Crazy Week: Rubber Drone Edition

By Ng5hvlo4 -
published October 3, 2019

All the strange storms on campus have meant for a crazy week on campus. Fortunately, Bret isn’t turning into a rubber drone like everyone else…

[Note: This is a rubber drone adaptation (with permission) of one of my favorite stories on this site, Hypnothrill’s “Crazy Week,” which was itself an M/M adaptation of AlabamaSlamma’s “Crazy Week,” which in turn was an adaptation of an earlier story, Trick’s “Changes.” Also, a big thank you to Hypnothrill for making some good edits to the latter half of the story – I really appreciate! Enjoy everyone!]

Crack! Bret’s eyes snapped open instinctively He glanced around the dorm room. So much for getting back to sleep. But then he’d never been able to sleep through thunder.

He looked at the clock: 2:15 am. The lightning flashed outside again. At least he didn’t have an early class tomorrow.

Another long thunderclap rolled. Bret winced and rubbed his temples. He didn’t usually get headaches. Must be the pressure change, he thought. Although the humidity probably wasn’t helping either.

He looked over at the other bed. Marcus was sound asleep, snoring stupidly with his mouth open and one thin arm out to the side. His shoulder-length brown hair was a total rat’s nest, and he had the beginnings of stubble on his chin. Bret sighed. That lunatic wouldn’t wake up if you put him underwater.

He reached under the bed for his laptop, sat up, and propped it on his stomach. No network. At least the power’s still on. He put on his headphones, queued up his chill-out mix and lay there in bed, watching the reflected lightning flash on the ceiling and trying not to think about his headache. He vaguely remembered hearing birds chirping as he finally fell asleep.


It couldn’t have been more than an hour later when his alarm went off. Bret grunted and tried to ignore it.

“C’mon soldier, reveille,” Marcus drawled.

“Gmh, fugoff. I don’t have class till eleven.”

“Hey, don’t blame me when you miss waffle day, hombre.”

Bret swatted at his alarm clock and let his arm fall to the floor without opening his eyes. “I don’t know how you’re so chipper after that storm. Honestly, I must have been lying awake for four hours.”

“That’s no good, man. Can’t learn without a good night’s sleep, you know. Did it rain?”

Bret didn’t move. “I dunno. Lots of thunder for four hours, though.”

“Well, nothing but sunshine now.” Marcus started singing, loud and deep. “Mister bluebird’s on my shoulderrrr!”

Bret groaned. “All right, piss off. I’ll see you later.”

“Laters,” Marcus called as he left. Bret opened his eyes a crack to watch him crash out the door, then closed them again. After a beat, he opened them again, a little wider. The door was shut.

Bret chuckled. For a second there he had thought that Marcus had left the room wearing a skintight rubber outfit, everything below his neck covered in rubber. Still dreaming, Bret thought as his head hit the pillow. I definitely need another hour of sleep more than breakfast.

The first thing that made him wonder was the group of guys he passed on his way out of the dorm. One guy wearing a rubber shirt was weird enough, but six of them? But he wasn’t really worried until he got to the main quad.

Everyone seemed to be wearing rubber to varying degrees. Some wore rubber shirts, others rubber pants. Well, hang on, not quite everyone, Bret realized. There was one guy who looked like an average college student. And the guy walking next to him. But the rest…?

On the walk into campus he hadn’t passed too many people. There was the group of guys in rubber shirts … And then two guys with full-body rubber suits. But even then, Bret reasoned, it was early in the term. He hadn’t met everyone yet, and maybe there were a lot of non-traditional students or something.

But when he got to the quad his jaw dropped. It was busy, full of people walking to their midday classes. And practically everybody looked off. Everybody on campus was at least half-way covered with some form of rubber. And everyone wore rubber boots.

He tried not to stare, but it wasn’t easy. Guys with rubber shirts, others who were shirtless and wearing what looked like rubber pants; for a second Bret wondered if casually wearing rubber had just suddenly become fashionable? But then a man wearing nothing but a full-body rubber suit walked by. Bret was pretty sure that wasn’t fashionable. And then another went by. And then–wasn’t that a professor?

He could tell that some people were as uncomfortable as he was—the few regular-looking college students walked through the crowded sidewalk nervously, trying to keep their eyes to the ground. A few of them whispered to each other with worried looks on their faces. But nobody was unfriendly, or aggressive, or any different from usual, really. Some people smiled to acquaintances, some people rushed, some were lost in thought. They were all just wearing rubber.

As Bret got to the door he looked back at the lawn beyond the quad. A guy wearing all rubber was sunbathing and reading a textbook. He stretched and yawned, then rolled to the side, his rubber ass and thighs glinted in the sun.

Bret’s geology professor, as it turned out, was one of the people who wasn’t in rubber and wasn’t comfortable with the rubber bodies on flagrant display. He made an annoyed, slightly pompous speech about how people didn’t respect the norms of their society and then asked anyone who wasn’t appropriately dressed to leave. When nobody moved, he went through the aisle and pointed at people, waiting until they were gone before he started the lecture. But Bret could see out the window to the room across the hall. A man in full-rubber was gesturing toward the blackboard, explaining what looked like a calculus problem.

He sighed as he walked through the lawn again after class. He was tired after only getting a few hours’ sleep the night before. Maybe this is still just a dream, he thought, chuckling. He watched some half-dressed people walk on the sidewalk nearby. Did that guy have his cock hanging out of some rubber shorts? But then they were around the corner. At least Marcus had been right about the weather. It was a beautiful day, temperate and sunny; the grass was a brighter green than usual and felt warm even through his rubber boots. He figured maybe he’d feel a little more normal once he ate something.

When he brought his tray to the table, Josh, Rick, and Simon were already there, talking animatedly. All three seemed regularly clothed, Bret noted with relief. They looked at him as he sat down.

“So. Well.” He took off his book bag and set it on the floor. “Anybody else, uh… feel like they might have missed a memo?”

Josh chuckled. “Funny—I’ll give you three guesses what we’ve just been talking about.”

“Honestly, what is this?” Bret opened his milk. “If this is a prank, it’s going a little far, isn’t it?”

Simon shook his head. “Who’s the joke on? Just us? Nobody else seems to even realize there’s anything going on.”

Bret shrugged. “Well, I thought I saw a few people who looked a little freaked out. And then there’s you guys. Thank God somebody’s still living in reality I guess.”

“I actually called campus security,” Rick said, taking a bite of his sandwich. “They said they hadn’t seen anything unusual and that they’d make a note of it. Nothing unusual!?”

Josh laughed. “Well, I guess if a Lit professor with his cock out isn’t unusual, then they’re right.”

Rick put his sandwich down. “He didn’t!”

“Your Lit prof had his cock out?”

“I kid you not,” he said, shaking his head. They all stared down at their plates.

“Jesus, what a way to start a week.” Bret rubbed his eyes. “I don’t even know if I’d mind this craziness if I’d gotten more than four hours sleep last night.”

“Yeah, that storm! I didn’t sleep at all!” said Rick.

“Me neither.”

“Me neither.” Simon looked at Bret. “I actually thought of heading to the lounge to see if you were around, but then I thought I could wait it out. I can’t believe it thundered that hard for that long.”

“I thought of calling you guys but I didn’t want to wake you,” Rick said. “And anyway, I think the phones were out.”

Josh looked thoughtful. “What’s really strange is that there wasn’t any real damage. Seeing that lightning, I was expecting trees down and houses blown in and everything. But everything’s fine. The newspaper didn’t even mention the storm at all.”

Bret smiled. “Ah, the newspaper. I remember when I had time to read that. What’s the forecast for tonight, anyway?”

