Fantasy models – on tour 02

By Lusty Stallion
published August 23, 2019

While enjoying the show, Derek witnesses the power of words when the DJ is given the ability to speak truth, warping reality - permanently. How many straight guys are about to be tipped over the edge?

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Derek watched the show in awe. This was so hot. The staff were being targeted for transformation. They weren’t in on it at all. They were completely subject to the wishes of the audience. He could see the panic in some faces. Straight men who were now captivated by Chad and his mountain of muscle, while being horrified that the studly Jeza had been transformed into a weakling cocksucker, who was currently fondling the crotch of another guy.

Jos grabbed the mic again and boomed out “y’all havin’ fun here tonight? Who shall we transform next? How about our very own DJ Don” and he turned to face the guy who started to look petrified, as if his worst nightmare was now before him. Unlike the bar staff, he was fully aware of every transformation, having witnessed it with the rest of the crowd.

“Man, no way, Fuck no. You can’t toy with me. Anyway, I don’t have one of your shit watches on. This was a gift from my girlfriend, and I ain’t gonna be turned into one of those gay cocksuckers you’re creating tonight!” And he stuck his fingers up at Jos who just smiled.

“Hey man, chill out. It’s gonna be fun. Do we have anyone with a wish for DJ Don?”

And hands sprung up instantly.

“Yes, you in the pink dress”

She shouted “I wish he was a sexy hunk who’ll strip tease for us, right down to his briefs, but leaving his stripper bowtie for us.”

And suddenly Don found himself stripping for the crowd. It felt as if his muscles grew for every item of clothing he removed, until he was wearing nothing except his briefs, his bowtie and his watch. The crowd went wild watching the dance, and his swelling pectorals, and nice tight buns. He looked stunned and shocked by the transformation, and he yelled “Jos, what the fuck! This ain’t your gay watch.” and he gestured toward the watch on his hand.

“Oh, but it is man! We snuck your watch off earlier in set up and made some improvements. Don’t go loosing it, coz it’s the only thing which will turn you back at the end of the night” and he winked at the crowd.

“Who’s next with their wish?”

A guy spoke up “I wish DJ Don was bisexual, more interested in guys, and had an incredible imagination, and a truly dirty mind”

Jos smirked and said “and another…”

This time a flamboyant guy in a rainbow basketball top was chosen “DJ Don has a way with words, so I wish he was everything he says about people is true”

Jos was loving this.

I have an idea, but Don you’ll need to play along ok.

How are you feeling?

“I feel awesome man. Do you know how much of a stud you are, …”

A big guy near the front interrupted with a loud shout, “You’re all fucking twisted. This ain’t right. You have to stop right now. You can’t just go changing people like this. It’s unethical!”

Don just continued his comment, “you’re such a stud that this guy can’t help but come up and worship you in front of us all”

And the big fella found himself walking involuntarily up to the stage, and he started feeling Jos’ huge muscles.

Jos said “man, we’ve got a show to do. I can’t be worshipped at the moment, we’ve got some more fun to have”

Don sighed “your so lame man. Ok well, dude” he turned to the big guy “you’re here for our entertainment now. In fact, you now exist to entertain guys with your sexy tatted body. You work hard in the gym to dance round the pole, so that later you can slide down a whole different pole”

And the guy lost his dorky look, shrank down about a foot and lost most of his hair, to his newly shaved head. And he started dancing round the pole which had just materialised to the side of the stage.

That was the last straw for some of the crowd, and enough people started heading for the doors for DJ Don to say something quickly.

“What y’all think you’re doin’? From now on, no-one wants to leave this club. The married folk can go, I’m not up for messin’ with you, but everyone else stays. The rest of you are all too excited to see what will happen next. Sure some of your will hate what you see, but no-one’s leaving this club before we’ve had a lot more fun. O yeah, and if you need the bathroom, expect a surprise. You’ll end up helping out your fellow man or women, as the WC’s are made for sexual encounters. O, and yeah the gents is still only for guys, and the ladies for the gals.”

There was a collective gulp from the crowd.

“What did we do folks? Created a Frankenstein or a genius?” Jos said with a shit eating grin on his face. “Right Don, my game is a couple’s game. Can you call up some hot couples? I’m looking for girlfriends and boyfriends, 6 couples.”

“you heard him, if you’re in a straight couple and you look hot, come on up”

And 6 couples found themselves moving to the front against their will. Their legs seemed to be mutinously marching them up the steps of the stage and centering on stage for all to see them.

