The Drunken Scotsman

By Inanimate Transformer -
published December 20, 2016

After “winning” a charity auction at a local pub Gillian’s rival learns not to mess with a Scotsman’s pride.

The Drunken Scotsman By: Ianimate Transformer

Inspired by the limerick/song “The Drunken Scotsman” Follow the link to the YouTube video, it is short but amazingly hilarious. This story will involve, transformations, cocks, auctions, and kilts. Enjoy! Don’t read if you are under 18. Special Thanks to Libra for a wonderful job proofing this story.

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“Are you ready guys? Tonight’s auction to support the local troops is ready to start. Remember the rules for your betting: All bids are final! There is no limit as to the bid amount. Please make sure you look at the winner’s rules: No S and M, where marks or injury is out! Safe sex is a must unless agreed upon in advance my both parties. The rest is there in black and white. Now let’s get started. “Here are our prize…contestants. While these may be the most desirable, they are in no way the only fine flesh you will see and maybe fuck this weekend. “First up, we have a College boy from our own area, make some noise for Sylvester more commonly known as “Sly the Fuck fly”, as his hot swimmers body goes from man to man, without as much as an exchange of name. “5’11 , Sly’s Swimmers bod, is tight and lithe for slipping in and out of the water, as well as one night stands bed. With his blonde hair and dark brown eyes, he’s always looking for his next fuck. If ya’ want, that can be you, if the bid is right. “Next is a hot wrestler from across the “pond” Gillian O’Riely hailing from the proud nation of Scotland. Over 15 national first place titles in his home. As well as more from other places, including a EU Charity event held in London last year. At 6’5 Deep reddish brown hair and light green eyes, his body is A-mazing. His tight Linebacker-type build. Those large firm muscles under a soft layer of chub, gives off the intimidation during matches, but B-beautiful throbbing body in real life. “Now let’s get this auction started, let’s start the lowest amount as $1200, Do I hear $1500….” A tall thin 30 year geeky looking dude shyly raises his hand. “We have $1500, Do I hear $1600, Ah good sir, what about$1……” 10 minutes later Sly goes to the side of the stage where the winner gets a close look at his “purchased” man. Even though most people see the disgust at the geek Sly was not even trying to hide, His temp owner is only interested in Slys beauty. Sly looks back looking smug as his final amount was well over $7,000 more than anyone else will come close to getting in this Podunk little contest. “Let’s get the next bid going, Gil come on to the center stage. Let these fine men take a look at that award-winning asset you call a body.” Blushing slightly, Gil starts stretching and posing, letting the excited crowd see his hard-earned bod. The host walks over and squeezes his muscles slightly, all the while commenting. “Wow men look at these muscles, hard as steel, but bulging and soft from that layer of soft fat. Even that ass, a nice voluptuous bun. With the slightly thicker fat, this ass will not only send a quarter flying but draw every Gay guy that can lay an eye on it, many straight as well. What does this leather kilt hide, well with the highest bid, you will find out! Ok, men let’s get the bidding started at $1200, do I hear $15?” Sly turns his attention from the geeky shrimp he is kissing, toward the stage, as the bids start speeding up, quickly reaching up to his buy amount. His bidder looks a bit in shock, as Sly shoves him off turning, his full intention to the brightly lit stage. “$7000, ok men do I hear 8000…very good sir now how abo….” Sly starts turning red as that Scottish fuck passes his bid price, and soon doubling it. With the geek trying to turn him back around, Sly shoves him to the ground and storms up on stage. “THE FUCK MAN, what did you do huh? Bribe those fucks in the audience to stiff me with that cheap shit over there. See this FUCKER” he growled, grabbing his long 6in soft American-grown member easily bulging through the spandex. “Bet this fucker ain’t even got no balls or cock left after all those steroids he obviously uses - what with that bloated fat body.“ Before the host could grab him, Sly storms over to Gil and harshly pulls down the red heads kilt, around his knees. First thing everyone notices is his fiery red patch of pubes, seeming to house a smaller 3in soft cock, with balls measuring the size of globe grapes. Gil blushing deep read all over, grabs his kilt and pulls it back in place, embarrassment clear all over his face. The bids slow down quite a lot, at the sight of a small endowment on that enormous muscled body. With a wide smirk, Sly saunters off stage, smug in the knowing he dashed that Scottish bastard’s chance at a high bid, not to mention any takers the rest of his trip. “That was…rude, but let’s keep going shall we…do we hear $15,000 for our Scottish jock…Come on men, this body is made to please and be pleased. Well ok, since it seems we have reached the limit, going once…going twice…g…” The announcer stops as his phone chimes. “Well looks like we have a higher bid after all.” The crowd looks confused as does Sly, though Sly’s expression quickly turns to anger. “One of our bar owners in the “high rollers suite” has placed his bid of $52,000…Going once…twice…SOLD to our bear of an owner.”

