Know Your Place Part 1

By Touchstone published July 12, 2008

Homophobic cop Lucas learns his place. Even if it is on his knees sucking another man’s cock.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Lucas looked more than a little annoyed now. Up till now he had thought that this girl would be it. One he wouldn’t mind starting a real concrete relationship with, which, frankly said, he really needed since his ex-girlfriend left up two months ago. A cop on the police force, he’d split up with his last girlfriend because he’d been too ‘caught up’ with his work, making detective a lifelong dream. The blonde girl grinning in front of him had been out with him three times now, and he was almost ready to just grab her, drag her home and fuck her, but then it took the fun out of the chase. So he’d spent the last three dates being nice and getting to know her better.

“Oh come onnnn…” she sighed, holding up the tickets. “I know you’re gonna love it.”

“But when you said you were getting in line, you were going to get the movie I wanted to watch,” Lucas sighed. "This…this is a romantic comedy! The kind of stuff that-

“That what?” she gave him a threatening glare.

Cop or no cop, he decided to continue playing nice. Too late to turn back anyhow. They were already in front of the cinema, and he’d gotten the popcorn. “Fine,” he sighed. “But next time, I get to pick the movie.” He had no problem with the idea of romance, really. It was just that he felt like watching something more adrenaline-pumped right now. But oh well. Perhaps it wouldn’t be too sappy, he thought.

Unfortunately for him, it really was sappy. Barely through the first ten minutes of the movie, the cliche’-ridden lines were making him want to puke.

“Hey I have to go to the bathroom,” he said just as the hot-yet-obviously-vapid girl on the screen shouted out her lover’s name from the window. It was a half-truth. He really did need to pee. And also, well, he just needed to get out.

The cinema toilet was empty save for another large, burly looking bald guy with a goatee. Not suspecting anything amiss, Lucas moved in front of the urinal furthest away from the guy, unzipped his fly, and let loose.

“‘Love is Everything’ doesn’t seem like your type of movie, does it?” the large man asked with a snigger, standing at his side of the room.

Lucas raised an eyebrow back at the tall man, “How did you know…”

“I just saw you walking into the same cinema as the horde of giggling girls and I just knew. Also I could tell by the look of disdain on your face when you walking in just now,” the man replied with a chuckle.

“Good call,” Lucas smiled. “What’re you watching?”

“I’m done, actually,” the man replied. “Just came out of S.W.A.T. Heat 3. It was pretty good.”

Lucas groaned. “Damn,” he said, zipping up at the same time as the other man as they both moved towards the sink. “That was what I wanted to watch. The last one was pretty good, although everyone tells me the first one is legendary.”

The bald man gave him a surprised look with his deep green eyes from the mirror and gasped, “You mean you haven’t seen the first one?”

“Haven’t found the DVD yet. It’s hard to find in typical stores now, and I’m not really a big fan of the internet, although I might just get someone to order it online for me someday,” Lucas admitted.

“Hey man, you’re in luck,” the large man chuckled as he wiped his hand dry with a paper towel. “I have the DVD right in my flat, above that Chinese takeout place across the street. You can borrow it if you want.”

Lucas gave the man a suspicious look, “You don’t even know me. I don’t even know you.”

“Nah I see you come by this same cinema all the time, so it’s alright. I’m just offering because you’ve missed out on the best thing ever. My name is Joe, by the way,” the man said, giving away his name.

Hesitating only for a second, Lucas smiled and said, “I’m Lucas.”

“There, so we’re acquainted. Wanna come over?” Joe offered again.

"Maybe later. My girlfriend’s waiting-

“You can just pop across the street, pick it up, then come back. It won’t be long,” Joe interjected. “It’s not like you’re looking forward to get back in there anyway, are you?”

Lucas contemplated this for a while. There was something about Joe that made him feel a bit weird. But although the larger guy seemed like he’d clobber him in a fight, Lucas had a gun, so even if some kind of weird shit was up, it wasn’t like he was defenceless. Besides, it was his chance to stop his partner mocking him for not having watched ‘the best cop movie ever’.

“Okay then. Let’s hurry, though. Wouldn’t want to keep her waiting,” Lucas sighed.

