Caught In The Web (Cam) Part 4

By JasCo published January 7, 2017
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Cole learns not to trick his viewers

Finally got a chance to develop one of my stories a little further. This chapter was based on a personal experience or a hustler of a cam boy. :0)

Cole always had a full chatroom when he was logged on. His defined, slightly furry body and model looks were only the beginning of the attraction. This boy loved to show off. He loved the camera and working it in front of it and his hundreds of watchers. He loved exaggerating the feeling the vibrator made when it breached his tight ring and invaded his silken insides. He was well practiced in moaning and writhing like a porn star while looking at the camera and inviting the user that had just tipped him to make him feel good, eliciting even more tips with the implication that eventually one of them would push his pleasure too far and bring him to a sticky climax..

Was Cole being fake? It was hard to tell. He appeared to seriously love what he did. He loved stoking his perfectly shaped 9 inch cock, spreading his furry buttcheeks and showing his hole. He especially loved the feeling of being filled, his pleasure spot being probed, and the orgasms it produced. But it didn’t help to be a little bit more of a showman for the extra dollars, and he leant to pace himself to make his earnings worthwhile.

He also had that “aw shucks“ smile and demeanour that made it appear that he was humbled by the vast comments made in the room, and that he was just lucky to be so attractive, have such a great smile and body, and love what he was doing so much and he was here for the fans.

Most of the men in the room were taken in by this, and the steady barrage of signalled that. The users who had no intention of giving anything didn’t seem to bother him. If they stayed quiet and just watched, or asked him the occasional question or gave a nice comment, all good, because he knew that a busy room was a good room to prospective watchers.

But if you were to pay attention more carefully, you’d be quick to realise that Cole was not all he claimed. On quite a few occasions, it seemed viewers were left disappointed by his prolonging of his finale. He’d sit and stroke for close to an hour, eliciting thousands of credits in tips, when he’d just decide, I won’t be able to cum unless you tip a bit more or go for the higher tips for better feelings from the device, and then if it didn’t happen to his liking, say well looks like I won’t come today, see you later. Of course it was his body, his right as performer, and most of his fans went along with the charade. Strangely only a few would comment on how he was taking them for a ride. Then, if you noted, would another side of Cole come out. He’d tell them that they were rude to bring up what he’d earned, or they didn’t tip enough, or he’d just ban them so they could never call him out again. Then he’d be off and some of the remaining fans would talk amongst themselves about how hot and sweet he was until they got bored and the room finally closed.

If anyone tried to report him to the site, they were usually never responded to, or the many, many happy viewers and his record with the site would be referred to with a polite suggestion to try another performer or even maybe another site.

So it seemed up til now Cole had the perfect formula for success as a cam boy, with no haters to worry about or anything to spoil his fun and success.

Previous weeks’ income had afforded Cole a few new toys and garments for his shows. He’d heard about the newest in the line of tip-controlled anal devices, the Master Blaster, a plug that felt more soft and sensual than anything else on the outside, yet with pulses so strong and controlled it “feels like you’re getting your brains fucked out” (as the packet so crudely boasted) he knew his prostate was going to get a work out, and his legs (and insides) might even feel like jelly afterwards. He reasoned he probably should have tested it out privately to see what it was capable of, but then thought he could show his genuine surprise and pleasure as the tippers let loose on his ass as he surrendered to the onslaught.

A quick adjustment his new black silicon jock strap, a check of how well the straps framed his cheeks and the pouch wrapped around his package, and he was almost ready for show time. Such a garment was unusual for him to wear, but a suggestion and large incentive from a stranger in the room led him to make the purchase and feel obliged to model it in the room for him. Hey it might even bring in more tips if he posed the right way.

The chat room was opened and almost instantaneously the requests and comments came through, telling him how hot he looked, how sexy his ass was, is that the new Master Blaster, etc. He did his best to respond politely as tips were coming through.

Cole set up a tip goal, with the heading “New Master Blaster: The Bigger the Tip, the Bigger the Blast. Random Numbers unlock Special Modes. Try Your Luck and Blast Me To Heaven”.

The viewer numbers started to increase markedly as the image came on their screens of Cole lubing up and gingerly teasing his entrance with the new toy. Tips of lower amounts started, sending small vibrations through the device and tingling his hole. Very soon he had pushed it most of the way in. Slightly larger tips came through, meaning the vibrations were longer and stronger. This was not a totally unfamiliar feeling to Cole, and he quivered and moaned for the tippers as he felt each one. Soon the Master Blaster was lodged base-deep in Cole’s rectum and he positioned himself so it could stay in without him touching it. This left him free to work his nipples and cock.

