The Forest Slut

By Elan Musk -
published August 24, 2019

Cameron finds a plant along a forest path that changes him profoundly. He in turn begins to change others.

While on a weekend hike on a forest preserve near the home he shared with his girlfriend Rita, Cameron, a 23 year old grad student, came across a strange flower, the likes of which he had never seen before. He was no botanist, but he’d walked through these woods often enough that he knew every flower and tree by sight if not by name, but this foot-high turquoise marvel, with bio-luminescent petals was a new one on the young man. Rita will love this. He thought, smiling as he recalled the book of pressed flowers she kept in the sitting room. And he knelt to pluck the unique specimen from the Earth. As his hand touched the stem, he felt it twitch and, with a soft poof, the flower shot a mist of pollen into Cameron’s face. The pollen smelled… musty, like unwashed gym socks and his armpits after a run.

“What the-“ He said, blinking as a yawn interrupted his shock. The young man suddenly couldn’t keep his eyes open. His head felt heavy and sluggish, and the world began to spin, like he was out of his mind drunk. “Wha-wu-fuckin’ flow-“

Almost in slow motion, he slipped from kneeling to lying prone on the ground. The early morning light fading into darkness. As he snored, his body began to change. His pale complexion darkened, until his shade was that of a sunkissed tan. Where it was previously smooth (naturally so, which Cameron had always prided himself on), fine dark hairs began to grow and on the skin beneath a glowing tattoo sprouted, until head to toe he was etched with turquoise leafy vines.

All along the flower shot cloud after cloud of musky pollen into the air, Cameron’s nostril’s flared as his unconscious body instinctive inhaled deeply again and again. A series of words and images assailed his mind. Naked men of all shapes and sizes, hard meaty cocks, delicious cum. His now exposed cock swelled at the mental assault, unable to resist, unable to even consider resisting, the young man absorbed and accepted everything as he slept.

Now the images included him, the new naked, hairy Cameron smiling as—in a flash of quick visions—the sleeping man dreamed of taking cock on his knees, then against a tree, then on his back as he lay on a tree stump. The last vision continued, in third person Cameron watched himself, with a vacant placid expression as man after man waited in a line that seemed to stretch deep into the trees. He watched himself take cock after cock. His own cock hard and swaying with the rhythm of the pounding he received. He watched, speechless, as the man inside him grunted, quivering as–


–Cameron felt a warmth fill his hole. Heard the words echoing in his mind in his own voice, like they were his own thoughts. Moaning and closing his eyes, he explored his ass with a finger, moaning even louder as his hole tingled at the intrusion. His hole was warm… and wet.


Sniffing his finger, Cameron immediately recognized the smell of cum. He watched, in dreams, as the man pulled out his cock with a loud pop. And another immediately replaced it inside his slut hole. Cameron suddenly felt a pressure push against his ass, watching the man. Again, he shut his eyes.


Cameron opened his eyes. He was on his back. A cock in his hole. A man in the woods was fucking his slutty hole. He smiled, and opening his mouth, said in a singsong voice “I am the forest slut. The forest slut. I am good boy slut. A cock hole slut. Please seed my butt!”

He giggled. And the man astride him, cock deep inside his boy slut hole, came grunting wordlessly. As he felt his hole filled, Cameron came as well. Dumping slut seed onto his smooth belly. Giggling, he closed his eyes… and everything faded away.

Opening his eyes, Cameron was briefly disoriented. He was lying on a forest path. Naked. Hard. Where was he? What was he doing th-

The flower burped one last load of pollen into his face before turning gray and crumbling to dust by the forest path.

“OOoooooooooooo…” He moaned, blinking rapidly, as his own cock erupted. Taking with it all memory of the man he had been. Leaving behind.

I am the forest slut, and that’s all I’ve ever been.

“Uh… you okay there bud?”

The Forest Slut, covered in his own load, turned at the voice. A slight man, in thickframed glasses, stood a few feet up the path. Despite outward appearances, he could sense that in the man’s pants hid a monster. The lustful forest creature smiled. Men had no secrets from forces they couldn’t understand.

A brief inspection of the man’s mind and aura revealed that his name was Antonio, a math adjunct professor who spent time in the woods mulling over his work, or sometimes just to clear his head. He identified as solely heterosexual, but…

…but once in college when drunk he and a friend of his had fucked. Neither spoke of it again to anyone, not even each other. And it seemed he did truly prefer women. But it was enough. From the smallest of cracks can a mighty foundation fall.

