Pollination: The Next Harvest (2)

By rubbrsome - jacketrat@hotmail.com
published August 19, 2019
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The two Joes begin their journey, and find their first conquest.

In the early morning, the GMC pickup truck raced through the darkness. Inside, the two males had been quiet. Finally, the younger of the two broke the silence: “I wish I could have one of those wolves. They were really cute, Pa.”

“Yes, they were,” nodded his father. But then he clarified, “But they could never be your pet, son. They are your brothers. They’re free to live their own lives.”

Even though he knew it was true, it didn’t stop Joe Jr from sulking just a little. He gave off a slight grunt and turned to look into the darkness.

The silence was palpable. The old man turned on the radio, searching for new stations. Finally, a conversation came in tune. “Today, Senator Gillian Tully hit the campaign trail. Her first stop was Philadelphia, in which she presented her new Gender Equalization Bill. She promises to make far reaching reform ….”

And suddenly the radio was switched off. The old man grunted with disgust. And Joe Jr couldn’t help but sense his father’s distaste. “What was that, Pa?”

“Just something we’re going to have to be mindful of. In fact, it reminds me that we need to stop for gas.”

Joe Jr couldn’t help but notice that they had more than half a tank of gas. He eyed his dad suspiciously. And Joe Sr clarified. “It’s not about the gas. It’s about the gas station. It’s one of those places that ‘certain’ truckers like to use.” And when he said it, he had given great emphasis on the word “certain”.

Joe Jr didn’t know what his father meant. He sensed something from his own man, and because of his youth, he didn’t comprehend the meanings behind it. “I don’t understand, Pa.”

“I know, boy. The owner, there, provides certain services. It’s located off the interstate so truckers use it to avoid weigh stations. And they can also get Speed or other drugs that help out for the long hauls. It’s good for us because we won’t be detected, and the drivers that use the stop also know how to avoid detection.”

In the station’s office, Joe Sr powerful naked from stood silently over the map, which lay folded out over a small work station. On the other side of the room, and also naked, his son sat in front of the computer. At the moment, the two of them did not speak. The older man, who stared intently at the map, traced several possible routes with his index finger. The only sound was a distinct slurping, a sound which emanated from underneath the table. The source of the sound came from the man sucking voraciously on Joe Sr’s cock.

Finally, the silence was broken. “Hey, Pa! Why don’t you use the computer?”

The older man didn’t look up. He studied the map. “Cause in my day we used maps. They’re more reliable.”

Joe Jr looked at his father in disbelief. Even though the two men had shared a tight bond, there was still a separation between the two; it was called the generation gap. “You can’t be serious, Pa! Computer tell us everything!”

“I don’t agree,” said Joe Sr. “They only know as much as the person that made them. And if man is flawed, then computers are flawed. It’s that simple.”

Joe Jr felt he had the perfect answer. “Well a man made that map, right? So ain’t that map flawed too?”

Joe Sr chuckled. The kid had a point. He turned over one corner of the map to read something on the other side. “Well … it does say this is a 2006 map. So I suppose it can be out of date. But I’m looking for backroads if we’re making our way south. Back roads have been there for a long time. And I think the best back roads we need are those that are forgotten; we need to be discreet. We got to stay off interstates and highways. And if I were to look at that there computer, it would involve too much scrolling and loading and you get the idea. What a map provides is one big picture all at once.”

Joe Jr thought about that for a moment. Then he shrugged before turning back to the computer. He typed in a new web address. And within seconds, he was watching some videos. He immediately leapt from the desk’s chair, and started to mimic the man in the video. The boy’s father couldn’t help but notice. The old man felt a bit conflicted. He wanted to study the map, but at the same time, he felt oddly compelled to join in with his son.

“What are you doing now?” asked Joe Sr.

“Well,” his son explained, “I figured if you’re not going to use the computer, I may as well get my technique down.” And with that, Joe Jr turned his attention back to the monitor. On the screen, there was a male bodybuilder wearing nothing but a small thong. His entire body seemed overly muscular and barely contained within such a small piece of clothing. His skin was darkly tanned and heavily oiled. And Joe Jr watched the man go from pose after pose, and each time, the boy mimicked the bodybuilder.

Finally, when the video was done, Joe Jr found a large mirror on the wall. He moved around the mirror, determining the best place to stand that would provide the best view of his body. Once he found the right spot, the boy launched into a series of poses. He brought his arms up over his head, flexing his biceps. Then he turned his back to the mirror while bringing his arms down, and yet continuing to flex. Pose after pose, Joe Jr revelled in the perfection of his body. He flashed the biggest smile before exclaiming, “I’m way better than that guy, Pa!”