“Totally clear” Josh replied.

Rick winced. “That reminds me.” He pulled at his shirttail. “This thing has been sticking to me, driving me crazy all day.” With the others watching, he grabbed the bottom of his polo and lifted it off over his head, revealing a rubber shirt underneath. He tossed the top down decisively beside his chair, then stretched his arms back and smiled, “Ahhh…that’s better! Feels good to let the rubber breathe a little, y’know?” Then he looked back at his gaping friends. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

Josh, Bret, and Simon looked at his like they’d just seen a cat land an airplane. It was Josh who managed to move his mouth first.

“R-… Rick!”

Rick just gave him a quizzical look.

“Wh-. Whe-, w-, wha-,” Josh took a deep breath. “Rick, what are you doing?”

Rick looked even more confused, and a little annoyed. “What do you mean, what am I doing? This shirt is sticking to my rubber and it’s making it very hard to move around.”

Bret and Simon still hadn’t closed their mouths. Josh continued. “But, you-. Rick, honestly. You can’t tell me you don’t see anything the matter with what you are wearing?!”

Rick laughed. “So what? I don’t mind wearing rubber. It’s not like I’m getting my cock out in the middle of Lit class, is it?”

Josh took a breath. “Well,-”

“Anyway, I’m late for my one-thirty,” Rick said, standing and picking up his tray, the rubber accentuating the curves in his torso as he rose. “I’ll see you guys later!” he called as he walked off.

Simon, Josh, and Bret looked at each other.

“What, the,- …” Bret began.

Josh shook his head. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Me neither,” said Simon, his mouth still slightly agape. They sat for a second in silence.

“Um. Well. I… have a two o’clock?” Bret finally managed.

“Me too.”

“Me too.”

Bret turned a palm upward. “I don’t know. So what do we do? Just… keep on going?”

Josh shrugged, dumbfounded. “I-. What else is there to do?”

Simon looked at the ceiling for guidance. “I guess… at least it’s not like they’re hurting anybody? Maybe things will be back to normal tomorrow?”

“Or at least maybe they’ll start to make more sense?” Bret said.

“After a good night’s sleep,” Josh added. They laughed.

“Well, I better go,” said Simon. “My two o’clock is across campus.” He slid his chair out from under the table and stood up, revealing a tight pair of rubber pants that did nothing to hide his crotch. “See you guys later,” he said, and walked off.

Josh and Bret sat staring after him for what seemed like a full minute, then looked at each other open-mouthed. Bret thought of something and leaned down to look under the table, then sat back up. Josh looked at him and gave a worried chuckle. “I am still wearing jeans, right?”

Bret laughed softly and nodded. Then he shook his head. “Unbelievable.”

Marcus was already in bed reading when Bret got back to their room. The two roommates grunted hello, and Bret put his book bag on his bed and sat down next to it, exhausted. He closed his eyes for a minute, then opened them and looked at his roommate reading in his full-body rubber suit. The skin-tight black rubber highlighted the muscles of his body, which Brett thought looked a little bigger. Perhaps it is all that time Marcus has been spending at the gym.

“Hey Marc?”

“Yup,” Marcus said without looking up.

“Is, ah. Is that what you wore to class today?”

Marcus looked down at his legs and torso. “Yeah, pretty much. Except I wore my rubber boots, ‘course. No sense walking around without those,” he said, raising an eyebrow as he pointed to the boots on his feet.

“You know, right, that uh, some people might call that a little… inappropriately dressed? For class, I mean?”

Marcus went back to reading. “Well, something musta crawled up your ass and tightened ‘er up, huh. Lay off, man. It’s college. Not like we have to wear fuckin’ suits and ties every day, is it?” He turned a page.

“No, yeah, I know. But, you know… you used to wear more normal clothes than that, right? You know that, right? Dude?”

Marcus closed the book and tossed it under his bed. “Whatever, man. I’m clockin’ out for today.” He looked at Bret as he lifted the sheet. “Hey bro, you look worn out. Get some sleep, dude. A good night’s sleep helps you learn better, you know.”

Bret smiled half-heartedly. “Yeah, all right, I know. G’night.”

“G’night, dude.” Marcus turned off his reading light and lay down atop the bed, his rubber form practically glowing off the light from the hall.

The first time Bret thought it might be a truck driving by, but the second clap was louder and he knew it was thunder. He groaned, still groggy. “Fuck, not again.” He pulled the pillow around his head.

But a few more claps woke him up a little. How long is this one going to go on for? Didn’t it blow itself out last night? And wasn’t the forecast clear for tonight? Am I really going to have to lie here for another four hours? After that crazy day yesterday? With all those rubber people? And after… after the same storm last night?

Now he was up. He looked at the clock. 2:08. Could it really have started at the same time? His head hurt, like his temples were being pressed in a vise. That high pressure again, he thought. But isn’t the air pressure supposed to be lower during a storm?

Bret lay on his bed for another minute, waiting for his energy to return. Then he remembered something. He tried to get up quietly, but caught a strap on his book bag and sent it crashing to the floor. He looked at Marcus, who was snoring loudly atop his bed. Right, Bret thought as another peal of thunder cracked. Why was I worried? He fumbled towards the doorknob and slipped out into the hallway.

Simon was already in the lounge, switching through channels of static on the TV. “Hey there cowboy.”

Bret, still bleary-eyed, nodded. “I thought you might be in here.”

“Yep, I figured, too.”

“No TV?”

“Guess not.”

“Crazy, second night in a row, huh?”

“And at the same time.”

“Pretty close, yeah.”

The door handle clunked. They looked up to see Josh shoulder in the door, folding an umbrella.

“Well, look who’s here.”

He smiled nervously. “Yeah, after what we talked about… I don’t know, I can’t sleep through this. And it’s kind of weird, with the same thing last night and what happened yesterday…”

Bret nodded. “Hey, no worries. I feel the same way.”

The door clanked again, and Rick came in. His hair was wet enough that a few drops dripped down over his rubber chest and onto the floor. “Oh, thank goodness you guys are here. I don’t know about you but it kind of gives me the creeps, with the same-”

“Yeah,” Simon said. “Us too.”

Bret and Josh looked at Rick, exchanged a quick glance, and then shrugged and turned back to their rubbered friend. “You want me to get you a towel or something?” Bret asked.

“Thanks, no, I’m okay. Luckily it isn’t really coming down hard yet.”

They sat around the coffee table and gazed up in silence as the lightning flashed outside. Finally Josh spoke. “Do you really think the storm is what’s doing it? That the storm is making people swap their clothes for rubber?”

“I don’t know,” said Rick. “But otherwise that’s quite a coincidence.”

“Marcus was the first person I noticed to be wearing nothing but rubber, and he slept through the whole thing like a stone last night. Do you think that’s what does it?”

“Maybe,” said Rick. “After all, none of us are affected.”

“B-” Josh began, but a look from Bret silenced him.

Rick went on. “Anyway, I’m not sure I want to go to sleep through this.”

“I couldn’t if I tried,” Bret replied. “I can never sleep through thunder.”

Josh nodded. “Me neither.” He paused. “But we can’t stay awake forever, can we?”

Simon laughed. “Well, it’s only 2:30 and we all just got here. How early can you go to bed?”

“Right. Well… so what do we do now?”

“I’ve got some cards,” Simon replied. “Play hearts? We’ve got four.”

“Good idea,” Bret said. He was relieved to have a distraction from Rick’s rubber chest, which still glistened with raindrops.

Simon slid the cards out of the box and handed them to Josh. “You deal.”


