Prologue: The Vessel


Eren, Serpent God initiate, goes on a holy mission for his deity

In the sultry summer night, Eren entered his tent and took off his shirt, looking at himself in his traveling mirror. He took a moment to gaze at his lean, hard body. It was a body he was proud of. He had worked five years in the great training hall of the holy monastery to shape himself into an Adonis. And he had done so willingly. After his mind and body had been claimed by the serpent god.

Eren stripped completely naked and rubbed himself in scented anointing oil, filling the tent with a warm, spicy aroma, then slipped on a sheer black silk robe. It reminded him of the first time he had been offered up to the Serpent God. Terrified, he had first tried to escape. But when the Serpent’s spiritual venom touched his mind, he had changed.

All he had been was now gone. He would serve men and he would love it. Eren would gather seed from a thousand men and deliver it back to the snake temple.

And so he had been blessed and initiated in the art of giving pleasure. Rituals of divine enchantment had invoked the great serpent to enter his body in spirit and prepare him for his great pilgrimage. He became tireless and sexually insatiable. He stopped eating, except for the fluids he could draw from other men. Day and night, he longed to receive offerings from both ends, and none of it ever left him. Not until it was time to make his offering to the Serpent God.

He was utterly forbidden to orgasm before the conclusion of his journey, and a spell lay upon his manhood that made it impossible to violate that rule even accidentally.

He would be perpetually hard, perpetually horny. His rigid shaft leaked only the occasional stringy, viscous drop, but the compulsion of his deity would never allow him release. Nevertheless, Eren still took great pleasure in his duty, and had learned that to coast on a sexual plateau for hours of being fucked could be more satisfying for him than a few quick spurts.

A new man was entering the tent. He smelled like a barn animal. He was a sun-darkened with broad shoulders and loose clothes that didn’t hide his muscular physique. He wasn’t built for lean, aesthetic muscular beauty like Eren. This man had earned his bulk through years of heavy labor in the fields, and had broad shoulders corded in thick layers of hard flesh. Eren was going to enjoy being taken by this one. But then, he always did, no matter the man. Each deliverer of seed that came to him, man or beast, would fill him wonderfully. Once the call of the Serpent God was on him, he’d suck or ride any cock presented to him, without shame, even if it was a village dog. And there were some that liked to see that.

The man seemed shy. It must have been his first time with a holy seed bearer. Eren noticed all at once that despite beneath the sun-reddened and roughened skin, the man was young. At least as young as himself. Maybe this was his first time with sex, aside what he may have seen in the barnyard. Eren hoped secretly that the lust of beasts was this man’s only example of sex so far, and that he would be treated the same as any brood mare beneath a bucking stud.

The young man didn’t know what to do with his hands, and seemed stuck to the spot. Eren rose and took his broad shoulders in his hands.

“You are welcomed by the serpent god’s servant. Let your apprehensions go. This is a time for pleasure, not embarrassment.”

“Well, you see, I just haven’t ever… well-‘”

So he was a virgin after all. Good. Virgin seed was especially holy.

“-don’t worry, I’ll lead you.” Eren interrupted, taking the man’s hand. It was big and rough with callouses. He placed the hand on his own belly, stepping from his robe and revealing its shape. Eren’s midsection was taut with muscle but bulging as if he was in the early stages of pregnancy. It was encircled with tattoos of serpents massed in an orgiastic knot. He lead the man’s hand in a gentle rubbing motion. He shuddered as he spoke, pleasure radiating out from his middle.

“Feel me here? That swelling. It is the mark of what I bear, for the seed of many men is within me, alive and sustained by my god’s gift. It grows by my devotion to pleasure. The journey is pleasurable but long, and I still need far more than this before I may rest in my duty. You are helping me, and you deserve the pleasure you will receive for doing so.”

The serpent in Eren’s mind reared up, compelling him to stop talking and get the seed. He decided not to wait for the man to decide what he would do.

Eren knelt and opened the man’s trousers. He had bathed, but the smell of sweat and the fields never left a man who spent his life there. Eren drank in the odor of work and man like a liquor. When he found the man’s penis, he was pleased. The man was already getting hard, and he was nicely thick and long. He stroked the man’s sack, heavy with sperm. Eren’s gift let him know that this man had not cum for at least a week, and would provide him a big load. Maybe two.

When Eren enveloped the dick with his trained mouth, the man’s nervousness evaporated. Eren’s magic was sex, and he did it well. Soon his hesitant farmhand was grunting and panting.

When the man forgot himself and became truly rough, Eren gave himself over to be used. His battered throat was made for this, and he loved every moment. His own dick bobbed and leaked - the most it would do, but it still signaled his pleasure.

Eren sensed the man’s orgasm before the man himself knew it was coming. He entered a state of sexual trance, readying his body to receive its gift. His eyes rolled back. His throat became utterly pliant and open. The man’s dick slid in to the hilt. Three volleys of sperm shot into his esophagus, and he swallowed rapidly, almost desperately. The next were even deeper in his throat as the climaxing farmer shoved himself in as far as possible down the hot, spasming tunnel.

Eren’s gift told him that the hot reservoir of man cum in his belly had been increased ever so slightly, and the rush of pleasure that the Serpent God’s gift sent him momentarily reeling in ecstasy. He knew this was control, that the Serpent was using him, and he didn’t care. He might have, what seemed like a lifetime ago, but now he was bound to submission and loved it.

“Are you ok?” The man caught him as he swooned.

“Yes, of course. Thank you for your seed. I sense you have more to give, if you are willing.”

The man nodded. He’d had a taste of Eren now. Eren decided he had to take this man in his ass. The sperm would all go to the same place deep in his body regardless of how it was put into him, but he liked the shape of this man’s dick and wanted to feel it pummel his guts.

“Come,” he said, leading his now sweaty lover to a strange hanging contraption. By his confusion, the man had clearly never seen a sex sling. But when Eren put himself in it, presenting his hole, it became obvious what was to be done.

The man spat on his dick and placed the fat head at Eren’s entrance. With a gentle tug, he swung Eren onto his cock. Eren was uncomfortable at first, and hoped the serpent god’s blessing would seize his mind soon. He was as tight as a virgin every time, until he’d been fucked for a little while and his body detected seminal fluid. Then his mind would be completely enthralled and consumed by need.

His flesh opened to offer a welcoming embrace that massaged and quivered, pulsating with heat and wetness, enticing his partner to give him what he needed.

He got it sooner than he expected, given that he had already received one offering tonight. The rush of sperm from his lover came with a rush of pleasure in his anus and rectum. But he did not and could not orgasm. All the seed in his body, including his own, was not to be spent. His erect penis throbbed, but nothing spilled out. He groaned in frustration.

He could not be sated. He would always want more fucking, no matter how much he endured. His anus tightened, scraping remaining sperm from the man’s rod as it was removed. When the man withdrew fully, he felt the ache of loss. But he also felt the glowing satisfaction of another offering of semen collected deep inside him, millions upon millions of vital, living sperm to add to the millions already swimming in his guts.

The Serpent God would be pleased.

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