Joe Sr looked up and smiled. He admired his son’s body. He couldn’t resist the temptation. He curled his arm slightly, tightening his biceps and was awed as his own muscles swelled. Then looking down, he flexed his pectorals and watched as both left and right chests began to bounce. “But maybe your old man still has a thing or two!”

Joe Jr laughed. “Sure, Pa!”

As Joe Sr looked down, he clearly saw the top of the man’s head: the man that continued to suck his cock. Joe couldn’t resist. He flexed his cock muscle, causing the engorged member to swell and bounce. The man groaned as the thickening cock filled up his mouth. The slurping got louder and sounded not too dissimilar of a baby finding its pacifier. Joe Sr reached down and playfully tousled the man’s hair. The man groaned at the touch, and continued to suck Joe’s cock. The man had been sucking nonstop for the last half hour. Joe Sr was only receiving a small amount of pleasure from the actual blowjob. What he enjoyed most was the bond that was being established between himself and this human male. A bond that was still strengthening between the two of them.

It was strange at first. The symbiont had shared with the knowledge of bonding with humans. And when they began the process, Joe could only vaguely sense the man. And it wasn’t pleasant during the beginning. There was a deep sense of conflict and revulsion. But then very quickly, the man’s emotions changed to confusion and then acceptance. Now, Joe could only sense loyalty and devotion from the man. Joe felt as if he was being worshiped. And he liked it.

The feeling wasn’t one way. That would be unfair. As their bond strengthened, Joe Sr only felt protective and devoted to his subject. It was a strange realization when he thought about it. He had only met this gas station attendant a little more than two hours ago. The man had been a complete stranger. And yet now, Joe could honestly consider him like family.

He grabbed at the back of the man’s hair. The grip wasn’t hard. But he pulled with just enough strength to tell the man to stop sucking. Jeff detached from his Master’s cock and looked upward with absolute devotion. Joe asked: “How long before your first customers start arriving?”

Jeff’s eyes had appeared unfocused at first. But having been asked a question, he turned his eyes toward the clock mounted on the wall. He blinked a few times as he did the math in his head. “Uh … hmmm … about forty-five minutes or so. Maybe a little more.”

Joe patted and rubbed Jeff’s head. “Very good. You’ve been a big help, and I need you to help us out a bit more.”

Jeff’s eyes brightened and his face lit up immediately. “Oh sure! Anything! You just name it”

“I’ve told you exactly which of the men I want you to give the flowers to. Do you remember?”

Jeff recited the list of names in the correct order. He knew he had memorized the list correctly, and he felt immensely proud that he hadn’t forgotten. Joe Sr nodded in approval before asking, “Do you remember who is the most important? Who absolutely must receive his flower?”

Again, Jeff’s eyes lit up. “Dan Guthrie, the truck driver. He should be stopping here just a little before noon. He does every Wednesday. And I have to make absolutely sure that Dan gets his flower.”

Joe Sr stared intently at Jeff. The human was making him very proud. He rested his hand gently on the back of Jeff’s head, just as a father would for his son. “Very good. That’s very good. I think you’re ready.”

Jeff started to breathe very hard. He squatted on his haunches, panting expectantly for what was about to happen. He felt both nervous and excited at the same time. “I am? I did good? I won’t mess this up. I’ll make you proud!”

“You already have,” assured Joe Sr. Now with a tone of some seriousness, Joe spoke carefully: “I’m going to give you two drops. This will bind us together: even more tightly. And you will feel very different. You will sense the pleasures that I’m feeling. Now I want you to remember that you are not, I repeat, NOT allowed to cum. Do you understand me?”

Jeff was shaking his head from side to side. He stared directly up into his Master’s eyes as if hypnotized. He repeated his order, “I’m not allowed to cum. I’m not allowed to cum.”

Joe Sr gave off a brilliant smile. It had a powerful effect over Jeff who suddenly felt dazed and entranced by his Master’s face. “You will not cum until Dan Guthrie is implanted with his flower. When he is one of us, his seed will grow into a flower. Do you understand?”

Jeff eyes had glazed over, and he nodded very slowly. Then he repeated, “His seed will grow into a flower.”

“That’s right! When his seed grows, hold his flower and you will be released from my power. Then you will join us. Then you will cum.”

Jeff groaned. The human felt a mixture of pain at the thought of not being a slave, but at the same time, excitement at becoming his own Master. At being joined with a symbiont. His body shook and trembled. “Then I will cum.”

“Very good,” crooned Joe Sr. “You are mine for now. You obey me. Now open your mouth, and receive my essence.”

