The Maze- Nate

By GribenaKing
published September 13, 2019

The fourth of 5 Jocks enter a Maze and are changed

Nate was rather bummed. He had hoped they would drink the moonshine, hook up with some bitches, lay some pipe and head home. Great words is the closest Nate had ever had to “Laying Pipe” Reality is all he had ever done is masturbate to his Mom’s “Better homes and Gardens Wedding Dress” edition and a few stray pictures on Facebook since his parents added parental control limiters to the internet. “Man things is gonna change when I get to the dorms” thought Nate. Poor naïve misguided Nate.

So there he was walking, lost in thought in the maze when he came upon the cutest chick he’d ever seen.. at least in magazine form. She was straight out of the “Farmers only” app. She was wearing a Gingham top tied into a bow midriff with Daisy Duke shorts and white sneakers without socks. In other words, just enough to not get arrested. Holy Cow her breasts were true balloons! Nate just stood there stupidly. The girl was so fukin Sexy!

The girl came strutting over to the love-struck pup, running her finger over his nipple sand leaning in to whisper in his ear: “You’re cute… bet you know what a woman wants”. Her breath was so warm on his ear. Funny, it didn’t sound like she had said anything, more it seemed like it was in his head. Nate smelled Lilacs and something else. A spice. Well, not really a spice but it was familiar. It reminded him of sports. Lilacs and Sweat! Oh Fuck!! She was an athlete too! Oh Nate was turned on!

“Button for button”? She asked? Nate looked at her blankly. “I do one.. you do two, You have so much more than me” she whispered. Nate nodded his head as he undid one button then the next, then the next until his shirt was wide open showing off his buff hard square chest and lean rippled abs. “Nice” she whispered as she traced his right nipple with one finger then bent over to bite down on the other with her canines. Pain and Pleasure shot straight to Nate’s cock. He had never experimented with anything other than fingers and his palm. “Unghhhh… more, please… moreeeee…” he moaned with his eyes closed.

She traced the bulge in the front of his pants with her palm as he plumped and filled. Nates head was thrown back and his mouth open as he made small gurgling sounds. The woman pushed Nate down to sit on a bale of hay. His eyes still closed as pairs of hands played with his nipples, another stroking his cock through his denim and yet another traced his jaw line and lightly traced his back muscles. “Good Lord, How many hands does she have”, thought Nate, yet not bothered enough to open his eyes.

So lost in pleasure, Nate didn’t notice his muscles puffing up as his waist tapered into a perfect V shape. More hands joined in and traced his muscle groups making them flatter, sharper, more defined while the hands pulled and pinched his nipples. They were newly elongating and puffy from abuse in only 90 seconds yet years of abuse from the look of it. Still his gurgling and moaning continued as his eyes clenched shut. The pleasure was too powerful to allow independent thought.

Slowly, oh so slowly, the fingers tracing his chest and upper body felt so distant. He started to rise from the fog he was in, but the girl whispered in his ear, “I bet you know what a woman wants from a cock”. Nate nodded his head yes. “Something so warm, you can take a pulse just by holding it. So soft, you just want to suck and lick it. So hard, you just want to swallow it, So wet you just want to lick it”. Nate never stopped nodding his head.

Something soft and moist was at poking his cheek. He felt it being rubbed in circles tracing his lips. He smelled it. It was salty like the ocean. His lips were wet in the trace of the thing. He licked his lips and his mouth lit up as if he had just eaten the best chocolate or the milkiest ice cream. She put her finger in his mouth and he sucked and licked and made love to it. How strange, her finger seemed to plump and get longer. Soon he was swallowing it feeling it pulsate and pump.

“Doesn’t it feel so good to suck the juices out of a cock? I bet you know a woman just wants to tongue and swallow and drink whatever is put in her face. To need that cock inside her. To make him yours. I bet you’ve even wondered what a woman feels when a cock slides inside of her. To be full of the man who completes her purpose. to be full of cock. Another set of hands played with his cock and balls, running their fingernails up and down the sack and shaft. Nate was in heaven. He had never known such pleasure. Soon, like his top half, Nate felt the finger tips becoming distant.

He hadn’t stopped sucking on the 9” finger or swallowing the salty wetness in his mouth. Soon, the tracing was on his backside. How could that be? He was sitting on a bale of hay but when his eyes cracked open he saw the woman palming his chest, pulling and squeezing his chest like he wanted to do to hers. Suddenly Nate was aware of a full feeling. Something was inside him. Rather than panicking, he squatted a little more so whatever was inside him could fully insert. “So full of cock. Squeezing the cock with your love muscles. Wondering how long you can edge him or make him cum all on your personal desire. To control the cock and make it want more Don’t you baby”? she asked.