And at that he followed Joe out of the cinema, following the larger man from behind, Lucas didn’t notice the sly smile that appeared on the man’s face as they crossed the street. He followed the guy up three floors inside a dingy looking building before the man unlocked his front door and stepped aside to let him in.

The small apartment living room reeked. It was the first thing Lucas noticed before he even reached the doorway. The an acrid, musky sort of scent that sort of hung in the air, increasing in strength as Lucas stepped into the small living room which honestly looked as though it had been hit by a tornado. Sweat-drenched and stained clothes were literally lying all over the place, a pile of them beside the couch looking as though they’d been there for months. Trying his best to look polite, Lucas avoided covering his nose as he scanned the room desperately for the DVD.

“It’s in the pile by the TV,” Joe told him as he disappeared into his bedroom. Lucas, not suspecting anything, went down and knelt beside the DVD rack, struggling now to resist the temptation to puke as the musky odor overwhelmed him now that he was kneeling so close to its apparent source. His eyes searched the rack desperately for the DVD he was looking for, wanting to get this over and done with quickly.

“Damn, looks like he’s a fucking queer,” Lucas thought as he saw a stray DVD lying on the floor with a cover depicting a large, muscular guy wearing a leather harness. Did the guy bring him back here to hit on him, then? Lucas wondered. If so, he was going to be disappointed. In fact he was going to be more than disappointed. Lucas decided that he wouldn’t come back here ever again, not even to return the damn DVD. He could always find a different cinema to visit, so long as he didn’t have to look at that disgusting faggot ever again.

He was so engrossed in his search that he did not notice Joe returning, with a piece of white cloth in one hand. By the time Lucas did notice, the large man was holding him from behind as he stuffed the white chloroformed rag into his face. Reacting in a panic, Lucas had no thought for his gun and instead stood up and struggled to get free from the man’s ironlike embrace, a struggle that didn’t last very long as darkness soon engulfed him and he knew no more.

By the time Lucas woke up, he had a throbbing headache, and his whole body felt oddly cold. What was even more distressing, he soon discovered was that he was hanging upside down, his arms and legs spread out by chains that seemed attached to the ceiling. It distressed him even further to find out that he was stark naked, his manhood flopped down onto his stomach, open for the world to see. The room he was in now was dark and damp. He could almost make out the sound of dripping from somewhere. As his senses started to return, he found that the room had the same kind of musk floating in the air as that living room, although not as strong since this room wasn’t littered with filth. In fact, it was almost empty, save for a metal cart which seemed to house some kind of device that he couldn’t see clearly. That, and an exercise mat at the other end of the room with a set of weights beside it. Just as he was beginning to contemplate why he was in this position, a door opened and light flooded into the room, blinding him slightly as the large man’s muscular figure appeared at the doorway. More pronounced now, that he wasn’t wearing the flannel shirt and jeans he’d been wearing earlier.

In fact he was only wearing a jockstrap and a leather vest, the grin on his face now making Lucas feel sick.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I’m a fucking police officer!” Lucas shouted as Joe stepped in, closing the door behind him.

“I know that,” Joe replied. "I know a lot of things about you, Mr. Blake. In fact, you wouldn’t be in this predicament if I didn’t know you at all. "

“What are you talking about?” Lucas demanded angrily. “I’ve never met you in my entire life you fucking queer!”

“Sshh…it will all become clear soon enough, boy,” Joe grinned devilishly as he began wheeling the cart closer towards Lucas. In his current upside down state, Lucas couldn’t quite make out what was on the top shelf of the cart, although the bottom seemed to be occupied by a metal cylinder of some sort with a tube attached to it, leading onto something else on the top shelf that he couldn’t see.

Lucas started screaming for help then, which spurred Joe into action almost immediately. The large man quickly picked up a syringe from the cart, already loaded with a clear fluid before he expertly stuck it into Lucas’ neck, emptying its contents into the helpless cop’s bloodstream. The effect was almost instantaneous, Lucas’ cries quickly weakened into soft whimpers as his head began to feel funny, his struggles in the chains the bound him weakening as he felt an odd sense of lethargy overwhelm him.

