At Least I'm Not Cold Anymore

By Lupex
published August 23, 2019

When a young man takes a walk through the local forest, he finds himself a lot ‘hotter’ than when he first arrived. (This was first posted on my FA many years ago and was the first nsfw story I wrote :3)

Jack strolled confidently between the tall pine trees of the dank forest, footfalls landing softly on the damp forest floor. His usual pale face was flushed and scrunched up in a scowl. His olive eyes were narrowed at the ground upon which he tread, all the while mumbling angrily to himself.

“Yeah, I don’t need their stupid party. A ‘wimp’ like me doesn’t have any place in their party anyways. Totally don’t need an invite here.”

He clenched his fists until his hands shook He paused his rant and stopped. It became apparent that his ranting wasn’t helping as much as he thought it would.

“A ‘wimp’ like me can’t even take a ‘walk outside by myself at night time’. Well bugger off, you jerks.” Jack smiled slightly to himself. “I bet none of you would even think to walk through the forest at night.” No one ever went through the forests, particularly at night.

With his self driven, but momentarily renewed confidence, he continued on his way, only to trip on an exposed root the second he moved his foot. Furious, he pushed himself up and kicked at the clearly inferior root, crying out angrily. Unfortunately, the root remained rooted as Jack’s foot connected and pain shot up his toe, much to his further anguish.

“Owie! Ah, owie!” Jack pulled his foot up and hopped around in pain for a few shameful moments. When the pain had finally subsided to a dull ache, Jack ran his fingers through his short blond hair, groaning.

“God, it’s no wonder they call me a wimp,” he sighed. Jack shot a glare at the root, which was in fact clearly visible in the full moon’s pale light, before continuing on his now not so merry way. There was a little gust of wind behind him, and he pulled his red, cotton sweater tighter around himself.

“It’s not like there’s anything to be worried about,” he said. “I’ll just, uh, head back and tell those drunk jocks I don’t need their stupid party. I’m having a blast out here. In the woods; by myself.” Jack frowned again. “Just because a guy doesn’t partake in a team sport, he’s some kind of ‘wimp’.”

In truth, Jack was not all that wimpy. He wasn’t as buff as the others, but he wasn’t without slightly pronounced muscles. Perhaps it was because he never showed them off, he thought. Very rarely did he ever wear t-shirts. For some reason or another, he always felt a bit cold.

“Besides, there’s nothing dangerous out here in the forest. I bet they’re scared of ghosts, or vampires, or we-”

Jack froze. From under the cover of a few sparse trees, a massive wolf stepped out. It stood upright, fully covered in a thick, midnight fur. There was a spark in the canine’s golden eyes, and devilish grin on its muzzle.

“Werewolves?” it said, with a deep smooth voice. Jack remained paralyzed, staring at the creature.

His eyes locked onto those of the wolf’s, watching its furry ears swivel around, its golden eyes staring straight at him, the glinting white fangs in its mouth…

Somehow breaking eye contact, Jack moved his eyes down, and scanned over the wolf’s thick, muscled body, visible even through the furry black coat which covered it. Sharp claws flexed at the ends of the wolf’s large paws. There was a large fluffy tail, swishing behind it and - Jack’s eyes widened - a large black sheath with a furry sack between the evidently male wolf’s digitigrade legs.

For what seemed like an inappropriately long time, Jack could only stare.

“Ship,” he said, and then he was off, running back the way he had come, all the while saying, “ship,” between every breath.

There was a gust of wind behind him, and fearfully, he glanced back, just as he slammed into something warm, fluffy and-

Jack fell over and looked up. “Oh ship.”

The wolf loomed in front of the fallen boy, still grinning deviously.

“What, you don’t like what you see?” the wolf mocked. Jack remained on the ground as the air became stuffy and hot. He was so close to the canine, he became aware of the musky odours emanating from it. His head felt light.

“Please d-don’t kill me!” Jack whimpered softly. The wolf reached over and slipped a clawed finger down Jack’s shirt, with his paw nearly touching Jack’s face. Jack could smell the iron tang of blood and his heart stopped. The wolf let out a breath of amusement and sliced the white shirt apart.