Dawn was already breaking when Bret slipped back into his room. But it looked like Marcus was already in the shower. Bret winced and yawned, then flopped down on the bed with his clothes on. He had an early class, but maybe he could squeeze in an hour or so of sleep and eat a granola bar on the way.

It only felt like a few seconds before Marcus came crashing through the door, his rubber boots lightly squeaking across the floor. His towel hung over his shoulder, but Bret could see right away that otherwise he was fully covered in rubber just like yesterday. Something flopped against his crotch as he walked, and that’s when Bret realized that the fly of Marcus’ rubber pants was open, and his dick was hanging out. Except Marcus had a thin black rubber sheath around the shaft of his dick, so tight that Bret could see the outline of the veins on his cock. Only the purple head of Marcus’ dick was exposed, and as he moved closer, Bret could see a pearl of precum forming at the tip.

“Mmh. Jesus, dude. Are you-?”

“Hey, morning, sunshine!” Marcus called over his shoulder loudly. He turned towards his roommate, swinging his rubber-sheathed cock into Bret’s full view. “Hey, champ, where’d you get to last night? Getting some action?”

“I, n-, I…” Bret tried to direct his reply toward his roommate without just directing it toward his cock.

Marcus had been his roommate for well over a month, but the two kept private in the room, like every other guy Bret had ever shared space with. Marcus usually changed behind his dresser, and Bret had never caught a glimpse of his junk. But now it seemed like they were swinging right in front of his face. It took a moment for Bret to realize that Marcus was walking toward him.

“Huh? Huh?” Marcus shoved his roommate lightly on the shoulder, his rubber-sheathed cock almost brushing against Bret’s forehead. Then he turned back to hang up his towel. “Hey man, that’s cool. Good for you for having some fun. Although I still say you could use a little more sleep.” He went to the window and threw the curtain open, showing his rubber-encased penis to the world. “Another beautiful day, dude!”

Bret just lay back down onto the pillow. “Marcus, you’re not going to-…” He sighed. “Please tell me you’re not just going to show up in class like that,” he managed lazily. He already knew the answer, or rather the non-answer.

“Course not! Breakfast first. Gotta move, man, check you later.” Marcus picked up his book bag and walked out the door, rubber-sheathed cock swinging as he went. Bret just sighed again and closed his eyes.

Some minutes later—Bret was so tired he couldn’t tell if it was 10 or 100 minutes later—he was awakened by the sound of knocking and then the door opening. He opened his eyes and came face to face with a blond guy crouching beside his bed.

“Hey, man, Marc was s’posed to meet me here, and your door was open, so… You know where he is?”

Now he recognized the guy—it was Marcus’s friend Andy. Bret had always found him a bit obnoxious, an entitled preppy. “Nope, haven’t seen him, Andy.”

“Aw, man!” The blond boy stood up, and suddenly Bret could see that beneath his teal polo shirt, Andy was also wearing rubber pants with the fly open and a rubber-sheathed dick sticking straight out. “He’s supposed to bring the razors!”

Looking at disgust at Andy’s exposed pinkish cockhead, which was dripping a thin strand of precum onto his dorm room floor, Bret yelled, “Jesus, Andy! Put some goddamn clothes on before you barge into my room, why don’t you!?”

“What the hell are you talking about, man?” Andy grabbed a bit of his shirt for emphasis, “Can’t you see that I’m wearing clothes?”

Their argument was cut short when a smiling Marcus stepped through the door, still dressed in skintight rubber with his own precum-slick cockhead exposed, holding two disposable razors in his hand. “Hiya, Andy! Ready to shave our heads?”

The angry expression on Andy’s face lifted, replaced with a growing smile. “You know it, man! I’ve got the shaving cream right here!”

A look of astonishment spread across Bret’s face as he realized what Marcus and Andy were discussing, and he stammered out, “You’d shave off your hair?”

Neither man looked like he could understand why Bret was so freaked out about this. Marcus just shrugged, while Andy nonchalantly responded, “Of course—you’ve got to look your best. It’s all about self-respect!”

Walking around campus that day, he was only half-surprised to see that Marcus was no aberration. The day before he hadn’t been sure if that man had really had his cock out. Today he didn’t need to wonder. Cocks and balls were all out, sheathed in rubber. Of course lots of people still were still wearing something made of cloth—he had tried weakly to return the friendly smile of one guy walking outside his dorm, wearing a tight t-shirt that ended right above his rubber pants that highlighted his exposed rubber-sheathed cock and balls. But a few people were completely covered in rubber like Marcus. And almost everybody seemed to be wearing less cloth than they had been the day before. Lots of guys also had shaved their heads.

As he walked into the quad, he saw a bald guy across the square greeting his bald friend. Both guys were dressed like Marcus: their rubber-sheathed cocks sticking out from their full-body rubber suits and rubber boots glowing in the sun’s light. The first guy gave him a “bro hug” around the shoulder with one arm, then grabbed his cock with his other hand, stroking it a little as they chatted.

“Hey! Bret!” The shout brought his attention back, and he noticed Josh and Rick standing at the opposite corner of the square. As he walked toward them, he was glad to see that although they looked tired, they didn’t seem to have lost any more clothes. Rick’s chest was still covered by rubber, of course, but below that he wore a pair of khaki shorts; and aside from himself Josh was one of only five or six people he’d seen that day who were still normally dressed.

“Well, here we go again, huh?” he said as he approached.

“Crazy. Totally crazy.”

Rick shook his head in agreement. “I was just telling Josh— some guy outside my French class tried to pinch my rubber nipples! Can you believe that?”

Josh and Bret barely bothered exchanging a look. “Well…” Josh began wearily.

“Was it someone you knew?” Bret finished.

“Not really. Just some guy from my class! And then he just went away like nothing had happened!” While he spoke, a man wearing only rubber caught his eye. As he stopped to say hello, the man brought a hand up to caress Rick’s right pec, rubbing Rick’s nipple with his thumb. Bret was about to step between them until he saw Rick cheerfully return the man’s greeting by stroking the man’s rubber-covered abs. Josh tried to avert his eyes as politely as he could.

When the man had gone, Josh turned back to Rick. “Jesus, I see what you mean. Did you know that guy?”

Rick looked confused. “What, him? Yeah, he’s just this guy I know from the gym.”

Josh persisted. “But you didn’t exactly make it hard for him, did you?”

Rick looked at his like he hadn’t quite heard. “What are you talking about? He was just being friendly.”

“But he was playing with your nipples! Like, rubbing on them and shit!”

“Oh, that’s no big deal. It’s not like he tried to pinch them! I can’t believe nobody’s tried to pinch your pecs today, you’d know what I’m talking about if they had.”

“But-… but-” Josh stammered.

“Anyway, you guys are going to make me late again. I don’t want to get Professor Jenks mad, no matter who tries to pinch my pecs.” As he turned to leave, he looked his friends up and down skeptically. “Just don’t you guys go crazy on me, hey? See you later!”

Josh turned to Bret as Rick bounced off. He just shrugged and gave Josh a manly half-hug around the shoulder. “I’m just glad you’re still dressed.”

Josh gave him a pained smile. “Yeah, you too. Before you showed up I was starting to think that I might be the crazy one.”

Bret laughed. “That’s certainly one thing you don’t have to worry about.” He looked at his watch. “I better go. You okay?”

He shrugged. “Why not?”

He laughed again. “Got it. Be strong, dude” he said, and walked off toward the arts building.

Bret was almost expecting it when the thunder woke him up again. He looked at the clock: 2 am on the button. He rolled out of bed, rubbed his temples, stumbled past his rubbered sleeping roommate, and made his way to the lounge. Simon was sitting in a skintight full-body rubber suit and boots. At least his cock and balls aren’t showing, Bret thought. And his hair wasn’t shaved.

