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Drive-Thru Cub Wash

By KickIt
published August 28, 2019

Ryan and Keith visit a new bear-themed car wash in town and redefine their reality.

Hi everyone! I’ve been kicking around this idea since I had a dream about a magic transformational bear car wash last week. I want to do more one-offs instead of starting another series, so I figured I would open the idea up for the community to add chapters and see where it goes. If you’d like to contact me with ideas or other stuff, my email is


Ryan pulled into Keith’s driveway to pick him up for their trip to the beach. In the height of the summer, the two were planning to hit the boardwalk and try to scrounge up some babes. Of course, they never really had much luck, but it was the principle of the matter! The pair had graduated college a few years back and they weren’t getting any younger. It didn’t help that most of their other friends had met their wives at school.

Keith tossed the door open and slid down into the coupe, a loose tanktop showing off the scrawny pecs he’d spent months in the gym to earn. He hadn’t gotten much, but the atmosphere of the gym was enjoyable, so he went back even if he wasn’t gaining much from it.

“Sup dude,” Keith drawled, sliding his phone out of his pocket. “It’s hot as fuck out today, I dunno if many chicks are gonna show up.”

Ryan shrugged. “Who cares,” he replied, looking in the rearview mirror as he threw the car in reverse. “Sometimes bro time is what matters,” he teased. Ryan was pretty secure in his sexuality, an implied gay joke not being something that would really phase him. A few experiences in college had proven to him that he was definitely straight, and he was okay with that.

“Bro,” Keith replied thoughtfully. “No homo.”

Ryan clicked his tongue, stifling a laugh. “Yeah, yeah, no homo.” He sometimes wondered if Keith was just grandstanding with all the ‘no homos’ to mask that he maybe liked the male form. Ryan had certainly noticed that Keith spent a ton of time at the gym and it wasn’t like he was getting much out of it. How often did men fool around in the locker room? Ryan wasn’t sure, but he had a feeling it was more than he expected.

Ryan had quit going to the gym after college and had lost a lot of muscle tone as a result. He, thankfully, hadn’t gained much weight, but his once too-tight clothes fit a lot looser those days. He’d considered asking Keith about hitting up the gym with him, but he didn’t want to interfere if he was using it as a sexual outlet.

“Maybe we oughta hit up the car wash before we head out?” Keith suggested. “Your wheels are looking pretty weak right now.” Ryan side-eyed him a little, and Keith had a feeling he knew why. His way of speaking had changed a little since joining the gym. He’d never fancied himself much of a “bro” until he started at the gym but spending so much time with the other meatheads was getting to him. Being part of the group was more fun and speaking the same way as they did helped him fit in more.

“Totally brah, gotta polish up the cruiser before we hit the waves, maaaaaan,” Ryan drew out the last word, clearly making a dig at how silly Keith sounded lately.

“Oh, shut up,” Keith sighed. “You know what I meant. When was the last time you cleaned this thing?” The white car was positively coated in a layer of gray grunge. From far away, it probably looked more like it was light gray than white.

“Yeah,” Ryan agreed. “I’ve been so busy with work that this is the first time in a while I feel like we’ve even seen each other, let alone gone to wash my car.”

“It’s the grind, man,” he agreed. “I mean, I’ve also been pretty busy. I’ve been going to work and then the gym and I’ve barely had a chance to get out and do much else.”

Ryan nodded, wondering where exactly they could go for a wash. He didn’t want to really dedicate a ton of time to doing it by hand. “Since you brought it up, do you know anywhere good? I’d rather just go through and have a machine do it.”

Keith sat quietly for a moment, clearly wracking his brain. “I think some new place opened up near the titty bar out on 9th.”

Ryan frowned, “That’s so far out.” It would definitely be cutting into their beach time if they drove all the way into the city.

“Hey man, you asked,” Keith shrugged, staring at his phone while they drove. “Unless you wanna watch me flex while I scrub your nasty car down.”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “Yeah, all ninety pounds.”

Keith lightly punched him in the arm, feigning offense, though Ryan ignored him with a chuckle and rolled on down the street. Traffic was a nightmare in the city in the early afternoon, but the line for the carwash seemed to be pretty short despite its alleged newness.

