The Lost Cave 2

By Hypnothrill published January 3, 2017
A space expedition uncovers an ancient civilization...and awakens an ancient power...

I hope everyone is enjoying this adaptation of writing-feline’s “The Lost Cave” (click here). This is only installment 2 of 6, so there’s a lot more to come!

Part 2

“Do you think the others found Colin?” Evan asked. The slim redhead was really starting to worry now. He hadn’t known Colin very well, but he seemed to be a nice guy and Evan sure didn’t want anyone of the crew to get injured or worse.

Max took out his radio: “No, I don’t think so, they would have called us.” The armed man answered and then continued: “Don’t worry, you’ve heard Tony, there’s nothing that could harm him, I’m sure he just forgot to turn on his pad and is happily examining some slugs or something.”

Pavel had come for the umpteenth time by now. His body was heated by the pleasure spikes and his mind clouded. The alien thoughts invading his brain eroded his will to fight: “Obey. Obedience is pleasure!” The phalli inside of him twitched, making him sigh yet again. “Obey and become a slave.” Again, he twitched as the thing inside of him stimulated his oversensitive flesh.

He tried to distract himself from the masters, no wait, from the aliens, thoughts by concentrating on those of his companions instead. Darius was still fighting, struggling like he was, but Pavel could feel him getting weaker and weaker, too. With a shiver, Pavel sensed Alex’s thoughts: “I obey… I obey… I obey.” The shaggy-haired student who had once prided himself on his independence and youthful rebellion was calm and mentally restrained by now, bathing in the pleasure of obedience. Obedience. The mere thought caused Pavel to feel a new wave of joy washing over him, but he had to stay strong.

“My, you are strong willed boys, aren’t you?” The expedition leader heard Colin’s seductive voice right next to his ear: “But wouldn’t it be so much better to give in, to just embrace the feeling of blissful obedience?” The very moment, Pavel heard Darius scream out in a mind-blowing orgasm, twitching as the last remains of his free will escaped from his sex-crazed mind. A moment later, Pavel could sense his mind getting blank and calm as well. A part of him, one that hadn’t been there a while ago, felt happy for his companion and was happily expecting the same thing to happen to himself. Pavel pushed away that part of his mind one last time. He then heard Colin’s voice again: “See? It’s so easy to give in and just obey. Say it: I obey!”

Pavel bit his lips, no, he had to be strong, had to fight. Obey, it echoed in his mind. Obey! He wasn’t sure who said that, Colin next to him? The alien mind? His companions? Or had he said it himself? Obey! The word sounded so nice, so warm and welcoming. Obey! His mouth finally opened an in unison with his fellow slaves he whispered: “Obey!” An orgasm, stronger than anything he had ever experienced, hit him with wild force, blowing away his last remaining defenses, sealing his fate.

“I obey!” pavel whispered after he came down from his climax. He now knew what was his place in this world: He was pavel-drone, he would serve his master who had waited for someone to re-awake him for eons. He and his fellow slaves got up from their conversion places and walked, one after the other, towards the great hall to perform their first tasks as drones. They knew that the pleasure of obedience would never leave them again, and the throbbing inside their holes reminded them of the honor their master had granted them.

“Evan. Max, can you hear me?”

“Yes, in no uncertain manner.” Max’s voice resounded through the radio. Michael continued: “Have you found anything of interest?”

“No, not so far. Why?” Max answered.

“It’s almost an hour now and we still have no sign of Colin. Besides, I can’t reach Pavel or his group.” The staid technician replied: “I’m starting to get worried.”

“Maybe it’s something about the cave itself? Maybe it blocks the connection.” Tony suggested, while walking by Michael’s side.

“No I don’t think so. We have a clear signal and we just talked to Javier and Aiden. It seems more like their radio is shut off.” Evan’s voice could be heard through the radio.

“Damn, they must have shut it off, but why?” Michael asked.

“When we find this Colin, I’ll give him a real telling-off.” Javier grumbled.

“You think he really is in the landing craft?” Aiden asked, walking a few meters behind. He had difficulties following the Mexican security officer. He wasn’t used to walking this fast for so long and he’d not slept very well in these strange surroundings.

