Fantasy models – on tour

By Lusty Stallion
published August 21, 2019

Derek is disappointed he hasn’t been chosen to be part of ‘Fantasy Models on Tour’ but is curious to see how the wishing stripper service works in a club. Would random clubbers be wishing for their fantasies to be realised?

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Derek had now been on many wild rides as a fantasy model, and we was ok with the fact that it had changed him.

His gym regime was now religious, at least 2 hours every day, with more where he could spare it. He’d gone from a fat friendly lump, to an image obsessed jock in a very short time after changing every part of his diet and lifestyle.

I’m sure you’d agree he’s made great improvements.

Derek, was now experiencing the same looks from others, that he enjoyed as a transformed model outside of work as a fantasy model, as he did in, and his software colleagues were perplexed, and strangely turned on by the nerds personal transformation.

But he still craved the thrills and experiences of each fantasy model encounter. However, along with his physical transformation, came an unexpected transformation. He was now pumped with testosterone at brand new levels, and his libido had shot through the roof. And due to the amount of new sexual experiences he was having, he found himself wanking off to images of sexy hot girls on their knees before the stud, but also his arse being given over to manlier men than he. These new desires seemed to excite him even more, and were becoming more frequent with every gay encounter.

Tonight he found himself in the hottest night club in the city

Dressed in a shirt which showed every popping muscle in his body, with his hair styled perfectly, and the effect made him look like he was in his late 20’s not early 30’s. He sauntered up to the entrance, ready for the very first, ‘fantasy models on tour’ show. Billed to be an extra special evening apparently, and he was gutted he hadn’t been chosen to be in tonight’s performance. But hey, it was nice to get in free with the e-ticket which had pinged to his phone due to his moonlight job.

As he passed the bouncer at the door, he noticed the bouncer had a familiar watch on his wrist, but he thought nothing of it.

As he approached the bar, he noticed the barman had the same watch on his wrist, and he wondered why they had a watch on each and assumed they must be in on the events planned for the evening.

The place was packed out. Loads of guys and girls here for some fun. The ability to wish for personalised strippers, but the special thing about it tonight was that there would be so many strippers, and so much time to play with the club being open till 8am. This was not a night to be missed.

After flirting with some of the birds who came to give his muscles a good squeeze, and whispering dirty things they wanted to do to him in his ear, Derek took another sip of his beer as the DJ brought the beats down and a great looking guy walked on stage. He looked like a body builder and he had such presence on stage

“ Yo, yo, yo…You sons and daughters of bitches. Here we are tonite for our first ever fantasy models on tour. You guys are so in for a treat.

My name is Jos, and I’m you’re host.

How does this fantasy model thing work? Well, each model has a watch which scans their DNA and when a wish is made into this phone, the selected person gets transformed into the fantasy the wisher desired. … However, tonight there’s a little extra. When our models are hired out, there is only one wish per model. Some clever wishers wish very long detailed wishes, which do the trick, but once that wish is made that’s it, no more wishes. NOT so tonite. We can re select our targets as we go, as long as no watches are mislaid, which would be unfortunate. You see, once our time is up tonite, the watches will return their transformed owner back as they are now. And no person who has a watch on, can remove the watch, …(but other people can). So hear me when I say that it is essential that these watches don’t get removed from their owners, otherwise the transformations will be made permeant by tomorrow morning if the correct watches, aren’t returned to their owners.” He winked at the crowd who immediately got excited at the prospect of leaving the transformed, permanently transfigured.

“So let’s get started by playing with some of our unsuspecting staff. Notice how the barmen and women are all still serving drinks, and haven’t noticed we’ve started? Well that’s because the watches are blanking all this out for them. Let’s get three of them up on our screen”

The live footage of each of the barmen displayed on the massive screen above the charismatic hunk.

He briefly looked up at the screen and then back to the audience.

“Joe, Mark and Patrick. Each with a watch on one of their arms and each ready to be transformed. If anyone has any way they’d like these guys changed whether individual changes, or changes to all of them at once, just run up here and I’ll take a wish from the first 5 of you.”

There was a pause from the crowd, and then a good 15 people started pushing their way to the front.

The first girl to the front said “What’s with Joe’s clothes? They can go, in fact…I wish they were all topless”

And the crowd gasped as the three guys clothe dissolved before their eyes. The odd thing was that the guys didn’t seem to notice of care that they were now showing off their torsos while pouring drinks and making cocktails.

