I am unit 7 part 4

By Jeep
published August 28, 2019

Unit 7 begins to malfunction

I am unit 7…

The days grow short as we get ready to harvest the winter crop. Each day is much the same, we rise, we eliminate waste, we have our morning ration, we journey to the fields, we labor, we eat our evening ration, we enjoy our daily ejaculation with our partner, we sleep…

Except I am not asleep. Ever since our return from the Conversion Center, my mind plays images while I sleep, and I awaken full of thoughts that do not befit a member of the great society. I see flashes of that other unit, the one that is unit 7 but is not. I can picture this body, smaller, weaker, covered in hair. It makes no sense to me. When I woke this morning well before the dawn, my thoughts told me the strangest thing, they said over and over, I am Dan. Dan is not a designation, I do not understand. I think I should tell someone, maybe my partner, that something is not right. He slumbers peacefully on the next cot. I rise from my bed, and kneel down to wake him, when I realize that his musk and mine no longer comingle… he is like any other unit 7. I do not understand. Something has broken our connection. I am afraid and alone. Water forms at my eyes, and rolls down my cheeks. I keep saying to myself, I am unit 7, I am unit 7, I AM unit 7… and I am, but also, I am not.

“I am Dan,” I whisper.

I look at the sleeping units, my pod, my designation, the unit who last night was my partner… how I want to rejoin them. I remember the joy of serving the great society, of being one with my pod, of having clear purpose. I wrap my arms closely around myself. I feel my thick musculature, covered in it’s sheen of protective perspiration, I smell my musk. I am still unit 7. I must travel to the Conversion Center, surely they will help me. Silently, I leave our barracks, not even stopping to bless the image of the great leader… it is only when I am twenty minutes down the road that i realize what I have done. The GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE gave us the great society of equals, the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE gives us purpose, the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE ordains the order of our lives… but why? Why is this power granted to one? Why do we allow it? My thoughts and doubts begin to rise. I am running now, running down the road toward the town. I am not careful and as I round a curve, I see the vehicle of a unit 6 parked for the night. A morning campfire has been laid, and I can smell the cooking morning ration. I try my best to quickly pass by, lest the unit 6 deem me unsalvageable and eliminate this unit. I am almost past when I hear a gruff, deep voice call from behind the trees.


The unit 6 appears from behind the tree, adjusting his leather kilt, the foul scent of his morning elimination hanging in the air around us. I look at his hooded, leather encased form, the size which could subdue even the largest unit 7, the arms and legs swollen with muscle and fat, the ponderous ball gut, and powerful pecs which are partially hidden by his thick, long, untended beard.

" I am unit 7, " I say, " I travel with news of the winter crop.. "

I am amazed with the ease I had in telling an untruth. The great society of equals is based on truth. All are programmed to tell the truth at all times, yet I have said an untruth to protect myself.

With that I step forward and give the unit 6 the kiss of servitude. I smell the smell of heaviness and darkness, the fetid, heavy smell of death…


It is the job of unit 7 to obey the orders of superior units, how can I NOT obey? Even if I could resist, and I might be able to as unit Dan becomes stronger in my mind, it would cause unit 6 to know something is not right with this unit. I drop my work shorts and present myself to the brute. Without mercy he takes me entering from behind with a sudden ram. The legendary strength of a unit 6 feels as if I will break in two. After a few minutes of brutal thrusting and pain, it is over. I feel his seed fill me to overflowing, in shuddering shots, over and over, the solitary life of a unit 6 assuaged for once by the body of another unit. Unit 6 roars with pleasure as he reaches final climax. He wraps his arms around me, and his scent somehow is no longer repugnant to me. It is strong, it is sharp, but it is the scent of mercy sparing others from pain, from infirmity, from age. It is in a way, the best thing i have ever smelled.

“Lay with me, and rest, it is not even yet dawn. No one in the town will be available to take your report on the winter crop. We will share the morning ration and then we will rest until the dawn.” he says in a voice oddly tender for one whose business is death.

" I am unit 7," I reply, “it is as you wish.”

Together we eat the morning ration, and I once more give him the kiss of servitude. As I do, I feel the stirring of his penis, and lifting his kilt, I bring my lips to the dirty, unwashed head. My tongue caresses the tip, and works its way slowly and methodically down the shaft. I clean the unit to the best of my ability, before i take it in my mouth… it does not take long for the unit to climax, and I swallow, and gulp as much as i am able.

Together we rest, and sleep the deep, dreamless sleep. Together we sleep long past the dawn. Neither of us is aware of a thing, when late in the day I arise, disentangling myself. I stand, and stretch , listening to the cracking of my joints. My long beard brushes against my powerful ball belly. I smell the power of my musk. It is rich, heavy, thick with the fullness of the sweet, good grave. I feel the superhuman strength in my arms and legs. I look at the still slumbering form of the unit before me. I am momentarily confused… I am unit 7, I am Dan…

“I am unit 6,” I cry, as the full effect of the power takes hold of my mind, “I am DEATH!”

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