Showing Off The Cow

By Yama-San
published September 26, 2019

Bosco shows off to hungry on-lookers, and then gets more attention than he anticipates

The last story was received surprisingly well. I hadn’t intended to continue the story from the last ending, but since a couple of comments assumed there would be more, I guess I myself wanted to see if I could continue. So, here is more of the tale of Bosco. Enjoy :D

A gentle ray of sunlight streams into the messy bedroom. The smell of sex and sweat is pungent. The shower can be heard past the open bathroom door. Across the bedroom from the bathroom door lay Bosco. The bed he sleeps on is messy, with sheets only covering the lower parts of his legs. Though covering his whole body would have been difficult regardless.

The hulking man was enormous, muscles on top of muscles with a gut to match. The one thing that stood out the most of course, were his pecs. Hugely muscular on their own but with a layer of fat and liquid that gave it a round appearance, swelling forward from his torso almost obscenely. And at the tip of each pec were dark, puffy nipples that glisten in the sunlight. Bosco’s snores were surprisingly soft, though this will be soon short lived. As the sun slowly moves across the room, the rays reach the huge man’s eyes, causing him to wake up.

With a great yawn, Bosco sits up, rubbing the gunk out of his eyes. Dull hazel eyes look around the room a moment. He doesn’t see his master anywhere. This distresses him for a moment, but then remembers his instructions should he lose sight of his master and need to see him. With a deep breath, he lets out a deep and pleading, “Moooooo!”

A voice calls out from the bathroom. “I’m right here, silly cow. Hold on a moment.” With a squeak, the shower stops, followed by wet foot steps and the sound of dripping water. Casper, soaking wet and with a towel covering his waist, comes out looking beautiful as ever in Bosco’s eyes. To him, he was perfect. Muscular everywhere, but with a tight, trim waist and little body fat. The light reflecting off of his wet body, accenting every beautiful muscle was mesmerizing. “I’ve told you, just because you can’t see me, doesn’t mean I’m gone.”

Which to any normal person seems like a reasonable, if not redundant statement that any toddler would know. However Bosco’s transformation had more than altered how his body worked. It also deeply affected his mind. The past week had proven to be an interesting challenge for Casper. Bosco now had an incessant need for sexual relief, as well as a dependance on Casper to guide him. And so when Bosco needed to do things, like chores for example, Casper needed to show the dull cow how to do the laundry, clean dishes, and even sweeping and mopping the floor.

“Sorry master, I just…I wanted see master badly…please…I need cummmmm.” Which was an understatement. Despite the thorough milking he had received the night prior, Bosco’s foot long cock was hard and drippping. And when he cupped his swollen udders, they pulsed with pleasure, causing his nipples to drip milk drops on to his tremendous thighs.

Casper was not having any of it however. “What a rude, insufferable cow you’re being.” He had acquired the pill thinking it would give him a compliant, sexy man servant, but getting him to do what he wanted was proving to be a whole process in of itself. Not that the cow was disobedient, but he had underestimated how hard the pill would hit the poor man’s mind. For the most part, Bosco had seemed to lose his memories of the previous life he had, and imprinted heavily on to Casper. This in turn however, almost put him into a child like state. “Clean up the mess you made. Take those sheets to the washing machine and clean them. Then you can go ahead cleaning the bathroom, got it?”

The cow simply nods, disappointed, and gets up to remove the sheets when Casper speaks up again. “Uh uh uh, what did we say we do before anything else?”

Bosco simply stares back dumbly for a moment before he replies. “Uh…get dressed?”

“Very good.” Casper claps condescendingly. A gesture wholly unrecognized as such, and is instead mistaken for genuine praise. Bosco smiles and goes to the brown leather trunk in the corner of the room. Opening it reveals a slew of some of Bosco’s favorite toys, including handcuffs, ropes, a wealthy variety of dildos and plugs, as well as shiny red anal beads. But what he needed was on top of all of that. A pair of tight fitting boxers, and a small cropped, tanktop, both with obvious black and white cow skin patterns on them. So far as Bosco was aware, this was all that he technically owned.