Teetering at the edge of consciousness, he could only slur a protest as Joe picked up what appeared to be a leather hood from the top cart, only it looked…different, somehow. There were no eyeholes, only a weird kind of dark goggles, and the mouth opening seemed to be fitted with some kind of gas mask, with a tube attached to the metal cylinder on the cart.

“Now, Lucas, it’s time for us to make a new man out of you,” Joe said as he knelt down, his face dangerously close to Lucas’ left ear. “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. You might not believe me now, but once I’m done with you, you’ll believe everything I say, even if I were to tell you that you’re an avid fan of romantic comedies. But no, we’re not going there. That chapter of your life is over the minute I put this on your head. You will never see her again, nor will you ever stoop yourself low enough to endure that kind of bullshit just to get laid ever again.”

Thinking of her gave Lucas some home. Maybe she would’ve called the cops if she got worried that he never came back?

Almost as though he’d read his mind, Joe carressed his cheek softly as he whispered, “She’s not looking for you. No one is. I used your phone to text her and say you had to go on a police thing. Your buddies won’t be looking for you either. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be back with them before they even start looking. By that time, you’ll be different, my boy. Better. The way you’ve always wanted to be.”

Despite the dire state of his current predicament, Lucas could only hang there helplessly as Joe tenderly fitted the hood over his head, blanking out his vision as his eyes were covered by the dark goggles. The stench of the room went gone too, probably the only thing he had to be thankful for as he breathed in uncontaminated air through the mask.

“Well then boy, let’s begin,” Joe said, standing up and reaching around to squeeze his ass playfully once before he returned to the cart.

‘That queer is so fucking dead when I get out of this,’ Lucas thought bitterly to himself. It was a thought that didn’t last though, as Joe flipped a switch on a remote that had been lying on the cart, causing the display output in the goggles to come to life. Almost instantly, Lucas’ eyes were assaulted by a dazzling array of light, which seemed to shift and change before him in a way that seemed almost pointless. Not being able to think very well already thanks to the drugs, the lights were making it even harder, what with the flickering words that he could not seem to catch. He struggled to focus on them though- he had to know what they were telling him.

“Thaaaaat’s right boy, look at the pretty lights. Papa Joe wants you to just relax now. He’s gonna take care of you reaaaal good,” Joe cooed softly. He watched the captive cop intently, noting how even the muffled slurs of protest were beginning to die now. Lucas was falling into those bright lights, which, as minutes passed seemed to focus into a kind of spiral, drawing him even harder now like a whirlpool he could not escape. The sensations outside his body were beginning to become more and more distant as the words continue to elude his reach, hovering closer once in a while when he heard a voice whispering indistinctly in his ear.

Joe was beginning to have a hard-on, seeing the boy in front of him beginning to lose as he whispered words that would be drilled into his subconscious forever. Still he resisted the idea of just ploughing the boy’s ass there and then, knowing that the first step was almost complete. As the lights continue to wreak havoc in Lucas’ already troubled mind, Joe reached over to the cart and flipped another switch, causing the metal cylinder to begin humming.

Almost immediately, the bliss that Lucas had almost completely sunk into came to a screeching halt as another sense was assaulted-

His sense of smell.

For a while, the first steps of programming faded as his mouth and nose were treated to a whiff of that strong musk that had been in…where, where had he smelled it before? It didn’t matter. It was horrible. And he had to… he had to focus on the lights. Maybe the bad smell would go away soon.

But the bad smell didn’t go away. It kept coming. And coming. Eventually he realised that it wasn’t a whiff he was getting, he was having that aroma pumped steadily into his face in rhythmic doses. He tried breathing through his mouth to try lessening the impact of the scent, but it seemed to make him feel worse- giving him a funny taste at the tip of his tongue. The relaxation program seemed to lose him then, and he started thrashing in his chains, gasping and retching.

Joe quickly responded by giving the cop another dose of the drug, injecting it in the same place to reweaken the cop’s resistance. He was surprised the first dose wore off so quickly, although he guessed that it was perhaps the man’s adrenaline rush in response to the now increasing doses of gas pumped into the mask.