”So what do you reckon Don? Do you think they’ve got the right match?”

“No way man, individually some hot specimens, but they’re all wrong.

First, I think the bald guy would be better with the young college dude, who can whisper his sweet nothings into baldy’s ears from now on.”

The bald guy looked disgusted and the college stud said “Fuck you man, I’m straight and really into my girl there’s no way I’d…no way I’d be with anyone else other than my stud. Come here you.” And he pulled the bald guy into a passionate kiss. The girlfriends stood horrified, not sure what to do, as tears filled their eyes at there loss of their boyfriends. The guys made passionate love to each others mouths with their tongues, and the promise of a long fuck session was now in the eyes of both boyfriends.

“Don’t cry ladies, you’re better off together, rather with those two hotties. You’re now a lesbian couple.” And the girls looked into each others eyes and knew that it was true.

“And skater boi here, he hasn’t skipped a day in the gym for years, and he’s in love with the slightly nerdy dude in the maroon dress shirt. And Mr Maroon is now a beefy son of a bitch too. These two love hitting the gym together, and they always get envious looks while working out together.”

Skater looked down at his body as his biceps increased and his pecs pushed out hard into the chest of his new nerd/stud boyfriend, who he couldn’t help but keep kissing. The age difference wasn’t a problem for them, and they made life work well. Mr Maroon kept the house and paid the bills, while Skater now came and went when he pleased, loving the freedom his open boyfriend gave him. Mr Maroon particularly enjoyed watching Skater fuck other guys he brought home, and getting in on the action when his boyfriend allowed him to. He never felt offended by SKater’s lack of help with the house work, after all in their relationship, he was the house boyfriend, and SKater was the cool fun and free one.

“As for our confident friend in the sunglasses, his bird is now a body building bull, with a missive cock to put ‘sunglasses’ in his place.”

And Mr Sunglasses found himself enthralled as his girlfriend started to grow big strong muscles. Her frame becoming more masculine. Her breasts growing into hard pecs, and suddenly the knowledge grew inside his thick skull that this stud wore the trousers in this relationship. Sunglasses felt around to his arse as his jeans felt uncomfortable. No wonder, as his butt was expanding into a popping bubble, ready to be taken by his muscle man’s massive meat. His bodybuilder boyfriend grabbed him like a rag doll and pushed him down to take all of his meat in his mouth. And Sunglasses knew that was his place in the relationship. The cheeky subserviant partner in their relationship.

“4 couples in a new and improved life. And the final 3 couples are now no longer couples but happy dumb muscle studs who love to expose their hot gym built bods, and subject themselves to playful orgies with other guys. They are each hot men now, and aren’t interested in meaningful relationships. It’s all about the sex for them now.”

The girls looked stunned at each other. Having witnessed one hot girl transformed into a wall of muscle, and seeing the other women turned gay, they could see the pattern emerging. But to become stupid shirtless studs forever. Loosing their hot young female lives in place of sweaty stinky sex-obsessed stallions.

And the changes took place. Everything in each of the 6 young ones lives now changed. The former girlfriend of the skater and the 5 remaining students found their muscles firming up. Breasts were replaced with solid shelves of pecs, vagina’s grew out into well hung cocks and abs cobbled. The former girls were unrecognisable, and the guys were all so horny … for each other. Two started dancing round the pole, and the others started exploring the other guys bodies.

Each of Don’s words had became true. Each person became different, and their lives now had a different trajectory


Trace and his bud Charlie were getting increasingly uncomfortable. Everything was crazy as shit in here. All these transformations of ordinary people. Barmen becoming muscled bisexuals, a bouncer turned into a slutty woman. The guy who was even making these straight lads tent in their crotches, and now these 14 party goer couples had had their lives radically altered, with new bodies and new relationships. The worst thing was, they all seemed really happy with the changes.

“Trace said, I need a piss … safety in numbers?”

“But what about the gay shit he said about the WC’s?” Charlie added

“That’s why we’re safer together. I won’t let you end up doing any faggy shit as long as you don’t let me either. It’s only a piss after all, what can happen.”

Charlie nodded and followed Trace.

They entered the room, and were disgusted to see a number of dudes making out, and even worse were the sounds from the cubicle.

They headed for a urinal, and took out their respective members to piss. As they were, they looked around and saw the room was full of wall length mirrors, which was odd because they hadn’t been here earlier.

