Mr. Red (part 18)

By gymmuscle
published September 18, 2019

Drake shows Scribe the surprise he had in store while Nate spends an evening at home.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sorry for the delay guys. I just started a second job and that leaves less time to write. Comments and feedback as always is very much appreciated.

At 8:00 a.m. Tony and Reagan met outside Prince Albert, the largest 24-hour department store in Manhattan and one of the entrances to Control, the Primal’s Intelligence Headquarters. They took one of the empty elevators and pressed a 6-digit sequence in the floor numbers. The elevator went down past the basement into a secret subbasement, the doors opened into a big circular room where a young Hispanic man sat behind a desk. The Hispanic man smiled at them, “good morning gentlemen, please sign-in.” Tony and Reagan put their right-hand in the biometric reader and entered their personal code number, then they looked into an eye-scanner. The Hispanic man checked his computer for confirmation and when he was satisfied they were who they said they were, took his right-hand off the gun he had been holding under the desk and entered today’s code into a numeric keypad. The door behind him opened, “welcome to Control, have a nice day”.

“Where’s Drake?” Reagan asked.

“Oh, he’s been here since 6:30 a.m. He’s one of those men who needs to sleep just a few hours a night. Images of Reagan sucking-off Cody while he drives flowed through the EMP. “So, you and Cody in the limo. You slut.” Tony winked and smiled, “I remember you saying you weren’t going to have sex.”

Reagan blushed, “well he is cute, and he has a very big cock.”

“He’s a Boy you know and Versatile which is rare.”

“A Boy?” Using the EMP Reagan learned that Boy’s were a sub-group of men that stopped aging in their late teens and were always on the look-out for daddy-figures. Most of them were Bottoms, Top and Versatile Boys were very rare, Alpha Boys ever rarer. Cody was 55 years-old, yet he looked and behaved like a 20-year-old man.

Tony and Reagan arrived at this huge dark room. It looked like something out of those Nasa Mission-Control rooms except this one spanned several floors down; it was filled with men sitting on computer screens. On the far wall was this immense multi-tiled screen which showed the current operations Control was running all over the world and in the center of the room, on this raised platform, was Drake overseeing everything.

“Good morning Sir.”

“Good morning Reagan. I trust my chauffer treated you well.”

Reagan blushed.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about Reagan, a healthy sex drive keeps your male hormones in balance. Hello Tony.”

“Hello Sir. So, what did you want to show us?”

“Follow me.” All three of them left the room and walked down a long hallway until they arrived at another elevator, Drake entered his personal code on the keypad on the wall and the elevator door opened. Once inside, Drake pressed the button for Control’s Science Division. “As you know Reginald Kelly has been targeting the Board of Directors all over the world. His attacks appear to have no rhyme or reason behind them. Analysis has theorized that his motives are personal, almost as if he’s seeking revenge, although we’re at a loss figuring out, revenge for what? Reginald has a special interest in Stevie Snow, the husband of our retired CEO Alfred Snow. Why? We don’t know.” The elevator door opened, and they exited to another long hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door guarded by 2 men in para-military gear. The guards straightened and saluted Drake as the men passed. Inside was another large room filled with lab-equipment and men in lab-coats. In the middle of the room was this bulletproof glass cell and sitting inside the cell was a naked Caucasian man. The cell’s floor and ceiling were packed with sensors and the only way in was through a sealed air-tight room, the cell had its own air and water circulation system and waste was incinerated.

Drake saw an Asian man wearing a lab-coat approaching them. “Good morning Dr. Sal. Gentlemen, this is Dr. Robert Sal the Head of our Science Division.” They exchanged greetings. “A few days ago, we caught one Alexander Queen, attempting to infiltrate the headquarters of the Gales Foundation; he was carrying the id of one of our regular maintenance workers who we later found dead at his home. Mr. Queen was carrying a bag filled with electronic surveillance equipment and explosives. During his capture Mr. Queen managed to kill two of our security guards using some kind of mesmeric ability. It was only through sheer luck that we managed to capture him.”

“Mesmeric ability?”, asked Tony.

Dr. Sal stepped into the conversation, “Yes. A Pheromone variant. We have long believed that Reginald Kelly is a mutant, a carrier of a mutation of the virus that transformed human society a hundred years ago. A Patient Zero if you will, a Mutant Alpha, and just like Alpha´s can imprint men to generate kinship and loyalty it appears Reginald Kelly can also imprint men but when he does it, it changes their body chemistry allowing them to mesmerize men. A defense mechanism of sorts.”

