Undercover Parts Three and Four

By lthrjock
published September 21, 2008

Policeman goes undercover

Undercover – Chapter Three

Jim woke up the next day in his new bed. He lay there, arms crossed behind his head and wondered how he had got into the situation he found himself in last night. He had no idea how long he had been suspended in the frame – but by the time he had been released, he was dripping with sweat, his muscles were cramping and his cock was desperate for release. He could vaguely remember hands touching his muscles, fondling his crotch, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember what happened next or how he got home.

His muscles still ached from his bondage yesterday, so he levered himself out of bed and took a long, hot shower to try and get the kinks out. Sitting down to some breakfast, he crunched his way through a bowl of cereal while typing out his first days report for the Inspector. He discretely omitted details about the events in Inferno, instead mentioning that he had made contact with the club owner. Sending the email, he sat back to plan his day.

He decided to spend part of the day exploring the area, then workout and maybe a run in the afternoon. Then back to Inferno in the evening. His planning was interrupted by the intercom. He padded over to the panel still clad only in a towel and punched the button.


“Good morning, Mr Davies. There’s a package here for you, sir. Shall I send it up?”

“uh yes, sure. Thanks”

Jim wasn’t expecting anything, but assumed this was something else from the Inspector. He opened the door and waited for the lift to arrive. Inside was the doorman, and beside him was a large box, approximately 3ft square.

“Hello, Mr Davies. Late start today, sir?” The doorman grinned and Jim belatedly remembered he was still only wearing a towel. He secured it tighter around his waist.

“Umm yes. Thanks…err…Mike?” He read the name on the security badge.

“You’re welcome, sir.” Mike held out a clipboard with a delivery receipt for signature. Once Jim had signed, he helped carry the bulky box into the flat.

“Have a good day, sir.” He winked and left.

Jim wondered what the wink was for and settled down to look at the box. The delivery note on top proudly displayed the name of the company the box was from – Dante. Jim had never heard of the company – presumably it was some cover company the police were using. Curiously, Jim opened the box and found inside several packages of what looked like leather and an envelope addressed to “J-Ben”. Quickly he opened the envelope and read the note inside:

“Ben, I hope you enjoyed yourself last night – it certainly looked like you were having a great time. I took the liberty of getting you something from Dante, which I think you’ll enjoy. I hope you’ll wear it tonight. Steve.”

Jim lifted the items out of the box, laid them out on the floor and stared at them. This certainly wasn’t what he had in mind when he accepted the job – but wearing this would improve his relationship with Steve. Jim just wondered how close he was going to have to get.

When Inferno opened that evening, Jim was waiting outside. Leaning against the wall opposite the door, he was wearing camouflage jacket and trousers as well as a highly glossed pair of army boots. On his head was a marine beret complete with badge. As the door opened, he stood up to attention. The doorman looked out and grinned.

"Hi there. Steve said he was expecting someone – come on inside. "

The man ushered Jim inside, taking the chance to run his hands over the globes of Jim’s arse as he escorted him past the cloakroom and straight into the club.

“I’ll tell him you’re here.”

Leaving Jim by the bar, he went back outside. Jim looked around curiously. Apart from the barman who was going to and fro as he set up for the evening, he was alone in the club. As he wondered about trying to take a look around behind the scenes, Steve came in through the staff entrance. Like Jim, he was wearing camo gear, boots and a marine beret. Seeing Jim, he grinned and walked across.

“Good, my parcel arrived. And it seems I got your measurements right.”

“Yeah – thanks, Steve. Look this is very generous, but..”

“Hey think nothing of it.” Steve leaned in close and whispered “I intend getting my money’s worth out of it.”

With that he headed off, leaving Jim alone in the bar with the barman. As on the night before, Jim found that all his drinks were paid for and over the next hour, the club slowly started to fill. As he started his third or fourth beer – he was already losing track – he sensed a familiar presence behind him. He turned to see Steve grinning at him.

“Time to see the rest of the uniform, Ben,”

Jim put down his beer and with a momentary hesitation, pulled off the beret and put it on the bar beside him. He then unzipped the camo jacket and in a swift movement pulled it off. Underneath he was wearing a harness of thick, supple black leather. Straps over and under his shoulders met in thick chrome rings in the centre of his chest and between his shoulder blades. Another pair of chrome rings were centred over his navel and the small of his back, held in place by similar thick leather straps. A final strap disappeared under his trousers where it ended in a thick chrome cock ring that he could feel heavy around the root of his cock. As well as the harness, Jim was wearing a thick leather collar, and wide straps around his wrists and biceps. The leather bit tightly into his muscles, accentuating them and drawing appreciative glances and comments from the men stood around him. Jim quickly became the centre of attention in the bar, and then he unzipped his camo trousers and pulled them off without removing his boots. His legs were covered with a complex leather harness that reached down from a thick leather waistband to the top of his boots. His cock was covered with a tight leather jockstrap that did little to hide the tumescent bulge beneath it. As he turned around, the bar got a clear view of his tight, muscled arse, naked except for a leather strap running from the body harness to connect to the base of the cock ring.

