Human No More

By PupHearted
published August 19, 2019

A kidnapped gay man describes his experience with his captor, and the physical and mental transformations he undergoes to become more than human.

I wasn’t always a freak.

For the first 19 years of my life, I was an average guy- 5’5, 110 pounds with a simpleton personality. I wasn’t the kind of guy that people would be in awe of, or be aware of for that matter.

All of that changed on the night of my 19th birthday, when my date drugged me, kidnapped and imprisoned me somewhere. During the first 30 days, he kept me chained in a basement room and tried to break my will to escape or resist. He succeeded when he told me that nobody had reported me missing after 30 days, because nobody cared about me.

But my captor told me he cared for me. He knew that nobody saw my potential and that he was going to make sure that people noticed me. He promised that by the end, I would walk out of here a different man but I had to accept & choose whatever he had planned for me. Of course, I accepted his demands. He promised me freedom and that’s all I cared about.

It was a few days later when he fed me something that knocked me out. When I woke up, I was tied to a chair, naked and with two fluid drip lines inserted in both of my wrists. He was standing in front of me, telling me to enjoy myself before he attached two IV bags filled with green slimy liquid to the drip lines and pumped the chemicals into me. My muscles felt like they were on fire and my bones felt like they were being hammered. I squirmed, screamed and cried until my body tired itself and I passed out.

When I woke up, the bags were empty but I was still tied to the chair. My captor was in front of me with a big smile plastered on his face. Once I was up, he pulled a standing mirror in front of me to show me what he had done. What I saw was essentially me but with some marked differences.

I was heavier by about 50-60 pounds, muscular with a little bit of fat around my gut and chest. My areolas were huge and my formerly small and flat nipples were now pointing out by an inch. My formerly smooth body now had a slight covering of black fur everywhere. My formerly small penis looked a little bigger, as did my balls. My face was bigger, my neck thicker and I had a slight stubble on my face. I looked taller but it was difficult to be certain, given that I was tied to the chair.

Before I could ask any thing, fresh new IV bags containing the same liquid were reattached and I went through the process again. Over the next few days, the process continued and I kept getting bigger. My small tiny chair was replaced with a bigger one when I could no longer comfortably fit. I was in constant pain and had to be kept sedated for my own safety. My body was changing but after the first time, my captor had stopped bringing the mirror in front of me.

When I woke up, I was no longer tied to the chair. I did have a collar around my neck and cuffs around my wrists and legs. My captor was sitting in front of me and I lunged to grab him. Immediately, a shock went through my body and I collapsed on the floor in pain. He gave a hearty laugh and told me to behave, otherwise he would make the pain worse. Begrudgingly, I accepted his offer and he told me to stay where I was while he fetched the mirror. When he brought the mirror and I saw myself, I could no longer recognize myself.

I was almost a foot taller than before and at least 150 pounds heavier. Most of it was muscles with a slight bit of fat around my gut, pecs, ass and thighs. Every surface of my body below the neck was covered in dark fur. The only bit of visible skin was my big, fat and pointy 3-4 inches long nipples that attracted a lot of attention, given their size. My genitals were huge- my soft cock was at least 5 inches and thick while my balls were the size of eggs. My face was masculine with a touch of baby fat, that gave me a boyish look. For the first time in my life, I was hot and I was aroused by my own self.

I spent the next couple of days back in the basement. My physical growth had a horrible side-effect: the loss of my memories. I remembered my name and a few basic details but everything else was gone. Not that it mattered because my brain was filled with thoughts of fucking and getting fucked. My captor must have anticipated this as my room was now filled with dildos and butt fleshlights, all of which were being put to good use by me. When I wasn’t eating or sleeping, I was fucking a fleshlight while riding a fat dildo. I kept cumming but I would recharge almost immediately. I couldn’t stop myself from being this big & strong nymphomaniac, and I was starting to enjoy it.

I was back in the chair a few days later with a new drip attached to me. This time, the chemical being injected was a dark grey color. Unlike before, there was no pain in my body but only a growing pain in my chest. I could see my reflection in the mirror and it looked like my pecs were growing. The pain got uncomfortable around my nipples until they felt completely dilated and stretched. My nipples were now at 5 inches and they were throbbing. To relieve the pressure, I puffed my chest and felt something squirt out of my nipples and fall down my fur. I looked at the mirror and did the same thing again, only to come to the horrible realization that I was lactating. As mad as I was at my captor, it felt good to relieve the pressure in my chest so I continued puffing and pushing milk out of my nipples until the pain subsided. I was still full and was a little relieved when he attached a milk pump to my nipples and started milking me.

