The Unexpected Gift Is Often The Best - Part 3

By Tha Avnanizeis
published August 25, 2019

Dave gets to hear more about Bobby’s team and play with his new toy

After a quick nap, Dave walked into the kitchen to see Bobby stood at the stove, in his sweatpants and his Mom’s apron. He himself was still fully naked. Bobby heard him approach and turned his head giving Dave a smile before checking him out lustily from head to toe before turning back to the food. Dave walked up to Bobby slipping his hands inside the front of the apron to rub his fingers over Bobby’s nipples. Bobby leaned back into the embrace pressing his ass into Dave’s groin.

Dave gave Bobby’s bare shoulder a kiss

“How’s it doing?”

“The steaks are just resting, I’ve done them medium rare, I hope you like them like that. I would have asked but you were napping and I didn’t want to wake you. I’m just sautéing the green beans, the fries just need to go back in the oil for a third time to get them nice and crispy.”

Dave let his right hand lower allowing his fingers to undulate with the ridges of Bobby’s abs and pushed his way inside the waist of the sweatpants to card his fingers through Bobby’s pubes before taking Bobby’s cock in his hand. It was still slightly wet from their session earlier and Dave could feel the cum on the back of his hand where the remaining cum had soaked into the front of the sweats. He began to run his hand lazily over Bobby’s cock enjoying the feel of it harden in his hand. Bobby automatically widened his stance to give Dave easier access. Dave’s left thumb continued to rub around Bobby’s left nipple before using his index finger to scratch over the protruding nub. He relished in hearing Bobby gasp in pleasure. He kissed Bobby on the right shoulder again.

“You spoil me, babe, I love medium rare steaks and thanks for letting me sleep!”

“Anything for you, Sir!”.

Dave gave Bobby’s cock a few more tugs before grabbing the back of the sweats and tucking them under Bobby’s ass cheeks. The bow of the apron tie just rested, nestling, in the cleft. Dave knelt down, used both hands to bunch up the left ass cheek up and then sucked on it leaving a mark. It didn’t feel enough so he allowed his teeth to play and bit, not hard enough to break the skin but enough to leave individual indentations of his teeth. He pulled Bobby’s ass cheeks apart and blew on his pucker watching it wink for him.

Bobby dropped the spatula he was using as soon as he felt the teeth bite before picking it up again and moaned when he felt Dave blowing on his hole.

“God your ass is perfect, Bobby. I could make a meal of it.”

“Now you say that! After I’ve spent all this time getting the food ready. I could have just napped with you on the sofa and presented my rump instead of this sirloin.”

Dave laughed as Bobby wiggled his ass for Dave, presenting it.

“Ah, my boy’s got jokes, good to know”.

Dave licked the red mark he’d left on Bobby’s ass before kissing it gently.

“As much as I could stay here all day, it looks to me that the food’s almost done. You can finish it off while I set the table for us.”

“It should be ready in about 5 minutes, Sir.”

Dave stood up and, putting his arm around Bobby’s shoulder in a side hug, kissed the side of his mouth. He then rubbed his nose along Bobby’s neck and, breathing in deeply his scent, said,

“Can’t wait, babe, it smells delicious.”

Dave went into the dining room and was just walking to the cupboard which held all the his Mom’s fancy china and settings for the table when he had an idea. He went back into the lounge and pulled a seat cushion off one of the armchairs. He carried it into the dining room together with the blanket that normally covered that back of the sofa. He placed the cushion right by the chair at the head of the table and covered it with the blanket. He then set two place mats side by side at the head of the table, and one each for the wine glasses and the wine. He then set down two wine glasses and only one set of cutlery. He went to to the wet bar and grabbed a small cocktail straw and placed it by one of the wine glasses. As this was their first meal together, he grabbed the two silver candelabra which his parents used for special occasions and placed them both just beyond the place settings. He lit the six candles and closed the blackout blinds before lowering the lights in the room to make it much more romantic. He was still completely naked and it sent a thrill through him, as this room had last been used for Thanksgiving and, he could imagine the looks on his extended family’s faces if they were here now to see Bobby and him like this. He smiled thinking what they’d say when hearing him say the thing he was truly thankful for: having Bobby as his slave.

He was just pouring the wine into his dad’s fancy crystal decanter that his parents got as a wedding gift when Dave heard Bobby shout

“Sir, it’s ready. Where shall I bring it?”

“In here, Bobby”

Bobby walked it carrying the two plates, no longer wearing his apron. He had a smile on his face seeing the candles but it soon dimmed in confusion

Dave placed the decanter on the table and sat down.

