The Maze II

By GribenaKing
published September 9, 2019

Five jocks enter a corn field Maze and are changed

Jan had just separated from Jason and headed his own way. Truth be known, he was somewhat relieved that Jason had gone right and left him to his own. Really what he secretly wished was that Lars had come with him. He and lars had grown up together. Born and raised next door to each other, every picture of every birthday, every sports event, every day at the lake had the two of them together. Being apart was almost painful when they were doing something separately, as if it were only half an experience.

Jan was the hairier of the two. Lars was the kid brother of the same age, as it were. Though competitive on the field and in the gym, both were fanatically protective of each other and no two could be closer than they were. So, it was almost no surprise that they thought of each other in the Maze and almost felt each other connected though divided by dry stalks of corn and bales of hay, as if plants could prevent the energy of thought from reaching each other.

It seemed like an hour of wandering and Jan was sweating hard. It was only 59 degrees out and a definite chill to the air, but his shirt was plastered to his skin. More, his face, chest, arms and legs itched like mad. He was scratching absent mindedly not noticing the fine dark silky hair on his body as becoming thicker and coarser. Within 45 minutes it was a full-on Fur. His chest heaved deeper and his breath visible even though there was no frost in the air. “Damned allergies”! If only he could stop itching!

Jan ripped the now tattered shirt off his back, throwing it down on the ground as if it were personally responsible for his itch. The Damned itch that covered his body. He was stomping through the field now openly angry and aggressive and something else. Horned! He was so horned. His baggy Osh Kosh bib overalls were impossibly tight on him. The material chaffing his inner thighs, and short too. “Fuk me” he thought they were baggy when he put them on only an hour ago having to cuff the bottoms so they wouldn’t catch under his heels when he walked but now, they were above his calves.

His Furry calves. He only mildly noticed them when he sat down on a bale of hay to pull his shoes off. His feet were too thick for them. They had actually busted at the seams pulling away from the soles. Even his feet were furry and so thick. His hands had calloused on them, just like the soles of his feet. He rested on the bale of hay thinking of Lars. Jan just now thought of how sweet and smooth he was. how fey and innocent he was. He thought how sweet his soul was and if could have witnessed it, Pennywise, only a dimension away, was licking his lips to Jan’s thoughts.

Jan’s rough hand slid over his pec and grazed against his thick beet red finger sized nipple. Clicking his new tongue piercing against his clenched teeth he pinched and pulled his nipples painfully away from his body. He loved the pain and the interruption. His cock plumped and snaked down the tight shrinking space of what remained covering him looking more like an apron than a pair of overalls. Jan was lost in lust. He hefted one massive thigh up on the bail with the other on the ground as he alternated between pulling his balls painfully away from his body and jacking his cock. He needed to get off and though close, he couldn’t push over the edge. Where before his thoughts were of how to bed his girlfriend or of the women he’d fuck at University, his thoughts now were of Lars squirming under his 328-pound, seven-foot frame of thick gorilla muscles.

Jan thought about how he would bite and hump and fuck his boy. He pictured his newly elongated canines biting down on Lars flesh penetrating his nipple. Fuck, how he’d love to fill his boi with his seed. His hairy fuckin sperm. Jan never noticed the steam rising off his body and the smell he was putting off so someone familiar to him would be attracted as he jacked and tossed and fucked his hand. His naked hairy butt mounding and becoming fuller and rounder. His brow became thicker and harder as a ridge formed above his eyes. His nose flattened until he looked more animal than like a High School jock. His jaw had jutted forward and slightly open, saliva running down his lip and long white teeth. He jacked as he thought of his boy and what he would do to him. His boy who caught scent of his need. Jan’s thoughts became thick like syrup. Thinking more in images than words, the years of school pushed away, and animal need and instinct filled the void. “MATE” “FUCK” “PROTECT”, and “MINE” were the only words he needed now.

Parallel and just across a single row of corn was Lars. Whatever power made this maze kept them only feet apart through preternaturally impenetrable corn rows. Lars smelled something fantastic. He was filled with horniness and need by it. His mind no longer on navigating the corn maze but singularly to locate that incredible scent. God it made him think such hard thoughts of submission and need and the image was a big beast of a man: Jan!

Where Jan was hot and sweaty through his growing hair, Lars was chilled, and he had no hair to speak of. As a child he was Platinum blonde but once he entered puberty it thinned and rose higher up on his receding scalp. It seemed his cocks’ length had an inverse proportion the recession of his hair line. At 9 1/2 there wasn’t going to be much left on top by the time he reached 20. Now, as he ran, Lars had to brush the shoulder length hair out of his eyes. He hadn’t noticed how loose his wranglers were or how his enviable cock had retreated back into a 3” stub with baby balls pulled tight in his hairless sack/ What he did notice though, was that the corn seemed to be getting Taller. At the entrance his 6’1” height was only inches below the corn tops but now he was straight up to see the crown of dry yellow silk.

