Tricked and treaded

By Mymind
published August 24, 2008
5502 words

A new life for Paul at halloween

This is my first attemt to write a story like this. Englisch is not my first language so there will be a few mistakes here and there

Tricked and treated

He didn’t like it. Paul hated it. He had to be the guard of his younger brother this Halloween. He, 18 years old, had to baby-sit his kid brother while his friends where having a party in town. He really was pissed off when he heard it.

Arguing with his parents did not help. He had tot do it.

So there he was. Standing in front of house number 24. The Parkinsons. A nice family that always are so generous that you throw up just by the thought of it. And this time, well, the same as always. The door opens, the kids yell “Trick or Treat”. Misses Parkinson smiles and ask them to sing a nice song, what the kids do and they all get half a dozen candy with witch they can last till Halloween two years on.

And off course she also spots Paul.

“Hello Paul,” she says. “You’re all grown up I see. But I remember you in your Elvis costume.”

Paul hated this. And it wasn’t only Misses Parkinson who remembered Paul’s nightmare. Also Miss Prason, Misses Walings, Old Man Hendrix, and all of the other 20 persons that opened the door remembered that particular night a few years ago.

Paul’s mother, a big fan of Elvis, had the great idea that her son Paul had to go around the doors as Elvis. Thus far no problem. But, Paul’s hair is blond. Elvis has black hair. Paul’s mother didn’t want Paul’s hair black permanently, so she dyed his hair black with some washable stuff. No problems there. Paul was wearing a white glitter suet. And he really looked like a little Elvis. And than he had to go around the doors. And there things went wrong.

He really couldn’t do anything about it. His mother wanted him to go around like that. If he wanted or not. Without anything to cover himself up incase it would start to rain. And the rain came. After the second address.

After a few minutes a small black stream came down Paul his face. Soon more followed and after ten minutes his whole face was covered in black paint. And the suite followed soon after that. But still they had to go to all the houses for a trick or treat. Mother insisted. And a lot of people thought that he was Batman with his black face and his, eh well, blackish suit. The most bad thing that evening, his mother was angry that he wasn’t a convincing Elvis and that he deliberately ruined the suit. Since that evening he hated Halloween and especially trick or tread.

And after 24 times being reminded of that nightmare, Paul had enough.

He walked past the houses, another 10, that all remember this terrible evening and Paul walks straight into a street he never came when he was trick or treading himself.

“At least I’m safe here,” he thought. “In this street there nobody knows me, so no walk back on memory lane.”

This would also be the last street of the evening. When they were finished, the kids would go home and he could go out with his girlfriend. And maybe tonight, at the little road at the back of the old cinema……. he would finally do it.

Three houses to go. Behind a big, high hedge a little bungalow was hidden out of view of the road. You only could see the lights shining trough the thick bushes. The garden was a bit overgrown. A small path marked with some light led to the front door. The kids where a bit frightened but Paul said that this was the real Halloween, a scary house with a scary look. Little did he know.

There was no doorbell, so one of the kids knocked on the door. The lights in the hallway where turned on and trough the glass door you could see a person walking to the door. With a bit of fear in there eyes the kids where looking at the door. The door slowly opened

A nice looking man in his late forty’s was standing in the opening of the door.

“Hello. How can I help you?” he said with a soft voice.

At the site of the friendly man al the kids yelled “trick or tread.”

The man made a funny move as if he was afraid of these scary looking kids.

“O my. You all made me jump off fear. Wheat a minute here. I will look for something for you all.” He said with the same soft voice.

The man came back with a big bole of candy and gave it to the kids.

Than the mans eye fell on Paul.

“My o my. You are a good looking young boy. Are you these kids guide?” the man’s voice sounded relaxing. Paul couldn’t help it. He had to listen to it and answer the question

“Yes, but not because I wanted to.”

“And did they give you any candy or something?”

Paul could only focus on the voice now.

“No. Nothing.” His mind was wandering a bit.

“Well, I have something for you than. I’ll get it. One moment please.”

“O, that would be nice” Paul said, but than realized where he was

“O, no, don’t…..” but before Paul could finish his sentence, the man already walked back into his house.

The kids meanwhile wanted to go on. Paul didn’t want to be rude to the man so he said

“All right, you all go back to the road and walk to the house next door. I’ll be there in a few seconds.”

Laughing the kids walked away from the house and when they where out off side the man came back to the door.

“O, I see the kids are gone?”


“Oke. That’s good. That’s precisely what I wanted. Listen to me. What is your name?”

