Jimmy's Adventure Part 4: Insemination

By A Voyeur Fan
published September 19, 2019
2131 words

The second phase of Jimmy’s treatment begins.

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Already, the ambulance had reached the hospital, and now it was time for Jimmy McCartney to be wheeled inside. The last Jimmy’s restrained eyes saw of Simmons and Jones was a glimpse of the paramedics waving goodbye as a bunch of strangers took a hold of his stretcher and wheeled it out into the open air.

The hospital entrance was crowded that day, and every passerby was treated to the sight of Jimmy bound, naked, and exposed on his stretcher. There was some confusion at the sight of the exposed young man. Why was he naked? What had happened to his body hair? How on earth was his cock that tiny? And could he really be fully erect out in public like this? Some bolder strangers let out a few wolf whistles and provocations at the sight of Jimmy all stripped and bound.

Jimmy himself, though, had no idea just how many people could see him in his brief trip from the ambulance to the hospital. His gaze was turned up to the sky, and he still hadn’t recovered from his paralysis enough to move his head. Jimmy could hear the commotion around him though, and blood rushed to his cheeks in mortification at the thought of all these people he couldn’t see who nonetheless could see every inch of him.

The medical team surrounding Jimmy wasted no time in wheeling the naked and bound young man inside the hospital doors. The chill of the building’s air conditioning swept over Jimmy’s body, and he could feel his cock start to go soft in the cold. Restrained as he was, Jimmy didn’t even know just how small his cock had gotten by this point.

All Jimmy could tell was that his stretcher was wheeled past an uncountable number of fluorescent ceiling lights as the people around him touched his body and exchanged medical sounding words.

“Heart rate…?”

Jimmy felt a cold stethoscope on his bare chest.



Someone laid a finger on Jimmy’s neck



Jimmy felt hands sweep all over his smooth, hairless skin.


“Penile Reduction?”

Now someone grasped ahold of Jimmy’s miniscule and still shrinking cock and stretched it out as far as it would go.

“I’d say probably around 12% of initial length.”

“Good. Operation theater, stat.”

Jimmy felt the team pushing his stretcher along speed up. The fluorescent lights streaked by his eyes faster and faster, until someone came along and fastened a blindfold back over Jimmy’s eyes. The naked young man was plunged back into darkness as the stretcher that bore him clattered through the doors to his destination.

If Jimmy could have seen the place, he’d have known it was one of those old-school medical theaters, the kind where doctors would demonstrate surgery to a bunch of students in the audience. Now, they served a different purpose.

The medical team quickly unbound Jimmy and lifted his naked body off the stretcher. In a few minutes, the paralyzing serum would be completely out of the young man’s system, so the team worked fast. Before Jimmy could properly react or take stock of his situation, he’d been loaded face-down onto what felt like a strange massage table and everyone else had left him alone in the perfectly silent room.

For something that brought to mind a massage table, whatever Jimmy was loaded into was quite uncomfortable. A cushiony surface sustained his head chest and stomach, but his limbs and crotch were unsupported. Jimmy was forced to lie spread-eagled in some kind of stirrups, his hands and feet were bound, and worst of all someone had slipped some kind of rubbery device around his head that forced his jaws open like a ball gag.

As Jimmy finally recovered from the last of the paralysis, he found that he was just as immobilized as before. Pulling at his restraints was no good, they were stronger than he could overcome, and he had no leverage in his current position. At least whatever was forcing his mouth wide open wasn’t a solid obstruction. Jimmy could breathe through it, and although speaking through the gag was a chore Jimmy tried to get someone’s attention.

“…’Allo? ‘Allo? ‘At’s ‘oing on?”

No response. For what felt like forever, Jimmy sat in perfect silence.

But little by little, Jimmy heard feet shuffling into the room. He listened to the room gradually fill with hushed murmurs that he couldn’t make out. And Jimmy tried to get the attention of whoever was there.

“…’Allo? ‘Oo’s ‘ere? ‘At are ‘oo ‘ooing? ‘At ‘oo ‘oo all ‘ant ‘ith ‘ee?”

Whoever was gradually filling the room had no desire to respond to Jimmy. All he could tell was that he was surrounded by hushed murmurs and occasional snickers. What Jimmy didn’t know was that the treatment of his heterosexuality would be demonstrated to the collected student body of the local medical school. And what’s more, this demonstration would be free and open to the public. And word of the naked, bound, sexy young man at the hospital entrance had drawn quite a crowd.

Finally, someone standing behind Jimmy cleared his throat, and the crowd fell silent. Jimmy tried to twist in his restraints, to see who was behind him, to maybe work the blindfold off, but it was no use. Jimmy was held tight.

“…’Allo? ‘Oo are ‘oo?”

Jimmy’s mangled words found no answer but the sound of footsteps coming towards him.

And then, it all happened too fast for Jimmy to truly reckon. He felt a pair of strong hands roughly take hold of his smooth round ass cheeks and pry them apart. Jimmy felt the cool air blow over his exposed hole for only a moment before he felt something warm and massive at his entrance. There was no doubt in Jimmy’s mind just what that thing was.

