I am unit 7 part 3

By Jeep
published August 28, 2019

Unit 7 assists in conversion

I am unit 7…

it has been many days since i have been made a part of the pod. The winter crop is at knee height. We spend our days weeding, watering, and caring for the crop. I am unit 7. I exist to labor. The farm and the pod are my life. All that is required is provided by the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE. I have my labor, I have my rations, I have my partner. Together we participate in the daily ejaculation together. All I do is measured and approved by the great society.

I am surprised as two units come out of the woods. One unit is clearly damaged. I can see bone protruding from it’s leg. The other unit is trying it’s beat to aid the injured unit. They are strange units. I can not identify their type.

I call out to them, “I am unit 7, what is your designation?”

“Leave us be, ya freak, just leave us be… we’ll be outta ya way in a minute…”

I step into their path, not understanding. They have offered neither designation or proper greeting. The great society depends on units who obey the laws of the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE.

Again, I say, “I am unit 7, what is your designation…”

I grip the strange unit by his shoulder, and reach down to give him a proper greeting. I feel him struggle in my embrace as i give him the kiss of servitude to let him know that he is my superior, whatever his designation. He uses his full force to push me back. The injured unit falls to the ground screaming in pain. The other unit begins to run. I do not understand… I begin to run after the unit, something in me sensing a danger to the great society. I quickly overtake him, and tackle him to the ground.

“I am unit 7, what is your designation,” i say with more force.

“LEAVE ME THE GODDAMN FUCK ALONE,” he screams, " ME AND MY BOY AIN’t NO CONCERN OF YOURS," but soon his protestations die down as i subdue him. with my force. I carry him back to the pod, and see that my partner has attended to the injured unit. It too has been rendered unconscious.

" We must take these units to the appropriate authorities, " I say, " one is damaged, and i believe this one to be malfunctioning."

We each lift one unit, and begin the walk to town. We walk in perfect cadence until we see a unit 2 on patrol. My penis begins to stir as we reach the unit. The scent of his black leather and musk remind me that i am but a lowly 7. I give him the kiss of servitude, then i stand still awaiting his instruction…


My partner and I speak in unison, “I am unit 7. We are pod A farm laborers, as decided by the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE!”


I speak alone, “These malfunctioning units came upon us, we have subdued them and brought them to you.”

Unit 2 examines the units we bring, and says, " Very good unit 7. These units have not yet been given a designation. Bring them with me to the Conversion Center…"

We follow unit 2 until we reach the Conversion Center. We enter a door marked Emergency, and suddenly the light is strange, bright, artificial and harsh. I recognize that the room is occupied by many unit 3s standing in wait for orders from their superior units. I silently thank the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, that I was not designated a unit 3. They are pale, and frail, and cover their bodies. I know they are my superiors, but I can not imagine taking part in the daily ejaculation with one of these, their pale slightly oversized heads are not appealing.

A Unit 3 has moved forward and given the kiss of servitude to the unit 2. I, in turn give the kiss to the unit 3, noting his oddly metallic breath. My partner gives the kiss next. Unit 2 directs us to place the units onto tables with wheels, and then briefs the unit 3 as unit 7 and I stand at attention awaiting the instructions of our superiors.

Unit 2 indicates that i should wheel the table with the uninjured malfunctioning unit to a room deeper in the Conversion Center, and commands my partner to stand at attention until required. The unit 3 has indicated to some of its comrades to attend to the injured unit. They have gathered around, and look at the bone. One unit slowly shakes his head, and asks the other units in attendance to sedate the injured one.

I push the unit on my table into the room which was indicated to me. As i push him into the room, a memory returns of another man strapped to a table brought into a room like this. He is unit 7, but unit 7 from before, he does not know the glories of the great society, and he fights and struggles much like the unit on the table before me does. I watch the convertor check his papers, and then watch as he removes an apparatus from the table. It looks like a gun with a long tapering barrel. The unit 3 speaks to the screaming man explaining that he is about to join the great society, that once he has been injected with the tiny machines his gun contains, the unit will change physically and mentally until it is fit to be part of the great society. I watch the unit 3 place the gun in the ear canal and pull the trigger. After a few seconds the unit’s screaming stops, and the changes begin. The body of the unit begins to simultaneously stretch and broaden, as muscle and fat pile onto his frame… his clothes grow tighter and tighter until they begin to rip and tear away from his body. i watch as the unit’s beard grows and long. Eventually the changes, cease and i know this units purpose before he even speaks it. The unit 3 has loosened the restraints, and the behemoth rises. I watch as the unit 3 dresses him carefully in the black leather kilt, the dark studded arm bands, and fastens the harness around his pendulous hanging pecs. With a final deft movement unit 3 brings the leather hood over the units brutish head. The unit stands, and awaits his directive from the nightstick of the number 2, but again, I can have no doubt.

“I am unit 6,” he says, his voice low and rumbling, " I AM DEATH…"

I go to him to present the kiss of servitude. I can smell his musk, fetid, heavy, repulsive… there is nothing here but darkness. Involuntarily, I shiver. I know that this unit, or one like it will cause this unit to cease to exist. It is my superior in every way, given an important role by the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, but again, I am grateful to be unit 7…

I AM unit 7…

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