Over the next few days (or weeks) my oversexed brain went into overdrive. The combination of breast pumps, fleshlights and dildos made me paint the walls of my room with my cum. I had to milk myself 4 times in a day, just to keep the pain manageable. With every pumping session, I was producing about a gallon of milk which meant that I was constantly hungry. My food intake increased rapidly- consuming about 3 pounds of food during every meal. I had three thoughts in my brain at all times- fuck, eat and pump.

During my next injection session, the color of the chemical inside the IV bag was orange. Once the drip started, I felt a growing warmth around my genitals and asshole. Warmth gave way to pain as I looked at the mirror and saw my penis and balls change. My glans swelled up until it resembled a tennis ball while the slit changed to a round shape. Partition-like lines appeared on my penis head, meeting at the newly formed round opening. My penis lengthened until it was about a foot long & erect. It was as thick as my wrist and looked like a thinner limb. My balls were the size of sweet lemons and really heavy. There were new sensations in my ass but I couldn’t see it. I did sense the syrupy-like thing dripping out of my hole and coating my butt-cheeks.

My captor made me stand up and told me to use my penis. I didn’t understand him at first, until I felt something in my glans. Somehow, I knew what to do as did my penis as the glans parted open like a flower and small veins emerged from it. The vein-like things attached themselves to my thighs and knees, before I felt pleasure shoot through my entire body. I started to cum but instead of erupting, my sperm travelled through the veins and entered my bloodstream causing me to be more aroused. My captor passed me a fleshlight, pump and a dildo and I quickly put them to good use. He was sitting in front of me, a big smile plastered on his face, as he watched me debase myself. I fucked the fleshlight and fucked myself on the dildo until I managed to shatter the former and squeezed out the later. I was uncontrollable and my captor zapped me until I was knocked out.

Things took a quick turn after that. My sense of smell, taste, sight and sound improved exponentially while my other mental faculties depleted. My days were spent fucking my toys and milking, and the more I did these, the more animalistic I became. The few words I would speak through the day turned to grunts and growls, until I completely lost the ability to speak.

My next session was easier. The liquid being poured was green again but it didn’t hurt this time. To be fair, it felt like nothing had happened. It was only when I woke up in my basement later, that I realized something had changed. My body felt different, more feral to be exact. Looking down, I saw that my palms and feet resembled paws, complete with a thick leathery skin that prevented bruise and scrapes against the floor. My nails had turned into sharp claws, with hair sprouting out of my fingers. My fur was denser and was a dark black. My arms looked longer and thicker, and I realized that I could now stand on all fours like a gorilla. My nipples were longer and at 7-inches, they stuck out of my body obscenely and leak drops of milk. I opened my mouth and used my fingers to discover canines that had grown in place of my molars. My tongue had also increased in size and when hanging, would reach up to my neck.

Anatomical changes aside, there were mental changes that I underwent over the next few days. My captor had started feeding me raw meat and vegetables and I found myself enjoying the taste. Within a few days, I had stopped using my hands to eat and would dig in face first into my food. It became more and more difficult for me to hold on to complex thoughts and my entire thought process was relegated to eat-sleep-fuck-repeat.

One day, the doors to my basement opened by itself. In the months/years I have been here, I’ve never seen the door open. At least not when I’m conscious. I wait for a few minutes but no one steps in, so I slowly crawl out on all fours. My back is slightly arched and I’m ready to attack at the sight of a conflict. Next to the door is a stair leading upstairs. At the top of the stairs is a trap door, which I push and climb out. I’m in the injection room where my captor is standing in the middle facing me with a big mirror next to him. Before I can pounce, he shows me the button in his finger that will electrocute me, so I mellow down.

“Good boy. You’ve been so good and it’s time you see your reward” he says.

He pulls the mirror in front of me and I look at the monstrosity I’ve become.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror in my room (my captor had put it in a while back) and what looked back wasn’t human. My entire body is covered in fur and given my large size, it’s next to impossible for someone to know that I’m human. My skin is a leathery black and my face looks nothing like me anymore, except for my eyes. My nose has thickened and pushed back into my face, resembling a bear’s very wet nose. I’m suddenly made aware of a slight growth above my butt which turns out to be a small, fluffy tail.