Nate nodded his head furiously. He was milking whatever was in his ass, clenching then pushing out then clenching. His knees bent and his back arched as he bent over the bale. His eyes opened just a slits worth as he noticed his sleeves were darker. “That’s what Rubber is supposed to look like” he thought casually. His upper body and hands were covered in Rubber. His legs and belt were Rubber chaps. His bum and cock hanging out for all to see.

She reached for and found his hard long thick dick. It was in a constant state of drool as she massaged it and make it thicker than it had ever been. She pulled and tugged at his nuts making them stretch and reach mid thigh. Soon though, even his balls were caught in that distant feeling and when he looked down he saw why. There was a rubber cock sheath covering his shaft and head. A parachute with six chrome weights was stretching his balls painfully down his legs

Nate suddenly felt a rush of panic as he realised he was covered in Rubber. He reached up and felt his face. Thank God it hadn’t covered his face. It was all the way up his neck though. Nate smelled something in the air. Cigar smoke. Nate smelled Cigars. And Poppers! Nate had no idea what poppers smelled like but he knew it was poppers! And something else. Crotch sweat. He knew his own scent since he often ran his fingers along his taint and balls feeling the slickness after a hard scrimmage. He loved the smell. He swooned at the smell and now it was near him.

Forgetting the woman was near, coaxing him on he saw it. A Rubber and leather Gas Mask from World War II. It had crude glass lens mirrored like Aviator classes and a long rubber snorkel. Nate saw it and wanted to wear it. He lifted it up and smelled heaven again. Cigars, Leather and ball sweat. Hands helped him lace the mask on so his head was covered. He worried that hair might break the seal, but Nate never noticed his body was void of all hair. No eyebrows, no eyelashes and certainly no hair on the top of his head. Just a long thick braid, like a Mongol warrior. A thick braid halfway down his back to hold or control him.

Refelcted in the lens of his Gas mask Nate saw the images of his conversion as if they had taken 2 years rather than ten minutes. He saw himself denuded and forced to wear his beloved gas mask. Any one who used him exhaled their always present cigar into the snorkel then hold their hand over the end so all Nate could breathe was cigar and his own used up breath. So close to passing out, he was loose and sloppy limp for whomever used him next. Scores of men came and fucked him nightly on the filthy piss, cum and body stained mattress resting on the floor. A dog dish near him where his Masters piss, his dog food and scraps rested. On the floor where he crawled everywhere, hands gimped to his body in the straight jacket his Masters forced him to wear.

He watched scenes of his best friends, Lars, Blake, Jan and Jason fucking him and whoring him out. He watched as Sadistic bastard after sadistic bastard used him. He watched as night after night he was whored out at truck stops so huge bellied fat truckers, filthy dust covered farm workers and cowboys force fed him cock while chained to a glory hole or tied up in the berth of his Masters truck as user after used came and filled him.

Blake was gasp-breathing in staccato breaths as he relived gang-bangs he had never experienced. Brought back to his present by his sudden emptiness. He realised the Dragon dildo had fallen out of his gaping pussy. His ass lips were so full, thick and puffy from years of abuse, his ass really looked like a puffy vagina. His walls no longer tight enough to hold the monster dildo inside.

How would he feed it back inside? He needed it desperately. Staring at the object of his need, but unable to achieve his goal as his arms were laced into the rubber suit. How would he do this? Looking around Nate noticed a standing mirror only inches to his left. In the reflection he saw himself complete with the mirrored lens of the gas mask. Nate was captivated. How fucking hot he looked. His beer belly pushed the material so tightly there were gray lines of stretch in the ruber. His arms were bent into a “Begging Doggy” pose with his wrists hanging down. He looked to be “at attention” as his legs were also laced together.

Nate felt a sharp stabbing pain in his chest and noticed holes in the rubber suit where his nipples lay. Stretching the nipples were hollow rings gauged large enough for small fingers to fit inside and pull his nipples away from his body. Another pain in his groin, another in his nose, another on his forehead. Nate knew inside and by watching the images in his mirrored lens that he had 0g and 00g piercings in all the areas he felt a pinch. He focused on the mirror staring at himself. Lusting after himself when he saw his image drop to his knees. Nate matched him. Now both on their knees, Nate watched the gimp in the mirror slug-crawl over to the dragon dildo.