“How cute,” he rumbled. Still unmoving, Jack did nothing but stare as it grabbed his red sweater and the two halves of his torn shirt before pulling them apart with ease, biceps flexing impressively. The kiss of cold air on the boy’s exposed body made him shiver.

It only occurred to Jack, then, that the wolf had not mercilessly slaughtered him.

“Why didn’t you kill me,” Jack whispered, for fear he would revoke the wolf’s generosity.

“You don’t need to be killed,” the wolf replied, winking. He bent down onto all fours and approached the terrified boy from the side. He continued until his head was next to Jack’s chest, and then he opened his mouth, exposing rows of fangs. Jack made to scream when the wolf quickly closed his maw and placed his finger onto Jack’s lips. “Just kidding,” he said with a giggle that sounded strange in his deep voice. Instead, he placed his muzzle onto Jack’s chest, pushing gently into him. Jack was still stunned, doing nothing as the massive wolf pressed its furry head into him like some overgrown dog.

After a moment of fear, Jack noticed the wolf’s musky odour wafting around him. It left him a bit dizzied, but it felt strangely comforting after a few more breaths. The wolf remained as still as Jack, taking in slow breaths. Soon, Jack felt strangely calmed, having the warm, furry head heating his exposed chest.

To Jack’s surprise, the wolf had closed his eyes. Apprehensively, he brought one hand off the ground, the other still propping him up compelled by who knows what and began petting the big wolf’s head. The wolf opened his eyes and flicked his ears a bit, smiling. Jack continued this for awhile, dragging his fingers through the soft fur on the wolf’s head, who sometimes pressed into his fingers affectionately.

Jack leaned closer to scratch behind one of the wolf’s large ears, and soon he found himself tipping closer, and closer, until fine hairs tickled his face. Without pulling back, he planted his face against the top of its head, inhaling slowly, the odour of the wolf.

“So you tore my clothes off to snuggle with me?” Jack asked into the wolf’s head, almost without absolute terror.

“You ask too many questions,” the wolf commented. Jack felt the rumble of the wolf’s voice throughout his whole body.

“Not all your clothes, anyway,” the wolf added after a moment. Jack’s heart rose in his throat as he felt a cold claw placed against his midriff. The claw slid down and seamlessly ripped open Jack’s faded jeans. The wolf raised up and roughly yanked the jeans off Jack, causing him to topple onto the moist forest floor, belly down and nude, save for his blue boxers.

Jack quickly felt the fear consume him once more as he took gulps of the brisk night air. The wolf approached him from behind, still on all fours. Then, he was above Jack; there was no where to run.

“Oh, I should tell you my name, but you wouldn’t be able to pronounce it, yet.” Before Jack could respond, something hot and rough touched the small of his back. Frantically, he turned his head around. The wolf was eyeing him hungrily, his long tongue pressed onto his back. Jack silently cried out as the tongue slowly advanced up his spine, covering him in warm saliva. The gentle tugging sensation of the tongue, coupled with the damp trail it left, made Jack feel numb and light, as if his body was temporarily forfeit of any feeling but the one the wolf had given him.

“Ah!” Jack let out a small breath of ecstasy as the wolf paused at his nape.

The wolf lifted his tongue up slowly, letting the boy savour the moment, then did it again, a bit quicker. Jack’s whole body went completely numb as the tongue trailed through the cold saliva left from the first time. Nearly overwhelmed, he went limp. The wolf brought his head up next to Jack’s and tenderly nibbled his ear, every so often dragging his luxurious tongue over its curvature. Despite the wolf’s actions, Jack felt no fear, just the heat of the wolf’s head adjacent to his own. Its breath puffed out warmly across his face, smelling of the wild, and something hot.

The wolf withdrew, giving one last tender lick. He stepped back, so he was no longer over the boy, but Jack didn’t seem to notice. He padded around to Jack’s head and looked down at him. Jack’s eyes were partially closed, and he was breathing slowly, in time with the wolf. Jack slowly came back from his haze, and noticed the wolf above him, when their eyes met, the wolf walked over him, until his canine package was poised over the human’s face. A bit startled, Jack gazed at the furry sheath, and the black orbs that hung beneath them. Then they came to him. The wolf sat down, bringing his balls overtop of the bridge of Jack’s nose. Jack was enveloped by the heat and soon the scent of the furry sack draped over his face and the pulsing sheath pressing into his forehead.