“Put the plates here by me, you will be sitting on the floor on this cushion. I will be hand feeding you”.

Bobby’s eyes instantly sparkled in delight and he placed the plates down where Dave pointed.

“Take off the sweats, fold them and lay them neatly over the back of that chair and then get down on your cushion.”

Dave pointed to the chair at the other end of the room as he wanted to see Bobby’s ass as he walked over and his cock as he returned. Bobby realized what Dave was doing and made sure to give Dave a show, swinging his hips to show off his ass-ets and walking back showing how hard he was from knowing that his Master was watching him and enjoying the view. As soon as Bobby returned, he stretched his body first showing off his muscles and pushing his groin out towards Dave so his engorged cock was before his Master’s face. Dave put his hands on Bobby’s hips to stop him moving before he took Bobby’s cock into his mouth and gave it a quick suck to get a taste and to feel its weight in his tongue. It was warm and silken in his mouth. Bobby gave a deep moan of pleasure, as having his Master’s mouth around his cock was the greatest thing he’d ever experienced to date. He stood there letting Dave do as he wished never trying to thrust his hips. Dave loved the taste and feel of Bobby’s cock on his tongue, and the saltiness of his precum, but he didn’t want the food to go cold so he slowly came off his cock with a pop and gave it a quick lick before snapping his fingers and pointing at the cushion. Immediately, Bobby kneeled down on to the cushion, head down in submission, legs crossed at the ankles, his legs wide apart, with his cock bobbing with each heart beat.

Dave was delighted as he ordered

“Straddle my leg with your legs, rest your body against the chair and hug my calf with both arms. Keep those legs wide open.”

Bobby did as he was told and Dave felt Bobby’s heat soak into his leg as Bobby hugged it.

“Make sure your cock is touching my heel and rest your cheek on my thigh.”

Bobby repositioned himself and first kissed Dave’s thigh before gently placed his head down and Dave ran his hand over Bobby’s hair before repositioning Bobby exactly where he wanted him.

“That’s it, babe, now I’m going to hand feed you. I expect you to make sure my fingers are clean each time.”

“Yes, sir, thank you for hand feeding me.”

Bobby cut the steak up and did the same for his own plate. Taking two green beens he held them out for Bobby who engulfed his fingers with his lips and used his tongue to retrieve the bean. He gave Dave’s finger a lick before chewing on it carefully and then licking his lips.

“Did you like that, Bobby?”

“It tastes better from your hand, sir”.

Dave grabbed his fork and grabbed a piece of a the steak for himself while he ate it and then a fry. While he was chewing Bobby stayed patient resting his head on his thigh. To reward Bobby, Dave moved his heel along Bobby’s cock. Then Dave took of the steak from Bobby’s plate and fed it to him while grabbing another piece and fry on his fork for himself.

“You cooked it really well, Bobby, it tastes delicious.”

Once again Bobby sucked it from Dave’s hand taking his fingers up to the first joint within his mouth. His tongue circled Dave’s fingers fo retrieve the morsel within. Bobby hummed at the taste. Dave found himself getting harder remembering what that mouth felt around his cock.

Dave let his fingers slip out of Bobby’s mouth and poured the wine. He took a sip from his own glass first to taste it before placing the straw in the other glass and bringing it down to Bobby who took the straw in his mouth. He once again moved his heel back and forth sideways and watched Bobby’s cock respond to his touch.

“This is our first romantic meal together, babe!”

Bobby gave Dave’s calf a stronger hug

“Yes, sir, the candles are a nice touch, I’m loving being made to surrender to you like this. I love this, sir, and I love you.”

Dave put the glass back on the table and ran his hand over Bobby’s hair and then down his neck and over his broad shoulders to which Bobby gave a deep sigh of contentment relaxing completely against Dave’s leg.

“You’re my good boy, aren’t you Bobby?”

“Yes, sir, I’m your good boy. I have so many responsibilities in my life and it’s great to have you, sir, who makes all the decisions for me, I just have to obey and please. With you, I can be what I really am, not a Lieutenant Colonel but your daddy-slave. I don’t have to pretend with you. I’m yours to command. Thank you, sir.”

Dave ran his thumb in a circle over Bobby’s temple, and watched Bobby push into his touch, his cock getting harder. Admitting that he was Dave’s daddy-slave got Bobby more excited. Dave took up two fries and fed them to Bobby.

“You are my daddy-slave, and you’re perfect for me.”