Again, Nate matched the actions when the gimp figure nuzzled the dildo around, collecting straw and dirt but successfully using his mask and nozzle to flip the dildo onto it’s base. Nate did the same. The Gimp squatted over the uprighted dildo. A clear and white tinged fluid drooled out of his ass lubricating the toy. Of course! Nate was a cum-dump. There was enough inside him to lubricate ten toys. He was so proud of himself for being so clever as to remember that. Nate squatted over the toy and in one quick squat, filled himself completely. Clenching his bum, the toy settled in very nicely as his ring closed around the tapered base.

Feeling complete and full, Nate looked at the chubby rubber pig who motioned with his head for Nate to come closer. Nate approached the mirror when he suddenly smelled something through his gas mask. His mask hose had fallen into the mirror. It was impossible but it was as if the mirror was just a doorway. Nate put his head through and feeling no resistance, hopped through completely.

Once on the other side the dildo began a vibrating and rotating its dance inside him. It filled and plumped and pushed and retreated. Nate was gurgling in his mask. This is what women wanted. He wanted what women wanted. Nate squatted and humped the air in place when he noticed a form behind him in the reflection of the mirror he had just walked through. Whimpering, he tried to maintain eye contact with the massive being but something in his head told him “Dogs don’t look in the eyes of superior beings”. He averted his eyes and again dropped to his knees.

The being trodded heavy footed over to Nate, lifting his chin as he unscrewed the snorkel piece. In its place he attached a pussy shaped mouth piece. It seemed to merge with Nates own lips. Experimentally, Nate licked his lips and felt the now elongated tongue rimming his new pussy lips. Nate looked up again trying to not make eye contact but he couldn’t help but notice the beast looked like an older, uglier Jason. He had the same scar on his left ear. He had the same mole on his right cheek, but it was impossible. This beast must have been 40 years old and so heavily muscled.

The beast held Nate’s chin up and dropped a wet lugie into the pussy lips of Nate’s mask Slowly bringing his cock up to the opening, Nate saw the head of his cock and for a moment it looked like a man’s face. Slowly Jason fed his length into the mask, pumping in so slowly. All the way in and all the way out. Nate was lost in the glorious feeling of having made someone so hard. His tongue lightly teased every inch of the cock. His lips pressed down as it pulled out and only suction with no resistance as it pushed back in. His mouth was making love to the cock and receiving so much pleasure from it.

In his mind he could hear Jason moaning in pleasure, both from the beasts chest but also from inside his mouth. It felt like the cock was moaning too. He felt the vibration coming from the shaft. Soon the pace quickened, and Nate knew the Beefy form of Jason was going to cum. He took the entire length of cock in his throat and dropped his entire weight onto the beast as Jason came and came and came some more. Nate was lost in the feeling of his belly being filled by the giants cum but also hearing the moaning of the voice in is throat. Jason fell backwards as a single unit. Unable to move his legs or arms, he just lay on the straw and dirt floor, looking sideways at his image in the mirror. The giant towering above him stroking his still tumesced cock.

It was then that Nate noticed the suit had smoothed out There were no more seams or gaps. The Gas mask was gone but the rubber made a hood through which only his shaved features, face and piercings showed. The rubber had melted into his skin. He was no longer skin and bones, he was rubberised. He was the fleshlight and toy. He struggled to move his arms but they stayed in the Doggy Begging” pose. His cock looked to be about 14” long and fully rubber. It certainly felt like rubber, so heavy and rigid. He raised his legs up in the air and saw his butt… there was a rubber doggy tail plug keeping him full.

Nate panicked. His mind cleared and sudden awareness threatened to stop his heart. Fear filled him as he looked around desperately. He struggled to stand and made it to his knees when the giant put his fingers in his pussy mouth. He started salivating but it was viscous like lube. As soon as he started sucking on the fingers, running his tongue on the top and underside his fear abated. He had a single purpose: to make whatever was inside of him feel good. The fingers pulled out and Nates clarity started to return. The giant slowly slid his cock into Nates mouth again but this time Nate saw the head. It was Jason. Or the head had Jasons face but sideways. His smile was the cock slit. Pre-cum drooled out of his mouth. Nate heard, “Let me inside… we can be together again” and Nate did. Immediately his fears went away as his purpose reasserted it’s self.

A second dose of cum and Nate felt more changes occur on the inside. Several loads later Nate knew he was fully converted. His organs cleared out making room for cum and sex. Load after load from Jason and Nate was finally full. The giant Jason lifted Nate onto his knees. Placing a catch bowl between Nate’s legs, the giant twisted Nates hard stretched balls and cock causing them to come away from the body as at least two litres of cum emptied into the bowl. Giant Jason replaced the rubber cock and low hangers, then raised the bowl to his lips, Jason drank the content down, and at the entrance, Pennywise burped a salty belch.

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