Jos’s voice boomed across the room “so our first wish, and it’s worked well. And of course, they don’t notice a thing. They’re going to think everything is normal. Of course they’re aware that they’re now topless, they just think that’s comlpetely standard for them in this place. Let’s have the next wish”

Another girl, “Mark obviously works out, and Patrick obviously used too, but I’m not sure Joe has ever seen the inside of a gym, so I wish that they were all packing big muscles all over.”

And the crowd watched with many stunned expressions as they watched each guy’s body start to morph. Their biceps expanding, chests filling out and becoming firm pectorals, deep cut abs and thicker necks too. These guys all spent hours in the gym. And Derek was catching on to why he was a guest tonight and not a participant. None of the usual models were being used tonight. This was on the unsuspecting staff, at least for now it was.

The next was a guy “Wow, what hotties, but I bet they’d never look at us gay guys like they do the girls, I wish they were each bisexual”

Of course, it wasn’t a wish which could be easily spotted on camera, although Joe was pouring a drink for a particularly handsome guy now, and it certainly looked like his face was redder than before, …but perhaps that was just the lighting and the screen.

The next girls spoke into the mic “I wish that each of them was always flirtatious, always friendly and always up for some fun”

Each of the guys became visibly more gregarious. Patrick’s charm was glowing through the screen, as he chatted up the straight couple he was serving. And there was a glint in each of the guys eyes, a longing to take their conversations to another level, no matter the gender of the customer, or how many might engage in their ‘fun’.

The last guy walked up and said “I don’t know if this is allowed, but I wish that Joe was black, Mark was a surfer and Patrick was even more Irish”

Jos smirked loudly, and said “that sounds like 3 wishes in one but… hell yeah, we’ll grant your combined wish”

And each of the guys were transformed again

Each man now oozed with confidence and sexuality, and a need to fill their new deep hunger.

Within the next 30 minutes, each man had had their watch removed by sneaky members in the crowd, their former lives gone forever, unless the watches are returned before the next morning.

“Well that was fun right? Who shall we choose next? How about some of the bouncers.”

And they’re live footage appeared on the screen

“Did any of these guys give anyone a hard time tonite?” Jos called through the mic

And loads of hands went up.

“Ok, this time I’m gonna ask you to wave your hands if you want anyone of these guys changed, and once I’ve picked you, you can come up and make your wish. We’ll see where these wishes get to, so I haven’t decided how many we’ll take”

The hands waved in the air, and Jos called one girl up

“That Ed thinks he’s got every right to leer at woman and made me give him my number to get in here tonight. He just liked the look of these, (she waved her sizeable bosom) and wanted to get into my pants. So I wish Ed got to feel what it’s like to be a hot girl, with massive tits, and having passes made at her all night, and that she’ll end up being fucked by a hard cocked stud like the slut she now is, and I want him..I mean her to be aware of every change happening to her, feeling every pleasure while being sickened in his soul by what she’s allowing and wanting to happen to him.”

Jos added “and breath. Wow, that guys really gonna get what’s comin’ to him rite?”

And they watched as Ed’s big frame shrank down, while his pecs pushed out into a massive pair of tits. He’d just been harassing a hot girl who was waiting to be let in, when the transformation had started. He didn’t know what was happening, and didn’t know what to do. All he could do was start shouting “O fuck, O fuck” in his deep voice. But the more he shouted, the higher the pitch got. His black hair grew blonde and out to below his boobs. His gut sucked into a skinny feminine set of abs, and his arms thinned out to some nicely toned woman’s arms. The worst part was when he felt his cock twitch, and then he felt something very alarming and like nothing else he’d experienced, as his thick piece of meat shrank back into his body, inverting and creating a deep hungry vagina. His cries turned, to his horror, from “o fuck, o fuck,” to “O fuck me, O fuck me”.

He ran from the shocked queue into the bar screaming it at the top of his lungs, and Patrick apologised to his customers, and ran to see if there was anything he could do to help this poor young hot women.

Now that Ed was out of the way, the line at his post almost stampeded into the club, and about another 100 people joined the already large crowd.

Jos noticed the new addtions to the crowd and quickly explained.

“Welcome all you you who have no doubt just witnessed something weird happen to that prick of a bouncer. We transformed him with some wishes a moment ago, and now the sexy whore is seeking out some muscle to fill her wet hole. We’re about to have the next wish, so you’ll get the idea as we continue.”

He chose another waving hand

“Yes, you, come on up, what’s your wish?”

She said “Chad was really sweet to us, and got rid of some jerks who were giving us a hard time. I wish that Chad was a hot sexy leather stripper, a mountain of hairless muscles, for all of us to enjoy tonight, and yes guys, I mean he’s so attractive you’re all gonna get hard watching him”. She gave her friends boyfriend an evil look. The malice for the douche bag was clear to all.

