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Fun With Sliders 5 & 6: Fun With Science & Showers

By A Voyeur Fan
published September 5, 2019
3884 words

Unbeknownst to these sexy studs, my nanobots are training them to desire each other sexually. Then, some locker room showers provide an opportunity for some sexy fun

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Thanks once again for all the wonderful feedback, which I’ve tried to work into the story where it makes enough sense. This part took a while, and when it was through I decided it might as well be two parts in one. Hope y’all don’t mind a bit of science to explain the hypnotic conditioning. I like my “hard sci-fi” to be hard sci-fi, after all.

When you have the power of an army of nanobots at your fingertips, it’d be a shame not to put it to its most entertaining use.

For me, that use was lacing the body of my sexy classmate Sloan Cradey with a horde of nanobots, and using their technology to record his naked body and control his arousal, dialing it up until he came over and over in his sleep.

I plotted to use my control over his body to train Sloan up for sex with men. To that end, I laced the body of Sloan’s friend Peter Cordille with yet more nanobots, with the ultimate goal of nudging the two from friends all the way to friends with benefits. However, my initial surveillance of Peter revealed him to be the ashamed owner of a certified micropenis, making it impossible for him to effectively top Sloan. Still attached to the idea of getting the two to fuck, I decided to make a slight change of plans.

Before I could put my plan into action, though, I had to figure out how to use my nanobots for effective mind manipulation.

See, getting Sloan to cum after I’d already recorded what his body did in an orgasm was easy, a simple matter of getting the nanobots to recreate his orgasmic body state. The chemistry involved was even universal enough that the exact same process brought Peter to orgasm, and I’d imagine that it’d work on any other guy hosting nanobots too.

The human brain, however, is a much harder organ to control than the human penis. Simple hormone signaling or nerve stimulation wasn’t going to have a reliable effect on an organ with 100 billion neurons and 1000 trillion synapses. Every thought that passes through your brain involves a cascade of neural complexity. Not to mention I’m no neurologist by trade, so figuring out how to use nanobots for mind control would be like fumbling around in the dark.

By all this, I mean to say that my current tech had certain limitations: While I discovered that my nanobots could record and replay short patterns of brain activation, I could only work with the naturally occurring thoughts in Sloan and Peter’s brains. Trying to introduce foreign brainwave patterns would result in something garbled and unreadable until I could somehow invent technology to adapt them to my subject’s minds.

Also, I couldn’t just have the nanobots flip a switch in their brains to make them gay. No one is quite sure where sexuality even lives in the brain, so the thought of simply switching it around was a no go for now.

But don’t let all this technobabble discourage you, readers. This series isn’t going to just end with technical difficulties.

I may not have been able to use the nanobots to make Sloan and Peter gay, but I quickly realized that with sufficient time and training, I could make them want to fuck guys.

After all, with the tools at my disposal, I had everything I needed for some old fashioned Pavlovian conditioning.

The principle was quite simple. Pair an image with a pleasure-causing stimulus enough times and eventually your subject develops a pleasure response to the stimulus alone. What that looked like in practice was this: I had the nanobots that had accumulated in Sloan’s brain record a mental snapshot of his brainwave activity when he looked at Peter’s face. Replaying this snapshot would cause Peter’s face to pop into Sloan’s mind. I did that part at night while he slept, so as not to be too obvious. Every time I put Peter’s face into Sloan’s mind, I’d slide his arousal up to 100, watching as the sexy stud climaxed all over himself in his sleep. Little by little, this would train Sloan’s body to be aroused at the sight of Peter.

Naturally, I ran the same process with Sloan’s face on Peter, watching intently as cum shot out of his micropenis on screen, his mind filled with thoughts of his best friend. At the end of every session, I’d test my progress by having the image of each sexy boy placed in the other’s brain, watching as the arousal slider nudged upward even while set to passive measurement. Little by little, their attraction towards each other grew.

That last bit made me discover a new avenue by which to improve my nanobot network, and after a weekend’s work I’d programmed a new attraction controlling feature into my BotNet app.

Below the word “Attraction” on the sliders tab, I planned to put sliders to individually track and control my subjects’ level of arousal response to any other human being. Of course, there were as of yet only two people in my network, so to start off Sloan’s only attraction slider bore an image of Peter’s face, Peter’s an image of Sloan’s.

For an extra dash of excitement, I decided to test run the attraction slider on each boy concurrently. One night, my tablet’s screen split with Sloan’s naked body on one side and Peter’s on the other, I dialed each boy’s attraction to the other up to 100 and waited. No immediate response from either of them.