“Ssssh…boy,” Joe whispered as he knelt down beside his captive’s face again. “There’s no need to be afraid. Just breeaathe deeply. That air your breathing isn’t poisoned. It’s concentrated male scent. My scent, in particular. Made out of sweat and other bodily fluids I’ll be sure to introduce you to later. You’ll learn to enjoy it, boy. Just breathe in, for now, and relax…”

Lucas began breathing through his nose again, letting the scent wash over him. As he allowed his focus to detract from the visuals slightly, he began breathing in a bit deeper, deciding that the smell wasn’t so bad after all.

“Yes…breathe in my male musk, boy,” Joe continued. “Feel it’s raw power, it’s masculinity. This is a scent that you can’t even begin to dream off. One that you will soon learn to crave in your every waking moment.”

‘Yes…’ Lucas’ mind, with the coaxing of the hypnotic lights and Joe’s voice soon began associating the scent with images of a gym, filled with strong, powerful, sweaty men. It reminded him of himself, or what he once wanted to be. And he didn’t know why, but the smell was beginning to make him hard. The visuals were beginning to slip in images of naked, muscular men in various poses now, sights that somehow made him feel jealous and saddened at the fact that he was so lean instead of large and superior.

“Poor…poor boy,” Joe whispered. “You probably can’t ever be as great as me or anyone else before you now. But you can show us respect by knowing your place.”

And although Joe only said it once, the words ‘Know your place’ began reverberating inside of Lucas’ mind, the phrase repeating there over and over along with the displayed words on the screen. The images of the naked men began to be replaced with close-ups of their dangling cocks. Some limp, some erect. All of them massive, commanding respect.

“Yes, boy… this is the main source of our power. Our male musk you now find so delicious. Bask in its glory, and let the program teach you how you can make us happy. Because in the end, that is what you want the most.”

Had Lucas not been drugged and his mind not as far gone as it was now, he would probably been able to try and conjure images in his mind of women, to try and remind himself of who he was. But unfortunately for him, his mind was in no shape to be forming independent thoughts at the moment, and so he just allowed the input of information to continue.

It was in this state that Joe left him. The larger man gave one last look at his future sex toy before he walked out of the room, allowing Lucas to continue being programmed- his eyes locked in adoration of the cocks in the goggles and his nose savoring the aroma of his master.

Six hours later, Lucas was still awake, still breathing deeply, still painfully hard. He hadn’t a notion of how much time had passed, since it was all the same to him at this point. Drool could be seen leaking through the hood now, having collected from his mouth over the past few hours. Joe came back into the room, eager to reap the rewards of this young cops’ programming. Flipping off the switches, he heard mumbling coming from the hood which sounded like protest as the pump died and the visual images were turned off. Kneeling, Joe took off the hood carefully, allowing the light to flood the blank stare that greeted him. It was a blankness that was quickly erased as the boy recognised his face, murmuring pleas that were still indistinct and, as far as Joe was concerned, inconsequential.

The boy was his now.

In a grand gesture, Joe stepped up in front of the upside down cop and tore off his own jockstrap, introducing the cop to the cock he would forever worship. Although Joe had been gone for six hours, the sight of the boy, coupled with the fact that he’d been looking forward to this for a long time had the massive bear of a man hard in seconds, mirroring Lucas’ own hard-on that was now almost ready to burst.

Joe tenderly reached down and carressed the boy’s hair, before pushing it up slightly to raise the boy’s head, burying the cop’s nose deep into his ball sac.

“Yesss boy…that’s the source right there.” The boy sniffed in deeply, moaning in ecstasy as he savored being buried so deep in his master’s glory. “And tonight, you’re a very lucky boy, because it’s aaaall yours.” He let the boy’s head go, and lowered himself down a bit more so that now the tip of his cock was pressing at the boy’s wet lips.

The boy took to it as quickly and as hungrily as a newborn baby offered a lactating tit. Joe’s hips almost bucked at the sheer fervour of it. Yes, this boy was a goldmine. Looks like the program had effected him more deeply than even Joe had thought possible.

