I am unit 7 part 2

By Jeep
published August 27, 2019

Unit 7 adjusts to life in the new reality…

"I am unit 7, " I say, “I do not understand why i am here…”

I look expectantly at the unit 2 in front of me. I know that unit 2s have the authority of the law in the Great Society. I see myself reflected in the mirrored sunglasses that unit 2s wear, and i see all is as it should be. I am standing at attention, every muscle tight, awaiting an answer from unit 2. A unit 7 must always submit to the authority of a unit 2. It is the will of the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, that I do so… a unit 7 is the lowest member of society, and a unit 2 is second only to a Unit 1… 1s are second only to the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, and as such are never seen by any as lowly as a unit 7.

“You are at the Conversion Center,” unit 2 replies, “what is your designation, and your role?”

“I am unit 7, my role is labor…”

“Good unit 7, you will be taken to your pod.”

With that I follow unit 2. I am placed in a vehicle driven by another unit 2.

“Take unit 7 to pod A. He will join the detail. When you arrive, deliver the unit to another 7, and establish the pods directives to unit 7. You will be assist ed by a unit 7 n establishing the directives as is intended by the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE…”

As we travel toward the pod, I notice the landscape… something stirs in my mind as i remember walking toward the town, remember being other than unit 7, remember being D…, Da… Daaaa… the vehicle comes to a halt, and the thought is gone. I am unit 7, and this is my pod. Obediently I follow unit 2. It is natural and good to follow a unit 2, they enforce the law of the Great Society.

We reach the edge of the field where another unit 7 comes toward us, the sunlight glinting off his muscle laden, sweaty body. I wait in anticipation as unit 7 approaches. He embraces me, I feel the power of his body, smell the scent of his musk. I welcome his kiss, feeling his tongue fill my mouth.

“Welcome unit 7, prepare for your directive…”

Obediently, I undo the button on my shorts, and feel them drop to my ankles. I know that soon unit 7 will implant my directive.

“WHO ARE YOU?” unit 2 shouts at me.

“I am unit 7..”


“Unit 7 has no directive yet. It awaits it’s directive as decided upon by the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE…”


“I submit to the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, to the governance of unit 1, to the power of enforcement given to unit 2. I am lower than unit 3, 4, 5, and 6. If i encounter one of these units, I will await their instruction, and obey. I will labor only for the great society, I am unit 7…”


“Yes unit 2, I Will assist…”

With that unit 7 kneels on the ground before me, he catches hold of my naked penis and begins stroking. I am already excited, as the purpose of a unit 7 is to work at whatever directive it is assigned, his stroke causes my penis to react, My penis is filling with blood even as unit 7 brings his mouth to it’s head licking and kissing slowly as the unit begins to engulf my penis. I feel the tongue, as insistent and commanding as it had been in my mouth…

As i know, unit 2 is behind me. He has unsheathed his nightstick, the symbol of his authority, the authority given by the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, upon which has been encoded my directive. With brute force he rams the nightstick into my waiting hole… the pain is intense, the pleasure is exquisite, he pulls and pushes and as I near orgasm, I can feel the directive take hold in my mind. As my penis releases it’s load, I feel the release of unit 7… if i could see the field, I would see the release of each unit 7 in my pod. My directive is firm, I am a farm laborer. I will work with my pod to plant, maintain, and harvest the crops required by the great society. The unit 7 at my feet is my bonded partner, we will exist together unless otherwise directed. He rises, and again embraces me. As we kiss, I can taste the ejaculate on his lips, I can smell his musk, now blended with mine…"

I follow him to the field, and kneel beside the rest of the pod. One by one, we drop the winter crop into the earth. We work in perfect unison, make a hole, insert the plant, tap down the earth. One after another we work, the rows of glistening, hairless men in the afternoon sun, stretching as far as the eye can see.

At the end of the day, we rise from our labors. I join my partner in formation, and we walk down the road, perfectly en sync. I follow unit 7 seeing the last rays of the sun turning his skin to amber. I catch his scent in the breeze, the scent that is now and always a mingling of his musk and mine, it fills me with pleasure, unlike the scent of any other.

Eventually we turn from the road. I see the sign outside, “Mount Holiness Missionary Baptist Church.” The words puzzle me. Church implies worship, and the only worship is for the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE. Something again stirs in my mind, some place different but the same, where units worshiped other than the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE. But as we enter the building, I see the main room with it’s rows of cots presided over by a supersized portrait of the GREAT LEADER, BLESSED BE, and follow my pod into the dining hall. We silently accept our rations, and in unison we eat.

As night falls, I look forward to the receiving and giving of ejaculate before I prepare to fall into a deep, dreamless, sleep. Close at my ear, I hear the breathing of unit 7, and match my breathing to the cadence…

I am unit 7…

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