“If he can do that, wouldn’t we have seen hundreds of these changed men by now Dr. Sal?”, asked Tony.

“Maybe some men are more resistant than others, maybe most men have a natural resistance to this variant strain. There are many things we don’t know Mr. Allen.”

Drake interrupted, “we’ve long suspected the existence of these men, but this is the first one we’ve been able to capture. A stroke of luck really. Is the test ready Dr. Sal?” Dr. Sal nodded and left to speak to his assistants. “This is the surprise I wanted to show you Reagan.” Four guards came into the room with another man who had his hands and legs in shackles. Drake continued, lowering his voice, “the prisoner is Ward Malcolm the infamous Teddy-Bear Boy Killer, the serial murderer who is responsible for the deaths of 17 Boys in 12 States. We’ve made a deal with Mr. Malcolm, if he can kill Mr. Queen, he can go free and all the charges against him will be dropped.” The guards led the prisoner to a room adjacent to the holding-cell, unlocked his restraints and left him there. The room locked and sealed, becoming airtight. Inside the room was a table with a knife a gun.

Ward checked the knife and gun, saw the gun was loaded and shot three rounds at the bullet-proof glass of his cell. Everyone in the room except Drake, Tony and Reagan jumped. Ward smiled and spoke with a southern accent, “just making sure you didn’t load this with blanks”.

Drake took a step forward, “we’re as good as our word and you’ve seen the Presidential Pardon Mr. Malcolm.

“And all I have to do is waste this piece of meat over there?”

“That’s right.”

“I’ll be home for supper.”

Inside the other sealed room Alexander turned to face the door and spread his legs open. “We’re detecting an energy spike inside the cell”, one of the scientists said. “He’s getting an erection”, said another. “Starting air flow sampling”, said a third.

Like all the people in the room, Reagan saw a naked man sitting with his cock hard. He looked at the monitors: infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic, CAT Scan; they all showed the image of a sitting man with a rock-hard erection. Reagan looked at Alexander and concentrated and with his enhanced Scribe senses, he saw red energy refractions emanating from the man´s crotch and that he in fact, didn’t have a dick at all. The glamour was so captivating that he took a step forward without realizing it and felt someone put a hand on his shoulder, he turned and saw Drake there stopping him. Reagan blushed and stood still.

The door separating both cells opened. Without missing a beat, Ward pointed the gun at Alexander. Nothing happened. The men in the lab could see Ward struggling to fire, sweat forming on his forehead, he grabbed the gun with both hands, they could see the force with which he was trying to pull the trigger. Fear gripped Ward’s heart as he realized something was wrong, that the tables were turning, and that he might be fighting for his life. Unable to fire the gun he threw it away and grabbing the knife hurled himself at Alexander, a few steps before reaching him, he stopped.

Reagan saw Ward drop the knife as he stared fixatedly at Alexander´s crotch, drool started to run out of his mouth. Ward went to his knees and crawled the last few steps, burying his face in Alexanders loins. Alexander smiled and started to caress Ward’s hair with his fingers, his other hand in Ward’s jaw. Then without warning Alexander grabbed Ward’s head firmly and twisted. Ward spasmed and went limp.

“He’s not as strong as a Fag but he’s at least twice as strong as an ordinary man”, whispered Drake.

Alexander stood up and bent over to lay Ward’s dead body on the floor, when he straightened, he had the gun in his hand. He looked at Drake, Tony and Reagan “I have been waiting for your leaders, but you will carry our message…”.

Drake took a step forward.

“She who is the Hunter-in-the-Moon will rise again. The works of the Betrayer-God will be undone. Those who have been lost will be restored. This we will do, or we will burn this world to ashes.”

Then Alexander put the gun under his jaw and blew his brains out.

Back home, Nate was lying on his bed busily fucking himself with a dildo while watching gay porn on his tv. His nipple-cups were bright red.

Earlier tonight he had gone to the gym and ended up sucking Max in the showers. Luckily for Nate no one had caught them. Afterwards, while they dressed Max kept going on and on about Nate and what a good friend he was and maybe they should go out for beers this weekend. As he was saying these things Nate saw that Max’s cock was getting hard again and that some of the men in the locker room had started to rub themselves. Nate interrupted Max, “where did you get that ball-stretcher?”