It was a cock! A big, hard cock was lining up at Jimmy’s puckered hole! No sooner had the young man realized it than the strong pair of hands grabbed ahold of his hips and pulled Jimmy’s ass onto the intruding cock from behind. Jimmy’s mouth opened so wide in his startled state that the rubbery gag nearly fell out as the meaty cock slid all the way up his virgin ass in one smooth motion.

Jimmy was being fucked! Someone, Jimmy had no idea who, had simply shoved his cock inside Jimmy’s ass without so much as a word! And in open view of everyone crowding the room! This wasn’t right, Jimmy thought. He had no idea what to expect, but of all things to be publicly fucked in the ass?!

Jimmy took in a deep breath. He wanted to summon the biggest yell of outrage he could muster, but before his lungs reached their capacity the thick cock had slid all the way out and slammed home inside Jimmy’s ass again! The second thrust hit that same bundle of nerves that had so aroused Jimmy earlier that day, and turned Jimmy’s intended yell of outrage into a moan of uncontrolled arousal and pleasure.

Jimmy’s ass suddenly felt so intensely wonderful. It felt stuffed to capacity, and Jimmy couldn’t deal with the overwhelming stimulation. Jimmy’s mouth opened as wide as it could as he moaned in utter bliss, and unbeknownst to him his wide open mouth made the next invasion of his body even easier.

Just as abruptly as the first pair, a second pair of hands grabbed Jimmy by the ears and a second cock slid between his outstretched lips, past his tongue, and down his throat. Jimmy’s moans turned to gags and sputters at the unexpectedness of it all, and his throat stretched wide to try and accommodate this girthy invader. Jimmy tried to catch his breath, but all he could manage were a few sputtering inhalations through his nose when the cock in his mouth pulled back and unblocked his airway.

Now Jimmy was being fucked in the mouth! And with the gag forcing his jaws apart, there wasn’t a thing he could do to stop this massive cock from sliding back and forth across his tongue, plunging in and out of his throat!

And just to add to Jimmy’s degradation, the cock buried up his hairless ass was still ramming in and sliding back out every second. The guy fucking Jimmy in the ass had even started to pick up the pace. Every thrust seemed to hit Jimmy’s prostate harder and more masterfully, making the young man’s body convulse in pleasure with every deep dicking. Jimmy could do nothing but moan around the cock sliding in and out of his open mouth.

But the pleasure, however intense, couldn’t drown out the intense humiliation Jimmy felt. To be presented naked, bound, and exposed to who knows how many people, every hair below the neck gone forever and his erect penis closing in on the half-inch mark, and to be not only put on display, but fucked in the ass, fucked in the mouth, freaking spit-roasted before a crowd?! And all this in addition to being outed as a heterosexual, a pervert in need of treatment and medical intervention. Jimmy was utterly filled with shame. Every muscle in his body quaked in embarrassment.

And yet there was something unquantifiable in all this exposure and degradation that roused feelings inside Jimmy that he’d never felt before. The cocks pistoning in and out of his mouth and ass had built up a steady, rapid pace, and any discomfort Jimmy felt at their unexpected intrusion was gradually ebbing away.

Then the realization hit Jimmy like a ton of bricks: in the midst of all this fucking, all of this exposure, Jimmy’s cock had gotten rock hard. The tiny dicklet between his legs capped out at no more than half an inch, and yet Jimmy could tell that he was as hard as he’d ever been. Somewhere deep down inside him, there was a part of Jimmy that boned up at being treated this way, that actually enjoyed being stripped, exposed, and fucked by giant cocks.

Jimmy’s head was spinning at the thought. No way could he actually want to go through all this! He had no desire for men, none whatsoever! And yet… and yet Jimmy’s ass was sending waves of pleasure through his naked body, his tongue had unwittingly begun to slurp and lick at the cock filling his mouth, and his rock hard micropenis had started to leak precum from the head in big, thick drops.

This made no sense! Jimmy wasn’t gay! What had they done to him, what had they…

Both cocks plunged deep inside both of Jimmy’s holes, and his thoughts were aborted by the overwhelming bolt of pleasure that filled him. Jimmy was getting close to the edge, and he could tell by the precum that his tongue had begun licking from the head of the cock in his mouth that the men fucking him were close, too.

The first cock plunged in and out of Jimmy’s ass with voracious abandon. The second one plunged in and out of Jimmy’s throat to the same pace. Faster and faster they went, coming closer and closer to a climax until…

Jimmy went over the edge, and his hard little cock shot rope after rope of cum onto the cold tile of the floor below.

In the same instant, both of the cocks fucking Jimmy started cumming as well. The cock in Jimmy’s ass plunged inside him to the hilt and shot several thick spurts of semen as deep inside Jimmy as they would go. The cock in Jimmy’s mouth shoved itself all the way in, halfway down his throat, and began to pump its thick jizz straight down into Jimmy’s stomach.

When the two cocks had drained their balls inside Jimmy, they slid out of his mouth and ass with a pop. Without so much as a word, two men had fucked, used, and bred Jimmy’s cock and ass.

Stray gobs of semen slid down Jimmy’s chin and dribbled from his asshole. His body had been ravaged, but just maybe… could it all be over now?

No, it was nowhere near over.

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