“And this…” Joe muttered, struggling not to let the boy’s desperate tongue overpower him so quickly, “Is mine.”

And with a hunger that more than matched his new slave’s, Joe engulfed the boy’s throbbing cock whole, ravenously intent on making sure that the boy would be completely and utterly his.

For Lucas, the texture, taste and scent of his master’s cock was sheer heaven. It was now his very reason for being. And although he had never done it before, the master’s expert tongue playing with his own shaft had him soon learning, shivering deliciously at the same time before he responded in kind, giving the object of adoration in his mouth all the love and attention that his very being could muster. And it wasn’t just his master’s cock either. The feeling of the master’s hard, beautifully toned body pressed lovingly against his, the sweat from his master’s armpits as they hugged him close trickling down his naked body…it all came together in a beautiful symphony that was the pure joy of two men giving each other the time of their lives.

Lucas came first, moaning as he gave his essence, and his very being into his master’s mouth. It left a slight emptiness that was more than made up for by the copious amounts of manseed that was soon pumping furiously through his mouth, warm, delicious, masculine. He kept it in his mouth, savoring the taste as his master pulled out, unchaining him slowly and holding him so that he didn’t fall too quickly. Lucas finally swallowed his first helping of joy as he staggered onto his feet, fighting the aftereffects of being hung upside down for so long. It was a fight that he failed, and he stumbled, forward, into his master’s open, loving arms, his face pressed into the master’s beautiful, hairy, well-toned chest.

“Mmm…” Joe grinned, licking his lips as he caressed his slave’s back. Together, they lay down on the mat in the room and kissed like two lovers who had been apart for years. That’s what it felt like for Lucas, at least, and it was a feeling that he never wanted to go away.

“Papa Joe is proud of you, my boy. You’ve turned out exactly like he wanted you to.” Those were words that made Lucas’s face flush with pride.

A thought occurred to him though, eventually as he lay upon his master’s muscular body. And he raised his head to ask, “Why did you choose me, sir, if I may ask? You said you knew me…the old me, anyway, and said I would understand soon enough. It’s alright if you don’t want to answer, though, I’m more than happy enough…as long as I can feel your glorious cock buried in me…” Just thinking about that made Lucas swoon with delirium, almost forgetting his own question that preceded that thought.

Joe chuckled, caressing the boy’s head. “Oh you’ll have my cock inside your beautiful tight ass soon enough,boy. As for your question…well that’s a story for tomorrow. In the meantime, sleep now, my boy…” he said, guiding the boy’s head towards his left armpit. “Sleep, and dream of me.”

The boy all but buried his face in his armpit, sniffing and licking for a bit before he relaxed, closing his eyes and allowing sleep to take him.

Lucas woke up in the morning to find himself lying on the couch in Joe’s living room, dressed as he was the day before. Looking at his watch, he groaned and stood up, stretching as Joe came into the room from the kitchen from which Lucas could smell coffee.

“Hey man,” Lucas said, greeting his old friend. “Did I fall asleep in the middle of the movie last night?”

“Yeah,” Joe grinned back. “Didn’t have the heart to wake you up. You fell asleep on my shoulder.”

Lucas winced at the thought. “Oh…damn. Sorry. Anyways, I gotta zip home quickly, shower and get to work. Too bad keeping a drawer of my clothes here would make it seem like we’re gay or something, else that would make it easier for us to do these movie marathons, huh? Not that it would be wrong to be gay or anything, just that…”

“You’re straight as an arrow,” Joe smiled.

“You know it,” Lucas said, putting on his shoes by now. “Anyway, I’ll be back here tonight. We can uh, watch that new porn thing you were so excited about. Maybe jack each other off. Nothing gay about that.”

“Nope,” Joe agreed, still keeping that same smile.

“’Kay then,” Lucas said, opening the door. “See you later.”

And at that he walked out the door.

Joe let out a deep sigh as he walked back into the kitchen. He knew that Lucas wouldn’t be back tonight, which was a shame. But oh well, phase one was complete, and now all he needed to do was wait two years, tops. In the meantime, Lucas didn’t know it, but he was walking himself into phase two, completely unaware.

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