I am unit 7 part 7

By Jeep
published August 31, 2019

Unit 7 understands how the great society has come to exist.

" I am unit Dan, and I am afraid…"

I am afraid, I am angry, I am, at least in part, at fault…

I think to myself as I walk the newly created unit 7 toward the pod in charge of building dismantling. I know Thetatech, I should, it’s the company i founded at age 19 after dropping out of MIT., because it just wasn’t challenging enough. Two years later I was hailed as the wunderkind of the tech world, when I developed the theta chip, the chip that flawlessly allowed the integration of all operating systems, the God chip, as it was called in the media… the chip that now existed in every phone, every tablet, every computer, every electronic device. By 25 I was a billionaire many times over, and I found out that I was sick, very sick. Cancer didn’t care if I was a genius, it didn’t care that I was insanely rich, it really thought it had me in it’s grip, but cancer underestimated me. I hired the best scientist in the burgeoning field of nanotechnology, Declan Forrest, and within a year we had it, we had the fucking cure to cancer. We had found a way to insert nanobots into the human body, nanobots that could literally change the shape and composition of any cell in the body. These nanobots attacked the cancer cells and turned them back into normal, fully functional cells. If I thought I was wealthy before from the God chip, my new partner Declan and I had nearly unlimited funds, and we went a little crazy for a few years finding new ways to utilize our “tiny machines” as we laughingly called them. Want bigger boobs? There’s a nanobot for that. Want to transition from male to female? No hormones, no surgeries, able to reproduce… there’s a nanobot for that. Want to be a perfectly proportioned super heavyweight bodybuilder and never have to workout, you guessed it.. all for a price, of course.

We were always searching, always reaching, when we came up with the idea for Project Eden, an integration of the God chip and nanotechnology to radically remake the world, into a world without war, a world where everyone had a job that they did without complaint for the betterment of society, a world that would and could save the planet, a world without greed, pain, or poverty. After one drunken night, we came up with an idea we called the great ejaculation as a way to insure people had ALL their needs met. We even began looking at ways to do it, when I finally understood what we were really proposing. This new world met people’s needs, food, shelter, employment, but at what price? Simply their free will… was this who I was? Was I even allowed to contemplate this? I told Declan, as the majority partner, that Project Eden wouldn’t proceed. He did not take the decision well, but eventually I brought him around to my way of thinking… or so I thought.

I took a leave of absence from Thetatech to try and figure out where I could have gone so incredibly wrong. I thought of all the things in my life, what I really needed, and I decided that I needed most to clear my head. I’d hiked all my life, and I had always found catharsis in nature. I decided it was time to do it, I would hike the whole Appalachian Trail, from Maine to Georgia. This plan had the added benefit of ending near the small town where my favorite aunt, Aunt Pauline had retired. Now I walk next to Pauline, yet Pauline is no more. The thoughts of the daily programming struggle against my own… Pauline is lost, this unit is converted, all is as it should be… Declan is a bastard, Declan is the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE… this is evil, I am the law… and the law is just… my God, what is this world I’d envisioned? How can it be stopped? Should it be? I look at unit 7 walking next to me. This unit, all units, are content in their existence, they don’t know doubt, sadness, want… but at the same time, this unit no longer is caring, funny, or kind. It just is…

We have reached the designated pod. A unit 7 moves toward us for the download and the coupling. Unit 7 drops it’s shorts in preparation for the download of it’s directive. It’s fellow unit is on the ground kneeling, waiting to receive it’s new partner.

"I’m sorry, I’m so sorry….goodbye… Aunt Pauline, " I say silently. I take the nightstick, and ram it in. I watch the download, I watch the coupling. I watch unit 7 walk away from me into the life ordained by the GREAT LEADER, DAMN HIM… and i promise the broad, hulking, hairless unit, that i will come up with a plan, some way to make Declan pay… I know I have roughly 10 hours before the next daily download to this unit, the download that will override my consciousness and return me to that life of single minded purpose, so I have to think fast.

This unit is designed to obey, it is so difficult to ignore the directives, but for the sake of whatever humanity is now, I must…

I use my radio, and I tell the pod that the unit 7 has been delivered. As expected, I turn toward the barracks of the unit 2s in preparation for the evening ration and the Great Ejaculation, but I think furiously as I walk. I remember my self conversion to unit 2, and know that I can, I must do it again. I am passing the Breeding Center for this jurisdiction, when i see my chance… I see a solitary unit walking outside the fence. I command it to me, and accept the kiss of servitude. I command it to follow me. We enter a habitation that has been stripped of that which is useful, but has not yet been demolished. I order the unit to disrobe, and then direct it to remove my clothing. It complies… first removing the radio and holster, carefully removing the skintight leather shirt, button by button exposing my perfect, bare pectorals, the ripped abdominals, the hint of the Adonis belt… It unbuckles my utility belt, gently pulls off the knee high, spit shined boots, I wait as it undoes the button at my waist, pulling down the form fitted black leather, and exposing my long, slender penis…

My entry into the unit is abrupt, and my work is mechanical… soon the job is done, and the transformation begins.

In a few minutes it is nearing completion. I reach down into the pocket of the shirt and transfer the image from the dwelling of unit Pauline into the pocket of my new form… I turn the nightstick to setting 2 and impale the other unit before it can resist.

I am unit Dan, and I will figure this out…****

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