“Sure, where should he be otherwise? I think he took his samples and brought them into the craft, the computers there are more effective than our portable ones, right? Besides, if he’d still been in the cave, the others would have found him by now. Ah, there we are.”

Finally, after they had walked pass another curvature, the two men saw the faint daylight shining into the corridor. The exit came into view like a glowing crack in the darkness of the cave. The landing craft still stood on the plain, like they had left it the day before.

Javier even picked up his pace, his gun tightly held, like he was about to shoot Colin for making them so much trouble. But just when he walked pass the glassy lintel they had inspected the day before, chaos suddenly erupted.

Unseen by the two men, the substance forming the lintel had changed, keeping its outer appearance, it had ended its dormant phase and returned to its initial form and purpose. And when Javier walked past it, it immediately reacted. Thick tentacles shot out of the suddenly sticky substance, coiling downwards and grabbing the unsuspecting victim.

Aiden stopped in shock as Javier screamed out in horror. His arms instantly restrained by the tentacled guard as his weapon fell to the ground. More tentacles appeared from the quivering mass, soon winding themselves around Javier’s mid section and his legs, Only now the strong soldier realized what was happening. He struggled, kicked and tugged on the tentacles, but it was already too late. Aiden watched, stunned by fear, how Javier was pulled upward into the air, his wrists and ankles bound, leaving him utterly helpless in the creature’s grasp.

What could he do? Aiden tried to focus. The weapon was still lying where Javier dropped it. But any attempt to get it would bring the Irish lad into the reach of the tentacles. Same when he would try to escape from the cave. Apparently this thing was there to guard the exit. And Javier had the only radio. The student was baffled. At least this thing hadn’t killed Javier yet.

Aiden’s look went back to the security chief: “Aiden, get help!” He shouted, still struggling, even though he was hardly able to move a muscle. This was like a nightmare, or a bad movie. What was this thing up to?

Even more tentacles grow out of the greenish mass, these were thinner, almost like cords, as they reached out for Javier’s body, wandering over his simple military overalls and soon finding the openings at his arms, legs and neck. Some of the tentacles slipped in, visible as small coves underneath the cloth, before they started to pull back, tearing away the fabric with incredible force.

They left Javier in his simple, white briefs and undershirt: “What are you sickos, ahr! Up to?” He growled at the tentacles, before they ripped away his last remaining cover, exposing his toned body to the fresh air. All the while, Aiden watched, shocked, distraught but also fascinated. He caught himself thinking how buff Javier’s well-trained body was underneath that clothing. But his thinking quickly focused on the question how he could help his companion.

Suddenly, Javier howled in shock and reluctance. One of the tentacles, a thicker one, had slipped over his exposed asshole, lubricating it with its own sticky fluids. And the brisk length didn’t waste any time. It pulled back a little and brought its bulbous head into position like an aggressive snake, before it lashed forward, plunging into Javier’s muscular ass with a single swift motion.

The bound man let out another cry, being violated in such a way. But judging from his face, Aiden came to the conclusion that the penetration hadn’t been painful at all. Yet, the feeling of being helplessly delivered to this thing, being molested by it, must have been terrible for a self-confident man like Javier.

Aiden watched as the tentacle inside of Javier started to move, it pulled out slowly, making the Irish lad wonder how it would feel to have such a thick, bumpy thing buried inside of him. The slick surface of the tentacle glistened in the sunlight, but just when it was about to pull fully free, it darted back into its victim, making Javier moan.

The thinner tentacles had by now placed themselves around Javier’s meaty pecs, coiling their ends around his hard nipples, teasing and playing with them. For a while, the thing kept pumping in and out of the caught man, his initial struggling soon fading, as the sensations became more and more pleasant. Then, two more tentacles appeared, they weren’t overall thick, but they wound around each other, resembling a slippery helix, whose tip aimed for Javier’s hardening dick

The man whimpered in pleasure-pain as he felt the tentacles wrapping around his shaft, but there was nothing he could do to stop it. He moved his hips forth as best as he could in his bonds, but all that this did was burying the tentacle in his ass even deeper into him. Meanwhile, the tentacle-helix wound its way up to the head of his uncut cock, peeling back the foreskin, exposing the flared red head, and slipping into the piss-slit at the center. As it felt him grow painfully hard, it burrowed even more forcefully into his shaft, making him groan in his building arousal.