Then, simultaneously, I pressed the buttons to transmit Sloan’s face into Peter’s mind and Peter’s face into Sloan’s.

The effect was instantaneous. Each sexy boy’s arousal slider, both set to passively measure the studs’ excitations, began to spontaneously climb. Both boys began to react in unison — stirring in bed, boning up, starting to leak precum, thrashing and moaning in their sleep, and finally thrashing in pleasure as they each orgasmed in the same instant. As they each settled down in the afterglow, their arousal measurements gently settled back to a baseline.

Curious about the strength of this control, I pressed the thought transmission buttons again. Just as before, the two boys stirred, developed erections, moaned, dribbled precum, and ejaculated in unison. I admit the sight was such a turn on that I put them through it ten times, the boys continuing to orgasm on every single one. By the final run, their balls could barely output a single weak, watery spurt of semen.

After the sleeping boys’ sexy show, switching off active control of their attraction made the slider slip back to a higher value then its pre-experimental reading. That meant that though direct mental control had ceased, Sloan and Peter’s bodies were slowly undergoing permanent changes as my classical conditioning taught them to desire their best friend sexually.

Oh, of course I could have simply dialed up their attraction myself and set them loose to go at it like dogs in heat, but I confess I didn’t find that blunt of a solution very arousing. With that lack of finesse, I’d feel like I were shoving two dolls together and and shouting “Now, kiss!” No, what I wanted was to convince Sloan and Peter that fucking had been their deepest desire all along, that their own long buried cravings for cock had been uncovered by their lust for their sexy friend.

Anyway, I also wanted to make a few physical alterations to these boys. I needed after all, to prepare each of them for the physical rigors of buttsex. I programmed the nanobots inside Sloan’s and Peter’s sexy asses to attach to the pain receptors in and around their assholes, altering them to function like pleasure receptors. A few activation tests assured me that anal stimulation would from then on give these sexy boys only pleasure, never discomfort or pain.

What’s more, I could remotely trigger these bots to activate the cluster of pleasure receptors at will. In short, I could send a pulse of utter stimulation to Sloan’s and Peter’s holes whenever I wished. I wanted to encourage the two to explore their anal openings a bit, so one day when they were sat in class I covertly sent a pulse of pleasure to Sloan’s hole, then to Peter’s.

Grinning as I sat in my surveillance point (luckily, it was my free period), I watched as the boys’ eyes widened at the sudden stimulation. Perturbed, I could see the two shift in their seats on screen, no doubt wondering what just came over each of them.

I smiled from ear to ear as I thought about the possibilities this brought about. I’d already employed Pavlov’s work to condition these sexy studs, why not take a page out of Skinner’s book to shape their behavior?

First, I programmed Sloan’s and Peter’s assholes to be sent a pulse of pleasure at random intervals during the day. Before long, they learned that fingering their holes would give them an extra shot of that electric pleasure and took to doing it regularly each time they masturbated. Peter was the first of the two to finger-fuck himself to orgasm without touching his tiny cock. Sloan followed not long after, arching his back as he shoved his thumb inside him to the knuckle, catching the cum that flew from his naked cock in his other hand and slurping it up readily.

I made sure to watch and rewatch the recordings of these sexy studs ejaculating from the sensations of their fingers in their asses as I wanked off to the thought of shoving my cock inside them, one after the other. Alas, my personal involvement would have to wait.

Once I was sure that they both had adequately learned this new behavior, I gradually phased out the spontaneous pulses. Deprived of their reliable daily dose of anal pleasure, Sloan and Peter gradually began fingering themselves even more in private to compensate.

By now, their routine masturbation sessions had become exclusively finger-fuck focused. I drooled at the wealth of viewing material these boys were giving me: Peter spreading his milky-white smooth asscheeks and circling around his hairless pucker with his index finger before slipping it in to the knuckle, Sloan making a fist with one hand, extending a thumb, and lowering the pink hole between his meaty, hairy cheeks down onto the slender digit every night.

And then, devilishly, I tinkered with the programming to make the pleasure response semi-random. That is to say, I made each time Sloan and Peter snuck away to finger themselves akin to a round on a slot machine. Enough times to keep them hooked, their holes would quiver with pleasure at being fingered. Other times, they’d try futilely to get any sensation from their assholes at all.