With some difficutly, given how tight a fit the clothes were, Bosco dons his cow patterned undergarbs. The boxers come down and cover half of Bosco’s thighs, his twelve inch sausage and fist sized ballsack squished to form an enormous bulge that’s impossible to miss. Meanwhile, the cropped tanktop comes down just low enough to cover his massive chest. It compresses his pecs together, forming a lewd cleavage that can be seen from the neckline of the tank. It also pulls his pecs up slightly in the process, making his chest look arousingly voluminous, powerfully masculine, but just borderline breastlike in its roundness. And of course, his prominent nipples bulge out subtly beneath the fabric. Bosco turns to Casper and proudly flexes his muscles, giving great care to maximize the sexiness of his pecs in a front lat spread. “Ready to work master!”

Casper smiles. For as frustrating as this cow can be, he loves the way he struts and flaunts his outrageous body. “Good, now finish your chores. We have a lot of work today.” With a nod and a chortle, Bosco proceeds to take the sheets off the bed and leaves the room, ducking his head in order to exit through the door.

Pleasant smells fill the kitchen as Casper fries large amounts of eggs and bacon. At one point he had considered having Bosco do the cooking as well. Though with the way he is now, he could barely be trusted to hit the right buttons on the washing machine, let alone handle a gas stove and knives. Though Casper didn’t mind. This way he could easily manage his cow’s feeding habits. He piled the eggs and bacon high on a large plate, with a bowl of watermelon slices next to it.

A deep voice calls from the dining room. “All done master!”

“Good job cow, I’m almost finished with breakfast.” Acknowledging his response, Bosco goes to take his place in the dining room. Not on a chair, but a cushion on the floor, next to a chair. He sat eagerly, looking almost like a puppy waiting for his treat. Then his master comes out with his large portions. He places a large plate on the floor, eggs stacked almost a foot high with bacon piled neatly all around it. Next to the plate was a bowl of half a watermelon cut up into slices. With wide eyes, Bosco looks up gratefully at his master and digs in once he has his master’s permission. Casper smirks. This cow was already humongous at the start, being six and a half feet tall but steadily climbing to six feet eleven inches today. And his bulk of course also growing proportionally, Bosco weighs now almost three hundred pounds of muscle, fat, and milk.

As the hungry cow demolishes his food, a mixer can be heard from the kitchen. Casper was preparing their protein shakes. Excited for his protein, Bosco contentedly continues devouring his meal, his already ample belly swelling slightly as he goes. Bosco finishes his watermelon, even devouring the rinds, when he sees his beloved master return again from the kitchen, with two mixer bottles. Casper motions Bosco to stand, and has him place his hands on the table. After carefully placing the bottles right under both hefty pecs, Casper tenderly begins massaging his cow’s firm udders. A deep desperate groan escapes Bosco’s lips, as a familiar warmth suffuses his enormous chest, and fluid begins flowing through him. Casper’s hands move downward, eventually grasping both large nipples in his hands, each hand pulling downward with a thumb and two fingers. They pinch his nipples slightly which causes the cow’s voice to squeal a moment. Thick squirts of alabaster liquid pump into the bottles below him.

Steady, almost robotic motions continue to pull on Bosco’s teats, thick and copious fluids filling the bottles beneath him. His grip on the table causes is to audibly creak, but Casper continues milking him with a reassuring smile. “That’s right, that’s a good cow…just look at me…”

Bosco is almost delirious, but every time he looks into his masters eyes, he’s always able to calm down, if only enough to not go insane from pleasure. Enough to distract from his twelve inch hard on that’s creating an enormous wet spot from the amount of pre he’s leaking. As Casper continues to comfort him, Bosco’s blubbering softens, with the containers filling up to the top. Casper’s fingers cease milking, and instead cup and comfort his cow’s tender chest. “Gooood cow…alright, drink your protein.”

“And then cum?” Bosco pleads.

“Of course not” Casper chuckles. “You and I are going to the gym first. You know this. Work, then pleasure.” Rather than disappointment, Bosco’s face lights up. More than being milked, he loved going to the gym.