Stood side by side, members in hand, they started to see their bodies shift and morph. Trace’s already muscular frame packed on even more muscle. Charlie (now Chaz) found he increased in height and also packed on dense tight muscles. And then he looked at his bff.

Chaz said to Trace in his deeper bassy voice “You are one sexy fucker stud! I’m gonna’ take a quick selfie, but let’s move to that free wall there.”

And Trace looked at his gym bro and said “you know it man.” And after the photo they grabbed each other passionately and started making out and feeling their sculpted bodies.

Don looked over at Jos, and said “Fucker, I am gonna play with you ya know. It’s always fun when our MC shows off his incredible body. I love it that you’re always topless, you sexy hunk!”

And Jos lost his top to the hollers of the room. Many of the straight guys, finding that their mouths betrayed them as they longed for more.

Jos smiled at Don’s new truth. He really did hate wearing anything that covered his hard gains and hot tatts. And he walked over to Don and said, “man, I love your watch. I wish you’d give it to me”

And Don smiled, and said “sure man, whatever my boyfriend would like” and he winked, as their new relationship solidified.

Don would always look this hot and had this ability all the time over people.

Jos shouted “who wants my boyfriends old watch?” And every hand was in the air. He lobbed it and a guy caught it.

Don said "I hope you enjoy my old watch stud. You’ll never have a serious relationship again, nor a place to fully call home. You now live with rich guys who keep you as theit over muscled boi toy until their ready for a new model.

And the lad of 22 who caught the watch and put it on, muscled out into a beast of a man. Hairless, and yet stacked with impossible muscle. His inteligence dissolved, and the stupid stud looked forward to finding his next Daddy to be looked after by.

Just then a skinny guy comes running up on stage.

“Hey Jos and DJ Don. You guys make such a cute couple. Can you help me out. I’d love to become a sexy fantasy model, but I want to always be one. I don’t want to return to this skinny ass body ever again. I’ll do anything to make this happen”

DJ Don grinned at the crowd.

“Well, guys we’ve got a willing volunteer. What’s your name son?”

“It’s Greg”

“Well Greg we’ll help you if you help us. Ok guys, if you want to find out whether your straight friend is truly straight, I want you to tap them on the shoulder, and their body will bring them up here on stage.”

About 7 guys walked up on stage.

“Our willing volunteer is now called Dick Worthy, because he will become the sexual fantasy of anyone he walks really close to. This will weed out the true straight guys, from those with other interests

So Dick, I want you to walk up to each guy and give them a kiss on the cheek, and we’ll see what their sexual fantasy is with you”

The 7 guys looked seriously worried that their deepest darkest sexual fantasies were about to be revealed.

And as he walked up and kissed each guy, he transformed.

From a skinny lad with black shirt and light denims, he grew jutting breasts with the first guy, who loved a dominatrix. Don spoke out “you like being owned do you. But now you’re into leather daddies instead man”

The man’s shock lasted moments, before he was beggin his new muscle daddy to take his virgin boi hole.

And Dick walked along the line, tantalising each guy while Don changed the guys sexual desires.

When Dick became a sexy maid Don said to the guy Dick was kissing “You now love the idea of having a sexy mans servant, butler and house boi.”

The man who Dick kissed and instantly transformed into a cheerleader, was told “man, you’re not into cheerleaders. You want the quarterback”

And then Dick kissed the next ‘straight guy’ only to surprise everyone, Dick turned into a familiar face to all the gay guys in the room.

“We have ourselves a closet case. Nice one man. Jake Burton is one sexy son of a bitch, but you like bigger than life guys now. In fact let me give you a gift. When you meet a hunky guy you like, if he’s into you and you get physical, you can morph his muscles up to 15% more. How about that man”

And Dick-Jake grew larger and larger before moving to the next guy who he kissed.

“And another closet case. I love it when we route you out. Channing Tatum’s hot and all, but you like your men shorter and stocky, with even more muscle packed in.”

And that’s exactly what happened to Channing.

More and more hot guys were being created, and the last two guys were transformed themselves into muscle hungry cock suckers, who serviced the other 5. Dick would never live a normal life, but he didn’t need to. He could just walk close to any guy and become their fantasy for as long as he wanted. Once their money ran dry, he could leave for another hot sexy life.

Little did everyone know that the mass crowd altering was soon to begin.


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