Relivit Part 1.1.1

By Jeep
published August 25, 2019

The final memory and final change, or is it?

“…And cut! Clear set, that’s a wrap for today.,.”

Jake blinked as the lights went out on the set, and wearily headed to the dressing room. He sat in the chair, and looked at his reflection in the mirror. Had it really been nearly 20 years since he and Mike had left California for New York, and the beginnings of his film career. The man he saw in the mirror bore little resemblance to the fresh faced bodybuilder of his first film with Mike. Gym Jocks had been the first, of a series starring the duo which highlighted their natural youth, innocence, and desire for each other. Those happy days seemed like another life… those brief years when all had been right and easy, his life full of excitement and opportunity, loved by Mike, managed by Doc, directed by Mr. B, it had been everything he’d ever wanted. In those days he rarely thought of his life as Jacob, of the man who in that other world worked mere blocks from where he was currently filming Leather Cop 4.

The man in the mirror didn’t even share the same name. After the accident 10 years ago, the accident that had killed Mike, that had left him with the jagged scar on his left cheek, that Jake, who was past the age of playing the young college jock any longer needed an image change, including a new name, so Jake von Slyke had been reborn as Big Von Stryker… Mr. B had carefully crafted his new image, the man now reflected in front of him. His body was still a work of art, but the years of steroids, of growth hormone, insulin, and insane workouts, particularly after Mike was no longer there to watch over him , had left a real muscle bull in their wake. Thick of neck, thick of waist, with a definite GH belly when standing relaxed, Von was marketed to those who got off on brute size and force. His arms were covered in full sleeve tribal tattoos which joined a back piece that depicted skulls, the damned, demons, and hell fire in tones of black and gray. if one took the time one could make out the demons victims wore expressions of rapture rather than agony as they enjoyed their eternal torments, an eternity of endless BDSM. His hairline had begun receding even before the accident and now his head and face both wore a dark stubble that was just beginning to show gray if the lights hit it just the right way.

Von caught a hint of his natural musk, that now familiar mingling of leather, of sex, of the sweat produced by the heat of the cameras. Von lifted his arm to enjoy his own odor… how much had he learned since those early days, Doc and Mr. B. had guided him step by step into darker pleasures, into giving and accepting pain, into musk, into the sensual pleasure of piercings and leather… bit by bit he had become exactly what they wanted, a man who lived the lifestyle of the man he portrayed on screen. He felt his cock begin to engorge with blood, feeling the pull of his PA, the tightness increasing in his leather pants by the minute. How easy it was for him to lose himself, forgetting his past, forgetting Mike, just giving in to carnal pleasure and desire…

But did he want to forget? He’d seen the ads for a service called Relivit where you could see virtually what your life might have been like if you’d made different choices, and an echo in his head, an echo of a man named Jacob who he knew to be himself, came back to him. He saw the years of duty, of unhappiness, of missed opportunity and knew he didn’t want that, but did he really want this? Surely if he used Relivit it would take him to places based on this life he now lived, he just knew he could stop Mike from getting behind the wheel that night, or at least stop himself from getting in the car… he at least had to try

In one reality Jacob made his way toward the offices of Relivit from his office, his crumpled suit betraying his many long hours behind the desk, filled with anticipation. In another Von clad in head to toe leather walked in another path to the same destination. As both versions of the same man reached the Relivit Center, Jacob scurried in anxious to begin. Von, however, stopped and paused on the sidewalk, he caught his reflection in the window, and had a realization that life offers no promises. What if he went in and became that other him, the one he’d thought about less and less, what if things were worse? What if he and Mike never met ? What about Coach, Doc, and Mr B.? But more than that what would happen to Von? His life hadn’t been perfect, but he was happy overall… why did he need to see what might have been? With that, he turned with a grunt heading back to the life in that wet, dark night…

The machine whirred to a stop, and the technician took off the VR goggles. The tall musclebound man in leather stood up and gazed into the floor length mirror… he saw the light glinting off his piercings, the mass of his body, the jagged scar on his cheek. He could smell his natural scent and could only think of the life out there in the city, the life of pleasure, his cult status in certain communities for his movies, and of all that he had yet to experience… Relivit had proved to him that his choices had been right…

“Fuck,” he thought to himself, “life is one damn wild ride..”

With that he strode confidently into the rainy night, living the life he was meant to live, no memories or desires for anything else remaining., yet one more Relivit success story, one more life allowed to live the what might have been, one life that had the desire to live…

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