…The Forest Slut smiled…

“You have something I need.”

Antonio frowned at the cryptic response, unsure why he was so calm when faced with a naked stranger in the middle of the woods at twilight. Unsure why, without warning, he had thought of the night Frank and he had done shots in the dorm basement, and, his best friend had asked to suck his dick. Which led to much, much more…

In his reverie, the bespectacled man missed the naked stranger muttering under his breath, missed the sudden static in the air.

With newfound instincts, Slut called on Forest magic, ancient and powerful. Mortal wills were no match. Magic that amplified latent desires. Magic that quieted an active, reluctant mind.

The concerned look on the Antonio’s face faded. Staring blankly, he unzipped his pants, and ten inches of hard meat flopped out.

The Forest Slut smiled, before turning around to lie back on the dirt. As his hands grabbed his own ass, spreading it open for the approaching tumescence, his heart sang with joy. Antonio robotically pushed inside him, deep against his boy button. And as they fucked, the vines marking the forest slut as Nature’s creature began to glow, and shift, with the ancient magic of a lost world. The Forest Slut whispered an incantation as, hands-free, he offered his boyslut seed to the forest floor.


A few minutes later, Antonio, glasses askew, face devoid of all emotion, or acknowledgement of what had happened stood and zipped his pants, before walking stiffly on down the forest way. After ten minutes, he shook his head, finally taking stock of his surroundings.

“Must have spaced out. Don’t remember being this far down the trail.”

He scratched his balls idly.

“Must be because I’m so fucking horny…” Without thinking, he took out his cock. Whereas before he would have been mortified at the thought of getting off in public, something about the thought of loosing his seed among the trees pleased him.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this. Anyone could walk along this path.”

The very idea of it turned him on even more. He continued to speak aloud, furiously working his magnificent ten inch cock.

“Yeah, anybody could come along, see me jacking off the big fuckstick of mine.”

Fuckstick? He really must be horny.

Maybe it’s the fresh air He thought, and closed his eyes. Instead of visions of his favorite pornstars, or his recent ex, or even of Frank, a very different image floated to the fore. A tattooed man, facing away from him, bent against a birch tree.

“Yeah you want this you fucking slut?”

He could almost feel the warm hole as he entered it, like he was reliving a memory. A hot fucking memory of a slut’s eager tight hole.

“Want my load in your hole? Yeah, bet you do. You… tree faggot!”

The tattooes, turquoise, glowing vines, came to life in his vivid fantasy, seeming fueled by his cum. Eyes closed, the man did not realized that his own cock had begun glowing in his hands.

“Yeah, gonna breed you boy. Gonna. FUCKEN. SHIIIIIIIT.”

His seed collected in the dirt at his feet. Antonio shook his head confused. What was that all about? He’d never cum outside before. Never fantasized about a man before. Never been so… filthy before. He tried to clear his head and come back to his senses, but he couldn’t get that ass out of his head. Not on the walk back to his car, not on the drive home. Before long he was hard again. This time, the math professor managed to wait until he was indoors before he jacked off again.

At first, his fantasies were his own, but as he approached the brink, the girls once again faded from his minds eye. Faded for the unknown man. The woods. An impossible, out of character fantasy, that all felt so real…

“Yeah, yeah boy, fucking got as nice load for that slutty hole of yours. Oh yeah. Oh FUCK YEAH!” Again, the words poured out of him from some unknown place. Words entirely unlike him, or at least who he thought he was.

Peturbed, Antonio absentmindedly licked the load off his fingers, not noticing what he was doing until the cum was mostly gone. He ate it all. It tasted too good to stop. He lay down to sleep, unable to shake a thought that came, unbidden, as the night claimed him.

Well, shit, won’t be able to sleep if I don’t

Yawning, Antonio picked up his phone and texted from for the first time in years.

“Hey bud, been a while, thought of you out of the blue and thought I’d reconnect. How’s… well, how’s life?”

Back in the woods. The Forest Slut skipped along the path. That man’s cock had been nice and thick, and his load impressive, but… But…


He stopped, spying a familiar flower, petals growing with a bluegreen luminescence. Summoning a vision of the past, he saw Antonio stop, heard him speak with the filthy language of desire. Read his thoughts and saw his own mark left on the man’s fantasies. And the naked boy smiled.

It seemed he still had quite a bit left to learn about the lingering powers of his own magic. It was time to test his limits. Time to make a plan.

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