At The Office

By GlamGod
published September 6, 2019

a second installment in my realistic (mostly) hypnosis work; it’s been a while but I’m getting back into writing and thought I should continue this piece.

When Andres got to work, he began to suspect something. He’d woken up refreshed; Lucio had made coffee, and their morning was pleasant. He’d felt deliciously well-rested, completely focused and ready for the day. With a quick peck on his husband’s cheek, he’d headed out, not a worry in his head.

At least, not until he’d walked into the office, and the receptionist looked at him like he’d turned green. “Ah–good morning, Tina!” He greeted, smiling as he headed to his cubicle; though he did run a hand over his face; maybe he’d smudged something? He got similar looks from his other coworkers, but while he found himself confused–Andres merely assumed they were looking at a hair out of place, or his tie was a tad rumpled–he didn’t think he needed to worry. There was a pervasive peace throughout his mind, as he went to work, humming softly as he slipped his earbuds in, binaural beats quickly relaxing and focusing him to the task at hand. His left hand had slipped down, fingering the soft hem of his miniskirt. The fabric felt nice; and his legs, smooth and soft, felt delicious in the air; though he did get a shiver now and again, as he stood up to get more coffee. Yet again, eyes were on him–and Andres was friendly, chatting with his coworkers and simply trying to deduce why his friends seemed so…interested in him.

The strangest was when he’d gone up to the man working next to him, having offered to bring coffee over, and Robert had said quickly– “Not here. Meet me in the men’s room.” Why? Andres had gotten up from his knees, rather uncertain, brushing down his skirt and offering a smile. “Sure thing, hon!” Maybe Robbie just preferred to drink his coffee in the bathroom? Well, Andres wouldn’t complain about it; he felt remarkably easygoing. Those meditation sessions with Lucio had worked wonders–it’d been ages since he’d felt this relaxed, and he’d have to remember to thank Luci when he got home.

Robbie was there when Andres bounced into the restroom, beaming, with a new mug of coffee. The man looked bemused, beckoning a hand and obediently, Andres spun–placing the mug on the sink as he bent over, staring into the mirror with a pleased-as-punch grin. That new lipstick color, a bright orange, it looked great on him; his tanned skin warm tones providing a fabulous backdrop for the lipstick–and the dark, thick lashes and liner around his eyes. He liked to stare at himself–he’d always been rather vain; and Lucio had always admired it; encouraged him to try new looks, new ideas; “After all, if you want to be pretty, you might as well be my pretty boy, isn’t that right, Ande?” He could hear his voice perfectly, and even recalling that warm tone made his heartrate spike, a shiver running through his spine; his butt giving a wiggle as the man behind him chuckled, running his hands over those smooth cheeks as he flipped up Andres’ skirt.

“You been prepping for this, huh?” Andres gave a little nod–morning coffee was an important ritual! “Every morning with my husband,” He replied, which made Robbie snort behind him, pulling out the plug with an audible ‘pop’. Andres bit back a groan, his cheeks flushing a bit. “He…he can’t focus without a nice cup of joe..” Robert was gripping his hips, rocking them both back and forth over the sink while Andres chatted away; a little bulge in his skirt as he kept up the pleasantries. Lucio had suggested that he try to make more friends at work, after all–and what better than to introduce some morning routines, some friendly chatter? Andres had agreed readily; though a quiet person, he didn’t want to be seen as standoffish; he didn’t want to be a shut-in. Lucio had helped him with that–and now, here he was, making friends. Making….

His thoughts shattered; a little gasp escaping the boy as he felt that hot swelling; the rubber stretching and filling inside him. Lucio’s words echoed back to him.

“If you’re a good boy, Ande, you might get the privilege of taking another man inside you. That honor must be repaid–” His boy had been riding his cock, bouncing and listening intently, hands pressed on his chest, the little dog-tag he wore at home bouncing against his neck. “Repaid by making sure they enjoy themselves, si?” Andres nodded–tongue out, happy–as he did exactly as asked. A good boy. “That’s it, Ande.” Lucio purred, tugging Andres close, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he came in his boy; the tranced darling being given his climax with love as well.

But today, Lucio was not here to give him that climax. Today, he was simply repaying the gesture; and making sure Robbie was pleasured for being so kind as to honor him with his cock. It felt good–that pleasant tingle running from his scalp, down to his toes. He could even feel himself growing hard in his panties, the underwear teased aside from his ass but still cupping his semi-hard shaft. He knew nothing would come of it–not at least until tonight, but that was all right. He had his headphones–he could get his work done regardless.

Already, Robbie was zipping up, tossing the condom in the trash and giving Andres a friendly squeeze, on the shoulder and around his front. “Thanks, Alvarez. Y’know, had me a bit shocked when you came in like that, but it looks good on you. But…maybe stick to the office attire, okay, Pretty Boy?” He chuckled, heading to the door and pausing, turning back. “But damn, that lipstick would look good around my cock.”

Andres couldn’t help his little laugh, fingers to his lips as he pictured it. Maybe next time; if Lucio thought it was a good idea. He was strange; a bit of that pleasant relaxation he’d felt all day was fading. Though he hadn’t noticed it before, there was a fog that was clearing as he stood in the men’s room. Goodness–a skirt and blouse? No wonder he’d gotten looks…though, giving himself another look over–he did look wonderfully cute. A pretty boy.

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