Paul tried to focus on something else, but the man his voice was too hypnotic. It was drawing him into a trance. Uncontrollable he had to answer the man’s questions.

“I’m Paul.”

“And how old are you Paul.”


“Listen to me and listen good. I ‘m going to give you a nice candy stick. You want to put it away, but when I look into your eyes you know you have to do what I want you to.”

“I want to do what you want me to.”

“That’s right. When you eat the candy stick, you want to suck it as if you are sucking a man’s dick. You can only think of this house and you want to come back here. You want to know who I am and what happens in this house.”

“Suck candy stick as a man’s dick. Want to come back. Want to know what happens in house.”

“That’s right. You will also answer every question I ask you.”

“Answer every question you ask me.”

“That’s right. You want to be here and know what is happening here. You want to be part of that what is happening in the house. That’s what you feel when you eat the lollypop.”

“I feel that when I eat the lollypop.”

“At the count of three you’re out off trance, but still under my powers. The commands I gave you are placed in your mind. You will follow them till the last letter.”

“Commands in my mind. Follow them.”

“Following those commands is good. It feels very good and it’s oké to follow the commands.”

“Good commands. Feels good.”

“3… know you want to come back…2….you want to be part of the things happening in this house…..and you are out of the trance but still under my control at 3”

Paul blinked his eyes.

“O. I must have been wandering of I think.”

“Well, here I have a candy stick, especially for you.”

Paul wanted to put it in his pocket.

“O, come on. Why don’t you open it and suck it.”

Paul looked at the man. Straight into his eyes. He wanted to say something. But suddenly he didn’t know what he wanted to say. He was drown into the mans eyes. He almost was stuck into them.

Something seem to tell him that he had to take the candy stick into his mouth. And he did. Giving him some how a very hot and very exiting feeling. Paul was sucking the candy stick as if he was sucking a man’s dick. Something he never had done before.

“I want to ask you something. Are you straight?”


“Really? Well. I have never seen a straight boy suck a candy stick the way you do.”

The man was laughing. Paul didn’t understand him. Suddenly from behind the bushes Paul’s brother yelled.

“PAUL. Come on. We have at least 2 houses more on this road” his brother yelled. At that moment his frantic sucking of the lollypop ended and turned into normal eating of it.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.”

“Go and act normal Paul. I’ll see you later tonight.” The man said smiling.

Walked away, the man closing the door behind him.

At the end of the narrow path he turned around looking at the house again. He wanted to come back there. He didn’t know why but he wanted to come back.

Around nine Paul came home with his brother. His mother welcomed them.

“Hi. I’m going again” Paul said.

“Yes I know dear. What time are you home?”

“Well I don’t know, but you don’t have to wait up for me.”

And with that, Paul walked to his bike and drove to his girlfriend.

Well, that was his first thought. But there was something on his mind. Why did he want to eat the candy stick that evening? Why was he drawn to the eyes of that man? He wanted to go back to the house. He wanted to know what was going on there. It felt a bit creepy that he was drown to it as much as he was, but he wanted to know it. He needed to know it. He made a turn and drove straight to the street the house was in.

Paul stopped in front off the bungalow. He looked down the small path.

“Why am I back here?” he thought.

He walked up the small path with his bike on his hand. Than he let it fell into a bush and walked up to the door. He knocked. The light went on. Someone came up to the door. The door opened and there was the man. He was wearing tight rubber pants and a tight rubber shirt.

“Hallo Paul. You are back again.”

Paul looked into the man’s eyes. And at that moment, he was locked.

“I bet you like what you see. I bet you think that this is really hot.”

Paul’s eyes felled open. His cock was getting hard. This was beautiful. But wheat, something’s not right here he thought. But before he could think any further the man was starting again.

“Paul. Let you’re mind free boy. Listen to my voice. Look into my eyes. You know you want to. It relaxes you. It makes you feel at ease. Listen and look. Make you mind open. Free yourself of every thought. Your own thoughts are wrong thoughts. Let me guide you to the right thoughts. Listen to my voice. To its power.”

Paul couldn’t resist the power of the mans voice.

“Listen to my voice. My voice will enter you thoughts. My voice are you’re thoughts.”

“You’re voice, my thoughts” the half hypnotized boy repeated in a monotone voice.

“You want to enter the house. Come into the house. You want it.”

“I want to come in.” Paul repeated.

