I am unit 7 part 8

By Jeep
published September 1, 2019

Unit Dan goes into hiding temporarily to figure out a plan… will it prove too great a temptation?

I am unit Dan, and i need to figure things out…

I hurriedly put on the short, nearly sheer white shorts, allowing the heavy, thick penis to fall into it’s specially designed pouch. I slip my tanned, elegantly formed feet into the white canvas shoes. I know that i have only moments before unit 2 is back on line, and I must be ready. I slip quietly out a hole where a window once was and move as quickly as I can toward the breeding center. I can hear the shout as the unit 2 realizes that it is naked and off it’s normal patrol route. I am certain it will be using the radio to send an alert … I pray to the GREAT LEADER, that bastard, that i make it through the gate before a patrol sees me… I see the center, I see the gate, and I slip through… I wait a moment or two, so that my heartbeat and breathing normalize. I smell, the musk of this unit, a musk that is intoxicating, light, crisp, and fresh, but undeniably male. I am a unit 4, it is my duty to breed…

I enter a side door in the breeding center and take in the soft glow of candlelight, reflecting against many mirrors, mirrors salvaged from the habitations and buildings throughout the town, the floor spread with many rugs and pillows… I gaze at the reflection of this unit, this unit designed for the creation of the next generations of units. I am tall, and tan, my features are perfect in their symmetry, square jaw, slender nose, penetrating green eyes. From my head long locks of blond hair fall to my shoulders. I am more broadly muscled than unit 2s, yet less than unit 7s, my pecs are firm, my back is wide, my cobblestone abdominals taper down to a narrow waist, but it is the penis that belongs to this unit that draws my attention. Even the shorts, with their specially designed pouch struggle to adequately contain it. It is thick, it is long, it is incredibly sensitive, even the friction of the lightweight semi sheer fabric causes this unit to drip a little precum. In other words, this unit is perfect in form and performance. A door opens from the interior of the building, and a group enter. There are 5 units like me, and 4 units built to receive the seed. Here i find the smiles and laughter that has been absent in the town. A unit 4 like me with glistening ebony skin, it’s long hair in many braids comes over, takes this unit by the hand and tenderly brings it’s lips forward for the kiss of servitude. Our lips meet, and the unit uses its other hand to brush my pectorals and abdominals with a featherlight touch. I shudder with pleasure as the hand moves further down my body, never increasing in pressure, never relenting, just a slow, soft pressure as our mouths touch with ever increasing greed… I feel the units hand brush this unit’s penis… the penis that grows harder and harder, pulling the fabric of the shorts forward. The dark skinned unit breaks our kiss and whispers softly into my ear, “Come, join us in the great ejaculation…”

Hand in hand we walk to the other units, those designed to give seed, and those who are designed to receive. A unit built to receive with hair and eyes like mine lays reclining upon the multicolored pillows and rugs, it’s semi sheer white smock removed. I look at the oval shape of the face, the long delicate neck tapering into lightly tanned shoulders. The heavy breasts of a breeding unit fall to each side, each nipple pale pink against the golden color of it’s breasts and torso. Like me, the unit has a narrow waist, but then the hips flair out into long shapely legs and long, elegant feet. Where my penis exists, this unit has a receiving portal. Seeing it, I feel my penis engorge even further. The unit that greeted me gently, but deftly removes my shorts and helps me out of the canvas shoes. I feel the units touch on my shoulders. I turn back to the unit and again our lips meet. I use my hands to pull down this units shorts. As our kiss ends, I use my tongue to trace a path down the pectorals, I kiss and lick and tease the nipple of unit 4, and feel the reward for my efforts as the units hardening penis brushes against my leg leaving behind the drip of precum.

Unit 4 tenderly guides me to my knees and turns me so that i face the unit that receives, slowly I bring my face to her waiting breasts longing, no needing to repeat the motions. I take in its musk, light, fresh and crisp, thr musk of springtime, the musk of fertility. The taste of this unit’s skin is sweet to my lips. I feel a steady stream of precum, and i understand the time is near. As I ready myself to breed the unit before me, I feel the touch of the other unit 4, gentle but insistent it grows. I feel the strength of the unit behind me, I can feel it’s warm breath, and hear the inhalations and exhalations of it’s breath perfectly in time with mine. The unit which receives before me breathes en sync as well, the breasts jiggling slightly with each movement. I can smell the comingling of the three musks, I can smell the musks of the others in this place… it is time, it must be time… around the room the moans begin, moans of carnality, of lust, as the unit that receives further spreads it’s legs, and arches it’s back. This unit enters it’s portal, a moan passing my lips, as i feel the warm of it’s secret place… with gentle thrusts I begin to explore, every nerve on fire, every sense heightened. Just as I feel that nothing else could make the moment more complete, I feel the tongue of unit 4 enter my buttocks from behind, exploring, moving, lapping closer and closer to it’s goal… I shudder, I shake, it is too much… I empty my seed into the waiting unit who cries out as it receives. I feel the unit behind me as it too orgasms… hours later as the two unit 4’s and i fall into slumber, after another ejaculations together partnered in other combinations, I am spent but momentarily content… I know there is an important task at hand, but I think to myself,

“I am unit Dan, and I could fucking get used to this..”

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