The long cinderblock building had a few self-help stations and then the large machine-guided wash on the far side. Ryan thought it was strange that their logo was a bear wearing a leather cap, but it made a little more sense when he pulled up and saw the hirsute shirtless man tending to the machine wash. The only thing he had more of than muscles was hair. As he approached the window, Ryan noticed the clean tan line of a thong at his waist.

Rolling his window down, he grabbed a five out of the glovebox and handed it to the man. “Can I get the basic wash?”

Keith nudged Ryan in the arm, handing him another five. “Make that the deluxe wash, bro.” Keith’s gaze lingered just slightly too long on the man for Ryan to really be comfortable with, but he didn’t say anything.

“Yeah, the deluxe, I guess,” Ryan agreed, passing the bills out to the larger man.

“Anything for you, daddy,” the man replied, glancing down his sunglasses at the pair. His bassy voice sent a shiver up Ryan’s spine. He’d never responded to the provocation of another man very strongly, but he half wondered what the man would look like dripping wet.

Ryan shook it off when the light on the machine turned green for him to pull forward. When his front tires locked into the brace, he shifted into neutral and rolled his window back up.

“That was a lot,” he said to Keith, who was back to being lost in his phone. When he didn’t reply, Ryan sighed slightly and turned to look out the window, surprised to see the hard abs of the previous man directly outside. A moment later, some suds ran down the glass and the machine began to pull the car in.

The first stream of water that hit the hood made Ryan jump slightly, but he quickly became accustomed how loud it was. Sitting there with a phone-absorbed Keith, Ryan’s mind drifted back to the muscular man. It seemed totally understandable that the place had been basically empty when they got there. Opening a gay-themed car wash right next to a straight strip club was probably not marketing to the right audience.

“Dude, what the fuck!” Keith cried, breaking Ryan out of his stupor. The moonroof was beginning to leak, suds and water dripping down on the top of the center console.

“Shit!” Ryan attempted to press his hand against the spot where it was leaking, but only managed to push the faulty hardware up and let more water and soap pour in on them.

“Grab the towels!” Ryan demanded, prompting Keith to reach back and grab his beach-themed towel from one of the tourist traps near the coast. He held it up against the window, but it quickly became too wet to hold anymore water and it once again gushed down on their heads. Ryan was stressed, knowing the inside of his car was going to get soaked and the cloth seats were going to mildew. What he didn’t expect was that the blast from the machine would pull the slightly ajar moonroof the rest of the way open.

At once, the slight drip of water turned into an all-out torrent. Ryan sputtered, trying to keep his hands over his mouth so he could breathe, but the force of the water was practically encasing him in water. He expected the intense pressure and heat to hurt him, but it was surprisingly pleasant. It almost felt like a massage and a workout all rolled into one. The heat would make his muscles feel tight and then the pressure would relax it away. It almost had an erotic feel to it, and he noticed his crotch had tightened in his shorts.

He was so relaxed that he felt like he had been there forever when the pulse of water finally stopped. When he opened his eyes next, Ryan noticed the cloth rollers and the pulses of heat drying his truck off. The machine locked into place at the end, the bright red light suddenly turning green.

Looking over at Keith, he almost jumped when he saw the strange man in his passenger seat. He had tightly cropped hair running down to a full, thick beard and his muscles bulged everywhere. His chest was practically spilling out of the drenched tanktop, wet hair clinging to his bulging pecs. He didn’t open his mouth, but he was looking at Ryan expectantly.

Swallowing deeply, Ryan glanced at his reflection in the rearview mirror, noticing the dashes of gray in his bangs. Looking down at himself, his gray silk shirt was unbuttoned, and a tight, round gut spilled out. All of what he could see was covered in swirls of gray and chestnut hair, his fat, flushed nipples almost entirely obscured. His denim shorts were unbuttoned, the dirty waistband of a white mesh jockstrap hanging out. He definitely didn’t remember putting that on before he left in the morning.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the window and Ryan’s gaze snapped over to see the head and shoulders of the man from before. “Hey, daddy, can you go ahead and pull forward? We have more customers waiting.”

Without thinking, Ryan opened his mouth. “Sure, cub,” he smiled, feeling the hairs of his beard move with his mouth.