“On we go,” Bret said as a greeting.

“Looks that way,” Simon agreed.

When the other guys arrived several minutes later, they were still dry.

“Beat the rain tonight, huh?”

“Yeah,” Rick said. “I guess we’re getting better at this.”

“Hearts again?” Josh asked.

Simon produced a bottle of whiskey from beside his chair. “I brought this to liven things up a little.” The four friends laughed. “I don’t know about you guys, but I could use a drink.” Bret nodded wholeheartedly as he pulled up his chair and picked up his hand.


When Bret got back to his twilit room, Marcus was up. He stood in the middle of the room, covered from head to toe in rubber. His face was covered by a rubber hood with fogged lenses that left only his mouth uncovered. It reminded Bret of a gas mask and creeped him out. Marcus was facing the door with a large erection, slowly stroking it up and down. He was murmuring something to himself. Bret’s breath caught. In spite of everything, he hadn’t been expecting this. Marcus watched him come in the door, a fixed grin on his face, hand still stroking his cock. “Oh hey man. Back from another caper, huh?”

Was it Bret’s imagination, or was Marcus’s voice more monotone than normal? Getting so little sleep must be playing tricks with his hearing.

Bret took a step back and tried to look at the ceiling above his masturbating roommate. “Marcus, uh-” Marcus looked at him inquisitively. “Do you, uh, do you have to do that right now?” He nodded towards his roommate’s stroking hand.

“What, this? Hey, it’s no big deal, man. I’m just stroking my big hard cock up and down, up and down.” He watched Bret but went back to murmuring under his breath. “Mmgoodness me muhfuhm nurnbutter, mmgoodness me muhfuhm nurnbutter” was all that Bret could make out.

“Well…” Bret began, and winced. His head still hurt. Maybe drinking hadn’t been such a good idea. “Do you think maybe you could do that somewhere else? Like in the shower or something?” For a second, Marcus’ wide smile began to fade, so Bret went on. “It’s just that I really want to get a little sleep before my early class. You know.”

The fixed grin returned to Marcus’ face. “Oh hey, yeah, no problem dude. Believe me, man, I feel you.” Without taking his hand off his cock, Marcus walked toward the door, opened it and walked out into the hallway, still murmuring and stroking his long hard penis up and down, up and down.

When he woke up a couple of hours later, Bret blearily headed down the hall to take his morning shower. Before he reached the bathroom, though, he ran into Howie, the floor’s resident gamer and comics geek. He was relieved to see that Howie was also dressed normally, but Howie didn’t seem entirely happy to see him. Howie scrutinized him slowly, then finally spoke: “Well, at least you’re almost normal.”

Bret didn’t know what he was talking about, so he just laughed and said, “Uh, thanks dude. Same here—it’s good to know that there are more people around who haven’t gone crazy.”

“I know! They’re like pod people! I’m not turning into one of them, that’s for damn sure! I’m staying in my room, away from those freaks! Haven’t slept in days, either.”

“How’d you manage that?”

“Red Bull and Adderall, man. Not gonna let the pod people get me without a fight!”

“Wow…um…stay safe, man.” He extended his hand, but Howie just walked away, as though Bret’s very touch might contaminate him.

Sighing, Bret headed down the hall to the bathroom. It was mostly empty—there was only Andy, standing in full-rubber and with rubber-sheathed cock exposed at the urinals, humming to himself—but there were piles of underwear strewn all over the floor—Bret saw boxer briefs, briefs, even a jockstrap: maybe fifteen pairs of underwear in all.

Though he didn’t particularly want to strike up a conversation with Andy, his curiosity got the better of him—“Hey, Andy, what’s the deal with all that underwear on the floor?”

He recoiled a bit when Andy turned round to face him, still stroking his big cock up and down, up and down. “Yeah, dude, I don’t know what that stuff is”

“Well, it’s underwear, I mean, obviously, but…whose is it? Who just leaves their underwear lying around in the dorm bathroom?”


“You know, like I’m wearing? Like you used to wear until a day or so ago?”

Andy kept stroking his big hard cock up and down, but he grimaced, as if in deep thought, then murmured something to himself, something that sounded like, verth angus norma verth angus norma. And then he shot his load into his outstretched palm.

“Ugh…gross, man!”

“Huh? It’s just normal guy stuff, Bret. You’re the one that’s acting weird, going on about this ‘underwear’ or whatever. You haven’t been acting like yourself lately. And frankly, you look like crap, with those big bags under your eyes and everything.” As he spoke, Andy moved in front of the mirror and began running his cum-filled hands over his face, until his cheeks and forehead looked shiny and plasticky. “Get some sleep tonight, okay? It’ll help you learn better.”

Bret just nodded wearily, then grabbed some shaving cream and one of the disposable razors sitting by the bathroom sink and started shaving his face. Then he lathered up his head and began shaving his scalp. Weird. There seemed to be a lot more hair than normal today. He’d been so tired recently he must have forgotten to shave his scalp clean yesterday.

More people wore rubber that day, and except for the handful of people still as fully dressed as Bret, everybody had their rubber-sheathed cocks out and only a few had one piece of cloth clothing on at the most. Almost everyone had shaved their heads or were wearing those rubber hoods that reminded Bret of robots. Again, Marcus was the rule rather than the exception: Bret saw men masturbating as they walked along, chatted to friends, or sat reading in the warm sun. The greeting he had seen yesterday on the quad seemed commonplace now; men would walk up to each other and fondle each other’s cocks, stroking as they talked. One older man knelt on the grass in front of a college guy and sucked his cock as he talked to a friend.

Bret’s geology professor had undergone quite a change since Monday. He stood fully dressed in rubber, complete with a rubber hood, at the front of the room with his cock erect and stroked himself slowly as he lectured on the tectonic forces of the western Pacific Rim in a monotone voice. Needless to say, he didn’t kick any students out for transgressing social norms this time. Bret was the only one still wearing clothes, although one guy two rows up wore only a t-shirt. Most of the students played with themselves quietly and took notes with their other hand. Bret rubbed his eyes and tried to look at what was going on in the room across the hall, but he was sitting in the middle row and couldn’t see the window.

When he got to the lunch hall, Simon, Josh, and Rick were waiting for him on the steps outside. They all looked worn out, but still no less dressed than Bret was expecting.

“Hey,” Rick called as he approached. “We were thinking of walking into town and getting lunch at the diner. You don’t have class this afternoon, do you? Want to come along?”

“Yeah, why not,” Bret replied wearily. “I guess it couldn’t hurt to have a look around the outside world.”

The three got up to join him on the sidewalk. “Hang on a sec,” Simon called. He grabbed the zipper of his full-body rubber suit and opened it at the crotch, letting his rubber cock and balls tumble out. “There, that’s better. Man, it’s a relief to have my cock and my balls out in the sun where everyone can see.” The other three just looked at each other and rolled their eyes wearily. What could they do? Simon picked up his book bag. “All set?”

“It’s funny what you said about the outside world,” Josh said. “I called my dad this morning and asked him if there was anything weird going on at home. He said there wasn’t. Then I told his that my professor had his cock out in class on Monday, and it was like he didn’t even see anything wrong with it! He said everybody had seen penises before and it wasn’t any big deal!”

Rick nodded thoughtfully. “I saw the news before I left my room and both anchors were covered head-to-toe in rubber. The weatherman had his cock out and was masturbating.” He shot an annoyed look in Simon’s direction, but he didn’t notice.

“Well, so much for the college bubble,” Bret sighed. He wondered if he had meant that to be a joke. He was tired.