Bobby hummed in delight and melted against Dave’s leg enjoying it as Dave continued to rub his heel against his cock.

“So tell me about your Kappa team”

“What do you want to know, sir?”

“What are their names, what they look like, their personalities, cock sizes, and what you know about their sex lives.”

“Well there’s normally twelve in the team including me, but we’ve lost three to team changes and shall have three new men joining the team when my old 2IC picks them next week. My 2IC, is Sherman, or Major Franco Antonelli. He’s 37, he’s big, he’s six 5 and has the biggest body of us all, he’s built like a tank, hence his nickname. He’s the best 2IC you could have, he follows orders but knows how to fill in where there are gaps. He’s funny and is a good friend. He’s been with me since he was a raw recruit. He will lead the team well. He’s married to Angela. They’ve been together and he jerks off to her sexy pictures on his phone when we’re camped. His cock isn’t that long, though, he’s only about 5 inches when hard.”

“You’ve seen him hard?”

“The whole team camp together, sir, so we’ve seen each other’s bodies and I’ve seen everyone’s morning wood. You don’t comment on it, but you can’t avoid it. Sherman’s looks small against his big body and he’s a bit embarrassed by it. You can tell by the way he covers it.”

While Bobby talked about his team mates, Dave continued to feed him and give him wine.

“They’ve been married for 15 years but they have no kids, so I don’t know if the equipment works.”

“Who’s next?”

“Preppy, Captain Frazier Prescott, he’s blond, 6’1 and a typical jock. He comes from a wealthy family. He’s their second son and caused quite a stir when he joined up. They weren’t happy but are more accepting when he got into Special Forces. He’s 29. He likes all the finer things in life and dresses in a jacket and tie when in civvies. It’s why we call him Preppy. He’s nothing like the rest of us but he’s one of the best snipers so we’re glad to have him. He’s had a string of girlfriends and is currently banging a Hooters girl, Misty. He doesn’t get serious about them. I bet he’s going to settle down eventually with a wealthy girl from his background but is waiting until he’s promoted to a higher rank. He says Misty’s great in bed and the tits are real. He’s a shower not a grower. His schlong looks huge flopping around but it doesn’t really get any bigger hard.”

“How long is it?”

“I’d say 7 inches hard and 6 3/4” when soft.”

“Okay, who’s next?”

“Boomer, Lieutenant Ricardo Cruz, he’s our explosives expert. He’s 26, he’s 5’11, he’s still with his childhood sweetheart. They aren’t married but they have a daughter aged 3 and a baby boy aged 1. She lives in military accommodation and she’s had us round. He’s complained that she’s lost interest in sex so he’s having to make do with “la Señora Palmera y sus cinco hijas encantadoras”. By the amount you can hear him jacking off, he had a healthy sex life. He’s got a normal sized cock, sir.

“Then there’s Mavis, Lieutenant Travis Ward, he’s 6 foot and a redhead but is partially bald. He’s very quiet and very secretive but an good soldier and is our language expert. We think he has a girlfriend but we’ve not seen her. He comes back with hickies so we know he’s getting some. He’s got about a six inch cock when hard but he’s a grower as he’s small soft.”

“Batshit, or Lieutenant Tom Reece, is crazy. He goes into situations with more guns than anyone else and has the highest kills. He’s not someone you’d want to introduce to your mother but you want him by your side in a war zone. He’s crazy but good crazy, you know. He’s 5’10 got brown hair. He’s had the same girlfriend for a while, she says she’s a vampire and has had fangs surgically implanted.”


“I know! Now you can see why we call him Batshit!”

“What’s his cock like?”

“It’s normal sized but he has a cock piercing.”

“Who’s next?”

“Chippy, or Lieutenant Winston Johnson, he’s always got your six. He’s someone you can always depend upon in the field. He’s always hungry and he’s always got food in his mouth so we call him Chipmunk. He’s 29, 6’1, Afro-American. He’s got a long term girlfriend and it’s clear she wears the pants in the relationship as he’s always “Sorry, baby, I’ll make it up to you when I see you”, we all make fun of him.”

Dave pulled on Bobby’s ear

“Well I’m the only one wearing pants here, Bobby, literally”

Bobby looked down at himself, completely naked and his cock hard from both being so close to his Master and the touch of his master’s heel on his cock.

“Yes, Master, you are. Maybe I shouldn’t make so much fun of him”.

Dave laughed

“Maybe a little fun. So what about his sex life?”

“He’s into a bit of kinky stuff, I heard him telling Barker about him trying pegging once with his girlfriend.”

