Father's Love

By TheWanderer - wanderingwolves97@gmail.com
published December 15, 2016
1560 words

I came out to my dad and he didn’t take it too well…does he even love me anymore?

Author’s note: Uggghhh…I wanted so much someone to just write the story to me so that I can be in my own fantasy… Criticism is welcome (Constructive one of course) I think this is the 4th or 5th erotic story I wrote? And the only one with a sex scene…Please enjoy. Please do tell me what’s wrong so I can look out what I’m writing next time.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE GAY!!!???” my father shouted furiously at the dining table, his food half eaten in front of him. His face all red from the blood rushing to his head caused by anger, and probably shame. His huge figure is tense, it felt like he was barely resisting himself from hitting me. I look at him silently, shocked. I have been mustering all my courage just to tell him the news these past few days, and it came to this. I can feel tears welling up in my eyes, ready to drop. Unable to stand the tension in the house, I ran out, going to the dark streets outside. I could barely hear my dad shouting “Where the fuck do you think you’re going!?” behind me with the ringing in my ears.

I didn’t see where I ran, but somehow I ended up along a row of shop street. The strange thing is, there is no shop streets near my house nor have I been here before. Some of the figures walking at the street seems to look like animals walking on two legs, but I was too tired and sad to care. I even almost step onto the wares of a peddler who is sitting on the floor by a shop. Then something caught my eye, a beautiful indigo stone with a black knitted cord going through it, forming a necklace. The stone have carvings on it. “It is said that different people saw different design on that stone, although what depicts who saw what is still a mystery.” The peddler suddenly spoke, his voice sounds rough. The peddler is covered by a cape, and he didn’t even move at all while he spoke. I wonder how he knew I was staring at the stone I’m staring. The peddler continue talking, “…I don’t really have much info about this stone. But I think it’s supposed the strengthen the relationship between two people, although how I don’t know.” “I’ll buy it.” I spluttered out. “It’ll cost a vial of your tears.” The peddlar didn’t even miss a beat. “Why do yo-“ “Oh, it’s nothing that could come back and bite you I assure you child, just use the vial on my right.” I’m kinda hesitating right now whether to buy that stone, whether this peddlar is crazy or what does it mean by ‘come back and bite me’. But in my current state, I really want that stone, and the moment that I think of the reason I want it, I start to cry. I quickly grab the vial and fill it up with my tears.

“Thank you for your service.” Said the peddlar as I reach for the necklace. I stare at stone one more time in my hand, and I wear it around my neck. The moment the stone hit my chest, a word suddenly pop out in my head for no reason: DaiChu. I have no idea what that word means though. Suddenly, I find myself in front of my house, I must have started walking without realizing. As I enter the house, I found my father sitting in the living room. “Fath-“ I started saying, my voice raspy, but without even finshing speaking the word my father shouted, “Don’t call me that! I don’t have a son like you!” Tears well up in my eyes. “DaiChu.” I spoke clearly, I don’t know why I said it, but it just seems to me the right thing to do or say. “…did you say something?” my father finally turn his head to face me asked…although something changed, something in his voice and the look in his eyes. I shook my head from fear.

I just stood there. I don’t know what to expect. My father stood up from the sofa and walk towards me. I can hear my heart beat louder with every step he took, closing the distance between me and him. As he stands right in front of me, I close my eyes, expecting the worst. Then I felt it, I felt him hugging me. I hear it, I hear him crying silently. About 10 seconds later, he suddenly let go, like he was zapped or something, took a few step back and turn so his back is facing me. I don’t know what happen, one second I was so happy that maybe the stone works, and my dad loves me again, the other I was so confused. I took a step towards him “Wha-“ “DON’T….Don’t come any closer.” My father spoke, I can feel fear and pain in his voice…and something else. I can also hear his breathing becoming quicker.

I ignore him, I walk to the front of him and look him in the eye. “Do…do you love me?” I asked. “Of course I love you! It’s just…that I’m shocked. I was hoping for you to marry a girl and probably have a grandchild in the future…” I tried to take one step closer to him, but he step one step back. “…then why are you stepping back?” “…I can’t say it, I can’t. ….it’s wrong.” He eyes averted, his face red. I almost started to cry again…then I noticed…I noticed the bulge in front of my father’s pants…it was huge and there seems to be a very faint spot starting to form. It was then I realized what the stone really did.

We were both standing there for a very long time while I think of what’s happening and what to do. The only sound coming from dad’s quick breathing. “Dad, take off your shirt.” “Son, we shou-“ “Take off your shirt, dad.” Dad reluctantly take off his shirt. After mom died, dad seems to work out more at the gym, it must be so that he could forget his sorrow. And it shows, the perfect six pack, slowly forming the seventh and eighth, the clearly formed Adonis belt and those huge pecs. I put my hand on his left side, he shuddered as I touch him, I can feel his heart beating. “Do you love me, dad?” Dad look me in the eye, I can see the lust in his eyes clearly now. “…I do.” “Then make love with me.” He put one of his hand on my back and the other on the back of my back and pull me into him, his tongue raping my mouth. “Tell me…groan…what you’re thinkin…” I said while dad’s trying to undress me as quick as he can. “It’s been…such a long time since I’ve gotten off…” He pushes me into the sofa, making me lie down. “This is the first time that I truly see you…” He pins my hands above my head, as he explores my torso with his tongue. “You’re so hot…and sexy…I can’t believe I never noticed it before…and you look just like me…” he pulls down my underwear as he said that, letting my hard cock flop up my abs. “…this is the first time I find a dick so enticing.” I groaned as he lick my head. “Glad I didn’t circumcise your dick.”

Groan…turn around so I can taste yours too…” I said. My dad shuffle around, trying to keep his mouth on my dick as he turn around in the limited space of this sofa. I look at the dick hanging above me and gulped…it’s huge and thick…just like mine. I grab my dad’s buttock and pull him slightly to tell him to come down with his dick. I can feel him shuddering as the vibration travel to my dick through his mouth as I swallowed his dick. We both continue and find the perfect rhythm and fuck each others mouth, fingering each other assholes somewhere along the way. After what seems to be too quick, we both came and swallowed each others load. As I feel my dad’s dick about to stop cumming, I stop swallowing and kept a load in my mouth. I pull my dad, telling him to turn around and kiss him, wanting to share his load with him. As we open our mouth to each other, I can feel fluids coming from his side mixing with the cum in my mouth. I smile internally, apparently we have the same idea.

As we both drink the last bit of our ‘cock’tail that is our cum, we cuddle with each other and fell asleep from exhaustion…Our naked muscles joining together, our semi-hard dicks touching each other, my head on his chest, feeling safe like I was my dad’s favourite son again…

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