I am unit 7 part 9

By Jeep
published September 5, 2019

Unit Dan begins a journey to Thetatech…

“I am unit 4, and my job is to breed.”

How easy that answer is to give, how easy the life is to live… it would be so easy to remain in the Breeding Center, just waiting for the Great Ejaculation and the waiting receptacle of those who receive. This life, full of the pleasures of the flesh, the pleasure of the body fulfilled in every possible way, the innocent childlike nature of these beautiful, simple units… it is only the much crumpled image of unit Dan in the time before, that keeps me to myself. Daily I pull it from it’s hiding place to remind me that I must not, I could not stay here… the GREAT LEADER…. the GREAT BASTARD had to be stopped, and this unit’s job was to stop him.

One day, one day much like any other, there is a commotion in the birthing wing of the Breeding Center. Something has gone wrong, and the tiny unit is dead, and the unit who gave it birth is damaged. A unit 2 has been called to assess the situation, and a decision has been made. I wait patiently, knowing what I must do.

I hear the heavy, lumbering tread, and smell the dank, fetid musk of my escape. The unit 6 has done it’s duty to the Great Society. The damaged unit has been given the good death. i think how ironic I would have found this in the time before, I am literally about to trade the promise of life for the certainty of death… but it is the only way I can see to travel undetected to the place where the GREAT LEADER and the unit 1’s led the Great Society, it is my only chance to set things right…

I step into the path of the unit 6, trying to steel my resolve. The hulking brute beds low to give me the kiss of servitude, and I reach my hand forward, and rub against the unit’s penis encased in it’s leather kilt. From the instant response, I know it has been long since this unit enjoyed the Great Ejaculation…

"Come, " I whisper, my voice golden and seductive, “come with me…”

The unit follows me into one of the breeding rooms. I step out of my shoes and shorts, and glance one final time at this golden, beautiful body. I reach around the behemoth’s low hanging gut, and undo the straps of the kilt. I smell the unwashed smell of the unit, and wonder momentarily if I can proceed… but it is this unit’s directive to breed, so breed I must… I quickly bring the unit 6 to orgasm twice, once giving seed, once receiving it. Soon it lies back onto the pillows exhausted. I fight my own exhaustion, and I watch and feel as the changes overtake us both… I watch my beauty changing, growing coarser, heavier, darker until beauty exists no more… I feel the beard grow long and dense, spreading onto my new gargantuan body. I see the hair on my arms, shoulders, and pectorals. I feel the return of the sense of power, of rage, of the goodness of the grave, and I both accept it and reject it. I AM death, and I AM unit Dan on a mission. This rage will serve me well. I dress myself in the uniform of this unit’s type while the newly changed unit 4 sleeps the deep, dreamless sleep…

I dress in the uniform of this unit. I feel comfort as I slip the hood over my head. In this hood, I am all and I am none…. I take the crumpled image of the time before, making my way to the world outside.

Once I leave the gates of the breeding center, I begin to understand how long this unit has been lost in bliss… where the town once stood, only bare streets remain. The land is planted with the summer crop in some places, and with many young trees in others. The only structures which remain serve the Great Society, the Breeding Center, the Conversion Center, the places for official vehicle maintenance and refueling, and the various structures containing the units of all designations… on each structure remaining are supersized posters of the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED… FUCK HIM! so that all may see his power and glory. Everywhere the unit 7’s work silently and in perfect unison to do their assigned tasks. My vehicle is the lone noise as I make my way to the on ramp for the interstate. I see the sign which directs me to At..lan.. ta, the home of Thetatech. In a few short hours I will be there, and then I will figure out a way in. In the vehicle, the musk of this unit is unavoidable. I smell relishing the odor of strength, of solitude, of the grave, and I must fight the urge to allow it to consume me. How good the lives of these simple units are, each given one purpose, each given lives free from want, need and desire. Even this form is not without it’s pleasures. I can feel the strength coursing through these limbs, I relish the thought of giving the good death, and the brutality of the Great Ejaculation with those of this unit’s kind… as I drive, I use the time to pull forward as many of Unit Dan’s memories and knowledge. I try my best to remember code, remember the entrances and access numbers for Thetatech, remember any conversation held with Declan concerning Project Eden…. it is hard for this unit, so hard, all this unit wants to do is use it’s power to bring the good death, to use it’s power to hurt…

As the vehicle nears the city, I can see the dismantling is still in full effect. I see unit 7’s in all their musclebound sweaty glory dismantling the suburban sprawl. Even in downtown, I see glittering skyline is diminished, many towers still standing but stripped of their glittering facades, their interiors open to the elements, soon it will be time for me to exit onto the once crowded streets of Buckhead and find my way to the Thetatech campus. For the first time in this journey I begin to encounter other vehicles, sleek black sedans, and heavy black SUvS, bearing the seal of the Great Society. These must be the vehicles of the unit 1’s… an idea begins to form in my head, and I begin to follow a unit 1 in an S class Mercedes. These areas have not been dismantled. i follow the unit 1 down West Paces Ferry, until it turns onto a side street heading toward Tuxedo Road, the road where unit Dan lived in the time before. As the road curves and bends, I take my chance. I increase the speed of my vehicle, and I ram the Benz with my heavier vehicle, and watch it go off the road.

As expected, the car door opens and a unit 1 emerges to inspect the damage… I am amazed at this unit’s form, it is an exact duplicate of the form Declan originally occupied, before he underwent conversion.., tall, thin limbed, with a full head of black slicked back hair. It is dressed in the black turtleneck and pants that were one Declan’s daily uniform… that bastard! He has surrounded himself with his own image. This will work in my favor. It takes mere minutes to subdue the unit, strip it bare, and fill it with this glorious seed… I lap up it’s watery antiseptic tasting seed, and I wait…

I am unit Dan, and I’m close…

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