“Gil he wanted me to let ya get some drinks as he will be down a bit later, but assures me he won’t be too much longer. Go ahead and head to the bar, drinks and food are on Mr. Jaden.” Still embarrassed, Gil heads off stage, quickly going to the bathroom, needing a minute alone, or at least with less gawkers. Leaning down to the sink basin, he quickly splashes a good amount of water on his still blushing cheeks. The water running noise distracts him to the door opening. Turning to get some paper from the dispenser, he suddenly is grabbed by the neck and pushed backward to the wall. “Listen to me you Ginger CUNT, you had better be gone from MY Town by tomorrow night, I am not going let a fucking cunt like you ruin my area with that tiny fucking boy cock. Get bent ya’ Scottish CUNT!” With a shove and a smirk, Sly shoves Gil into the wall, knocking the hand dryer off to a crashing scene. “Why?’ Gil’s trip so far had been fun, yeah a few weird things, and cross words about him being from another country, but overall before tonight, it was going ok. With a firm rub, he caresses his bruised shoulder. Sighing he heads out to the bar, glad he doesn’t’t have to pay for it. He needed that drink, and probably many more. A small beep is barely heard, as Gil leaves the restroom. Upstairs, a tall figure cracks his knuckles, getting ready to clean up the bar, as well as renew the hot Scotsman’s pride. As the auction carries on, Gil drinks, shot after shot, thankful for his enormous alcohol tolerance. Once the noise dies down, as the patrons and their paid men leave for some well paid for fun, the alcohol finally begins to make Gil woozy and the bar back says he can lay down on the large built in sofa like seats, until his bidder arrives. As Gil stumbles, the bar back helps him to the sofa, not saying a word as Gil takes his clothes off, and lies down. The bar back places a sheet over the tall Scot, and soon, snores echo in the deserted bar.

