that was nothing a good shower and change of clothes couldn’t fix.

While the rest of the world was busy being entertained by the show they put on, Vance was re-watching footage also from that day—the uncensored, unedited version.

The private show.

He listened to the public podcast as he watched the private version on his laptop, set on mute.

Drew and Sean were joking about how hard it was to juggle their personal lives and athletic lives, and in the meantime, on Vance’s screen, they were both laughing hysterically as he fucked their feet. Such beautiful, sexy feet.

The podcast continued with a few good jabs at their last season, and how much Sean looked up to Drew as an older brother since he looked out for him all the time. Yet on Vance’s screen, Sean was panting and moaning silently as he fucked Drew’s ass like a rabbit.

They finally went on to talk about family, Drew’s personal relationship with his faith, and Sean’s outspoken atheism. Despite their differences, they got along just great, brothers on the field and in life.

And on Vance’s laptop, they made out with each other, half naked, as desperate as any pair of separated lovers, their cocks raging between them.

Vance turned the podcast off. He turned the sound up on his video and re-watched it again, enjoying every moment, every tortured laugh, every painful moan and sigh. It was like he was there all over again, and it was so hot. It was a great entry into his collection of sexy sports stars videos. Maybe one day he’d even trade them with members in the occult community. He sipped his cup (the one with a huge cock on it), and pondered who his next guests would be.

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