Proud cow that he was, Bosco struts through the gym like a prized heifer. He of course was still in his cow print crop top and boxers. Casper’s house was a short drive to the gym, but today Casper decided they would take the bus, Bosco’s hefty belly jiggling as he walked. Bosco didn’t mind of course. Even though he got a lot of strange stares from onlookers, Bosco knew they were jealous. Maybe even lustful. Even in the gym, he would still get stares and gawks from passerbyes, women and men alike. Puffing out his chest and keeping his arms slightly raised to the side, he made sure people could see the beautiful bovine his master has made him.

Of course he didn’t need to try so hard. Bosco’s workouts alone were a sight to behold. Because of how tall and large he was, the machines couldn’t accommodate him and so he mostly stuck to doing the free weights. Of course, he handled the heaviest weights with relative ease. His intense grunts and groans echoed across the gym, with Casper always beside him, pushing him harder and further than most people thought was necessary. By the end of what seemed to be endless work outs, Bosco was a sweaty mess, finishing with 500 pound bench presses. His cow print ensemble soaked through with sweat, and was clinging tightly to his absurd musculature. His pumped up pecs threatened to tear his crop top apart when he got up to do a most muscular pose in front of the mirror.

This of course got the attention of quite a number of gym patrons, which pleased Bosco. He loved when people saw his new body. The cow found great satisfaction in flexing, growling, and huffing to show just how big and powerful he is. Flowing from one pose to the next, Bosco illicited quite a few hoots and compliments, as well as ulsolicited photos and videos. Casper began smiling as he allowed his cow to bask in the attention. He and the cow both knew this wasn’t just a stroking of egos. This was purely sexual. Bosco revelled in being the sexual fantasy of those who witnessed him; it turned him on greatly. Thankfully, his excessive sweat also concealed the wet spots forming from his leaking nipples and flowing pre. Of course, his half erect bulge was impossible to ignore.

After the impromptu exhibition session finished up, Casper congratulated him, promising him a thorough milking when they got back home. This of course had Bosco’s heart singing in anticipation. However someone from the front desk was calling for Casper. Bosco was confused. He tried to listen in on what they were talking about but he couldn’t quite understand. Casper of course, had an irritated look on his face. His master turns to him, saying “Look, just go to the locker room and wait for me. Take a shower, clean yourself up. I’ll be done in a sec and come pick you up, you understand?”

Bosco gives a compliant nod as Casper goes with his coworker to the office in the back. It was a little unusual not being around his master all of a sudden, out in public. Though he had to remember what his master said. Just because he couldn’t see him, doesn’t mean he was gone. And so, Bosco obediently made his way to the locker room.

The locker room was surprisingly quiet. No one was inside, so Bosco had free reign for a little bit. He was about to take his clothes off to take a shower, however Bosco had a brilliant idea. If I take shower with clothes ON, then I clean body AND clothes same time! Truly an innovative breakthrough for the cow. And so, squeezing into the shower stall, he turns on the water and proceeds to wash the sweat and pre off of his body and attempts to clean his tank and boxers with his hands.

The locker room door audibly swings open as rowdy banter echoes through, even into the shower area. Bosco figures a couple of gym regulars just finished their work out. But since they weren’t master, he didn’t pay them any mind beyond that. What he needed to do was to clean his back. So he turns around in the shower, struggling slightly between the cramped partitions. Once the water is spraying over his back, Bosco proceeds to try and use his hands to reach behind himself to scrub. Unfortunately, he is not very flexible, and so he visibly struggles to get behind his trapezius and latissimus muscles.

A low, gravelly voice catches Bosco’s attention as he focuses on the short, yet very bulky man before him. “Havin’ trouble there cowpoke?” Bosco stares blankly as he observes him. He’s a ruggedly handsome man, coarse black hair and a five o’ clock shadow. Body hair peppers across his naked body, which is robust and packed with muscle. A slight gut softens his abs, but his stout form and softer bulk doesn’t betray the bulging musculature just underneath.

“Hey Mac, ain’t that the bull that was showin’ off in the free weight area?” Two more burly, hairy men appeared across the shower stalls behind the first. The man in front of Bosco was apparently named Mac. Both men behind Mac were noticeably taller than him, but still paled in comparison to Bosco, standing at six feet as opposed to Bosco’s six foot eleven. “And is he showerin’ with that getup still on?”

