Cubbies Briefs

By Elan Musk -
published August 25, 2019

Adam finds a strange, shimmering pair of underwear on his bed, finds himself compelled to wear them. Marquis, his roommate, feels a very different compulsion when he sees the man unleashed by these bewitching briefs.

Adam felt a tingle creep up his legs as he stepped into the CUBBIES briefs and pulled them on. He’d had no idea why the pair of gray, shimmering briefs were lying on his bed, no clue who had so badly misjudged his taste in underwear, but when he’d touched them a moment before, he’d felt a something like a static shock, and before he knew it, had stripped to put them on. At first, they’d seemed several sized too big, but… Adam’s eyes widened as his once skinny legs thickened. The tingling had only grown more intense in his crotch and butt as he put the brief’s on, and running to the bathroom, a quick peek in the mirror confirmed those areas had filled out too.

“Dude… what is-” Adam stopped, shocked to silence by his newly gruff voice, watching speechless as his once wiry frame completed its transformation, the rippling muscle spread up his torso, leaving a musclegut where once he had a lean six-pack, a mountainous chest in place of a once flat chest, smooth skin sprouting a thick pelt of fur, red to match the buzz on his head a chin.

“Dude…” he began again, grinning, beads of sweat forming in his pits and trickling down his sides as he flexed his newly developed biceps in the mirror. “I’m… cubby. Lol, I’m a cub.”

With one hand, he started stroking his new endowment through the fabric of the mystery briefs. “A hot fucking cub.”

Instead of the women, girls in his fellow freshman classes, teachers, strangers at the gym, that usually peopled his fantasies when he masturbated. Adam’s mind filled with visions of jocks, smooth compact muscleboys, ample buttocks straining in tight jeans, workout shorts, bare in jockstraps. He imagined his now-massive hands grabbing and spreading one of these anonymous boys cheeks

“A hot fucking cub with a hot fucking cock.” He growled, his voice even deeper. Some new instinct told him to lift his nose to the armpit of his still flexed arm and take a whiff, the potent musk smell, a real man’s smell, was too much for the changed 18 year old. His now 10-inch cock shot a massive wad in the Cubbies briefs, then another. And another. The transformed young man merely grunted, mind full of cub musk, as the briefs, soaked and dripping with each blast of cum grew tighter against his beefy muscle ass and tights. Absorbing his loads, the briefs began to change color until it matched the pale-pink tone of his skin.

Soon the fabric became indistinguishable from his skin itself. As the waistband itself disappeared, the words remained. Though the black letters shifted and changed shaped as they tattooed themselves atop his pelvic bone, coming to rest nestled just above the fire-red bush of pubes from which his cock, still hard and dripping, jutted proudly.


The thick uncut piece had grown another two inches as it came, and grown girthier. Even his newly lengthened hand and fingers could barely grip the shaft all the way around. Adam began stroking slowly, methodically, one hand on his cock, the other finding it’s way to his newly swollen nipples, which tingled and hardened to his touch.

“Yeah… these cub tits, gotta squeeze ‘em.” Adam’s mind was suffocating beneath all the new sensations his changed body exposed him too, tingling with the dual pleasures of his cock and newly wired engorged tits. Each one felt like a small cock planted on the peak of his beefy, furry chest. Adam soon was playing with both nips, transfixed by his own image in the mirror. Soon he felt his balls begin to tighten, and as another orgasm built up, he didn’t notice as the door behind him opened.

“What the fuck?”

Adam turned, still tweaking his nipples with both hands. Marquis, his roommate, stood in the doorway with a shocked look on his face. The cub grinned, and reaching down, felt his balls start to churn again after a few quick strokes of his thick cub cock.

“What the fu-“ Marquis stopped as a thick glob of Adam’s hit him on the chin and lips. Some getting into his mouth. The load was gooey and salty and-

Involuntarily, Marquis swallowed.

“Holy shit that’s tasty.”

He licked the rest of the load off his face and giggled. He felt super lightheaded all of a sudden. With one hand, he scooped up as much of Adam’s cum as he could, sucking it off his fingers. With the other he rubbed the remaining semen into his skin, a strangely determined, yet distant, look in his eyes. He seemed not to notice as the towel fell to the floor, revealing his thick cock hard and pointing up toward the ceiling.

The musclebound black man’s glazed brown eyes saw there was more cum on the ground. He sank to his knees, as if drawn by magnets to the cub’s delicious cum streaking across the tiles. Not once questioning why he, a star athlete and before this very moment 100% heterosexual was more aroused by this submissive act. But here he was, and every taste of cub cum on his tongue made him more compliant, growing closer to Adam’s hard, still dripping cock, Marquis felt diminished. Everything he’d been or cared about before this minute dwarfed by a newfound need. The thought of tasting the last dregs of load off that still hard cock… Marquis grinned dopily.

Finally he reached the feet of this powerful man. His face seemed familiar somehow, but the thought quickly faded. Marquis didn’t care who this was. Only who he had become. Powerful. Dominant. Masculine. M-

“-Master.” The black man gurgled. It felt so good to say, his dopey grin grew even wider as he repeated. “Maaaster. Please let me serve you. Let me… let me…”

“You want to clean me, eh boy?” In the haze of horomones, pheromones, and a newfound strength of purpose. Adam did not once wonder at how he knew the boy kneeling before him. Well-built, well-hung, but clearly inferior to him in every way. All men should know this feeling. The joy of submitted to their superior. To me.

“Well… are you gonna clean my cock or not?” Marquis shuddered with pleasure as he opened his mouth, jaw straining to accommodate his Master’s Cub Cock thickness. The taste, pungent physicality, the saltiness of sweat and jizz, to swallow is cock and taste his load all at once was more than Marquis could bear, shooting his own load into his hand. Shuddering, his desire for CUB COCK (etched into the skin right before his eyes) only grew, swelling like a river in a summer storm.

Cub smiled at the obvious pleasure his first boy took from an act of total submission.

“Good boy, you serve your cub and his cock well. For your reward…”

With one hand he pushed his boy back until he lay on the ground. The boy, dopey grin somehow spread even wide, knew what was coming, almost blowing another load in anticipation. Instead, he waited, using the load he had shot into his own hand to finger the puckering hole that was about to receive a glorious gift. The once proud jock lifted up his legs revealing a brown, glistening-

“…for your reward, boy. I accept your offer. You will give me everything.”

Neither man felt shame as the black jock boy cried. Tears of pure joy.

“Thank you master. Thank you.”

Cub’s cock entered him easily. He yielded willingingly. And the last of Marquis died a joyous death. In his place, created as Cub’s glorious cock filled his emptiness with purpose, and with another thick load, a new, more complacent creature. One whose far more fitting name Tattooed itself across the small of his back, nestled in the crevice before his ample behind met his spine. The black bottom lay back, not needing a mirror to know who he had become. It was the only thing in his head, as he awaited his Cub Master’s wishes.


“Cub slut…” he sighed happily. “cub slut. Cub slut.” The only two words in his head.

The Cub looked down at his devoted boy. His hole. Such a pretty brown hole. Clearly happy to be possessed. And he smiled.

“You’re welcome, boy.”

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