Any thought I had of escaping this hellhole shoots out of my mind instantly. I’m a monster. I’m no longer human and looking at myself, I am not sure I’ll survive out in the wild alone. My captor senses my dilemma so he speaks up.

“You might be angry right now but I did tell you that I was going to change you for the better. Now, you’re noticeable.”

I wanted to hurt him, even kill him but I realized that he was the only person keeping me alive. I had no idea where I was and I could be a problem alone. I was no longer human, the only bit of humanity left inside me was the small bits in my mind that were still capable of processing these changes.

“I know you might sad too, given the way you look. Which is why I want to offer you an out” he said.

Realizing that I wasn’t planning to answer, he pulled a syringe out of his pocket and showed it to me.

“This right here, is the last bit of my creation. If you take this, it’ll kill the little part of your brain that’s clinging to humanity. You the person will cease to exist and will be replaced by the bloodthirsty, horny monster you are. You will be the monster you look like, both inside and outside, and you won’t feel the pain of your existence any longer” my captor said.

I simply nodded my approval. If my life was to be spent as a freaky monster, I would rather not be consciously aware of it and feel the guilt of my actions. It was better to embrace the new me completely, and let the old me die with dignity.

My captor told me to get up and lay down on a gurney. Once I was in, he strapped me so that I couldn’t move and inserted the IV drip in my wrist. A transparent fluid started to drip from the IV bag into me and the last thing I saw before losing consciousness was my captor injecting a fat syringe containing a dirty grey liquid into his own arm.

When I woke up, I was on the floor. It took me a second to be completely aware but I picked up a second scent in the room. I looked up and growled at the figure in front of me.

Like me, he was a massive creature. He looked just like me from head to toe and was growling at me. Unlike my black fur, his was a rich brown. I caught his scent and recognized it as my captor’s. Except that he wasn’t my captor anymore. Smelling him, I could sense my growing arousal as I looked into my mate’s eyes.

Before I knew, he pounced and pinned me to the ground. I was lying on my front with my furry butt exposed and he was on top of me, grinding his huge cock against my ass. I tried to fight him but he lightly bit into my shoulder and subdued me. I cried out in pain and pleasure, which he took as a mating call and pierced his cock into my ass in one go. My mind went numb with pain as the instinct to fuck took center-stage. I pushed my ass against him, causing him to thrust harder. His claws were digging into my body, making me harder and more aroused. I could feel the milk dripping from his nipples on my back, and it was driving me nuts. A ticklish feeling erupted in my ass which made its way up my intestines and finally ended in my gut. My mate had sent the veins in his dick up my body and was now about to erupt. I used my ass to encourage him and with a mighty roar, he erupted and send his seed through the veins into my bloodstream. The rush of his cum as it entered my blood and coursed through my brain made my own penis flare and my glans opened up, firing shots after shots of thick, monster cum everywhere.

I was still horny and so was he. When he pulled himself out of me, I used his tiredness to wrestle and pin him down. He didn’t fight me when I thrusted into his ass, but gave a low approving growl. Milk leaked from my nipples and coated his brown fur with it, the smell causing both of us to experience immense arousal. Once I was completely inside him, my glans opened and the veins inside started crawling through his intestines and into his gut. It was a visceral feeling, as I experienced a mixture of my own pleasure and his, causing me to thrust and breed my mate harder. The walls shook due to the violence and power of our fuck but we were two animals in the throes of pleasure. In a few minutes we both came and I added my semen to his blood stream, and we collapsed on the floor. I extended my long tongue towards him which he responded to by draping it with his own tongue, as we kissed and recovered from post-orgasm bliss.

He stood up on all fours and started walking towards a door in the corner. With some difficulty, he managed to use his paws to open the door and walked out. I followed behind him and found myself in a very dense forest. Rich foliage surrounded us and the cold air informed me that we were in a mountainous region.

I looked at my mate and as our eyes met, I knew that this was our forever home. This is the land where we will breed each other, hunt and live until our last days. And as the thought of breeding made my cock twitch, a scent in the air caught our attention. It a tasty pack of fresh deer.

My mate looked at me and growled & I knew what he meant. The time to breed would be later. Right now, it was time to hunt for some dinner.

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