I am unit 7 part 6

By Jeep
published August 30, 2019

Unit 7 experiences life as unit 2, and encounters someone from it’s past

" I am unit 2, and I AM the law."

I walk along the streets of the town. The morning reports are good. The winter crop has been harvested long ago, and the spring crop has been planted and grows. I receive my daily download. The GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE has let it be known that 98% of the populous have been converted. This is as it should be. Soon it shall be evening, and the time for the evening ration. Then all unit 2’s not on patrol shall participate in the great ejaculation. We are not programmed for emotion, so we are not partnered like most units. Any who are available participate together. It is the will of the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, that all units participate in the great ejaculation, for most who are able it is a pleasurable experience. For a unit 2 it is only an exercise to honor the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, the final duty of the day.

As I walk, I see crews of unit 7s dismantling the dwellings of the units who were before. This is as it should be. We do not speak. There is no need. The units are carrying out the directives given to them by the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE. It is more efficient that units live within their pods. I patrol for another few streets. These streets are quieter, the dismantling has not yet begun here. I scan the street, side to side, when I detect movement in one of the dwellings. This is not as it should be. I use my radio to alert any units in the vicinity that I am about to enter a dwelling place to explore suspicious activity. Carefully I try the knob. The door gives. I enter on high alert and turn to the right. In a corner a unit sits rocking in a chair, a book of photographs from before open on it’s lap. I do not understand. The GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, has ordered all such things from before to be destroyed. Any time we encounter such things, they are to be bagged, removed, and incinerated. The interior of this dwelling seems familiar to me. I understand that to be impossible. It is not permitted for a unit 2 to enter any building without probable cause. I review directives. There has been no cause to do a sweep on this street. It is supposed to be unoccupied and ready for dismantling.

“I am unit 2, what is your designation?”

The unit looks up at me. Water streams from it’s cheeks. It is a strange unit, with the characteristics of a unit 4 or unit 5, but it is broad and soft looking. It does not wear the smock assigned to a breeder or the uniform of the caregivers.

" Please sir, show me some mercy, please give me a few more minutes with my memories… I’m tired of running, tired of hiding, just give an old woman a minute…"

I run through the laws in my download, the codes and directives. Mercy is to convert, mercy is to allow a unit purpose, mercy is to bring all to the great society. I am prepared to show mercy.

I unholster my tazer, and subdue the subject. I call for a unit 2 in vicinity with a vehicle to assist me with the transport of the unconverted unit to the Conversion Center. While the wait, I pick up the book from the time before, and gaze at the images. Images of young unconverted units, images of places not in this jurisdiction, images of a unit with a backpack and a beard standing before a sign marked Appalachian Trail. I pull the image from the book, and look at the writing on the back. Hello from Maine Aunt Pauline! See you in a few months! it says. It is signed Love, Dan. This stirs something in me. I hear the vehicle come to a halt in front of the dwelling. I Fold the image and slip it into the pocket behind my radio.

Unit 2 walks through the door, together we transport the unit to the Conversion Center. I go inside and I retrieve the rolling table . Together we place the unit on the table, and secure the restraints. I take the unit inside, and receive the kiss of servitude from one of the unit 3’s on duty. I wheel the table into the examination room. I watch as the unit 3 checks it’s paperwork…

It walks up to the unit and places the muzzle of the gun within the ear canal of the prone unit and fires. As it does, I feel strange. I am on overload, I remember the things the daily download erases… I see and remember unit Dan, I remember unit 7, unit 6, I remember how I made myself unit 2, I remember unit Pauline from the time before. I also remember my training and my directive, so I know I must stand firm. This proves difficult. I must not allow emotion to betray me… I am unit 2. I am the law. The law is reason without emotion. The law is good. The law is just. I am unit Dan, and I am the law…

I watch as unit Pauline begins to change. It is difficult to stand at attention when I begin to understand what direction the conversion is going. I watch as the fat melts away from unit Pauline, as her frame broadens and thickens. I watch as the tiny machines rearrange and change the units designation. I see the penis and balls begin to descend. I see the hair fall away from the body. I see the sheen of perspiration on the unit’s bare skin. I see it rise, and I hear it say,

“I am unit 7, my role is labor…”

The unit 3 asks for my nightstick. It tethers it to the computer to download the specific task directives of this unit. I am directed to deliver the unit to pod R, the pod dismantling habitations in the town. As the download completes, I see the screensaver, one word swirling over and over… “THETATECH…”

I am unit Dan, and I am afraid…

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