Throwing the truck into drive like it was second nature, he quickly pulled into one of the parking spots facing the strip club. Normally, there were always a few girls in their lingerie smoking outside, but the few employees he saw were oiled hunks in speedos and thongs. Their permanent erections were perfectly evident in their tight undies and Ryan felt a stirring in his groin. He’d love to bend one of them over his lap and just let them suck until it fell off…

“Wait, what?” Ryan said aloud, suddenly noticing how much deeper his voice was. It was like he’d aged twenty years. The gray hair, the gut, his voice, but what happened to Keith? Examining him more closely, Keith appeared to be slightly younger than he had before, though his muscles were impossibly bigger for his frame. His facial features were more squared off and masculine, though the full beard hid his jaw from view.

Looking closer at what he assumed was a gray patch, Ryan shuddered.

“Open your mouth, boy,” he demanded suddenly. Inside Keith’s mouth was a generous load that he’d clearly been holding onto for a while. Just like his daddy told him to, Ryan thought. A broad smile grew on his face as he leaned in and dug his tongue straight into Keith’s mouth. Pressing their tongues together, he spread his load from the morning between their mouths. The bitter taste prompted a quiet moan from Keith, who was firmly palming his bulge.

“Pull it out,” Ryan demanded. He’d gotten into a nice little arrangement with Keith a couple years before. Ryan would put Keith up while he was in college, but, in return, Keith was his houseboy. He was to work out, wake his daddy up with a blowjob, and make breakfast before he went to classes. Sometimes, if he was extra good, daddy would even suck him off.

In lieu of a zipper, Keith pulled his tight board shorts down and let his hefty boy-dick flop up against his chest. At a solid seven inches, his boy’s supple, pink dick was longer than his own, but his was thicker by far. Ryan reached over and stroked it, his much larger hand perfectly wrapping around the base of his boy’s cock. Slicking it up with his boy’s own precum, Ryan leaned over the truck’s console and teased Keith’s head with the tip of his tongue before diving down on the thick meat.

Keith was always loud when he received oral and he quickly attracted the attention of the men working next door who offered him a few strokes of their bare cocks while they watched his reaction.

Keith snatched his wet tank top down, revealing his pink, pierced nipples and he pulled and twisted on them while Ryan sucked him off. He’d thought the old guy was crazy when he offered to let him move in and said he only had to suck him off and stuff for rent. However, it had quickly switched on a submissive side of him he’d never known about. There was hardly a thing he liked more than getting on his knees for his daddy, save for time at the gym with his bros. Occasionally, he even got head from his gym bros, which was totally rad. Daddy also didn’t even mind if he got it on with his bros, but Keith had to pledge to him that he was his number one.

Part of Ryan was recoiling while he swallowed Keith’s dick, but another part of him knew that was just ‘the grind’ as his boy would say. He’d played the stocks when he was younger, made some bank, and then let cubs move in with him while they were going through college. Staring in his mid-twenties, he’d probably gone through a good six boys before Keith joined him.

Hearing a sharp moan from his boy’s lap, Ryan glanced down to see that he was watching one of their sex tapes on his phone the entire time. That was the moment he knew he’d found the perfect boy. Keith was cubby, submissive, did everything he asked, could bottom, top, suck, swallow, deepthroat, take anything and everything his daddy asked of him and always come back for more. Even his boy’s piercings had been his suggestion. The ring running through Keith’s head clinked a little against Ryan’s teeth, just the way he liked it. Biting onto the metal with his molars, he tugged hard, and the sweet painful pleasure was enough to make his boy cum with a shout.

Slurping up the cum, Ryan reached up to hold his boy’s throat while he spit the thick load into his mouth. “Swallow,” Daddy commanded.

Keith’s was sporting a blissed-out look but had enough wherewithal to know not to disobey his daddy. Besides, swallowing his own loads and passing them back and forth was insanely hot and almost made his dick hard again.

Stroking his wet erection through his jockstrap, Ryan noticed the gaggle of stripper boys next door stroking themselves to the show he was putting on. He waved at them with a mischievous smirk while he shifted the truck into gear. The shiny red paint of his new pick-up truck glistening in the summer sun.

“You were right, boy,” Ryan smiled. “This was a good idea.”

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