"It feels good to enter this house. Ask me if I want to let you in. I will say yes and when you enter the house, you will fall deeper into my powers. You will not be affright of what is happening when you enter this house. It is good that that is happening. In fact you will become more relaxed when that happens "

“May I enter you’re house Sir” Paul asked in a monotone way.

“Yes of course boy. Come in.”

Paul walked in. His own thoughts where starting to fade. But that was good. He even felt better when that happened.

"You feel more and more relaxed with every step you set inside the house. And before you come to the door at the back of the hallway, you are so relaxed that you’re thoughts are then completely the sounds of my voice. Your own thoughts are gone. You’re mind is empty and is waiting for thoughts to be put into there. And the thoughts put in your mind are all good thoughts. There right from begin to end. Those thoughts are the thoughts of who you are, what you are and what you want to be. And no one can take you away from those thoughts. Only I can do that, and when I do that, that’s all right. What I put into your mind are good thoughts.

Walk to the door. Open your mind. Make yourself free off any thought in your mind that isn’t said in my voice, the new voice off your thoughts."

Paul started to walk into the hallway to the door. He felt more and more relaxed. And his thoughts where fading with every step. The things said by other people, his parents, his brother, teachers, friends, girl friend, all where fading away. All where turning into ghosts. Things that didn’t matter. Things that weren’t important. Or maybe they where important, but they weren’t said in the right voice. So they had to go. Go out of his mind. Out of his brain and out of body. And when he came at the door, his thoughts where gone and his mind was empty. Everything was inside him. Stored away to be released. And now he was standing there. Waiting for thoughts.

The man in the meanwhile had walked into a room on the left site. He came back with a little parcel in his hand. He knew from his earlier catches now was a very delicate moment. The boy’s mind was empty and waiting. The boy’s mind was an empty shell to be filled with what he wanted to be put into there. And he knew what he wanted to put into the boy’s head. But he couldn’t wait to long. If he would do that, the boy could regain his one thoughts again and start to fight what was happening to him. Because standing without thoughts to long, will give the boy a chance to think. And thinking was not what the man wanted.

Paul stood there in front of the door. He stared straight forward. His mind was empty, but he felt a bit unsure there. He couldn’t think. And that was frightened. Suddenly he was hearing a voice. The voice. The voice of his mind. It felt good. It felt relaxing hearing the voice of his mind once again.

“I think I’ll enter the room. Yes, let me do that.”

Paul opens the door. The room is empty except for a computer on a table in the middle of the room.

“Hmmm. A computer. It’s switched on. Let me take a look and see what’s on it.”

Paul walks over to the computer.

“I wonder. I’m going to sit down and move the mouse. Then the screen will switch on.”

Paul sits down. He moves the mouse. The screen switches on. A blue screen came up with one icon in the middle of the screen.

“Let me click the icon. But first I will put on these headphones. Then I will relax completely and concentrate on the screen”

Paul putted on the headphones and clicked the icon on the screen. A spiral started to spin. Paul concentrated on the screen and was drown into the screen.

During the next hour text droned into his mind. Text telling him to relax and empty his mind completely now. It was good. He had to let the things happen to him the voice said. It would bring him on the right path. He would be given the right purpose in his live. It would be right. It would be good. He had one purpose in live. And that is to serve. This was droned at him.

The man did that on this way to make sure that every last bit of resistance of the boy would be broken. He knew that after half an hour at least of spiral and monotone text, just telling the same thing over and over, the boy would be a real empty shell to work on. After that everything that was put into the boys mind would be his truth. And by the way the man brought everything into the boys mind, the boy would thing that his whole live was like that. That his lives purpose has been like that since birth. After an hour the screen started to change.

First there where pictures and a few video’s. Pictures and video’s of a boy, who looks like Paul, who could easily be Paul. The boy was a teen age boy, around 14 or 15 discovering his sexuality. He knew than that he loved men and was selling his body at 15 to men. Having sex with men every day of the week. In the meanwhile the man knew that this was a very tricky part. The boy had to believe that this was his live. That he was the one having sex whit the man and other boy’s sown in the pictures and video’s. One earlier catch fought these even thoughts even after this moment and the man had no use for this boy, kicking him out on the street with a blank mind. But he noticed that this boy was a good candidate for him.

The boy sown to Paul was having more and more sex. And thing went out off control. And at 18 he found his master. The master who would take him. Make him his. Paul would be the mans slave. And to be the masters slave he had to do what the master wanted. I film was sown of the boy, doing what the master ordered him to do. He had to shave himself. Head to tow . And sow he was doing that. Making sure he didn’t have any hair. The voice in the headphone was explaining he was doing this.