The wolf sensually began moving his package up and down over Jack’s face. The odour that came off the balls was unlike anything the human had smelt before, different even from the wolf’s surface odour. The balls came down, covering Jack’s nostrils. The musk was overpowering, and primal. Then they went up, and Jack watched as they came up and filled his vision. They were back down and Jack inhaled deeply, feeling a wave of heat roll over him. They went up, and came back down. Jack sucked in the air like he had been drowning without them, the musk seeped into his nose, thick and consuming. The balls went up and came back down. Jack quickly reached out to caress them. They were furry and taunt, sending tingles through his fingers as he stroked and squeezed them.

It was then that Jack became aware of the pressure in his groin. The need to have his cock in something, the need to have something in him.

The balls went up and this time Jack followed them, his tongue slipping out of his mouth. The wolf pulled back a bit, revealing the crimson tip peeking out of his sheath. There were dollops of pre slipping from its tip, and he brought it into Jack’s face. Jack’s mind blanked as the red tip approached his face. The musk was perfect and so delicious. He dragged his tongue up the length of the furry sheath, tasting the wolf’s musky appendage, but stopped at the red tip peeking out.

Did he dare?

The wolf grinned and pressed the top of his cock across Jack’s nose. The beads of pre stuck to his nose, sticky and hot. Jack immediately began sucking in the air, falling into the musk of the wolf’s pre; it felt so right. The wolf abruptly backed away.

“Ruhh, ruhied ryou stop?” Jack mumbled in a haze. The wolf came back around and licked the pre off the human’s nose, leaving behind a fading heat. Despite the absence of liquid, Jack’s nose still felt cold, and with every breath he took, the wolf’s scent became stronger. The forest smelled of the wolf, he realized, numbly. More specifically, the wolf’s glorious cock musk. The wonderful smell of the male wolf, the male wolf that Jack wanted. Jack blinked as the thought blossomed in his mind. Since when did he like guys, let alone dogs?

Jack took another sniff and decided it didn’t matter. Instead he sniffed harder, and faster, taking in the wolf musk.

After backing off, the wolf proceeded to go behind Jack once more. Jack continued to sniff the air vigorously through his moist nose, but the wolf’s presence made him nervously give his nose a lick. He smelled his own breath on his longer tongue and wondered how he was able to lick his nose, until a voice cut through his mind.

“Rise,” the wolf said. Jack raised himself off the ground on his hands and knees. He sniffed and smelled the wolf behind him. Wait, what just happened?

“My turn.” The wolf shoved its wet nose to the back of Jack’s boxers. Jack shuddered as he felt the wolf inhale the scent, his scent. The wolf nipped the boxers and pulled them off in a smooth motion, exposing Jack’s rigid state, and rosy hole. The wolf dug his nose into Jack’s ballsack and began sniffing deeply. Jack shuddered again and felt faint, the wet nose on his sack felt foreign, but oh so good.

The wolf brought his tongue around, cupping Jack’s sack, trailing his warm tongue around the orbs and going up to the boy’s anus. The wolf took in another sniff and drew circles around the ring of muscle with his long, rough tongue. Jack felt the sphincter relax as the wolf slid its tongue in, covering the passage inside with saliva.

Jack shivered with delight.

The wolf pulled his tongue out and swiftly licked his lips in anticipation. He jumped up and mounted the boy, who gave no resistance. His furry sheath was soon pressed against the boy’s firm buttocks, as one of his paws reached over and grasped the boy’s cock. Jack jumped at the sensation of the rough paw pads and fur tickling his privates.

The wolf began grinding against him, while his paw slid up and down the boy’s length. The midnight sheath slowly gave way to a veiny crimson rod, a foot long and a few inches thick.

Jack could only revel in the wolf’s ministrations, the pads sliding across the underside and rubbing in circular motions against his tip. Pre began to seep into the wolf’s paw, and the wolf’s own member began to drip as he ground against the boy.

Rivulets of pre leaked out of his length and touched the bottom of Jack’s spine. The skin seemed to darken as tiny brown hairs sprouted.

Jack’s cock quivered and the wolf swiftly brought his paw up to the top, cupping around the tip.