Jim stood there, embarrassed, but also clearly aroused. All he could hear were appreciative wolf whistles and comments from the bar patrons. A few hands started to rub at his muscles, but Steve waved them back. He walked close to Jim and taking out a handful of padlocks began locking collar, wristbands and both harnesses in place. Finally, he clipped a heavy chain leash to the front of Jim’s collar and with a jerk pulled him away from the bar. As he led Jim deeper into the club, Jim was groped and fondled by appreciative hands and he found himself growing more aroused by the minute. His thoughts seemed to be a blur – which he put down to the beers he had drunk. He was no longer focused on his mission, no longer worried about work. All he knew was that he was horny and enjoying himself. He hardly noticed as Steve stopped and attached chains to his wristbands.

Jim didn’t resist as the chains were pulled upwards and outwards, stretching his arms out to the side. Steve also locked restraints attached to chains around his ankles and soon he stood there spread-eagled in full view of the club. Steve then approached Jim with a thick red ball-gag. Jim opened his mouth without thinking and the gag was strapped tightly in place. Steve walked around the helpless Jim, stroking his muscles around the tight leather harness, and Jim could do nothing except shudder at each gentle touch. A flash alerted him to the fact that someone as taking photos and for a moment the haze in his mind cleared. He realised what a dangerous place this was for him to be and he yelled into the gag, trying to get Steve to release him. Steve undid the gag, then strapped it tighter in place with a malicious grin. He stood close behind Jim, and Jim could feel the bulge of Steves cock through his camo trousers against his arsehole.

“Well, boi, looks like you’re well and truly stuck now.”

With a sharp slap on Jim’s arse, he melted back into the crowd, who clustered around Jim’s form. Hands tickled, teased and kneaded his muscles. Occasionally, one would linger on his arse or cock and he could do nothing about it except bellow incoherently into the gag. Through all this abuse his cock remained hard in the leather jock and the size of it got him several appreciative comments. After what seemed like hours, he felt a firm pair of hands on his shoulders, they slowly moved down, stroking his back and sides, stopping at his arse, where they kneaded his tight muscular globes. While one hand held Jim steady, the other started to tickle his arse. The feeling made Jim jump and struggle desperately, while at the same time made him hornier than ever. The fingers tickled, then scratched and began to push at Jim’s arsehole. He tried to twist away but couldn’t, yelling into the gag as the finger pressed harder. Suddenly, it slid in and he felt the finger inside his arse. As he did, his cock exploded, spurting cum into the jockstrap and over the top of it. As he hung there, gasping in the chains, a hand holding a white pad of cotton was pushed in front of his face. He tried not to breathe in, but the sweet smell from the pad over-powered him and he soon sank into blackness.

Undercover – Chapter Four

Jim awoke to blackness. Although his eyes were open, he could see nothing. As he blinked he could feel something soft over his eyes and he realised he must be blindfolded. He tried to raise his hands from his sides to remove the blindfold and found he couldn’t move them – they seemed to be strapped to the harness at waist level. As his mind cleared he realised that his mouth was open, and filled with some kind of gag. As he explored it with his tongue he could feel it was long, thick, filling his mouth and had a hole at the end through which he could breathe. Jim tried to raise his head and found he couldn’t – it was strapped down.

He tried to analyse his situation. From what he could feel he was still wearing the harness, collar, wrist and bicep straps. Something else was covering his body, something thick and heavy that was making him sweat. He could flex and move slightly, but in places something thicker and heavier was holding him down – at ankles, knees, thighs, waist, chest, neck and forehead. His arse felt uncomfortable and he realised something was stuck inside him. At that realisation he began to struggle in earnest, yelling incoherently into the gag. Even as he did so, he realised that he could hardly hear himself – earplugs had been pushed into his ears.

Jim struggled for several minutes before he slumped in the restraints, recognising the futility of struggle. Almost as soon as he stopped, he heard a voice in his ears and realised the plugs were also speakers.

“I see you’re awake then, Ben. No need to panic. Just think of this as an initiation test.” Steve’s voice faded away and Jim felt fumbling at the sides of his head. As the blindfold was lifted off, he blinked at the bright light until he could see what was going on. Leaning over him was Steve who grinned at him. Steve seemed to be wearing some form of leather uniform shirt and tie, but Jim couldn’t move his head to get a proper look. Steve was wearing what looked like a mouthpiece from a hands free phone kit and he thumbed the activation button.