The people around town weren’t any more dressed than the people on campus. Simon saw a rubber man (head covered by his rubber hood) walking toward him on the grass next to the sidewalk. They exchanged a polite greeting and the man knelt down on the grass and moved his head toward Simon’s swinging cock, opening his mouth as he got close.

Simon almost jumped backward. “Hey, hey, what the fuck!” The guy got up and looked at Simon quizzically. Simon kept shouting. “What the fuck are you doing, man? Get- uhf, get away from me!”

The guy put his hands up apologetically. “Jesus man, don’t have to be an asshole about everything,” he muttered as he walked away.

Simon looked at his friends, who looked back at him calmly. “Well, what the fuck was that?”

“Well, are you really that surprised?”

“What, do my cock and balls have a sign over them saying ‘suck me, please’?”

“Well, no, but they are hanging out there for everyone to see,” Rick offered patiently.

Simon was still upset. “What, why-” A man with yellow hair walked across the street at the end of the block, wearing only a full-body rubber suit and boots. “There.” Simon pointed at him. “That guy is still fully dressed. I bet he wouldn’t try to come up and start sucking on my cock. Has the whole fucking world gone nuts?”

Josh’s eyes narrowed. “Uh, Simon? You do realize that guy is not fully dressed, right? He’s in full rubber and his cock is hanging out there for the world just like yours is.”

Simon threw up his hands in frustration. “But that’s just not a big deal! Weren’t you just saying a second ago? Everybody’s seen penises before. But nobody’s sucking on his, and he’s not stroking it up and down like all the rest of the lunatics in this town. Bret, you must know what I’m talking about!”

Bret looked at Josh, then back at Simon. “You do see this, that I’m wearing, right? You do see how there’s cloth covering my penis so the rest of the world can’t see it, right?”

But Simon wasn’t really listening. “Come on,” he said, beckoning. “Let’s hurry up and get there before some weirdo tries to hump me or something.”

Simon was still complaining loudly as he walked with Rick. Bret and Josh walked on the sidewalk a few steps behind.

“You know, I’ve been thinking,” Josh said, quietly enough that the other two wouldn’t hear. “What you said the other night about the storm just affecting people who sleep through it. That can’t be right, can it? I mean, look at Simon.”

“I know. I don’t get it. We’ve been with him the whole time since that first night. But clearly, something’s still making him replace his clothes with rubber.” The group came to a stop as Rick greeted another rubber man. The guy smiled and played Rick’s left pec as he leaned forward and buried his rubbered face in Rick’s rubber pit. Rick just smiled sunnily as a bulge began to form in his crotch, then leaned forward and pinched the man’s nipple before they continued on their way.

“Annd he’s not much better, is he?” Bret observed.

“Remember all that brimstone yesterday about pinching pecs?” Josh shook his head. “But he hasn’t slept through any of it either. And he was the one giving Simon grief about having his cock out!” He paused. “It’s like they only notice the people who are crazier than they are.”

“And it seems like they lose another piece of clothing every day. And then after that they start touching whatever it was covering.”

“And then sucking on it.” They walked silently for a second.

“You’re right about them not noticing, though. Marcus has been as flagrant as anybody, and I don’t think he’s even aware that anything’s changed this week at all.”

Josh’s eyes narrowed again. “He’s slept through it every night, hasn’t he?”

“Like a stone.”

“Same with my roommate.” He paused. “You don’t think… You don’t think it just speeds it up, do you?”

“That sleeping just makes the same things happen, but faster?”

“Well, a good night’s sleep does-”

“Help you learn better,” they said in unison. They looked at each other.

“My roommate said that this morning,” Josh said. “While he was masturbating.”

“Marcus said it the other day,” Bret almost whispered. “Twice.” A light bulb went on. “And this morning. While he was masturb…” He trailed off.

After a second, Josh realized something. “But wouldn’t that mean that everybody will keep undressing whether they sleep through the storm or not?”


“So tomorrow, Rick’s going to wear a full-body suit and take his cock out.”

Bret thought, then nodded. “But not be okay with anybody touching his dick. Or vice versa.”

“Yeah.” Josh paused. “But then- what about us? Why aren’t we being affected? My cock is not out, right?”

Bret looked at him and shook his head. “Nope. You could go to church in that.”

“You too.”

“Maybe we’re just the lucky ones. Or unlucky, I don’t know. It sure is a big help knowing that you’re still okay too though.”

He smiled at him. “You can say that again.” Then he looked back down, thinking. “But I don’t know how long I can go without getting some better sleep. I’m starting to have trouble holding a pen in class.”

Bret just sighed in agreement. They walked for a minute or two, lost in thought.

Finally Bret turned to look at him. “You know, I’ve been meaning to tell you. Your pecs are looking really nice today—the time at the gym is really paying off.”

Josh gave him a smile filled with gratitude. “Aw, thanks for noticing, man.” He exhaled. “It’s nice to get a compliment in the middle of such a crazy week.” He hugged him as they walked, and Bret felt the rubbery skin of Josh’s nipples press against his own rubber chest.

When Bret finally returned home, he found Marcus sitting on his bed, completely motionless, with a fixed grin on his face and the rubber hood and opaque goggles over his eyes. The sight was enough to jerk Bret awake for a moment. It was creepy enough that people had started wearing those rubber hoods, but now his normally lively roommate was just staring into space like a giant doll.

“Hey Marcus…you doin’ ok in there?” Bret asked.

Marcus did not say anything at first or even acknowledge Bret. It took another tentative inquiry from Bret before Marcus turned his head towards his roommate.

“Yes, I’m doing fine brah. Just doing some thinking.” He said, his voice sounding much more monotone than before, without many of the enthusiastic inflections that Bret was used to.

The entire scenario would normally have sent Bret running, but he was too tired to care at this point. With all the crazy changes this week, what was one more change? Bret fell flat on his bed and drifted to sleep.

Like clockwork, the first crash of thunder rang out at exactly 2 am. Bret lay there listening to it for a minute. His head had been aching from fatigue all evening, but now the storm pressure made it feel almost unbearable. He found himself half-wishing that he could just sleep through it. But it’s not like I really have a choice, he thought as thunder clapped so loud it almost shook the windowpane.

Simon was in the lounge as usual, his hand groping his rubber-covered balls between shuffles. After a few minutes Josh arrived. They sat in silence, waiting, as the storm pounded outside. Five minutes passed. Then fifteen.

Finally Josh took a deep breath. “Do you think-?” They all knew what he was going to say. “Do you think—he slept through it?”

Bret just shrugged. “Maybe… now we’ll find out.”

“Find out what?” Simon asked.

Bret looked at Josh, then explained. “We think sleeping during the storm might only speed up the changes.” Josh continued: “We figure normally Rick would just take off his underwear tomorrow, but not be okay with any touching down there.”

Simon looked a little confused, but Bret barely noticed. “But I guess if it’s anything more than that…” He and Josh exchanged a worried, exhausted look. “Well, we’ll have a pretty good idea anyway.”

“Well.” Simon shuffled and squared the cards. “I guess we’ll have to play three-handed for now at least.” The three curled up in their chairs and picked up their hands as outside the thunder kept rolling.


Bret paused for a second before opening the door to his room, trying to prepare himself for what he might see inside. Marcus didn’t disappoint. He stood in the middle of the room as before, dressed completely in rubber from the crown of his head down to his rubber boots, hand sliding along his erect cock and murmuring, but this time his posture looked a little funny; his hips jerked slightly as he stroked. It took Bret a second in the twilight to see that something black was poking slightly back and between his legs. When his eyes focused, he saw that it was the base of a dildo, with balls on the bottom, rammed into Marcus’s ass. As far as Bret could judge from the size of the balls, he guessed that the rest of it must be pretty big.