They came together, the wolf firing thick strings of cum into the air, and Jack shooting his load into the wolf’s paw. Sticky semen rained back down across Jack’s back. The wolf gritted its teeth, stopping himself from expending all his fluids. With his other paw, he swept up some of his pooling cum and brought his semen stained paws together, smooshing the boy’s cum with his own. He quickly shot around and shoved the hot, sticky mess into the boy’s face.

Jack’s nose twitched and his tongue went to work, lengthening and growing adhesive as it lapped up the musky liquids on his face. Jack barely noticed as his face stretched, pushing out towards the wolf’s paw. Streaks of brown appeared on the blond’s head, as fur of the same colour erupted across his growing snout. Soon, his brown, furry muzzle was pressed into the wolf’s paw and he ran his pink tongue over the wolf’s sweaty paw pads, and cold claws, cleaning off the delicious concoction.

The wolf deftly moved his paw away and brought his face into Jack’s, pushing his tongue into Jack’s muzzle. Their tongues intertwined and embraced each other, and the wolf lapped the semen off Jack’s tongue. They wrestled and explored each other’s hot mouths in a salty saliva bliss. Their noses flared, taking in the others’ sweet aroma.

The wolf pulled back, much to Jack’s protests. Strings of saliva and semen conjoined their panting tongues as Jack gazed up into the wolf’s glinting yellow eyes. He took that as permission to resume licking his furry muzzle clean. He could taste the wolf’s viscous cream, so much hotter and tastier than his own. Hungrily, he gulped it all down, revelling in the liquids sliding hotly down his throat. Everywhere it went, it left a burning heat.

The wolf watched longingly, as Jack’s eyes darkened from green olive to a bright brown. Content, he began nibbling at Jack’s ears once more, but this time, the wolf pulled and moulded them. They flattened under his delicate gnawing, growing soft fur and elongating with every tug. He gave each each ear a caressing final lick, filling Jack with lust at the new erogenous zone. The now canine ears flopped down sticky with the wolf’s saliva, and Jack suddenly registered the breathing of his companion, his mate, his master.

The wolf walked back around behind Jack, who remained momentarily content, with his tongue lolling out of his muzzle and breaths coming in rapid pants. The fur had spread down Jack’s canine face, covering his neck and shoulders in chestnut.

When Jack noticed his mate’s position he whimpered, his human cock was once again straining painfully. The wolf brought its tongue to the semen that had pooled on Jack’s back and spread it out with large even strokes, covering Jack’s back in the creamy liquid. Jack felt hotter with each lick and whined louder. His entire back was burning and, arching his neck around, he saw dark brown fur spreading out to coat him.

The wolf licked his still sticky paw with his cum covered tongue and brought it down onto Jack’s cock, pumping fast and hard, while rubbing his large dripping cock against Jack’s balls. Jack moaned in pleasure as the sticky paw tugged and pulled his dick. He brought his head down underneath him and watched as the foreskin sprouted brown fur. He panted harder, feeling the new sheath tighten over his cock. The wolf gently pulled the sheath back as he pumped and Jack watched as his penis shifted to a shade of hot crimson. With every motion down his length, he could feel it growing, thicker and longer. He felt so horny that he began humping wolf’s paw in desperation, not realizing it nearly grow to match the wolf’s own impressive size. He did, however, become aware of resistance at the base of his cock. A thick red knot had grown, engorged and hot with blood. The wolf dragged his finger around the sensitive knot and pressed his dick up farther between the boy’s ballsack. Jack groaned between his turgid knot and the feelings from his now fur coated balls, as they became heavier and painfully tight. They enlarged to match the wolf’s own black sack’s size, driving Jack to insane levels of lust.

The wolf paused and padded around in front of Jack.

“Jerk me off.” Jack gave his ears a flick, honoured to receive such a command. Still on all fours, he gingerly touched the pulsating giant, and stroked slowly, from knot to tip. He swept his finger into the tapered tip, and brought the wet finger back down, tracing the bulbous knot.

The pre on Jack’s fingers sent ripples of numbness up his arm, beating with every pulse of the wolf’s glorious cock.