5 hours later

Cursing himself and annoyed that he left his phone, Sly bangs once more against the steel door to the bar. One of the cleaners lets him in and goes to say something, but Sly shoves him off to the side “Fuck off, ya’ fucking loser.” After looking around for a bit, he heads over to the other side of the bar to look some more, when he spots the snoring form of the of the loser he fucked up earlier. A twisted, vile smile forms on Sly’s face as he walks over, raises his leg to kick Gil in the head. All of the sudden, he slips on the floor and falls onto Gil. He pushes himself off as quickly as he can, unfortunately falling further face towards the floor. Meanwhile Gil’s lower body slips off the sofa, thighs on either side of Sly’s head, making it look as though Sly was giving Gil a blow-job. Having landed on gils crotch, Sly starts coughing as Gils dark red bush invaded his nostrils. Having his scent forced inside, Sly shivers a bit before finally getting up. He wipes a few pubic hairs from his face, then wiping his hands on his stylish jeans. Well he tried, but to his surprise his hand hits flesh not fabric. Looking down, he jumps slightly as his entire wardrobe has disappeared. Leaving him Completely exposed. Turning around a few times, he looks frantically for his clothes. His eyes narrow as he sees some kind of fabric under Gils large muscular bubble butt. Not noticing a sheet when he sees one, he assumes that somehow he had been stripped and his clothes hidden behind the dumb Scottish cunt. Growling a bit, he bends over and tries to pull the sheet out from under gil. Not having any luck with that position, he turns around, ass to gils sleeping face. As he goes to place his foot on the sleeping scots crotch…ball sack to be exact. Gripping the sheet between his legs, he tries yet again to yank. Finally, a bit of the sheet emerges from underneath gils ass. The slack causing sly to stumble a bit. Losing his balance, he places his feet together to try and right. Not noticing as his feet come together, he has moved back a bit. A bit of shock runs through him as he steps on gils lacking ball sack. The shock turning into a sneer, as he shuffles farther back, trying to get the balls under his heels. Raising up his right foot, he smiles as he drives his foot right on Gil’s right testes. Instead of the satisfaction of squashing the fuckers nutts, he feels a bit of vertigo, as his foot and lower leg, sink and disappear though the floor…well the large sack. In an uncoordinated movement, his other foot descends, only to sink in and disappear just like its mate. Falling forward he tries to use his legs to get out, but all he feels is a weird throbbing. Not even a change in feeling, all one mass. Looking back wide eyed, instead of seeing a hole in the floor or something else, all he sees are the top of his calves seemingly merging with what could only be Gils nutt sack. With the kicking, he “tried” to do, he can see large objects move in the now larger sack. Feeling a pulse of…something he watches as his legs disappear up to his middle thighs. Finally finding his voice, he begins to scream for help in the seemingly empty bar. Clawing at the floor, kicking with what once was his legs, anything to get out, and /or wake that fucker up. While he screaming in hysterics, he starts to shiver and moan a bit as it feels like he is shitting a tree. Looking back as best he could, he sees what looks to be a large mound of flesh hovering over his bo…. His eyes go wide in realization, not wanting to, he reaches back…and grasp the mound. Which to him feels like a nice pat on his own ass. Reaching a bit farther back, he feels a rough texture on the other side. As soon as he touches, a new wave of vertigo crashes through him again. Grabbing his spinning head, trying and failing to concentrate and his stomach whirling like a. Slowly after what seems like an eternity his balance seems to be restored. Waiting till the sensations had left from every part of the body. Wiping his head, he discovers an immense amount of sweat, smelling quite strong. Wiping his hand on what is left of his thighs , he turns his head back again. With a confused turning to horrified look, from just a glance, it seems as if His entire form had shrunk down. As before Sly’s head was even with Gils feet as he tried to pull away. Only now barely reaching his knees. In utter shock, his mind keeps slipping gears. Closing his eyes, he smacks himself good, trying with all hope to wake up from this obvious nightmare. A few seconds after the slap, he shivers as a semi warm lube like substance falls, seeming covering his entire ass. Hoping to not see anything…. Turning around stiffly, as best he could. What he sees leaves his speechless. From the lowest part of his torso and down, Gils encroaching nutt sack has absorbed the lot. Loosing focus on his conjoined body, he flinches as a large glop of that slim lube like substance. Contorting as much as he is able, he tries his best to find what the fuck is dripping on him. The twisting caused him to break out in a bit of sweat. As he goes to wipe it off, what he realizes shocks the fuck out of him. The fluid like substance is not dripping from above…but leaking from a small opening on his scalp. His movement excites the sleeping Scotsman. His hand reaches down and strokes his cock and new nutt sack. As the sleeping form comes closer, he yells, trying to get someone attention. About 10 seconds of his screaming, he coughs, and a large glob of pre bubbles from his now vertical mouth. Reaching up with both arms, he can feel the skull split has widened, now the opening his shoulder, the front slicing to his chest. His visions blurs a bit as his eyes are pushed apart as his new wide urethra…no dammit my fucking head…fuck!! That touch and realization all happens in a span of 7 seconds. Just enough time to have forgotten the hand. Until the shadow moves closer. His head bubbles almost 13 gallons (to him anyway) as Gils hand close around his cylinder type body. The pressure is immense, feeling random parts of his new body pressed in, bulging out. The feelings beginning to overwhelm him, when a stronger feeling slams his once Somehow still able to see, a bit. Gil’s thumb is now rubbing squeezing stroking, even a bit of penetration as the thumb opens the slit, partly letting a bit of thumb deeper than should be allowed. The feelings once again take over, until an immense shiver overwhelms him. Wet and slippery, he tries to wipe some off of wherever his eyes are, however he begins to realize his arms are now gone, well not gone, they feeling as if he is hugging himself tightly. Once again, overwhelmed, every attempted moan or scream is ejected from his head. With a small moment of clarity as the grip is changed, he realizes that with each glob of pre-cum ejected from his now slit head, he is being drawn closer and closer to Gil’s crotch. Actually, with each one he is shrinking. Now only reaching to mid-thigh. Once more, he seems to stop, as his now penile body stops shrinking, with himself incredibly thick as a beer can, which a length 14inches semi soft. Hearing and feeling a contented moan and sigh, he is once again gripped, only this time, he expects the feeling. His body hardening, his arms/vein holding pulling his body as tight as possible. The sensations overwhelm his cocky mind, that is until a large shadow overtakes his form, moving Gil’s hand off his new larger cock. Looking annoyed at what intervened with his feelings is the tall chubby bartender…speaking directly to you. “Seems like he now has a package bigger than anyone else’s from the contest. And as he now finished first place, a gift is in order.” Feelings cascading as a thick silky blue ribbon is tightened snugly around his shaft/torso. Before being dropped, then covered as a new brown leather kilt forms on Gil’s now slowly waking groin. With long stretch and a yawn, Gil stands up from the sofa seat and looks around. Seeing a light near the bar, he assumes his night will be starting soon. Grunting a bit, his bladder demanding deflation. Entering the restroom once again, he looks at the broken hand dryer before heading to the urinal. Lifting the kilt out of the way, he gives a loud yelp, as his hand feels something not right. Wrapping his hand around what was once a much smaller package, he lifts up his now monstrous 13in beer can thick uncut cock, and heavy throbbing sack filled with had to be no smaller than billiard balls. Letting his thumb stroke it a bit, the sensation greater than ever. Finally notices something strange. Around his shaft is loosely tied a beautiful blue silk ribbon. Remembering an old limerick from back home, glancing down at his package…” Lad I don’t know where ya been, but I see’s ya won first prize!” shivering slightly as his cock gives a strong shiver, Gil flicks the rest of the piss into the urinal, before heading outside. Never noticing the now unbroken hand dryer attached to the wall.

Groping himself unconsciously..” Fuck…. piss, I JUST DRANK><>>>WELLL PISSED this fuckers piss…. damn…can’t get the taste ou….actually, cum to think of it, it doesn’t taste to bad, the combination of his owners rank piss and Sly’s new cock bodies pre sends a shiver down his form, which in turn ensures more groping from his…it’s new owners strong hand. As his mind succumbs to another round of sensations, he tries to let out a gasp as he hears a voice…”Those one night stands did say you were a fucking prick, mighty glad I could prove them right.

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