Smaller and larger tips, and their corresponding vibration patterns came in thick and fast, with the promise that eventually one of the blasts would take him over the edge for the cum show all wanted to witness. Close to an hour later, Cole had racked up almost 10000 tokens. This was a substantial amount for any performer, and Cole had done little else that sit there and take pleasure while he edged his cock to maximum hardness and the head to its shiniest. There were a few false alarms, and a viewer or two typed a message of disappointment when the orgasm they hoped for eluded them.

By now, even the most loyal of fans had exhausted (and reloaded and exhausted again) their token stash, and the tips and vibration frequency slowed. Cole paid less attention to his cock, and it started to deflate. A little more time passed, and viewers started to leave the room. Tips had slowed to a trickle, and Cole made an announcement.

“Hey guys, if you want me to cum, you gotta tip. These little tips aren’t gonna take me over the edge. I’m really close, but if the tips stop and my cock goes down for too long, I think I’m gonna call it a night.“

Messages of disappointment, and a few meagre tips hit the chat feed. Those that dared to suggest that this was part of his plan all along were promptly blocked from the room, however it appeared that indeed, Cole had no intention of blowing his load for them, despite his haul.

A message then appeared in a red font, the colour of the highest tippers.

cammaster: Aren’t you going to cum for us, Cole?

“Nah man it doesn’t look like it. I’m not gonna cum if nobody’s tipping.”

cammaster: But you’ve been tipped well all night.

“Man, I know you’re a big tipper and all, but discussing how much I’ve earned is a bit rude.”

cammaster tipped 100 credits

Cole’s hole twitched and he let out a little moan. “Yeah, too late man, I think it’s not gonna happen. Plus with all these insults I’m not really in the mood”

cammaster: You promised us you’d cum

“I didn’t really promise. It’s my body, my room, I can do what I want.”

cammaster That‘s not what good cam boys do.

cammaster tipped 213 credits

Cole had forgotten that the Master Blaster was till inside him. This tip amount must have been one of the random numbers, because the feeling was different to before. The vibrations came in waves, and felt like they travelled up his spine into his head. He tingled and felt odd, he let out a louder moan, but he still managed to voice a reply.

“I don’t know about this good cam boy shit, but you’re not my boss, I don’t have to do what you say. Thanks for the tips but I think you’d better leave the room before I ba-”

cammaster tipped 944 credits

cammaster: I’m not your boss. I am YOUR MASTER, BOY.

Cole thrusted his butt off the lounge, his abdominals tensed, he squirmed in response and moaned as his cock sprung back to full hardness. It took him longer to catch his breath after this unique program. Cole realised this guy must know the product well.

“Fuck man. I don‘t know what shit you‘re trying to pull. I‘m not in the mood.”

Cole wanted to ban this viewer and remove the toy from his rectum, but couldn’t do both at once. He decided to ban the user first. He leaned forward and typed into the keyboard.

cammaster: You can’t silence me.

“What the fuck? Just leave man, this is weird shit and I -”

Cole reached for the base of the Master Blaster

cammaster tipped 10001 credits

This was a blast direct to his prostate. Cole was not ready for it and he lost his grip on it as yet again he jumped and humped and groaned in rapture. His erection was harder and thicker than it had been all night, and the head of his cock had been drooling substantial amounts of precum.

The device stopped, and Cole composed himself. Once the pleasure subsided, his face turned to anger that he was being fucked around by some punter who thought he’d get the better of him. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t block him, thought he tried again in vain. He looked at the screen once more and was about to speak when he saw the next message.

cammaster: I’m in control now.

cammaster tipped 9,999,999,999 credits.

“The fuuuuuuu……….”

Cole instantly lost focus as the vibrations increased, became more violent and spread through his body and up his spine to the base of his skull. He convulsed, thrusted his groin into the air repeatedly as he tried to grab on to the toy to remove it. Cole lost the dexterity to grab it as the electricity coursing through him took his will and emptied his brain. His head fell back as his eyelids fluttered as his eyeballs rolled back into his head. Suddenly it all stopped and his mouth fell open in shock. This time he did not recover. He did not say anything. He lay paralysed by the assault.

The chat room closed. Cole’s profile disappeared from the site. He would no longer be using it to tease, tempt or trick.

He was Master’s cam boy now.

A figure entered Cole‘s room. They removed the vibrator from Cole’s hole and attached the same Bluetooth-like device to his ear as the others enslaved by the Master. His programming began as his body shut down and he was carried out of his apartment.

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