“Both hands.” Jack eagerly began pumping the wolf with both hands. One cradled the base, sneaking into the furry sheath and occasionally squeezing the gigantic knot. The other circled the tip, spreading leaking pre over the girth. The wolf let out a breath as the hands formed paw pads which tugged and glided across his slick member. It wasn’t too long before he felt the coolness of Jack’s claw snaking around in his bundled sheath.

“Heh, you’re good at this,” the wolf praised. Jack gave the bottom of his master’s muzzle a lick in thanks. “Stop. Roll over, boy.”

Jack immediately rolled over, exposing his belly and leaking erection. He felt dizzy in anticipation. The wolf brought his head in between Jack’s legs and lapped at the red cock, sending spurts of pre over his muzzle and onto Jack’s belly.

He then dragged his tongue across Jack’s hardening nipples. His tongue ran around the areola before giving the pert nipple a sloppy flick. Jack groaned as the wolf ran his tongue across all six of the nipples that now lined his belly, until soft, tawny white fur grew over them. Jack wriggled around every time the wolf’s tongue slid over each hard, sensitive nipple. The wolf nipped one of them, resulting in a surprised yelp from Jack.

The wolf brought his muzzle over Jack’s cock, letting his slow, warm breaths envelop the twitching organ. Jack only wanted one thing, he wanted to be filled with his master’s juicy cock, but if his master wanted to blow him, that would be pretty awesome too. The wolf stepped over Jack’s chest so that his balls hung over his panting muzzle. Overjoyed, Jack began running his tongue over the furry black orbs, every so often jamming his black nose into the sack, against the wolf’s puckered hole, or between the balls, right underneath the wolf’s knot into the fluffy sheath, inhaling the heavenly musk.

The wolf proceeded to suck on Jack’s erection, wrapping the tip with his tongue and sliding along the length in smooth strokes. Jack took one of the dangling testes into his mouth, and sucked on it, tasting the musk on his tongue as it cradled the taunt orb. His eyes rolled into the back of his head in overwhelming pleasure, while the wolf drew small circles around his tip with its tongue.

Without letting him blow his load, the wolf pulled back, strings of saliva and pre still attaching his tongue to the pulsating dog dick. Jack paused mid-sniff as the wolf began licking his feet, propelling ticklish, numb pulses up his legs. Jack clenched his toes as the wolf’s wet tongue dragged against the soles of his feet. His muscles felt tight as his legs reformed into a quadruped stance. The sensation changed as sensitive pads formed, and the tickling evolved into something so much more sensual. Each time the wolf’s tongue slid across Jack’s paw pads, Jack’s red rod pulsed with anticipation. The wolf drove its tongue in between Jack’s large, furry paws as his nails turned to claws, wrapping around each furry toe. Satisfied, the wolf hopped away from Jack when only a pair of muscled canine legs remained. Jack watched him with pitiful eyes, spreading his furry legs farther apart to present his aching dick and unbearably tight balls.

“Roll over.” Jack rolled back onto his soft underbelly fur and rose up naturally onto four legs. The wolf walked behind Jack and took to grinding his cock against Jack’s tailbone. The friction between the veiny cock and Jack’s tailbone pulled at it, stretching it up. Pre slipped down the wolf’s length, making the growing tail sprout luscious brown fur upon contact. Jack quickly began wagging his new appendage back and forth madly. The wolf stuck his head underneath the wagging tail and licked from Jack’s balls up his crack, periodically shoving his tongue into Jack’s anus, lubing it, as well as migrating it upward. Jack whined every time the time he was pierced.

Finally, the chestnut brown wolf dog hybrid looked back at his master, whimpering for release, unable to hold back any longer. He restrained his sheer joy to raise his tail up into the air, fully exposing his rosy hole, which glistened from the wolf’s saliva. He needed the wolf’s cock in him.

The wolf grinned at the needy dog before him. He slowly brought his cock next to Jack’s anus, before probing at the ring of muscle, letting his slick red tip poke in just so slightly. Jack moaned, his balls were achingly tight, and the wolf’s teasing only made him hornier. Driven by lust, Jack pushed back against the wolf, but the wolf pulled back as well, taking amusement in Jack’s pleading whimpers.

Finally, the wolf obliged, plunging his canine rod deep into Jack’s anus. Jack yipped at the sudden intrusion that stretched his sphincter to the limits, and soon fell into the rhythm of the wolf’s thrusts.