Nate lowered his voice, “the red thing on your balls, where did you get it?”

“This thing? I’m… “, for a moment Max looked confused. “I’m not sure, I think I’ve always had it. Looks nice doesn’t it?”, he groped himself, his cock was rock-hard again and he had a drop of pre-cum at the tip. Nate changed the subject again.

Nate and Max managed to leave the gym and say goodbye without unleashing a full orgy on the locker-room but not before Max had asked Nate for his phone number and made him agree to go out next weekend for beers.

Now, Nate was watching a gang-bang scene where several men took turns on a bottom, he groaned and moaned as the dildo opened him up, his cock was hard, but he hardly touched it. He could feel an anal orgasm approaching just from the friction in his anus. He would cum all over himself and then eat it. That thought made him fuck himself faster.

On the bedside table the carvings on the wooden box moved in circles until the box opened with a click. Blue light filled the room. Nate was so surprised he ceased fucking himself, the dildo leaving his ass and his erection deflating. He looked inside the box and saw a blue velvet satchel. He took the satchel out and opened it and inside saw a blue cock-ring, it was just like Craig’s. Examining it he saw that no, it was not like Craig’s, it was different, the material felt the same, but this cock-ring was inscribed with runes. He smelled it; pleasure filled his body as his cock hardened again. He tasted it and closed his eyes as his tongue exploded with sensation and his mouth filled with saliva. - I have it. Here. In my home! I’ve been looking all over for this and here it is. It’s not red but who the fuck cares. – He struggled to put the blue cock-ring over his hard-on and balls. – Damn! This thing makes my cock look bigger. – Nate rubbed his cock and moaned, it was so sensitive and wet, the cock-slit leaking pre-cum. He grabbed the remote and re-winded the porn film to the start of the gang-bang, on the screen a muscular man was on his knees sucking another more dominant man’s cock. Nate started running his hands all over his body, his skin felt on fire. The man’s flat mate returned from soccer practice with several teammates, at first, they watched the scene from a distance through the open door. Then they decided to join in.

Nate started playing with his cock, he buckled on his bed.

The men on the screen started undressing and kissing each other, one of the men started eating the bottom’s ass.

Nate grabbed his dildo and inserted it up his anus. A deep moan escaped his mouth.

The scene moved to the bedroom where the first man spread the bottoms’ legs and started to fuck him while the bottom sucked another man off and the rest of the men made-out with each other.

Nate started fucking himself with the dildo and play with his red nipples.

The first man came all over the bottoms butt and another one took his place, the bottom cleaned the dick of the first man with his mouth.

Nate positioned the dildo on the bed where he could fuck himself while he masturbated and played with his nipples.

A man sat on the bottoms face while jacking himself off. Another man fucked the bottom.

Nate saw the cock-ring glow with a blue light and felt it tighten. His pleasure increased tenfold.

The bottom was now on all-fours and men were spit-roasting him.

Nate took another dildo from the bedside drawer and started to suck on it while fucking himself. His nipples felt so sensitive.

The bottom in the movie was Nate and several men were fucking him, 6 hard cocks were around him, another cock was fucking him. Then two men were fucking him at the same time, his ass felt so stretched.

A man came on Nate’s face.

Then Nate was sucking two cocks.

A man unloaded in Nate’s ass.

A man came in Nate’s mouth.

Nate was bouncing on a man’s cock while rubbing his own crotch. He knew something was wrong, but his sex addled mind couldn’t discern what it was, then another new cock was in his face and he forgot how to think. The pleasure Nate was feeling was too much, his nipples, his ass, his mouth, his crotch, his cock; all the nerve-endings were on fire.

Then a man pushed Nate back, spread Nate’s legs and mounted him. Nate moaned; he’s never felt pleasure like this. The man on top and the man underneath Nate started to fuck him. Nate’s mind was gone.

Another man brought a very realistic looking dildo to Nate’s face and Nate started to suck it.

It was too much.

The feeling of being full of cock everywhere overwhelmed him.

The smell of man-sex.

The feeling of cock penetrating him.

His sensitive nipples.

Nate felt his orgasm approaching and started moaning.

And moaning…

And moaning…

Nate came with the most intense orgasm of his life and felt his mouth fill with semen, which he swallowed like a starving man.

Then he blacked out.

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