By now, Aiden felt his own body heating up and a tightness in the crotch of his pants indicated his own arousal. He tried to focus. This was wrong, this was sick, but yet, he couldn’t disagree, that this was also one of the hottest things he had ever seen.

The tentacles now began to really work their victim. They pushed in and out of his ass and dick, gyrated and twitched, while others massaged his smooth skin and especially his pecs with the erect nipples. Soon, Javier moved his own hips in rhythm with the tentacles’ strokes, his more primitive instincts taking over, as the tentacles stimulated him so wonderfully. He wriggled his ass to make the thick tentacle sink in even deeper, feeling his first climax building. One last time he opened his eyes, looking down at Aiden who had absentmindedly placed one hand on his crotch as he watched. Normally Javier would have felt embarrassed being seen so horny, so weak, but by now he could only care about his growing pleasure. With his last will power he remembered that Aiden was in danger, too, though he failed to realize what this danger was. Between moans he brought out: “A-, Aiden, you, uhhh, you must, uhhh, get out. Ahhh, yes! Run!” A moment later, Javier came.

Seeing the soldier shaking in his climax triggered something inside of Aiden. He had to get help! It took him a lot of willpower to turn away from the scenery in front of him, but he managed to turn around and then ran as fast as he could back into the cave, the sound of Javier screaming and rejoicing in lust following him quite a while.

Javier didn’t knew how many times he had come by now. Every time the tentacles brought him to another climax, they just granted him a brief moment to relax. But soon, the Latin stud rode the tentacles willingly himself, encouraging them to work him again and again.

Now he saw a silhouette walking out of the darkness of the corridor, towards the light. Somewhere in his mind he remembered that this could have been Aiden, but then he saw that it was someone else. Pavel. His former commander looked changed as well. He only wore a green speedo and a skin-tight singlet, cropped to show off his rock-hard 6-pack, as well as a collar around his neck, each piece made of a substance similar to what the tentacles consisted of. But that wasn’t what surprised Javier the most. It was the blank expression that lay on Pavel’s face. He looked so calm, docile, yet blissfully happy. And in his hands he carried a shimmering green mass.

Getting away from that bizarre scene was like a release for Aiden. He didn’t knew what had gotten into him, just standing and watching as his friend was caught and violated by some tentacle monster. But there was very little he could do and with every step away from the entrance, Aiden ran faster until he finally reached one of the empty rooms they had explored the day before. It was another room with three stone beds and matching pillars.

Aiden was so shaken, that he even failed to notice the change that had happened to the pillars filling. He stopped, placing his hands on his thighs, trying to catch his breath as he watched back, as if he was fearing that the tentacles had followed him.

What might have happened to Javier? He thought. He couldn’t get the image of the strong man helplessly caught in the tentacles grip, stuffed and violated by them (and apparently loving it) out of his head. The adrenalin in his bloodstream also had its effect. Now that he calmed down a little, he sensed how aroused he really was.

He had had weird dreams from time to time, but he had never thought that those dreams could come true, or were they nightmares? At least, he felt hot when he thought about it. He sat down against one of the stone beds, his hands again wandering over his young body. Damn, he was really hot! He was still hard, and he could even feel a wet spot of precum inside his underwear.

Soon, his hand found its way into his pants, probing his hard dick, before he unzipped his fly and started to jerk off. Aiden closed his eyes, an image of the strong soldier trapped and violently ravished by the tentacles appearing in front of his inner eye. It didn’t take him long to climax from his self-pleasuring, but he was far from being sated. The young student lost all track of time, as he heard steps closing in. He opened his eyes. Colin and Javier had entered the room, now standing between him and the only exit.