“Looks like it!” Mac laughed, shaking his head. “What’s a matter big guy? Did your brain accidentally drop into those freakish pecs of yours?”

Bosco wasn’t sure how to respond to any of this. He simply showed a confused expression as he didn’t know if they were insulting him or complimenting him. So he simply decides to explain himself. “Master says I need clean up before he come take me home.”

It takes a moment to register what they just heard, before the two behind Mac burst out in laughter. “Hey, is this boy fer real?!”

“Hey! Not boy!” Bosco retorts, noticeably upset. “Am cow! Big, strong, viri…vai…vuh…” Virile? Bosco tries to get the word out. He should know it but he can’t enunciate. He spouts out frustratedly, “Grrr…too horny…can’t…need to cum!”

The laughing from the gallery in the back doesn’t stop, incredulous. But not Mac. He simply smiles lecherously as he licks his lips. “Yeah yeah, of course, you’re definitely no boy. But a big strong cow right?” Bosco looks up at Mac, smiling. He understands! He thinks. With my words! “In fact,” Mac continues “That’s why we’re here.”

The laughing boys slowly stop laughing as they start looking just as confused as the cow in front of them. “Wait…we are?”

“Yeeaah.” Mac drawls, elbowing both his friends in the stomach. “You said you was waiting on your master right?” Bosco perks up at the mention of master and nods his head. “Well, it just so happens your master sent us to…take care of ya.” The two men behind Mac try to quietly question him but Mac waves his hands to shut them up. Bosco of course is shocked.

“You all…masters friends?”

“Of course!” Mac reassures. “Your master said he needed us to um…milk ya. You know?”

This almost causes Bosco to jump out of the stall, dropping to his knees. As he grabs Macs shoulders. “Really?” Bosco gasps. “I need cum real bad. I need be milked. I not cum all day!” The desperation in his eyes were so sincere. And if master really sent them then it was like he suddenly gained three more masters, all to milk him good. This prospect caused his erection to go wild, bulging far out in front of him.

“Holy shit.” One of the guys commented. “This guy’s fuckin’ serious. And look at that damn cock!”

“Nuh uh.” The other companion shook his head. “I ain’t takin’ that shit. A cock that size would break any fuckin’ livin’ thing.”

“What? No fuck. I cow, just milk!” Bosco tilted his head in confusion. To prove that he had no intention of taking anyones precious hole today, he leans back with his arms behind him, holding himself up as he spread his knees open for easier access to his prodigious meat.

Mac licks his lips as he kneels down in front of Bosco, leaving his two companions to simply watch. Bosco simply looks down upon the stout man as Mac strokes Bosco’s massive bulge, the friction of the fabric heightening the sensation and causing Bosco to tilt his head back in a deep, satisfied groan. After a few moments of stroking however, Mac aggressively takes the overstretched boxers and tears the crotch apart, roughly yanking the mammoth dick and bull balls out through the new hole. This freaks Bosco out for a second as the precious clothes his master gave him were now torn. But he figures if master did call these men then they must be trustworthy. So with that sound reasoning in mind, Bosco allows Mac to continue molesting his now exposed genitals, his hand gently and methodically rubbing the thick meat stick up and down, squeezing on the upstroke which forces pre to flow out copiously.

This frustrates Bosco however, and so he bucks his muscular hips to try and get Mac to get him off faster, which Mac responds by angrily grabbing Bosco’s swinging stones and squeezes. The sudden pain causes Bosco to meekly gasp as he looks back down at Mac. “Did yer master really train ya this poorly? You don’t get off until I say so, got it?” Bosco nods weakly. He wanted, more than anything, to prove how much he loved his master, and so listening to every word of this man was important. “You really wanna cum?” Bosco nods furiously, and so Mac begins to pick up his pace. His hand is a blur, pumping extremely quickly which causes Bosco to loudly moan in front of the two men, who by now were just as horny and were masturbating in front of him. This kind of stimulation, on top of being watched as he was, gets Bosco all the way to the edge. His moans become higher and higher pitched until suddenly, everything stops.