He was so tired he almost laughed as he watched Marcus’s hand move up and down his cock. He could now see clearly how his roommate’s balls slapped against the oversized black dildo-balls with every stroke. “Marcus,” he said resignedly as he fell into bed. “What are you doing?”

“Marcus? Who is Marcus?” Bret’s roommate asked, the smile never leaving his face as he continued fucking himself senseless on the black dildo. “My designation is Drone MS4862.”

Bret decided to humor his roommate; he was so exhausted at this point that calling Marcus by his drone name just seemed easier than fighting against it. “Okay, okay, so Drone MS4862, where did you get that thing?”

“What, this?” Marcus nodded back towards the dildo sticking out of his ass. “This is perfectly normal. Everybody has one of these.”

Bret nodded weakly. “Just- Just try to keep it down, okay?”

“No problem, man.” Marcus (Drone MS4862) said in a monotone voice, the fixed grin never leaving his face as he grabbed his balls with his free hand and kept stroking away on his erect cock. Bret fell asleep with the slight creaking of the floorboards in his ears.

Some time later—he couldn’t really keep track of how long—Bret woke up and headed out to take his morning shower. Heading into the bathroom, he saw a familiar face entering the room in front of him: “Hey, Howie! How’s it going? You still staying strong?”

A fresh-faced Howie turned to him and gave him a radiant smile: “I’m great! Never been better! Got a full night’s sleep, and I feel like a million bucks!” As he spoke, Howie removed his rubber boots, then stripped off his tight full-body rubber suit, carefully hanging it on a hook outside the showers, next to the long row of other full-body rubber suits. Then he began playing with his morning wood, walking towards the showers as he stroked his big hard rubber-sheathed cock up and down, up and down.

“Looks like Howie’s changed, too,” Bret thought to himself, but for some reason it didn’t bother him so much. Stepping out of his boxer-briefs, he tossed them on the pile on the bathroom floor, then carefully hung his rubber shirt on a hook outside and headed for the showers himself. It took him a minute to find an empty showerhead; Bret had to maneuver past all the guys who were in there jerking off and sucking cock. Many of them were naked from the neck down, but were still wearing their rubber hoods and thick goggles covering the top halves of their faces. On his way to the showerhead, he had to squeeze past a rubber-hooded man who he thought was Andy, who gave him a brief nod, then went back to sucking off his roommate Todd.

While in the showers, Bret made sure to lather up his body with plenty of hair-removal cream from the soap dispensers. He let out a sigh of relief as he watched the hair on his chest, under his arms, on his forearms, on his legs, and around his cock and balls all fall out and swirl down the drain. He stood under the shower for a moment, just rubbing his hands sensually up and down his smooth body, just imagining how much better he would feel encased in his rubber now that he was perfectly hairless like all the other young men in the shower.

On his way out of the shower, Bret took his full-body rubber suit off one of the hooks and shimmied into it, letting out a little moan of pleasure at the feeling of the skintight rubber clinging to his body. Of course, he made sure to leave the fly of the suit open, so his cock and balls could hang out. But he was having trouble fitting his thick rubber cock ring and his thin rubber cock sheathe. He was just so tired, he couldn’t quite remember how to get them on.

Luckily, Howie saw him fumbling and kneeled down in front of him. “Don’t you know you have to get hard first?” Howie asked, before taking Bret’s dick in his mouth. Bret let out a gasp of pleasure as Howie’s tongue tickled his cockhead, and as he stroked Howie’s smooth-shaven scalp and admired how fit Howie looked in his skintight rubber suit, Bret soon found his penis growing to full erection. Then he handed the thick rubber cock ring to Howie, who fitted it around his dick and balls before slipping the thin rubber sheath over Bret’s hard dick, leaving only the engorged purple head exposed (and still glistening with Howie’s saliva).

He thanked Howie, who just slapped Bret’s rubber-clad ass and said: “Man, do you look beat! You need to get a good night’s sleep! It’ll help you learn better!”

Then Howie put on his rubber hood and stared at himself in the mirror, his smile gradually growing wider and settling into a fixed grin. Bret found himself watching his friend, the rubber mask no longer unsettling him as it would have yesterday. After some moments, Howie’s posture stiffened and he left the bathroom without another word, his movements efficient and precise. Bret just smiled wearily to himself, then left to get ready for class.

As he walked about the campus, Bret saw that everyone was covered head to toe in rubber. Only a few others did not wear the rubber hoods, but everyone had shaved heads like him. The men in hoods all had large fixed grins on their faces and walked with very precise and efficient motion, like a bunch of machines. And when they talked, their voices were more monotone, lacking in variety and pitch. Bret paid it all no mind, his body and mind too tired from lack of sleep.

Classes that day had become unflinchingly pornographic. Bret and Marcus shared a midday economics class, but Marcus just spent the first half of the lecture sucking the professor’s rubber cock while he sat on the table with his legs open, talking about utility functions. At least, Bret thought it was Marcus. It was so hard to tell because he was covered completely in rubber; only his mouth showed. How people could tell one another apart, Bret had no idea. He was having a hard enough time staying awake; the smiling Professor’s monotone voice did not help with that regard.

When he went on to review Nash equilibria, he went behind a lectern to read from his notes, and Marcus moved behind him. It was hard to see from where Bret was sitting, but it looked like Marcus had his long cock buried between the older man’s ass cheeks as he went through the homework problems. The professor stroked his hard dick with his free hand as he bounced his hips back and forth in time with Marcus’s thrusts. All the while the Professor’s voice pitch never once varied from the monotone that was putting Bret to sleep. All the students except Bret quietly masturbated as they took notes, some murmuring under their breath. Bret could swear the dude behind him kept muttering something that sounded like “will be good, will be good”.

About 15 minutes before class normally ended, the professor stopped speaking mid-sentence and his body stiffened. The same thing happened to Marcus, who suddenly pulled his dick out of the professor’s ass and started facing the door. There was a clattering noise as all around Bret, rubber-hooded students got up from their desks and stood facing the door. Then they all walked out in an orderly single-file line, the professor leading the way, leaving Bret and a few other unhooded students behind. Part of Bret was curious to know where they were all headed, but then a voice in his head told him not to worry, it was perfectly normal. He didn’t need to know that yet, he’d find out when he was ready.

The cafeteria line was moving slowly, and Bret and Josh waited with their trays for what felt like hours. They were so tired they barely cared, and stood silently watching the soft-core porno scene around them. A few times when something particularly outrageous happened nearby, they made grateful eye contact with each other, relieved that they each knew somebody else who was still normal.

“Hello, fellow drones!” they heard from down the line as a fully rubbered guy walked towards them, his movements purposeful and mechanical, and hard rubber-sheathed dick bobbing as he walked, the light shining off his rubber hood. Bret recognized the voice, “Rick, is that you?”

Rick smiled at him, then said “I do not recognize the designation ‘Rick.’ My designation is Drone RK2739.” He stood with a sense of confidence and power that the old Rick never had.

Josh squinted at him. “Wow, that rubber suit sure looks good on you, Drone RK2739. Have you been working out?”

Rick’s fixed smile never wavered. “Thank you. Yes, ever since I have been fitted with my drone hood, I have been working out in the gym 2 hours every day. It is easier to work out once you get a good night’s sleep. You both look like you have not been sleeping well. I have something that will relax you and help you sleep better.” He turned to Bret and in one smooth motion leaned forward, grasped Bret’s rubber-sheathed cock with one hand and put his mouth around it as far as it would go.