What had happened to them? Colin was naked, showing his athletic body without shame, as he watched Aiden with blank eyes. Javier on the other side wore some kind of clothes. Or was it something complete different. A glistening, green substance had wrapped tightly around his pelvis, forming a weird kind of speedo. His chest was also covered by that substance, while it also formed some kind of collar around his neck, thin pipes emerging from it, leading towards his eyes. He also looked blank eyed as he stood erect.

“C-, Colin, Javier what’s happening? What happened to you?” Aiden asked nervously, he was embarrassed that they saw him masturbating, but he was even more worried about them, they looked so different now.

“Don’t worry, it all will be much clearer to you, soon.” colin said in a calm voice: “Why don’t you strip your clothes off?”

“I-, I don’t want to. Colin, what happened? Why are you so, so different?” Aiden stammered.

“I’ve found my purpose, and soon you will, too. Look at javier-drone. Doesn’t he look wonderfully content? And you will feel that way, too in a moment.”

“Drone? You mean, he’s some kind of slave? But I don’t want to become that!” Aiden brought out in a mixture of anger and fear.

“He’s a slave and I am, too. But that’s nothing to be afraid of. I saw how much you enjoyed the thought of being united with the master a moment before, now it will become true, it will be so wonderful. Now, take off your clothes.”

Aiden started tugging at his clothes, as his mind raged. What was he about to do? A part of him believed Colin. The two men really looked happy with what they had become, and the cries of lust Javier let out earlier were real as well. But he surely didn’t want to become some kind of mindless slave. He had to win more time to come up with a plan. Slowly he pulled his top off over his head. His boots and the trousers, already open, followed next.

“Good boy.” colin encouraged him. Only now Aiden noticed the stun gun in the biologist’s hand. It wasn’t like he had any choice. So he continued to undress until his slim, freckled body was fully exposed.

Meanwhile, javier-drone had walked over to one of the pillars, where he took out some part of the sticky mass it contained, walking over to the nude Aiden with it.

“What-, what’s this?” The Irish lad asked with pleading eyes.

“Don’t worry, it will help you fit in much easier, just lean back and try to enjoy it.” colin re-ensured him.

Soon, the mass started to spread over his body as well, hugging his chest in a warm embrace, while it probed his eager throbbing young dick and tight virgin ass.

“Uhhh! Oh wow!” Aiden moaned as it slipped into him, his body welcoming the invasion with pleasurable convulsions.

“Yes, that’s a good boy, don’t fight, embrace it!” colin calmed him.

And Aiden did. He leaned back a little, closing his eyes again, after all, this was inevitable, he couldn’t fight the two stronger men, let alone his own body, which was quickly betraying him, each movement of the mass inside and on his body causing new rushes of pleasure to travel through his nervous system.

When the pipes reached his ears, he was already caught in a world of frantic sexual lust, opening his mind for the voices invading it. His friends, his team-mates were there. At least a few of them. He felt Colin, no colin-guide speaking to him, calming, accompanying him on his way. He felt javier, darius, pavel and alex, obedient drones, blissfully performing their task, rewarded by their master. Master! The word echoed in his mind. He was there, too. Alien, strong, irresistible. He had waited for millennia, waited for an opportunity to rise again, to find new slaves that would serve him. Slave! When Aiden formed the word in his mind, he almost instantly climaxed. His master rewarded him, for considering his new purpose in life.

His first orgasm made Aiden twitch and jerk, by now, he had lost the battle that hadn’t been one anyway. He still was able to think, but the master and his fellow slaves whispered new thoughts into his fogged brain. Thoughts of slavery, of sex and obedience. Obedience! Aiden came again as he formed the word.

“You will obey now!” The words of his master were so crystal clear.

“I-, I.” Aiden didn’t fight, he was just so confused that the thought needed time to settle in into his mind.

“I obey!” aiden finally brought out, moaning again as his master rewarded him with another climax.

“You will be aiden-drone from now on!” The master ordered.

“I am aiden-drone.” The Irish lad repeated, rewarded by another mild orgasm as the mass inside his cock and ass twitched.

“Rise and serve me!”

aiden-drone got back onto his feet: “I will serve.” He said with a monotone voice, his blank expression concealing his inner arousal, as wave after wave of blissful pleasure washed over him.

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