Big Changes chapter 8

By Lytcom
published September 7, 2019

When a stranger moves into town it begins to change the life of Sergeant Hall and everyone around him.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

Dick felt his whole sweat-soaked body shake, as he pushed his foot down on the speeder.

He was lucky that none of his colleagues were on patrol at this early hour as he had already broken a dozen speed limits. He just didn’t have time to worry about stupid stuff like speed limits anymore. He had to get to the store, and he had to get there now.

Driving was proving very difficult with only one hand on the steering wheel, but he had to make do, as his other hand was too busy playing with his ass.

The craving had started after he had gotten back from the amazing party at the club. By that time it was already pretty late. He had stayed far too long at the club and he knew he needed to hit the bed immediately if he wanted to be well-rested for work in the morning.

But he just couldn’t get any sleep at all. He laid there tossing and turning, trying but failing to ignore the feeling inside of him. The feeling that had grown and grown since his meeting with the strange gay guys at the club. A feeling of emptiness. Of having an empty hole that he just didn’t know how to fill.

He had tried everything. He had played with his ass, grabbed it, slapped it and inserted his fingers deeper and deeper into it, but it was not enough.

After hours of agonizing and horny restlessness, he suddenly remembered the store! That had to be the solution. There had to be something there that could help him.

By that time it was already early morning and Dick had realized, that if hurried, he could get there right as the store opened.

After speeding through the city he got to ZoneOut just in time. He made a haphazard parking, jumped out of his car and ran to the store as fast as the wind would carry him.

He knew exactly where to go. He had never visited it before, he sure as hell had never even thought about visiting it before, but it was not a store you could walk by without noticing.

As he reached the store a large sign told him, that he had come to the right place.

“FUN TOYS FOR BIG BOYS” read the sign on the front and next to it was a large picture of a young skinny boy, or rather a twink, as Dick now knew was the correct term. The blond boy with piercing blue eyes was probably around 20 years old. He had a wickedly dirty smile on his face, and Dick could see why. He had his back turned slightly towards the front, just enough to give passersby a nice good view of his naked ass with a dildo inside it.

The picture had seemed outrageous the first time Dick saw it. Back then he could not believe that the city council would allow such an obscene, perverted and deeply pornographic picture to be displayed out in the open.

Now, however, he could not take his eyes off the handsome twink. The boy looked so happy with a dildo up his ass. Hopefully, Dick thought, he would be just as happy once he got his own dildo to play with.

With that thought, Dick entered the store and was met with the most amazing sight. The store was filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves, all of them stacked to the brink with every sex toy imaginable and then some.

Dick now understood how hopelessly naive he had been. With no experience whatsoever with sex toys, he had thought he could simply buy a normal dildo, but as he looked around the store he saw countless dildos with different sizes, shapes and colors. He also found dozens of what he was pretty sure was butt-plugs. But the shelves went on and on and presented so many different kinds of sex toys. Dick had absolutely no idea what all these different toys were called or even how they were used, but he had a feeling that he would be familiar with all of them before long.

“See anything you like”, a smooth voice suddenly interrupted him from behind.

Dick turned around to find a twink with short black hair. He wore the standard ZoneOut-employee uniform of baggy shorts and no shirt.

“Very much so”, Dick said with a smirk as he looked the twink over. He had grown so accustomed with flirting with the men at the club, that he now considered it perfectly normal to flirt with any guy anywhere. It was just the way men talked to each other, wasn’t it?

“So what brings you here today, mr.?”

“Dick”, he answered before realizing what he had just said.

“I mean my name is Dick”, he quickly added.

“It is my hole that brought me here. I need a way to fill it”, Dick said, not even stopping one second to question whether he should tell this stranger of his ass-craving. It was only normal for guys to enjoy playing with their ass once in a while. Especially guys with butts like Dick’s.

“And you are sure it is not a dick you are looking for”, the store clerk joked, although Dick couldn’t see anything funny about it.

“I’m not gay. I just need some toy to fill my hole”, he said firmly.

“Whatever you say. It’s not like it matters anyway. Gay or straight. It’s perfectly normal for all guys to buy sex toys”, the store clerk answered.

“Perfectly normal for all guys to buy sex toys”, Dick found himself inadvertently replying with a dreamy voice, as the last remaining doubt about his ass-craving melted from his mind.

“I’m Tommy. My friends call me Tommy the twink. Let me show you around”, Tommy the twink said with a smile.

What followed was a tour de force of sexy playfulness as the twink showed Dick a vast variety of dildos, butt plugs and all kinds of sexy toys. Each and every object got a long and detailed introduction by the twink that seemed to know every sex toy in the store by heart.

Some of the toys seemed far too kinky and perverse for Dick but as Tommy the twink went on to talk about how normal it was for guys to enjoy the toys, Dick found his opinions about them changing.

In the end Tommy the twink had gathered a fine bunch of toys for Dick to consider. Besides an elegant dark blue dildo, a set of butt plugs in different sizes, a vibrator and lube there were also a set of anal beads in medium size, anal balls for extra fun and even an anal snake.

“This will definitely satisfy that hole of yours. What do you think?”, Tommy the twink asked.

“I really don’t know, bro. It is all so new to me”, Dick said.

“Dude, I know the feeling. Before this place opened, I had no clue about this stuff either” Tommy the Twink said.

“Really. But you seem like you’re made for this job”, Dick said.

“Thanks, dude. It’s actually a pretty fun story. I came here on the opening day with five of my friends from college. We just planned on going around and laughing at all the stupid gay crap. Back then we thought the whole place was idiotic”, the twink said looking ashamed.