Bret almost jumped with surprise, but remembered that he didn’t want to hurt his friend and tried to back off more gently, in spite of the jolt of pleasure he got from Rick’s soft lips and tongue around his cock. “Hey!, hey, easy there, easy,” he said as he coaxed his rapidly expanding penis back out of Rick’s mouth.

“Ri-” Josh was shouting. “Rick! What-!”

As Rick stood up, Bret and Josh stared straight at each other with real fear in their eyes. As Rick turned to face Bret, he could see Josh behind him. He mouthed the words silently, but he understood him just fine: “We were right.”

Drone RK2739 smiled at Bret apologetically. “I am sorry. I did not mean to offend you. I just wanted to make you ejaculate. The orgasm will calm your brain and help you sleep better.” Still smiling, he reached over to caress Josh’s balls gently as he turned away toward the back of the line.

After a few seconds Josh turned to Bret. “I’m so sorry, dude.”

He sighed. “Well, don’t be. It’s not our fault.”

“Of course not.”

“It feels great for me to know that everyone can see my balls and my cock, of course, but people have to know that they can’t just go touching them. I mean, let alone-…”

“Totally. I mean, I love being in rubber and showing my cock and ass to everyone, but people have got to realize there are some boundaries.” He turned to Bret and pressed his body against him.

“I’m kinda scared, Bret. What’s going to happen to us?”

Bret breathed softly as he hugged his buddy, gently tweaking his hard nipples and rubbing his bald head. “It’s okay. I’m freaked too, but we have to try not to worry. We’ve been the only normal ones through this whole thing. There’s no reason why we won’t keep being okay through whatever else happens, right?”

“You’re right, you’re right,” Josh agreed, nodding. He hugged Bret tighter for a second, and Bret could feel the pleasant sensation of Josh’s half-hard dick bumping against his inner thigh. “Thanks, man.”

That night Bret got home at eight, planning to do some reading for his only class the next day. He sat down on the bed and when he reached down to pick up his book, he realized that he was so tired he couldn’t get back up. Marcus was nowhere to be seen. Mmph, jeez, he thought. Maybe just a little nap for now. He lay down on his bed, letting his rubber body flatten against the sheets and closed his eyes.


Bret’s eyes snapped open suddenly when he heard the-… beeping. The beeping? He looked at the alarm clock. It was blinking “8:30”. He stretched. Had he only slept for a half hour? He looked outside. The sun was shining. He had woken up to his morning alarm.

“Wake up, drone. It is time for morning exercises” Marcus called out in a monotone voice.

Bret smiled back at him, then rolled out of bed, heading for his dresser to get the equipment he needed for morning exercises. “Hey… that’s weird,” he grimaced as he sifted through a pile of cloth, “My dildos and lube aren’t there! It’s just this…junk! And I can’t find my rubber hood and earphones!”

“Do not worry about it,” Marcus told him as he opened his own drawer and pulled out two large dildos and a tube of lube, as well as an extra rubber hood and pair of wireless earphones, “You can borrow some of mine.”

“Thanks, dude!” Bret placed the earpieces into his ear, relaxing as he listened to the white noise coming from the earpieces. If he listened carefully, sometimes he heard words, but just as soon as he heard them he forgot all about them. He then slid the hood over his bald head, the rubber sliding easily over the smooth skin. There was a swirling pattern showing in the lenses of the opaque goggles that Bret found very relaxing; he felt like he could just sit there and stare at it for hours. Before long, his face broke into the exact same wide fixed grin that his roommate was sporting.

“You’re…uhhh…” Bret grunted as he worked the thick dildo into his tight young hole, “…ahhh…real pal, you…uh…know that, Drone MS4862?”

But Marcus didn’t respond—he’d started reciting his lessons as he worked the dildo in and out, in and out, and stroked his big hard cock up and down, up and down. “Nothing to worry about…” he murmured, “…just need to have fun…fun being fucked…fun sucking cock…fun stroking cock…fun being sucked…fun being stroked…learn to have fun…a good night’s sleep helps you learn…a good night’s sleep helps you obey…” And soon Bret stood beside him, working the dildo in and out, stroking his big hard cock up and down, up and down, in the same rhythm, repeating these words in unison: “…fun sucking cock…fun stroking cock…” Exactly 45 minutes later, both young men simultaneously stopped fucking themselves with their dildos, then pulled them out of their slippery assholes and put them back into their dresser drawers.

A smiling Bret turned to his roommate and, in a monotone voice, said, “Thank you for letting me use your extra dildo, Drone MS4862.”

In an equally monotone voice, his smiling roommate replied, “You are welcome…But I do not know your designation. Please state your designation.”

Bret was puzzled, and for a split second, the smile left his face. His designation? What was his designation? Every drone should have a designation, but what was his? And then suddenly, there was a whisper in his ear, and he realized the answer.

“My…my….” his already-hard cock started twitching as he spoke the words. “My designation is Drone BT5365!” As soon as he said it, the new drone immediately shot thick ropes of white cum all over his roommate’s rubber suit. But Drone MS4862 was not offended. Instead, he reached down and scooped up as much cum as he could, licking it down, then reaching over and putting a handful in BT5365’s mouth as well. Drone BT5365’s grin grew even wider as he enjoyed the salty taste of his own cum.

“Welcome to the collective, Drone BT5365,” said the man he once knew as Marcus. “Your cum is plentiful and nutritious. I will enjoy consuming it regularly.”

As Drone BT5365 walked into the cafeteria, he spotted a familiar face at the breakfast table. Of course, it was hard to tell the man apart from all the other hooded rubber drones in the cafeteria, with only their mouths, chins, and flared cockheads exposed, but somehow BT5365 could just tell that this man was an old friend of his. A very sexy old friend, whose muscular torso was on display in the skintight rubber suit and whose hard rubber-sheathed dick was waving in the air, its head slick with pre and glistening in the morning sunlight.

“Greetings, fellow drone,” he said to the man. “I recognize you, but I do not know your designation. My designation is Drone BT5365.”

“Hello, BT5365. I am Drone JH7851,” the man who used to be Josh said with a broad fixed grin, “You look like you got a good night’s sleep.”

“Yes, I slept all night,” a smiling Drone BT5365 replied in a monotone.

“Me too. I can’t believe how much better I feel. A good night’s sleep really does help you learn better!” He leaned forward to put his mouth around the bare head of Bret’s hardening penis, swirling his tongue around the tip and giving it a vigorous suck.

“You can say that again,” he agreed, feeling his cock stiffen in Drone JH7851 mouth. “I cannot remember the last time I felt so good.”

A nodding JH7851 started massaging his fellow drone’s balls in his hand, then turned and leaned over the breakfast table. BT5365 could see the small circular opening of the rubber suit that penetrated into his friend’s tight young asshole, shining back at him. He reached back and grabbed his fully erect cock, jacked it once to lubricate it with his pre, and guided it between the firm twin globes of JH7851’s ass and into his hole.

“I appreciate your help this week,” JH7851 said as BT5365 slid his rubber-sheathed cock into his buddy’s tight rubber hole, the rubber sliding off each other as though lubed. “I could not have made it through all that craziness without another normal person being around. Thankfully now everything is back to normal. Everything feels so much better now. Everything feels so much better now. Everything feels so much better now.”

Drone BT5365 nodded as he watched his large erection thrust in and out, in and out between his thighs. “Everything is better now. Everything is better now. Everything is better now.” He got a warm jolt of pleasure in his cock every time he said it. As he fucked, he thought he heard whispers from the headphones, whispering the morning lessons into his ear, telling how good it is to fuck…good to suck cock…good to be fucked…good to be sucked…good to obey. Just like before, his conscious mind paid them no mind and forgot the words as soon as they were whispered. He felt his mind slow down, his attention more focused on fucking.

