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Fun With Sliders 1: Fun With Sloan

By A Voyeur Fan
published September 2, 2019
2102 words

Unbeknownst to this sexy stud, he’s about to be subject #1 of my experimental nanobot sexual stimulation.

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AN: Here’s a little number I tossed off last night at the Caribbean. First part is a bit more softcore and deals with concept and character introduction. I promise the next part will have quite a bit more mind manipulation and explicit sexytime fun.

Fun with Sliders

You know, having a horde of nanomachines at your disposal can be barrels of fun, provided you’re willing to use them.

When I was in high school, unbeknownst to everyone I invented a special type of nanobot designed for subcutaneous infiltration. Deactivated, these things were as tiny as grains of salt, barely visible to the naked eye. Easy as pie to slip into someone’s drink on the sly. Once ingested, the nanobot makes its way into that person’s bloodstream, where it can automatically self-replicate using minerals in their blood plasma. Smaller than a red blood cell, they can easily slip between cell membranes to access any part of a person’s body.

Now this is all harmless and undetectable, mind you. I’m not an evil genius, just one willing to play with the rules a little. It’d take someone having serious blood work done to discover these little bots inside them, and even if that were the case, the bots have a handy automatic self destruct sequence, dissolving away harmlessly and without a trace. What I’m saying is, they’re basically undetectable.

What could a sly young man like me do with these nanobots, you may ask? A better question might be, what couldn’t I do? In no time I had the whole student body secretly carrying my network of nanobots. They were self-sustaining, fully trackable from my personal tablet, even remotely reprogrammable. Once I had someone carrying my nanobots, I could track their whereabouts, get live video feeds of their vision and audio feeds of their hearing, and most intriguingly of all, control their body chemistry.

Yeah, you heard me right. The coolest thing of all was body chemistry. Know why? Just by stimulating a controlled release of hormones, my nanobots could affect someone’s mood, their metabolism, even their goddamn sex drive! It’s amazing how much of human psychology can be reduced down to hormones and other endocrine signals. I sure learned a lot just getting this nanobot network going.

But you’re probably waiting for the sexy part of this story. Okay, okay, I’m getting there. Here’s how I came to invent this nanobot in the first place.

So there was this boy in my class called Sloan. Heck of a looker, that Sloan. Tall, blond, muscular, a winning smile. Chest hair always peeked out from below his unbuttoned shirt collar, dusting the the area above his pecs. What I mean to say is, this guy really turned me on. Not quite in the sense of love, see, but certainly of lust.

So after masturbating to the thought of his hot body for a couple of weeks, I started to come up with a plan. A mind like mine wasn’t content with mere fantasy, and I needed to make something that could put the plan I was hatching into action.

Long story short, a whole lot of building and programming from my secret lab later, I had a false salt packet full of crystallized nanomachines. Nonchalantly, I sat next to Sloan that day at lunch. He greeted me kindly, and flashed me his sexy smile. Did I feel bad for what I was about to do to him? Why should I? It was going to be awesome. For Sloan most of all.

I ripped open the “salt” and carefully perched one crystal on the tip of my finger. Subtly… not wanting to draw attention, I waited until Sloan turned to talk to his friend Peter, then gently flicked the single crystallized nanobot into Sloan’s drink. Perfect! No one had seen me!

Soon, Sloan brought the cup of water to his lips. I held my breath. He downed it in one swig! Now he was mine.

Making it through the rest of that day was an agonizing wait. I rushed home once school was done, and bolted to my room. I snagged my tablet from it resting place, and opened “BotNet”, the special app of my own design.

Even though everything had gone perfectly, I still held my breath. I’d never tested the bots at scale before, and all sorts of things might interfere with my plans.

As the app opened, I jumped for joy when I saw the button that appeared on the screen.

“Host1” it read. I’d better change that, I thought to my self, typing in “Sloan Cradey” to the name field, and uploading a picture of Sloan’s face to decorate the button.

Like creating a facebook profile, I thought to myself. Pressing the button led to a screen of options. “Measurements”, the first one read. I clicked that one and the screen filled with words and numbers.

“Height: 6’0””

“Weight: 168 lb”

“Age: 18 Years, 3 Months, 12 Days”

“Blood Type: B+”

“Current Heart Rate: 84 bpm”

I scrolled and scrolled, the nanobots had collected so much data about Sloan’s body in such a short time that the though of what else they could do filled me with excitement.

On top of the screen was a search bar. I typed in “Nanobot Count”. The app returned “Nanobot Count: 1.2 million”

Already the nanobots had multiplied so thoroughly inside of Sloan! Before my eyes, the number continued to rise in real time. Enough nanobots were inside Sloan to do something deliciously naughty.

I backed out of the Measurements tab and opened the next one on the list, labeled “Operations”. There were only three buttons on the screen. I hadn’t yet programmed any more operations, but that would come in time. The first one read “Establish Video Feed”. I tapped it and waited.