Confused, the cow looks down to see Mac has released his grip. “Like I said, I tell ya when ya get to get off.” This illicites a desperate whine from Bosco but he nods, hoping Mac will continue to milk him soon. “Hey, you mooks stop staring like a couple a creeps and come breed this fucker. As for you…” Mac says turning to Bosco. “Get on your hands and knees.” Bosco complies, shifting his massive body and presenting his wide, tremendous ass to the three men, covered by the distended cowskin pattern. From behind, Bosco hears a tear, as he feels one of them rip a hole to have access to his asshole. Just like the rest of his body, it was shaven and immaculate, almost winking in anticipation. Another man walks in front of Bosco as he presents his slicked cock for Bosco to suck. The cow’s face then lights up in realization. Oh! I get! I must give pleasure to men, then I get cum! When the cock was shoved in Bosco’s face, he let it into his mouth without hesitation, skillfully using tongue and spit to pleasure his new milker. “H-holy shit.” He groaned, with the cow bobbing back and forth on his hard on. “This guy knows how to suck dick.”

Bosco took pride in how well master taught him to pleasure others. As he was lost in thought of fellatio, Bosco feels a sharp pain as without warning, or lube, a thick cock rams itself into Bosco’s hole, taking him three strokes to fully hilt himself inside of the cow’s ass. This was no small cock either. Bosco could tell this man was at least as big, if not bigger than master. A few more strokes and he can feel this cock hit his prostate, causing him to moan feebly into the cock stuffing his mouth. Taking that as a good signal, the man behind Bosco picks up speed, hitting his prostate repeatedly. Bosco is sawed between the two, with strong, musky cock stink filling his nostrils, and a thick powerful cock reducing this large muscular brute into a moaning mess.

Mac took in this sight with sadistic pleasure. In truth, he hated guys like Bosco, always strutting around with their freakish size, making him feel small and insignificant all the time. Because of his height, he could never compare to the giants that truly caught peoples attention. And now here he was, having the pinnacle of that herculean image crying for cum like a two cent slut.

As he revelled in the cows licentious breeding, Mac noticed something he wrote off earlier as simply sweat or water, but something…white? Seemed to be dripping from the tanktop on to the floor. Curious, Mac reached down from the side, and pulled the fabric over the cow’s freakish chest, revealing pecs that almost swung with how heavy they were, and sure enough it seemd that white liquid was indeed leakinging from his nipples. Mac reached out and gave the nubby nipples a good squeeze, causing a thick stream of milk to squirt on to the floor, Bosco’s cries raising sharply as he did. “Ho-o-oly shit boys, this fucker is actually lactatin’!”

Pulled out of his erotic stupor, the man fucking Bosco’s ass laughs. “Seriously? This fucker’s a literal fuckin’ cow then?”

Hit with inspiration, Mac gets up and goes to grab his bottle, emptying the water down the drain as he returns to place the bottle underneath the cow. Bosco could barely concentrate as Mac roughly gropes his chest, forcing the milk inside to squirt into the bottle and quickly filling it up. Bosco is panting heavily through his nose, as the rough fucking from both ends doesn’t let up during the milking session. As an act of pure degredation, Mac proceeds to pour the collected milk all over Bosco’s head, moving back slowly to cover his shoulder and upper back in viscuous milky liquids. Bosco can only whimper meagerly as the heavy smell of the raw milk mixes with the thick musk coming off of the cock in his mouth.

Both men on either side of the cow groan loudly as they both cum inside almost simultaneously, filling Bosco’s mouth and ass with warm sticky semen. Both pull out, letting Bosco breath heavily. The milk obscures his vision as he struggles to ask between breaths if he can cum now, though the two men aren’t nearly finished with him, simply switching sides. The man that was just fucking his ass is now shoving his enormous boner into Bosco’s mouth, which he readily accepts. However his jaw stretches to its limits to comfortably accomodate his size. The massive member threatened to hit the back of Bosco’s throat, almost making him gag. The man behind Bosco shoves his cock readily. He’s not as big as his friend, but he’s a lot rougher with Bosco’s ass than his mouth, pistoning rapidly while roughly spanking the cow’s jiggling muscular ass.