Jos smiled, this was the first crowd altering wish, but it wouldn’t be the last

Chad was confused as his legs started leading him away from his post, into the club and toward the stage. The 70 people waiting at his entrance obviously took the oppertunity and followed him in. As the camera panned across the room, following him, everyone witnessed his frame get even broader, his powerful pecs bursting through his shirt which transformed into a leather jacket. His massive frame now pushing through the crowds and loving the feel of all the hands touching his now hairless and massive chest, biceps, triceps and well…everything. A few straight guys were among the hands which squeezed his incredible arse, and many mouths watered, just thinking of licking the sweat off his chiselled body. The Leather stud came up on stage and Jos let him give a bit of a show for a few minutes, before sending him off into the middle of the crowd to entertain while the wishes continued.

The douch bag boyfriend was among the very confused straight guys, who found themselves completely enraptured by this man who was truly more than human.

He picked a guy out from the crowd who said “man, this is a crazy ass situation with these wishes comin’ true, I couldn’t believe it, but it’s obviously working. Jeza, was a complete dick to my friend on our way in tonight. I’m not gay, but he could tell my pal is, and he gave him a hard time for it. He called him weak and uncommitted to life for never having worked out in a gym, while poking him in the side. So I wish that Jeza would come and give my friend Conner a passionate kiss which would transfer all of his years of hard earned muscles over to Conner, and help Conner get lucky tonight, and that Jeza’d be a skinny cocksucker now, having a load of gay experiences right here tonight.”

And then Jeza was on the move. He was a man on a mission, not that he knew what the mission was yet. He pushed his way forcefully through the crowd, again followed by the remaining 50 people waiting at his entrance. (Many had seen the other queues dissapear and had skipped over to the now unmanned entrances. The fire regs completely shattered tonight, and the crowd was heaving.

Jeza walked confidently (or so it looked) to find Conner and he grabbed him violently by the arm and then froze. His mouth puckered, but his eyes looked disgusted. He smacked his lips onto Conner’s and extended his tongue into Conner’s mouth and as he explored his mouth, he felt a strange sensation, as if his tongue was transferring something into Conner. In fact, his muscles started declining in size, and his powerful chest deflated, along with his arms, and his cut abs, his thighs, even his meaty cock. And in his place was skinny Jeremey, the cocksucker.

Conner, now Con, kept growing in stature and strength. The power now running through his massive body was immense, and he knew he looked good. Jeza had been a great kisser, and he wondered about demanding he get to work on his cock, when he saw his friend come over to admire the results of his wish. Con was filled with a new love for his pal, who’d stuck his neck out and given him this amazing gift. And he grabbed his mate, brought him in for a bro hug and then gave him the snog of his life. The friend started to wrestle him away, but in a few moments he was now completely at ease, making out with his best friend, in fact, he was thinking they should become boyfriends, and maybe tonight was the night to seal the deal.

Jos loved seeing a badly worded wish, and Con’s friend had inadvertently allowed Conner the ability to turn one person into his lover. As neither of them had any watches, there was no turning back now. Con was now forever a stud and him and his now boyfriend were both 100% gay and into each other. Even if Jeremey kept his watch all night and became Jeza once more, Con was now in permanent residence.


Of course, while all of this was going on, Eda was enjoying all 9 inches of Patrick’s incredible tool. Thick, long and hard, deep inside her cavern. He was grunting with pleasure, and she kept watching his hard sweaty muscles move across her body. Eda was climaxing every few seconds, as Patrick skilfully pleasured the slut. He just need to get his rocks off, and this screaming whore gave him the perfect excuse. Of course Ed was both loving and hating every moment of this experience

Joe and Mark continued to serve people at the bar, and the other bar staff who were as yet untransformed also seemed to expect these studs to be topless and overly flirtatious. Jos had specifically chosen the less studly bar staff to transform, which meant that whether they were straight or not, the already gym built stud barmen now expected to have their arse squeezed, of nipples pinched by these two guys. Similarly the hot barmaids had not problem with them feeling them up either as they passed each other while making drinks.

While there had been other security guards, they’d spotted the watches blinking at the moment of transformation, and tried to remove the watches themselves. They asked for help and then escaped the club. Leaving a few watches in the hands of some excited partiers.

Derek just looked on excited as the scene unfolded. He wasn’t wearing a watch tonight, so he wouldn’t be affected he assured himself. The idea of being permanently changed did pump his cock with blood, but at the same time, he now loved his new look through his own transformation, not through magic, but through hard work and a great diet.


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