Dick remembered all too well his own misjudgment of the place back in the beginning. Oh, how wrong he had been.

“When we found this store we just had to go inside so that we could laugh at all the ridicules gay toys up close. But then we met the man himself, Mr. Black. Have you ever met him?”, the twink asked as Dick nodded.

“He is like the greatest guy that has ever lived, don’t you agree? I still remember the moment. It is not like he actually talked with us. As he walked passed us, he looked us over and said we would look hot as his employees. And that was it. When we left the store five minutes later, we had all decided to drop out of college and apply for jobs at the store”, the twink finished his story smiling from ear to ear.

“That is amazing. Good for you. And trust me. You are far better of working here than studying. All that learning-stuff is just so worthless. I can’t believe how many years I wasted at RSU” Dick told the nice twink.

“You went to RSU?!”, Tommy the twink said with utter disbelief.

“Like, What did you study?”

“I studied…” Dick was about to answer the twink when he suddenly felt dizzy. It was like he could hear his friend Chris’s voice echoing in the back of his mind. All the stuff we learned is worthless. We might as well forget it all. No reason to go around remembering a lot of worthless knowledge, his friend had said, and Dick agreed.

“Holy shit. I can’t recall. It’s all gone” Dick answered.

“Well, it can’t have made much of an impact then”, Tommy the twink smiled.

“No, guess not” Dick laughed with a stupid grin on his face. He knew that he should probably be concerned about years of education just vanishing from his memory, but he actually felt strangely proud of having finally emptied his mind of that stupid crap. Now he could concentrate on what really mattered. Working on his hot body and, most importantly, filling his hole.

“Dude, these toys are all fine and all, but what do I do, when I am at work? Like, I can’t carry these around at the office”, Dick said concerned.

“Sure you can. This butt-plug, for example, is perfect to walk around with unnoticeable” Tommy the twink said.

“Get out of here”, Dick said in disbelief.

“I’m serious, dude. I’ll prove it”, the store clerk answered as he pulled down his shorts and a pair of pink briefs to show his ass to Dick, a butt-plug neatly inserted into his hole.

“I stand corrected, but that won’t work for me, dude. My new sexy uniform is so tight that it leaves nothing for the imagination. I love showing of my hot body to the world, but I don’t want people to see the outline of a butt plug. It will look ridiculous”, Dick explained.

“Uniform? Dude, where do you work?”, the twink said confused.

“I’m an office boy at the Police”, Dick said proudly.

“Holy shit. I had no idea I was helping one of Riverside’s finest. You do know that people in town are being extra naughty just so that they can meet one of you up close, right?” the twink said.

“Dude, I highly doubt that”, Dick said.

“It’s true. Everybody on the street is saying it. There is nothing hotter in town than a nice piece of police ass”, Tommy the twink said.

“And I have to agree with them. You may not have your uniform on, but you look fucking fantastic”, the twink added.

“Well thanks, I guess I have been doing a pretty good job at the gym lately”, Dick said, as he admired his own biceps as he flexed for the twink.

“We should like meet up in the gym sometime, I could give you tips on how to get some muscles on that skinny body of yours”, Dick offered the twink.

“I’m not actually a member of the gym. I have been far to busy in the store. And I’m not actually sure I would fit in there”, Tommy the twink said nervously.

“Nonsense, dude. All guys want to work on their hot bodies at the gym. After all, it’s important to get big and strong”, Dick said, as he tried to recall where he had heard those words before.

“It’s important to get big and strong”, Tommy the twink replied with a strange dreamy voice.

“Yeah. And the best part is that you get to join us in the locker room afterward. It is so fucking fantastic to be jerking your hard dick together with a bunch of hot naked guys”, Dick said excitedly.

“Yeeees… fucking fantas… WAIT WHAT”, Tommy the twink said as his trance was broken.

“Are you telling me, a bunch of guys are standing together in a locker-room and jerk off together? Isn’t that weird? I thought you said you weren’t gay” the twink said confused.

“It’s not gay. It is just guys being guys. After all, it’s perfectly normal for a hot naked guy to jerk off in front of other hot naked guys”, Dick explained matter of factly.

“It’s perfectly normal for a hot naked guy to jerk off in front of other hot naked guys”, Tommy the twink repeated, his dreamy trance-like voice returning.

“Perhaps it would be good to join the gym. I have been considering it for a long time”, the twink said, apparently completely obvious to the fact that he until a few minutes ago he had no desire to go to the gym.

Dick could have spent many hours more in the wonderful sex toy store, but he knew he had to head home. He decided to buy all the toys that Tommy the twink had found to him, even though it would cost far more than his new meager pay at the station.

As Dick was about to leave the store, his arms filled with shopping bags, he turned around to give the wonderland of sex toys one last look. He saw that Tommy the twink was now standing in the middle of the room. With his shorts and underwear down to his ankles, he now stood completely naked and jerked his surprisingly impressive dick, while his other hand was busy feeling up his thin body. His eyes were closed, and he had a dreamy look on his face as he was undoubtedly imagining how big and strong he would get once he joins the gym, as all guys should.

As Dick gave the store clerk one last look over he felt oddly proud. Tommy’s friends would definitely have to find him a new nickname soon. Thanks to Dick, Tommy the twink wouldn’t be a twink for much longer.

Dick considered going back and helping the store clerk with his jerk off but then he felt the craving in his ass return and he realized he had to go home as soon as possible. He just couldn’t wait to play with his new toys.

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