Big Bear & Pig Boi- Epilogue

By PupHearted -
published August 31, 2019

The ending to Mike & Lenny’s Story

This chapter doesn’t contain much sex and is a conclusion to Big Bear & Pig Boi’s Story

To think that my life went from owning a house in the suburbs of San Francisco to sharing a room with a urinal in it with a man called PIG BOI, is truly something incredible.

And yet, these last 10 years with him and the crew have been the best years of my life.

After MASTER DADDY accepted me into the crew, PIG BOI helped me transition into my new life. A change in look, motorbike riding lessons and learning about the business from MASTER DADDY, took up the first 3 months. By the end of it, I was a confirmed & happy crew member of ‘Grease, Slime & Flesh’. Unlike PIG BOI, I had no desire to be muscular at the cost of losing my weight. Instead, I worked with a crew member who upped my food intake and made me strength train a lot. This gave my fat a little more definition and packed me with some good muscles on my arms, back, chest and legs while leaving me with a big muscle gut. The workouts and increase in testosterone made me furrier but at the cost of losing the hair on my head.

It doesn’t bother me because with my many piercings, few tattoos and hard muscles, my tough bear look makes even the strongest men beg for my cock up their ass. Unlike PIG, tattoos never held my interest the way piercings did. The feel of metal in my body is incredible and over the years, I have had quite a lot of metal pierced into my skin. My pride and joy is my pierced cock. Aside from a PA, I have an ampallang, frenum, lorum and a hafada. More than me, PIG loves my pierced dick as it truly wrecks his ass every time.

After I joined the crew, my eye color changed from brown to blue. PIG BOI said that it was something that had happened to every single one of the crew members and I soon realized why. It gave me the ability to make men a little more suggestible, within reason. I knew PIG BOI had used it on me when we first met, but I didn’t hold it against him. If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found my chosen family. As for the how of it all, the crew doesn’t know and no one ever asked MASTER DADDY.

The one thing that I didn’t know before joining was the porn site that the crew ran. While I wasn’t forced by PIG BOI or MASTER DADDY to participate in anything I didn’t want, I did my first porn with PIG BOI in my 4th month. I was nervous as hell but when I saw the comments of people saying how hot I looked, I realized this wasn’t just a one-off thing anymore. Initially, I was doing porn with PIG or the other crew members until someone suggested I do a solo scene. What seemed like a weird idea turned into a money maker as viewers went crazy to watch me smoke a cigar and wank off my pierced dick while dressed in leather.

I started assisting MASTER DADDY with the business from my 1st month and within 6 months, I was managing large chunks of it. My biggest strength was my ability to convince which was useful to deal with law enforcement officers and lawyers aka our biggest deterrers. It helped that a lot of them were closet cases who loved playing around with a bear and pig combo. With PIG and mine combined wealth, we managed to help MASTER DADDY expand his business legitimately and even bought the building next to Chaps SF. We turned the new building into a more niche leather bar, one that caters to a much dirtier and raunchier audience. Just the way PIG and I like it.

Speaking of PIG BOI, he’s doing great. I started my BDSM training around the 6-month mark with MASTER DADDY as my guide and PIG BOI as the willing participant. I cannot explain the rush I get when I whip PIG’s ass over and over until he begs me to stop. The feeling of fucking a red, hot, raw ass is incredible and over the years, both of us have expanded our BDSM horizons a lot.

Around the completion of my 1st year with the crew, my family’s lawyer reached out. Given my current actions and the ways I had chose to debase myself on camera (his words not mine), I had brought great shame to the family name. Therefore, I had been disowned and all ties to the family were to be immediately seized. I was so happy, that I ended up asking PIG BOI to marry me that night while fucking him.

“Fuck, let’s have a naked wedding” was his response.

I always had my doubts that there was a slave inside PIG BOI, who finally asked me to be his master on our wedding day. He’s now my slave husband and I am his master husband. I got him a leather collar as a mark of my ownership. But when you spend weeks on the road riding a motorcycle, a leather collar can be very painful to lug around. So, I compromised and got him a dog tag necklace instead, that just says ‘Property of Bear’.

The next few years were relatively the same until my 5th year. That’s when MASTER DADDY announced his plans to retire within 6 months and move to Austin with his slave Henry. Henry was the first crew members to have joined and was MASTER DADDY’s partner, like PIG was mine. What shocked me was when MASTER DADDY told me that he’ll be handing the reigns to me. I had been assisting and managing the business mostly by myself at that point but to know he trusted me with his creation was truly humbling.

The day after MASTER DADDY and Henry left, I found two things waiting for me on the desk in his office (now my office). One was a folder containing transfer of ownership documents for the various establishments across the country. The other was a wooden box containing an eye dropper in a sterilized pack. A note attached to it said to use the dropper on my left eye, along with a few other instructions. I did as it said and my eye burnt when the pearly white liquid touched my pupil. The pain lasted for 10 minutes before it completely subsided. When I saw my eyes in the mirror, my left eye had turned grey while my right eye remained blue.

I didn’t know what it meant until 5 minutes later, when a crew member walked into my office for some work. He complimented my eyes and kept staring while he talked business. 30 seconds later, he shut up and kept staring, completely transfixed by them. The longer he stared, the more I could sense his emotions. Every emotion, from pain to happiness, that had played a pivotal role in his life, I could sense it all. I used it against him to make him get on all fours and act like he was a dog. He pretended to be a dog, including eating, fucking and defecating as one, until I told him to stop 3 days later.

I didn’t know if it was science or magic but I didn’t ask MASTER DADDY about it.

Today marks 5 years since I took over the organization. The transition from BIG BEAR to MASTER BEAR over the last 10 years has had its ups and downs, but I’ve had the support, respect and obedience of my crew to help. PIG has been the biggest help and while it’s a shame he doesn’t wish to get into the business side of things, I can’t argue with his logic.

“I brought you in to be the brain BEAR. I am happy to be the fuckable PIG of the crew and spend my life fucking.”

It’s almost 9 pm which means the bar must be full by now. I am at Chaps SF with the crew and today’s a big night. 2 weeks ago, one of the crew guys found a 43-year-old divorced closeted bottom with the potential to be a new member. Tonight, I’ll be fucking him and adding him to the crew.

“MASTER BEAR, you coming?” PIG BOI speaks up from the door.


There’s a lot that I can still tell but right now, watching the smooth ass of my slave husband walk away is making my cock swell. And when I’m this erect, I need to breed and drop my cum in some boy’s hungry man-pussy.

I fucking love my life.

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