“After today you don’t need hair. Hair is not something that belongs to you. You are not worthy for hair. Hair is only for them who own you. You are nothing. And when you are nothing, hair is something you don’t need.”

This all was repeated in a monotone and very hypnotic way for a full hour. Than the screen switched. The now fully shaved boy in the video’s and pictures where wearing nothing more than a rubber band around his neck and his wrists. A big rubber cockring was around the base of his cock and balls.

“This is the only clothing you will wear. There is nothing more you want. Clothing is not mend for you. You are naked. That is how you feel the best. That will make them who are your masters very happy. And that is what you want, to make your masters very, very happy.”

The pictures and video’s sown the boy’s from every angle. The text was repeated for over an hour on the same way as the first hour.

Than the screen once more switched. The boys where sown pleasuring there masters. In every way possible. Giving blow jobs, licking feet, kissing, being fucked by the master. Fucking the master. All things possible. All thing a slave boy have to do to please the master. The instructions where simple.

“This is you. You are the slave. Look, observe and learn. The master controls you. He controls everything in your life. He is your master. He owns you. He, and only he, will tell you when you can touch yourself. He, and only he, will tell you to cum, when you can have an orgasm. He has full control over you. He is your master. You are his slave. Slaves don’t think. The master is the one who thinks for the slave. His words are your thoughts.”

Paul was exhausted when the computer switched of. The master left him in the chair. He only whispered: “Boy, from now on you are just a slave. Paul will only be there when I want him to. And Paul also accepts me as his master. Paul to will have no free will and will obey every thing I tell him to. Now rest. Master will wake you when he is ready for you.”

A around four that night, master woke his slave.

“Hello boy, wake up.”

Paul opened his eyes. He sow his master and immediately jumped to attention.

“Boy. Who are you?”

“I am your slave. I am here to serve you and you alone. I will do everything you command me to do. I will be perfect for you. You are everything to Sir.”

“Oke boy. But I am not happy with what I see.”

Slave looked a bit puzzled.

“How can I make you happy Sir? Please tell me.”

“Take off your clothes. Why are you wearing them.”

Slave didn’t know. He wanted to rip them of his body, but master stopped him.

“Take them off gently. You need them later on slave.”

“I will do that Sir.”

Slave took off the clothes. Master looked at his boy. Slave looked good. Not a lot of body hair. A well formed body, not to trained. He didn’t want that. A good pair of pecks, a nice tight ass and a very impressive cock.

“Slave. You look good. But you know that you can look a lot better than that.”

Slave looked at his master.

“What do you mean Sir?”

“Take a look in that mirror over there.”

Slave walked over and sow himself. His good looking. But there was hair. And also his head had thick blond hair. No, that wasn’t right. He had to do something about it.

“Master. I am so sorry. I am so ashamed of how I look. I do not present myself in the way you want me to.”

" Sssssssssh. It is al right boy."

Master came closer to slave.

“That’s because you’re here for the first time boy. It’s oke. I will guide you into the right direction .”

“But I want to be perfect for you. Let me be perfect for you.”

“That is possible. You’ve got a name boy. You’re name is Paul. And that name will be yours.”

Slave was quiet. Than he spoke again.

“Master. Why did you do this to me?”

“Because this is what you need Paul, a purpose in live. And I have given it to you. Do you like it?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m here to serve you.”

“I know. And now I want you to do something for me. Go to the bathroom. Take a bath. In there you’ll find stuff that will make you’re body permanently smooth. But I don’t want you to put you’re head under. That is something for later.”

Paul walked into the bathroom. After an hour he came back. His body was smooth. Master stood there, naked.

“Paul, serve me.”

Paul dropped on his knees. He gave master a blowjob. Paul’s first. Master enjoyed it a lot And than led Paul back to his feet.

“Paul, look into my eyes.”

Paul did that and master was starting to kiss him. Paul give his kiss passionately back. Master than puts his hand around Paul’s hardened cock, stroking it gently.

“Paul, you stuck away something inside you that is bothering you. Thoughts that aren’t yours but they are of someone else. Someone you don’t know. Do you see them?”

“Huhu.” Paul was no longer in control of himself. Masters stroking gave him the best feeling he had have in years.

“Don’t you want to sit on my cock while I play with yours?”

Master sat down on a chair and Paul slowly sank his tight, virgin ass over the hard cock of his master.