This was a variable ratio reinforcement schedule, a key principle in operant conditioning. You might think a decrease in rewards would decrease Sloan’s and Peter’s desired behavior, i.e. fingering themselves. To the contrary, this change ramped up the frequency and intensity with which those sexy boys shoved their fingers up their assholes. It led them to move beyond their comfort zone and try it during school hours, sneaking off to the restrooms to try and get themselves off in the stalls.

This variable reinforcement was the principle behind slot machines, Candy Crush, and all manner of diabolically habit-forming devices. A reward schedule like this would have the boys fingering themselves at a higher rate than any other, continuing at it ever more determinedly even without the desired shot of pleasure.

Of course, I’d left in a way to get a guaranteed reward. Sloan and Peter simply had to penetrate themselves with something more considerable than one finger. Sure enough, the boys quickly got used to using two, then three at a time. Once they’d acclimated to bigger penetrations, I phased out the rewards for single fingers entirely and shifted multiple fingers to variable reinforcement.

I was thrilled when the boys began repurposing household objects to faciliate their self-pleasuring. Sloan used the ovoid grip of a hairbrush, easing it into his sensitive hole as he held the end with the bristles. Peter favored a slender pilfered candlestick, one hand on the base as he pushed it deep into his entrance. The two were quick studies when it came to learning what I expected of them. I often pleasured myself to the sight of Peter on all fours with a candlestick up his sexy ass and his hard little micropenis shooting ropes of semen, or Sloan his back with his hairy muscular legs in the air, shoving the handle of his hairbrush all the way in as his cock showered cum on his chest and stomach. I often climaxed to the idea that as Sloan and Peter fucked themselves with inanimate objects, they each envisioned the other plugging away at their assholes.

I could successfully teach the boys to explore anal pleasure using operant conditioning, and train their bodies to respond to each other with arousal using classical conditioning. Still, I needed to confront their mental resistance to fucking men, gradually change their thought patterns, and shape their minds to my desires. And for that, I used hypnopedia.

For those of you who never read Brave New World, hypnopedia or sleep-learning consists of transmitting simple repeated information in the phase of sleep when the mind is most receptive and suggestible. Since I already had thousands of nanobots pervading the sexy studs’ inner ears, info transmission was as simple as recording my own voice whispering the desired message, then having the aural nanobots loop and replay my message straight into their eardrums, hundreds of times a night.

For Sloan I started with the words “I want Peter. I want to fuck Peter. I really want to fuck Peter, badly.” Those were played 300 times per night as Sloan slept. Gradually, I worked in “I love to touch my ass. Untouched my ass feels so empty. It feels so good to shove things up my asshole.” This message was played an additional 300 times each night. I’d occasionally reinforce each message with a hit of arousal to his cock or a burst of pleasure in his ass.

For Peter, things went similarly. The only difference was that I knew Peter’s adorable dicklet, smooth sexy ass, and twinky physique meant he was destined to bottom exclusively. I tailored the messages he was given to reflect that. “I want Sloan. I want to get fucked by Sloan. I really want Sloan to fuck me hard.” That was played 300 times per night at first, then I added “I love to put things inside my ass. My ass feels uncomfortable without something inside it. It feels good when something fucks my asshole.” 300 times a night on top of the first. With Peter, the reinforcement I gave was strictly anal pleasure.

Then there was the matter of exhibitionism. I wanted them to feel a desire to be naked as much as possible, to get off on exposing their sexy bodies. To that end, I gave them each another hypnopedic routine: “I love being naked. Clothes make me uncomfortable. I won’t wear any more than I absolutely need to. I don’t care who sees.”

I knew Sloan, who had no obvious body image issues, would be a more receptive target for this messaging. For Peter, who struggled with the shame of his tiny cock so much that switching to exclusively anal masturbation seemed to be a great relief, I added an additional passage. “I’m proud of my cock. Its size makes me exceptional. I wouldn’t want a bigger dick. This is who I was meant to be. I want everyone to know about it.”

Aldous Huxley wrote that hypnopedia was like a slow drip of wax that gradually envelops the brain, changes its shape, and covers up its original form. After seeing the effect on Sloan and Peter, I’d have to agree with him.

In a few short weeks, these suggestions started to affect the sexy boys’ behavior. Sure enough, Sloan and Peter began to tug uncomfortably at their school uniforms throughout the day. When they got to the privacy of their bedrooms the sexy studs would waste no time in disrobing completely, often taking the opportunity to slip something inside their quivering assholes. I felt utter delight when, on the same night, I heard the words “Oh, Sloan…” pass from Peter’s lips as he pleasured himself, and “Oh, Peter…” from Sloan’s, in his own room miles away.