The wolf’s heavy black balls slapped up against his own tight orbs, and he clenched his sphincter, sucking the wolf deeper and deeper into him. He moaned louder as the massive rod began grinding against his prostate, and rubbed wetly against his anal ring, filling him with euphoria. His paw shot to his own canine cock, working furiously across his length.

The wolf’s knot swelled gradually and bumped up against Jack’s tail hole with every thrust, causing the wolf to quicken his pace. Jack whimpered and whined, panting hotly as his own knot grew, his foot long cock bouncing in the cold night air as he pumped it furiously, furry brown balls swaying pendulously beneath him. With every thrust into him, Jack felt his knot bulge, pulsing with his burning ache for the wolf’s cock, feeling full and complete as it glided in and out of his colon. It wasn’t long before Jack felt a rushing sensation in his quivering cock as his balls tightened.

He squeezed his tail hole once more and the wolf’s knot slammed into him, locking them in place.

Together they howled as canine cum exploded from their phalluses. Thick white cream coated Jack’s insides while his own white cream exploded across the forest floor. Jack blanked, reeling in the massive orgasm, riding upon waves of pleasure as endless amounts of cum flooded into him and out of him. His anal ring clenched down, milking the wolf’s cock for every drop. For an eternity, it was blissful release.

Finally, the flow of liquids subsided, and Jack’s legs buckled. He collapsed into a heap, his entire chest buried in the ocean of his own doggy cum. The wolf fell with him, drowsy from the mating.

After a while, the wolf pulled out with a squelch, and white cream poured out of Jack’s loose hole. Jack was too content and bloated to notice, and remained still, panting from the intense mating.

The wolf padded up in front of Jack, looking down at him, as his sticky dick receded back into the black sheath, stained with white. Jack returned the look with his bright brown eyes. Did his master want something more? Jack crawled forward, under the wolf’s legs, following his nose towards the musky sheathed cock. The wolf pulled back, watching Jack intently. After a moment of internal debate, he gave in, and leaned down to lick the side of Jack’s face.

For a second, Jack could only smile lazily at his master’s attention, but then the cloud lifted from his mind.

“Oh, God, why am I so horny?” he asked, looking underneath his legs. Warm globules of cum still covered his underside, dripping from his fur to the white stained ground. His ears fell flat against his head and his tail shot between his legs, only to smother against more semen and tickle his sheath. Jack shuddered with inadvertent pleasure.

“Oh, Wolf, you mean.” The wolf brushed up against Jack with a coy expression. “I thought about it, and I think I almost prefer you being normal, over having you as a sex slave.”

Jack was speechless. He felt like he really needed a shower. Or something to shove his cock into.

“So I’m a werewolf now?”

The wolf cocked his head to the side, and gave a toothy smile.

“No,” he replied. “Just a well endowed wolf.” Jack shot him an icy glare, which only served to widen the wolf’s smile.

“My name’s Rief, by the way,” the wolf said, somewhat proudly, as he struck a pose. Jack gave his nose a lick, irritated.

“I thought you said I wouldn’t be able to pronounce that,” Jack retorted. Rief rose up onto two legs and extended his paw down towards Jack.

“You can now.” Jack made to object, but let it slide. The canine was too difficult to argue with. He rolled his eyes and grabbed onto Rief’s paw, surprising himself as he was pulled upright, still dripping with sexual fluids. It took a moment of wobbling before he found the right stance.

“This feels weird,” he said, glancing down at his canine body. Some hot liquid leaked out of his butt trickling into his fur, and the top of his cock poked out of his sheath in response.

Rief just shrugged and slung his arm over Jack’s shoulders, discreetly noticing Jack’s arousal with amusement.

“At least I won’t have to worry about being cold anymore,” Jack noted. Rief giggled in his deep, smooth voice again, and nuzzled his new mate affectionately. “And what’s with all the snuggling?”

“No reason,” Rief replied, subtly moving his paw down and giving Jack’s sheath a squeeze. Jack pulled back in surprise and growled as his dog dick poked out farther. Rief leapt at him playfully, knocking both of them to the ground. Rief remained on top, gazing down at Jack, their sticky, fluffy bodies pressed up against each other. “I guess I just really like you.” Rief brought his muzzle to Jack’s as they embraced.

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