Groups of nanobots clustered invisibly behind Sloan’s corneas and began to harvest signals from the activation of his rods and cones. When that data was transmitted, a program I wrote decrypted it into a high-definition video feed. An image popped into the screen. Sloan was sat in his room, checking facebook. His friends’ status updates were visible through his eyes crystal clear. The quality was so good, I could even make out the much reduced in size text on Sloan’s computer screen. I brought up a list of settings. “Left Eye” the output read. I switched it to “Right Eye” and watched the perspective change slightly. Next, “Binocular”. I saw realistic depth appear on the screen. Pause, rewind, zoom… My smile grew as I checked each of the features.

Everything Sloan saw, I now saw.

I swiped the video feed off the screen. From now on, it’d be recorded round-the-clock for me to reference whenever I wanted.

Next on the Operations Menu, I pressed “Establish Audio Feed”. Groups of nanobots clustered in Sloan’s inner ear began to harvest data from all the minute vibrations of his eardrums, and all the tiny responses of the stapes and cochlea.

Soon, music began to come out of the speakers on my tablet. I was confused, until I realized he must be listening to music on his headphones while he browsed facebook. My guess was confirmed when I heard a muffled voice telling Sloan that dinner would be ready in half an hour. Sloan removed one headphone and said he’d be ready in his sexy voice.

I smiled even wider. Perfect stereophonic recordings of everything to enter Sloan’s ears. Synchronized with his visual feed, I had complete audiovisual surveillance of Sloan. Activating nanobots on his vocal cords to isolate the sound of his voice would have to wait for later, though. I had saved the best feature for last.

Swiping away the audio feed, I looked at the last operation I had programmed. “Commence Live Rendering” it read.

Here goes nothing I thought, as I pressed the button.

Thousands upon thousands of the nanobots swirling around inside Sloan began to gather new data. Teeny pulses of hypersonar resonated silently and undetectably within Sloan’s body, capturing its shape and composition from the deepest tissues to the finest follicles of blond hair. A layer of nanobots just under Sloan’s skin began to record the incident light to create a perfect profile of shading and coloration. The program worked hard; this was a task heavier than I’d given it before.

Finally, after the most intense initial calculations had concluded, Sloan himself appeared on the screen. The piece de resistance, a full 3D render of him from head to toe… and without a stitch of clothing on! This was what I had worked so hard on for so many long nights: a bit of software that could take the live upload of data from the nanobots and recreate Sloan’s naked body in real time, giving me virtual X-Ray vision on him. Anytime I fancied, I could now peek at what he’d look like with no clothes.

When the naked Sloan popped onto the tablet screen, I could have cum at just the sight of it! He lay face down with his head propped up, the way he must have lay when he used his laptop, as his hand was extended and typing. The screen showed him from the back at first, giving me a perfect view of him from head to toe. His long tanned and fuzzy arms led to his strong shoulders and neck, tapering down his muscular back to the perfectly round, perfectly hairy, perfectly delicious looking ass of his. Below his long, hairy legs were his broad, flat, manly feet.

Not content with a simple rear view, I made a few taps to select “Flip front to back”. In a split second, the view revolved, and I was treated for the first time to the sight of this sexy boy in full frontal nudity!

A slight smile lay on his clean shaven face. His whole chest and stomach were covered in a thick mat of dark blond, wiry hair. His dark pink nipples were faintly visible nestled among the hair on his muscular pecs. Finally, the piece de resistance! His stomach hair thickened from a treasure trail into a thick hairy bush of brown pubes, and below… in between his fuzzy thighs lay Sloan’s lovely, sexy four inch cut soft cock, every inch of the shaft on screen for me to see, topping a delicious pair of fuzzy brown nuts.

All fully rendered in high definition in real time.

I giggled to myself as I marveled at the quality. Even better than I had hoped! This live, photorealistic rendering captured every square inch of Sloan’s body on screen. Since it was captured from the inside out, wherever he went, whatever he wore, any second of the day I’d always be able to view his glorious naked body with a simple press of a button.

I was oh so horny at the sight of this sexy boy, I quickly zoomed in on his cock to get a better view.

Sloan’s penis filled up the screen, larger than life. The detail was amazing! I could see every pore and vein running along his shaft, every strand of his bushy pubes. I could even see that his circumcision left him his frenulum intact, and enough foreskin to half-cover his dark pink glans.

Imagine my surprise when out of nowhere, Sloan’s hand came down into view, wrapped around his shaft, and began to stroke it!

Shocked, I zoomed out to bring Sloan’s full body back into view. From the way he was moving… Yes! He’d clearly sunk one hand down the front of his boxers to grab his cock, while the other hand was moving to tug them down. Naked though his 3D rendering appeared, it was clear from the way Sloan was moving that he was pulling his boxer shorts down and off his feet.

Oh joy of joys! Not only was I seeing this sexy boy naked, but unbeknownst to him he’d just given me front row tickets to a private jack-off show!

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