Mac is also not nearly done with this cow. After the two get into a rhythm sawing through Bosco once more, he begins milking Bosco’s milky pecs again. The second time, the same pec seems to dry up, just barely filling the water bottle with more milk, to which Mac again pours over Bosco, covering his lower back and ass in milk. Moving to the other pec, Mac begins milking Bosco a third time, the cow whining loudly as his erection painfully and frustratingly leaks almost continuously. Mac proceeds pouring the milk over Bosco once more, this time over his’s legs, making sure every inch of this cow was splashed in milk.

As Bosco is milked a fourth time, his ass is paddled red, hidden underneath the black and white spotted boxers as his breeder groans savagely over his prey. Similarly the other man picks up his pace as he brutally fucks Bosco’s face mercilessly. His jaws burn at this point, being forced to open as wide as it is causes tears to well in his eyes, obscured by the sheen of milk on his skin. Both men unload a second time inside Bosco, roughly tugging his hair and clawing at his ass. After a half minute coming down from the afterglow, both men pull out of the cow’s holes, with Bosco drooling cum grossly out of the corners of his mouth as well as the gape of his asshole.

They firmly shove Bosco’s ass with their feet, causing the exhausted cow to drop into a puddle of his own milk. With his cock squished between his stomach and the floor, even the cold wet tiles felt heavenly against his glans, causing Bosco to instinctively hump the floor, more desperate than he could remember for release. “Flip him over.” Mac orders, as the two men struggle but eventually succeed in hefting the giant heifer until he laid on his back. Once he was now facing up, Bosco felt Mac dump the last bit of milk all over his body, eventually pouring what was left over his face.

Mac took in the sight of his work. The cow who was so proud of his humongous muscular body, was now covered in a thin layer of his own juices. Every muscle sparkled lewdly under the locker room lights, powerless and shamed, with his twelve inch hard on pulsing on top of his abs to show how much he loved it. Bosco blearily searched the room for the three men, hoping one of them was going to let him cum, whimpers escaping his mouth.

“You did good cow.” Mac affirms. “I suppose I can let ya cum.” And with that, he raises his foot, and firmly presses it against Bosco’s huge cock. He struggles to not move, but with the weight and pressure added to the slick wetness of muscle breast milk, Bosco squirms on the floor as whorish moaning fills the locker room. After a few moments of stepping on his giant cock, Bosco lets out a low and desperate “MMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

His collosal figure spasms wildly on the floor, cries not even recognizable as human punctuating every desperate flex of muscle, every convulsion of pure pleasure. This goes on for almost two minutes as he dumps everything he has all over himself and on the floor. Milk and semen mix as the cow douses himself in his own spunk, leaving his proud powerful body the image of slutty shame.

“Fuck, is this dude like, finally done?” One of the men asks Mac, as Boscos orgasm finally dies down.

“I don’t know. Are you three finally done?”

The fourth, unknown voice startles the three men, turning around suddenly to find Casper glaring at all of them. Panicking, Mac’s friends begin sputtering their defenses. “We- we didn’t do nothin bad man!”

“Yeah! It was the freak who begged us to help him out!” With their excuses out of the way, they take no time to wait for a reply as they grab their clothes and make a dash for the door.

Mac is less fortunate; as he tries to make his escape, he slips on splashes of milk and falls face first onto the tile. His naked form tries to get up, but instead meets face to face with Casper when Mac raises his head. “You know,” Casper mutters, face stone cold. “I don’t like sharing my toys. And you just ruined a fun evening I had planned with my cow.” He looks up at Bosco, now asleep from exhaustion having been milked right after a grueling workout.

Defiant and spiteful, Mac angrily spits back. “Oh fuck off. The freak calls ya master but the slut will take it from any-fuckin’-body so why don’t ya just train the whore better?”

Casper smiles, which sends a cold shiver up Mac’s spine. “I do need to punish that heifer for readily giving himself to you.” As he speaks, Casper reaches into his back pocket and produces what looks to be a black and white capsule. “But he’s not nearly the only one I intend to punish tonight.”

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