Jeff squatted, his head tilted upward with his mouth open, just as he had been ordered. The first time he had received Joe’s essence wasn’t under such willing circumstances. Joe Jr had to punch the man in the stomach. Poor Jeff had collapsed to the ground, his mouth wide open as if a flopping fish sucking for water that wasn’t there. As the man lay on the ground, gasping to regain his breath, Joe Jr then had to pin the helpless man down. He hadn’t even had to force the man’s mouth open. He had only had to tilt that man’s face upward to his waiting father. Joe Sr stood overhead. The old man had dropped his pants and withdrawn his monstrous cock that curved perfectly half-mast. A single drop hung perched at the end of the beautiful cock, and it seemed to have fallen slow-motion into the waiting mouth.

It had only taken one drop. Jeff’s eyes had immediately widened in horror at what had been done to him. He had seen the massive cock drip one drop of some white milky substance into his mouth. He had been absolutely disgusted and revolted. But then, he began to feel differently about it. Maybe it hadn’t really been that bad. It’s not like it tasted gross. In fact, it had actually tasted pretty damn good.

The binding process had begun. And now the two men were ready to be sealed. Jeff’s entire body trembled in anticipation. Above him, Joe Sr arched his back slightly as he widened his legs apart. He needed to free up his balls as his scrotum began to expand. As he tilted his head back, his eyes rolled up, making his them appear unnaturally white.

From the side, Joe Jr had stopped with his poses. He turned and watched completely transfixed as his father began to produce the essence. His own balls began to throb at the idea and meaning behind this act, and he felt his own cock harden. Reaching down, he found himself stroking his manhood, enjoying this scene. It was as if watching a man submit and yield to God.

Joe Sr’s balls continued to expand and swell. As they ballooned outward, his entire massive frame seemed to grow. His broad chest heaved and swelled. The veins bulged out, accentuating every tightening muscle across his body. And then very slowly, Joe Sr reached down, grabbed his cock and aimed it directly towards Jeff’s mouth.

The drops appeared. Each round droplet was purest of white. Almost to the point as if light was radiating from within the liquid. As the drops fell, there seemed to be a dazzling brilliance to their motion. And like before, they seemed to hang suspended in the air, as if falling in slow motion or caught frozen in time. The beams of energy were radiating outward like an aura, leaving coloration trails in their wake.

Joe Jr watched in silence as Jeff caught each droplet on his tongue. The man’s tongue continued to hang open, his tongue extended, as if hoping more drops would come. But then, very slowly, Jeff’s mouth slowly closed and his body began to fall backwards. Joe Jr caught him and gently laid him on the ground. Then the boy looked up at his father who seemed perfectly rigid as if he had been turned to stone.

“You okay, Pa?” he asked softly.

It took a moment for the old man to respond. Then in a hushed whisper, he spoke: “I will be. I …. It’s really something. When we bind ourselves to human men. I never knew how powerful it would be.”

Joe Jr looked down at the human. Jeff was moaning softly. He knew that he just needed a few minutes to recover. Joe Jr tilted his head to the side. The man looked so small and feeble. So weak and inadequate. “Are you sure we can count on him, Pa? There’s a lot riding on this.”

“Jeff will perform and follow his orders with perfect precision,” assured the old man. “I feel him so clearly. I … I can actually feel his soul.” As Joe said that, he was actually surprised to know it was true. Joe Jr’s head spun back at hearing those words and his eyes were wide. “I actually feel his soul. It’s so beautiful. It’s so bright. And it belongs to me now.”

“Wow, Pa!” exclaimed Joe Jr. “When do I get to do that? I want to feel a man’s soul!”

It was the thing only a child would say, and Joe Sr forgave his son for that. But he also understood at the same time. His boy had experienced a lot of new and wondrous things in the last twenty-four hours. Joe Sr was even having a hard time accepting all these new experiences, so he had to give his son a little slack. But he still had to guide his boy into being a good man, and a good Master: “You’ll get that privilege when you’re ready.”

Joe Jr grunted. He went back to posing in the mirror. He flexed his arms, causing his body to swell and grow. The sight of his massive naked frame made him smile. He was happy. Even if he didn’t have a wolf and a slave, at least he had his symbiont. He was complete.

“Come, boy,” said his father. The old man was pulling on his underwear. The large outline of his cock hung half mast against the fabric. He didn’t put on the rest of his clothes, as they were slung over his broad shoulders. Joe Jr picked up his clothes but didn’t bother putting them on.

Before the two of them left, they gave one last inspection to the eight flower pots that were scattered along the gas station’s counter. Each flower pot was neatly wrapped in a brown paper bag, with names clearly written designating the recipient of each package. Unseen, inside each bag, small green seedlings were just beginning to break through the surface of the dirt.

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