“Interesting, what’s his cock like?”

“Big, it’s about 7” soft and about 9” hard and it’s thick. He parades around with it as he knows he hasn’t got anything to be shy about there. He’s always whipping it out.”

“So who’s Barker?”

“Lieutenant Jorge Caixo, he’s on his first tour. He is 23. He’s got the best ears of the group and he’s the first to hear anyone approaching the camp and tells us always. He’s like our guard dog. He’s 5’10, his parents are Brazilian and he likes the ladies. He and his buddy Gerber, that’s Lieutenant Hank Tellmann, live together. They had a one bedroom place, to save money, and they each took it turns to get a one night stand so that they had a place to sleep each night. Gerber got a long term girlfriend about four months ago so he moved out to live with her. I think Barker has started dating the same girl recently as he is always sexting when he has spare time. Barker has a 7” cock when he’s hard and he jerks off a lot.”

“So how old is Gerber?”

“He’s 23, he and Barker did Basic together.”

“What does Gerber look like?”

“He’s baby faced, which is why we call him Gerber. He’s 6”2 and blond. He was a quarterback for his college football but wasn’t picked up in the Draft. He’s still bitter about that. He’s got an average cock but given his conversations with his girlfriend he’s got killer oral skills.“

During this conversation, Dave has continued to feed Bobby and let him drink the wine. By this point, Dave was horny as hell as he listened about all the other men he could have. They hadn’t finished going through all the men in the Kappa team but Dave had a better use for Bobby’s mouth.

“I think it’s time to use your killer oral skills too, babe”

Dave smiled openly and instantly crawled under the table to get between Dave’s legs, swaying his ass as he had been told to do. He knelt like an eager puppy waiting for his treat.

Dave pulled down his pants and pulled Bobby’s hair to bring him to his cock but stopped him before Bobby could take Dave’s cock into his mouth,

“Tell me how much you want my cock, boy”

“Master, I need your cock, I love you in my throat. I love your cock and need to taste your cum.”

All the time Bobby was speaking, Dave was rubbing his cock over Bobby’s face smearing his precum over it.

“I’m not sure you’re really sincere, Bobby.”

Bobby almost whined this time

“Please, Sir, let me suck your cock and make you feel good. You can fuck my throat, I really need it.”

“Kiss it first, Bobby, and I might let you”

Bobby leaned forward and kiss the head reverently before kissing down the shaft

“Please Sir”

“Very well”

Instantly Bobby dove onto Dave’s cock sucking right down to the root before using all his skills to have Dave moaning.

“Damn, you’re good, Bobby!”

Bobby did not respond but hummed while holding Dave’s cock head at the back of his throat eliciting deep moans from Dave before he went up and down his cock at a quick but smooth rhythm. Bobby’s tongue massaged the vein of Dave’s cock and caressed the head every time they came in contact before he twisted and dropped back down until his lips were pressed against Dave’s pubes.

Dave would have tried to hold back with any other lover but this was his slave and the blowjob was for his pleasure, not Bobby’s, and he quickly released not bothering to warn Bobby once. Bobby didn’t miss a beat ensuring that all the cum was swallowed. He continued to suck on Dave’s cock until Dave pulled out of his mouth because he was getting too sensitive.

“You’re ex girlfriend taught you well, Bobby”

“Yes, Sir, and thank you for your cum.”

Dave was just coming off his high when he noticed that Bobby was restless. Thinking that Bobby wanted to cum he decided to ask what was wrong especially as he has no intention of allowing Bobby to cum at the moment.

“What is it, Bobby?”

“Sir, can I go take a shit? I normally go after I eat”.

Dave was surprised by the answer but was pleased how much control he had over Bobby that he was handing his bodily functions over as well. He knew exactly what to say

“You’re a good boy, for asking me. When we are alone together, I will expect you to ask. If I do not respond within 5 minutes you can go regardless but you will have to wait either for my permission or for the 5 minutes to elapse. Yes, you can but don’t close the door as I should always be able to get at, and see, you. Once you’ve finished, I’ve got an enema for you as it’s your responsibility to keep yourself clean for my pleasure.”

“Yes, Sir”

“The bathroom is upstairs the third door on the right and I’ll bring the enema to you. You can go.”

Bobby answered

“Thank you, Sir”

before he rushed off to the bathroom, he had only taken a few steps before Dave said “Crawl, boy”. Bobby dropped to his hands and knees immediately and scampered away remembering to shake his ass provocatively as he went.

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