“O yes. That feels good, doesn’t it boy. Sink into my cock and let it hit your mind. Let all those thoughts that aren’t my voice go to the orgasm that is growing into your body and into your mind. When you cum you’re mine forever and will do everything I order you to do. Feel how good it feels to serve a man. That is what you need to do. That is who you are. A gay slaveboy. Now…….CUM.”

Paul jumped up right in his own bed.

“What the….”

He was back home. But he didn’t remember coming home. He didn’t even remember the evening, except that he had been back to that house. But why, and for how long. He couldn’t remember.

A bid out off focus, Paul stepped out off bed. There was something. He didn’t know what, but something was a bit different. But he couldn’t put his hand to it.

He walked over to the bathroom. Looking into the mirror he looked at himself. Everything was right over there. And than he removed his underpants.

They felt strange. They were made from an other material than he was used to, but what ever it was, it felled great.

After taking it off, Paul had rubber underpants in his hands. He was a bit puzzled but it didn’t frighten him. His hard cock had a cockring around his base under his balls. He was wearing rubber bands around his wrists and his neck. But that was alright.

The thing that was weird was the very good way it felt when the water was pouring down his body. But he never felt this before. And then he realized what was coursing this feeling.

His body hair was gone. Not one single hair left. And Paul didn’t remember ever shaving it. But it felt so right. He didn’t need his body hair. It didn’t belong there. Not for his purpose.

Paul knew that he didn’t need body hair, and that he even didn’t need the hair on his head. He somehow knew that, but why, what was his purpose. He didn’t know it. He knew he had to find it out. And he knew where he had to go to, if he wanted to find it out.

At the breakfast table Paul wasn’t at ease. He wanted to go. He needed to go.

“Why are you so nervous?” Paul’s mother asked.

“O, well, eeh, Tessa asked me for something witch I can’t talk about right now and well, eehh, you’ll see.”

Paul’s mother knocked her head. It wasn’t the first time Tessa and Paul had something in mind, so she didn’t thought to much about it.

A bit later Paul left the house on his bike. He went straight to the railway station. He parked his bike and bought a ticket. He stepped into the train, but stepped out right before it left. He walked away from the train station and walked over to the bungalow. When he knocked on the door, the man opened it. He now was completely naked.

“Hi Paul. Did you do what I ordered you to do?”

“Yes Sir. But why did I do that?”

“You don’t remember don’t you?”

“No Sir. I don’t. I don’t even know how my body hair all has gone.”

“Come with me” the man said.

The man guided Paul into the living room.

“Why don’t you take off you clothing. You don’t need that here inside this house.”

Paul hesitated, but somehow knew it was all right.

When he was all naked, the man came over him en started stroking his cock. It felt great to Paul, but he also felt that something was really wrong. Why did he let this man stroke his cock. And why didn’t he bother at all?

“Yeah Paul, that feels great, doesn’t it? And I bet this feels much better.”

The men’s hands where stroking Paul’s body. This was coursing an other great feeling.

“You know who you are Paul. You know who I am. I am your master.”

Paul looked at the master and knew he was right.

“It’s time for you’re second bath. He is a straw where you can breath through.”

Master guided Paul to the bath. Paul stepped in. Master ordered Paul to sit and putted the straw in Paul’s mouth. Than he pushed Paul head all under water.

About an hour later Master pulled the now completely smooth boy out off the water.

“Look into the mirror boy and remember for good that you are mine and mine only. You have no free will. You will obey me for ever.”

“Yes Sir. I will obey you for ever.”

“Now let me put my dick back into you, boy, and make you mine forever”

And with that comment Paul turned around and bent over. Master thrust his cock inside the waiting ass off Paul.

The hypnoses made shore that Paul was the best assfuckboy there was.

“Paul, when I come, you will come two. And when you do, all the free will that is left in you will be gone. All the things that you remember about Paul’s life before you met me, will be gone to. You’ll be mine.”

Master started to thrust even harder. For Paul it felt so good. Not only serving his master, but also being abele to cum himself, was a good feeling. Even if it mend that he no longer would remember who his family was, what his life was, before he met the master. He only knew that his life was a life to serve his master. And than he came. Together with the master.

Five days later at the police station they planned a search for Paul Wilconson. The only thing they knew was that he left his bike at the train station and left with the train from there. He didn’t leave a note. He couldn’t have left the train station because he wasn’t seen at one of the security camera’s. One of the inspectors instructed the group. This inspector, was a friendly looking man, in his late forty’s named William Draed. None of his collage’s knew he had a hobby. And that hobby was one completely smooth 18 year old boy who was waiting for his master to return and use him, as he did every day.

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