Lars was walking as fast as he could to keep up with the scent but every once in a while, the wind would shift, and he lost the smell that so comforted him. He felt his lip quiver and his eyes burn with redacted tears but then the scent was there, and he stepped faster towards it. The whole way there Lars thought about how he missed his Daddy, Lars never noticed how he thought of him as Daddy. Picturing him in his mind he wanted to run his fingers through his chest hair and feel his beard on his bumbum. He let a small giggle out when he thought of the coarseness against his smooth hairless bumbum.

Lars was known in sports for his unrelenting devotion. His commitment to his team and to his captain made him the darling of the School and any team they played against. In the gym, people would stop and watch him lift with all of his heart. Where Jan’s body looked thicker because of the thick hair, Lars looked ripped because of his hairlessness: His hard, flat pecs stretching and tendons popping. His lats looked like river rocks and his abs were permanently cobbled.

Now as he ran through the corn fields in search of his Daddy, the soft pre-pubescent mounds on his chest jiggled and wiggled. His pink areola against his creamy white skin. He looked all of 14 rather than the 18 years he was. Lars had walked for an hour following his nose and disregarding the signs and postings until he smelled the sweat and cum. He knew his desire was just around the corner. With his arms stretched out before him he stumble-ran, clenching and opening his little hands like a baby. He turned the corner and gasped at the site. There on a bale was the biggest man Lars had ever seen. He was magnificent. His body covered in a hair suit. His face scrunched in sexual focus as he jacked his unnaturally long cock. A long strand of pre-cum trailed off the end of his cock, covering his fingers and making a puddle on his foot. “Safe” popped into Lars head. “Master” and “DaddY” followed as he inhaled and ran with all his speed and energy launching himself at the size 15 foot that caught the trail of pre in its hairy cover. Sucking on the toes and arch, Jan opened his eyes to see his Boi at his feet where he belonged.

Jan presented his wet pre-cum, spit and sweat soaked hand down to his five-foot platinum twink to clean. Lars was in heaven. Lars raised his arms so Jan could pick him up like a baby suspending him over the 18” Monster cock poking out of a sheath. Lars instinctively raised his legs up so his bum was presented open and ready to be impaled. It’s pink puffiness showing how abused and open he was. Jan lowered him onto his shaft watching Lars face as his eyes flew wide open in shock. Inch by inch, Jan bump fucked the entire 18 inches and 3” width into and out of Lars self-lubricating bumbum.

Once completely inserted, Jan twisted Lars body around so he was facing away from Jan’s body. His legs draped over his Muscle bear Daddy’s legs as they played “Impaled and Impaler”. Lars squealing and moaning relentlessly mixing with Jan’s low deep baritone growl. Lars gasped as Jan bounced him, filling and emptying him. Lan lifted Lars by the gold rings that appeared in his puffy nipples and ran his tongue through the huge gauged ears. Lars was a fuck doll in Jan’s hands, and loving every bit of it.

Jan licked Lars shoulder and neck finally biting down and penetrated Lars neck. Oddly, there was no blood, the wounds healed immediately and the biting continued. Each bite made Lars more and more Jan’s possession until Lars was drained completely waiting to be filled. As consciousness ebbed Jan came with a roar filling Lars with his life-giving seed. Jan turned his baby boy around still impaled on his cock so Lars skinny twink legs wrapped around his body and his arms around Jan’s thick neck. They kissed with need and urgency. They kissed like to halves of a souls reunited.

The exchange was made. Knowledge filled their minds: They no longer needing food or work out schedules. This is what they would be, forever fueling and feeding each-other’s perpetual desperate need. Their fates sealed They would be lusts traveling demonstration model. As the post-Fuck fog lifted they both began to remember who they were and what they had been. As Lars struggled to lift himself off of Jan, horrified by what they had done when he felt a paralyzing fear at the emptiness; as if half of his soul had been ripped away from his body. It was a physical and mental pain beyond imagination. Looking up, Lars saw Jan’s thickened features distort in equal fear and alone-ness. He quickly plunged himself back down on Jan’s Cock feeling instant relief. Thoughts of escape disappeared as they comforted each-other feeling complete again. Jan’s thoughts re-clouded, and Lars whimpered in contentment, their need rising up within them. Meanwhile Pennywise, still on guard at the front gate smiling like a man who had just devoured the most delicious meal.

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