What convinced me that these studs were ready to fuck came as a stunning surprise. It happened at the end of an after-school Presidential Fitness test that the whole school had to take part in. See, the boys’ locker room had showers installed across from the row of lockers, but no one was actually expected to use them. Operational but long out of use, the showers went neglected and unmaintained, and a row of curtains that used to hang in front of them for privacy had long since been torn down.

Sloan, well trained boy that he was, surprised even me when glancing Peter’s way, he whipped his boxers off, grabbed a bar of soap, slung a towel over his shoulder, and headed off in the direction of the showers. Glances turned his way as he passed. “Hey Sloan,” a boy named Tyler said as the sexy stud tossed his towel onto the otherwise unadorned shower curtain rod, “You know those showers are old and nasty.”

“Yeah, I know,” Sloan said, “But my family’s got a formal thing this evening. I don’t wanna show up all gross and this is my only chance to clean up before then.”

With that, Sloan switched his chosen shower on. Every eye in the locker room turned towards the sound of hissing water. These showers weren’t attached to the wall, but were mounted on free standing posts in groups of six. Sloan had chosen a shower head on the far side of the post, so as he faced into the spray he gave the whole room a full-frontal eyeful.

Most people tried not to look at Sloan’s hairy sexy body too much. I looked away content in the knowledge that I could replay this moment at my leisure later. Peter though, I could tell was having a hard time fighting his urges. He kept stealing furtive glances towards Sloan’s naked body and the steaming water dripping from his bushy pubes. It was apparent that he was fighting any outward signs of arousal.

Then to my increasing delight, Peter draped a towel around his waist and lowered his own boxers. He shut his eyes for a few moments, dueling desires competing inside him, then took a deep breath, unwrapped his towel, and slung it over his shoulder as he walked to the showers.

“I’ve got a… formal thing too,” Peter said as he walked by.

Since the neglected showers took up one wall of the boys’ locker room, Peter could have snuck to the shower nearest to the corner where he changed, passing barely anyone on the way. Instead, he walked uncovered to the showers the long way, passing nearly every boy’s locker as he went. Glances turned his way as he passed, and soon there came the sound of whispers and soft snickering from boys he’d walked by. The knowledge of Peter’s unhung status was quickly making its way around the room. Nobody would say anything to his face, though. You never wanted to admit you’d been looking at another boy’s cock.

Unfazed, Peter walked up to the place where Sloan stood showering and tossed his towel on the empty curtain rod next to Sloan’s.

A wall full of showers, and Peter still picked the shower head adjacent to Sloan’s. Sloan was secretly fighting his own arousal at the sight of his best friend’s nude approach, and stepped back to accommodate.

“Hey, Peter,” said the first sexy boy as the second stepped in close next to him.

“Hey, Sloan,” said Peter as he took in the sight of the steaming water cascading down Sloan’s hairy torso, then switched on his own shower and leaned back to let the hot water run down his hairless front.

Sloan and Peter both stood completely nude and exposed in view of every boy in the school. The narrow shower post between the two provided no cover at all. Many boys tried to pay no attention, but I saw a few who might have been trying to fight their own arousal. Sloan and Peter certainly seemed to be trying their hardest not to bone up in plain sight of each other and everyone else.

The sexy boys traded furtive glances at each other’s cock and ass. Then, in the most perfect moment of the whole afternoon, Peter asked Sloan “Could I borrow your bar of soap?”

Sloan, using the soap to covertly rub his cock and ass, said “Oh, sure.”

Accidentally gripping the bar of soap too hard as he reached to hand it to Peter, Sloan fumbled the bar as it slipped out of his grasp and slid into the corner.

“Sorry, my bad,” he said stepping away to retrieve, it.

“Oh no, let me,” Peter said stepping away at the same time.

The two boys bent over to grab the soap in unison, and as their hands met on the slippery bar I could tell it was like a jolt of electricity had passed through them. Had it not been for their audience, they might have started fucking right there.

The best part was the sight of Sloan and Peter’s sexy ass cheeks parting as they bent over. Exposed in the steamy air, their contrasting holes quivered and puckered at their hands’ contact.

Standing back up, trying to play it cool, Peter thanked Sloan for the soap and began sliding the bar between his round hairless ass cheeks.

That afternoon dispelled in me any doubt that the time was ripe to begin the next phase of my master plan. In the next few days, as I stroked myself off repeatedly to the footage of Sloan and Peter showering together, I began to make some final preparations for my plot to hook these boys up.

Oh yes, this was going to be sexy as hell.

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