“So, Ben, seemed to me like you were enjoying yourself last night – but you were holding back a bit. So, I’ve devised this initiation exercise to make sure you’re really one of us. Let’s start with giving you a view of yourself.” Steve leant back and pulled a mirror forward. Angling it over Jim’s head, Jim could now see himself. He was lying on a padded leather table, his body encased from head to toe in thick black leather. His head was hooded and he could see the thicker leather of the gag strapped around his head. The rest of his body was secured in a leather sleepsack which was secured by lengths of chain at ankle, knee, thigh and waist. Two thick leather straps over his throat and forehead completed his bondage.

“Now, I bet you’d like a drink…one side-effect of that drug is a very dry mouth. And I’m sure you’re sweating in that sleepsack. Want a drink?”

Jim grunted once and tried to nod. At least he would have to be un-gagged to have a drink and he might be able to talk Steve into letting him out.

To his frustration, Steve took out a small funnel and screwed it into the external port of the gag. Then he unscrewed the top of a bottle of beer and started to pour it in. The beer flooded through the tube inside the gag and into Jim’s mouth. He coughed and choked at the unexpected flood, and Steve paused until Jim stopped. Then he resumed. Jim soon got the hang of it, gulping the beer down, and then blocking the tube with his tongue when he needed a breathing space. Once the bottle was empty, Steve unscrewed the funnel and grinned again.

“So, Ben, this is how the test will work. You’re either into this or not and this will enable me to find out. It’s very simple. You’re trussed up in a way that no red-blooded heterosexual could stand – especially with that butt plug lodged in your arse. No real man could cum in this situation. So, that’s all you have to do to convince me you’re not one of us – just don’t cum.”

Steve moved down Jim’s recumbent form and opened a zip on top of the sleepsack, reached inside and pulled out Jim’s cock. To Jim’s surprise, he could see it was already half hard, kept that way by a thick metal cockring. Steve poured some lube onto his hand, and started to rub at Jim’s cock. Almost immediately he could feel it twitch and start to stiffen. Steve chuckled.

“So you see, Ben, all you have to do to prove you don’t belong here is not cum. If you don’t cum, then I’ll let you go. If you do, however..” at this point he gripped Jim’s cock hard, “..you’re mine!”

Jim lay there helpless as Steve manipulated his cock. He knew he wasn’t gay, he knew he wasn’t turned on by this, but despite all that he could feel his cock hardening, feel his excitement growing. He knew that passing this test would allow him into Steve’s confidence, but he just couldn’t, wouldn’t do this. He would do a lot for work, but this was just too much. He wasn’t gay, he wasn’t aroused, he wasn’t…his train of thought was interrupted as his cock jerked and spasmed, splashing cum over the front of the sleepsack.

“Well, Ben, I think I have my answer.” Steve took out a cloth and wiped his hand clean and moved to smile into Jim’s face. “I shall be seeing much more of you then, boy – and that plug won’t be the only thing you have up your arse. Time enough for that later though – no need to rush. For now you need to rest.”

Steve picked up a small brown bottle and dripped a few drops from it onto a pad of cotton wool. Jim tried to hold his breath as Steve blocked the breathing tube in the gag and pressed the pad over the nose holes in the leather hood. In the end he had to breathe and as he inhaled the sweet fumes, he slowly passed out.

Jim coughed as he woke, up, firstly from the dry taste in his mouth and secondly from the acrid smell of urine. He quickly looked around – he seemed to be in an alley, sprawled behind a dumpster. Opposite him was a broken mirror and Jim gulped as he looked at his reflection. His short cropped hair was gone – completely shaved off. He was wearing a skin-tight pair of bleacher jeans and a pair of highly glossed black rangers, laced to his knee with white laces. His muscular torso was barely covered by a white Fred Perry shirt that showed every contour of his chest and abs. He could still feel the cockring around the root of his cock and it made a bulge down the right leg of the bleachers. But worse was the 2" thick black leather collar that was around his neck. Secured at the back by a heavy padlock, the front sported two D-rings and the word “SLAVE” in solid metal lettering. As he lifted his hands to pull at the collar, he realised that heavy leather bands were around each wrist – each one sporting D-rings and padlocked on.

He didn’t know where he was, but somehow had to get back to his flat. He could hear the sounds of traffic at the end of the alley and judging by the sun it was mid-morning. Jim decided to stay here until dark, and then work out where he was and head home under cover of darkness. At that moment, he heard the sound of a lorry and he peered around the dumpster to see the bin men working their way down the alley. With no other choice available, he headed out the other end of the alley and into the mid-morning crowds. As he started to get stares from people, Jim could only think one thing….“FUCK!”

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