The drone they once knew as Simon walked up beside them, smiling absently, his cock bouncing gently against his rubber body. “Greetings, fellow drones!”

BT5365, still fucking JH7851 over the table, turned his head to look at the new arrival. “You look familiar. I am Drone BT5365 and this is Drone JH7851. Please state your designation.”

“I am Drone SN4919.”

“Please, join us, Drone SN4919,” smiled the man who was once called Josh. “We are just having our normal mid-morning fuck session in the school cafeteria.”

SN4919 just smiled back as he pulled a chair next to BT5365 and stood on the seat so his cock and balls were at his fellow drone’s eye level. That’s thoughtful of him, BT5365 thought. Now I can reach him while my cock is still sliding in and out of JH7851’s ass. He turned toward SN4919 and took his soft cock in his mouth, licking his balls with his tongue. BT5365 smiled as he felt the cock get bigger in his mouth while he sucked it. JH7851 had gone back to chanting, and squeezed BT5365’s cock with his hot, tight ass each time. Drone BT5365 just let his mind focus on his words and relaxed as the warm rods of pleasure from his cock shot through his whole body. It had been one crazy week, but now he just couldn’t be happier that everything was finally back to normal.

All too soon though, BT5365 stopped fucking JH7851 and stood straight up, his arms hanging firmly at his sides, his head facing forward as SN4919’s cock left his mouth. He did not know why he stopped, but just knew that he needed to. He had been enjoying the pleasure of sucking and fucking, but orders were orders. “Wait, what orders?” the man who had been Bret thought suddenly, but then the buzzing in his ears distracted him and he soon forgot his alarming thought. To the side of him, his two fellow drones also stood similarly at attention, staring straight ahead, cocks nice and hard.

At an unspoken command all three started marching towards the main part of campus, towards the large auditorium. They did not speak along the way, there was no need to. They needed to let their minds listen to the voices coming from the earphones. Talking would distract them and that would do no good. They needed to listen to the voices. They needed to obey the voices. Obeying was good. As he thought that, Drone BT5365’s cock twitched in pleasure.

By the time the trio had reached the heart of campus, hundreds of rubber men were also gathering, walking directly to the auditorium. To outsiders they would have seemed like a small army of rubber robots walking across campus, their movements precise and efficient. Everyone marching in step to the same large building. Rick (now Drone RK2739) joined with his friends along the way, though none of the friends acknowledged one another as they met, each so focused on the voices in their heads.

The inside of the auditorium was huge and stuffy, but BT5365 gave it no mind. He lined up with the other rubber men, forming close-packed rows standing before the stage. Everyone was packed so close that BT5365 could feel the rubber cock of the man behind him and the rubber ass of the man before him. Unconsciously he occasionally rubbed his rubber ass along the man’s rubber cock, eliciting a low moan from behind. But before he could lower his ass to let the man fuck him, Drone BT5365 (and everyone else) instantly stopped squirming and stood at attention, heads facing the podium, hard cocks resting along the asses of rubber men.

Before the podium was another rubber man, whom BT5365 identified as Alpha. Alpha was the most important man on campus. It was important to listen to the Alpha and obey without question. Bret focused intently on the stage so that he could hear the Alpha’s voice more clearly.

“Welcome drones.” said the Alpha, his voice sounding hollow and monotone through the PA. “We have a very special video to show you. It will motivate you to be good drones.”

The words send a shiver down BT5365’s spine. Alpha’s words had that effect on him.

“You will watch the movie every morning, like good drones.”

BT5365 knew without a doubt that he would watch the movie every morning for the rest of his life. As a good drone, it was important that he listen and obey. His cock twitched in anticipation. He was so horny, he wanted to stroke his cock, but he had not been told to and that would be just plain wrong.

“The movie will play through your helmets, so you need not come here again to comply. Now, obey and watch the movie.” Throughout the entire announcement, Alpha’s voice did not waive in tone or pitch. It remained flat and monotone, just like a machine. BT5365 found that arousing and his cock twitched with pleasure.

The lenses of his hood went dark and BT5365 fought back a feeling of alarm as his world went black. But then he calmed down as a purple colored spiral played before his eyes across the lenses of his hood. The spiral twisted and turned so alluringly that BT5365 soon lost himself in its power. BT5365 found his muscles relaxing as he continued to stare at the spiral, though he remained standing upright at attention, staring forward, slack jawed. He soon heard soft voices whispering in his ear but, like before, his conscious mind could not understand them. It did not matter, all he had to do was obey the voices. It is important to obey the voices. The voices know what is best. There is no need for him to think at all, the voices will do that for him. That’s it, just stop thinking, just obey. It feels so good to obey. Obeying makes him aroused and horny. A good drone is always hard and horny. A good drone obeys without question. A good drone doesn’t think at all.

BT5365 was so zonked out at this point that he would not have noticed how his mouth was slightly open and drooling. Or how his hard rubbered cock stood at attention. Or how everyone around him had the same blank look to them. In fact, any outsider would’ve had an impossible task at differentiating between the various rubbered men, so identical in behavior, so coordinated. After some time, everyone simultaneously started to stroke their hard cocks, stroking in unison and the same rhythm. Inside the hoods, the headphones continued to whisper their insidious message:

Stroke you cock. It feels good to obey. Obedience is pleasure. You experience amazing pleasure when you obey. You need to obey. You need to be mindless. You don’t need to think at all. You don’t need a brain. As you stroke your cock, more and more of your mind is sucked into your cock. You can feel it can’t you. As you keep stroking, feel your mind flowing into your cock. When you cum, you will expel you mind and will along with you seed. Your mind will expel with your seed. When you cum, you will empty your mind, empty your will. Now, your cocks are so hard and feeling so good, cum now drones. Cum now and obey.

Drone BT5365 felt his cock explode with pleasure as his cock released a fountain of cum. The orgasm was the best he had ever experienced, so much better than all the other times than when he orgasmed…orgasmed without permission, he realized. How much better it is to cum on command! As he came, he felt his mind empty, leaving him feeling hollow and light on his feet. So much better than before, not needing to worry about anything. The feeling was making him feel horny. Despite having just come, his cock remained hard at attention.

BT5365 continued to stand at attention, the new instructions soaking into his brain without resistance, informing him of his future. He would remain at the university, learning how to please other men. He would practice what he had learned on his fellow drones. He would work out at the gym when not practicing, eating, or sleeping. He would spend at least 2 hours at the gym each day. He would do whatever he was told. He would wake up when he was told. He would eat, workout, and practice when he was told. BT5365 could not make decisions on his own anymore. He didn’t want to make decisions on his own. Too hard to think. Better to let the voices think for him. Despite having come just moments before, BT5365 was so horny and his cock stood at attention.

The spirals stopped playing in his hood and his vision returned to that of the drone-packed auditorium. BT5365 felt amazing. What a great movie! He could not remember what it was about but he knew that he would watch it again in his room tomorrow with Drone MS4862 when they woke up together. It would play across his lenses; he wouldn’t miss it. His cock throbbed with pleasure.

Everyone filed out of the auditorium soon after that, the subconscious whispers in their ears commanding them to return to the dorms and practice pleasuring their fellow drones. BT5365 was instructed to find Drones JH7851, RK2739, and SN4919. Since the four of them were so close, pleasuring them would help them each become good drones. He joined them as they left the auditorium, marching in silence and unison towards the dorms. The four looked amazing in their drone uniforms, hard cocks bouncing up and down as they walked, vacuous grins on their faces. BT5365’s mind was vacant and slow, listening completely to the voices in his ears. He was just glad that everything was back to normal.

The End

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