Holiday Hypno Pups: The Hypnocollar

By Douglas Benjamin -
published December 7, 2016

Toby and Mark are a young gay couple in love, and the Christmas gift of a collar gives their sex life a wild jolt.

“I got you an early Christmas present,” said Toby. Mark looked up to see him standing in the doorway, completely naked except for a giant red bow on his dick. He laughed. “I’ve already got one,” Mark said, standing up from the desk where he was working and rubbing his crotch through his pants. “But as a collector, I always appreciate a matched pair.” He stepped over to Toby, slipping his hand down his boyfriend’s nude torso to his waist. Mark was a big guy, hairy; Toby was thin and limber, almost totally hairless across his whole body. His slender body made his already-large uncut dick look even bigger, and Mark found the sight of him completely irresistible. He grabbed Toby’s ribbon and pulled at one end, loosening it from the hard cock. As the ribbon fell away, he felt something cold and hard, and looked down to see a black metal cockring at the base of Toby’s dick. “Oh, that’s a new,” Mark said. “A little accessory?” “I got you one too,” said Toby, nuzzling Mark’s face and kissing him gently in the scruff of his beard. “I want to wear them out with you when we go to the bar.” Once a month, they liked to wear something slutty to fetish night at C’s, their favorite gay dive bar. “But what if the rings keep us hard all night?” said Mark, rubbing his beard against Toby’s smooth face. “It’ll be hard to hide our boners.” “We’ll just have to keep reaching down to adjust ourselves,” said Toby, “and hope nobody notices.” Mark smiled, and curled his fingers around Toby’s dick, eliciting a gasp from his smooth sexy boyfriend. “Oh no you don’t,” Mark said. “I told you. This big fat pup dick belongs to me. You only get to touch it when I say so. And I didn’t give you permission.” “Can I … please …” Toby said. “I don’t think so,” said Mark. “If you need it adjusted in public, you’ll have to ask me to do it.” “Yes sir,” said Toby. “And if we find someplace private, can I adjust yours? With my tongue?” Mark laughed again. “Good boy,” he said, rubbing Toby’s unruly hair. Toby closed his eyes in bliss and let his tongue loll out of his mouth, yipping softly. “You my good little pup?” Mark asked. “Good pup,” said Toby, his mind foggy and dumb with pleasure. “You wanna pup out?” said Mark. “Ruff! Can I, sir?” said Toby. He opened his eyes and looked eagerly into Mark’s. They both leaned in to kiss each other, noses rubbing and tongues sliding together. Mark could taste that Toby had just brushed his teeth, which was one of Mark’s rules before a prolonged makeout. “Did you prepare yourself for a little roll in the hay?” Mark said. “Maybe,” said Toby, sheepish. “Well I think a good boy deserves an extra treat,” said Mark. “I got you an early Christmas present too.” Toby looked surprised. “You didn’t have to — ” he blurted. “I didn’t have to,” Mark agreed. “I wanted to.” He stepped back and reached into a desk drawer, pushing some papers aside to pull out a small flat red box. It had a thin red string keeping it tied shut. “Can I open it?" said Toby. Mark held the box up to Toby’s face, a loose end of the string dangling, and nodded. Toby took the loose string in his mouth, smiling as he growled, and pulled it loose. “Ruff!” he barked as Mark opened the lid. Inside was a red leather pup collar with a small metal loop at the front. Dangling from the loop was a metal charm with “Pup Toby” written on one side, and a spiral pattern on the other. “My own collar!” Toby exclaimed, delighted. Mark reached into the box and took it out, holding it up for his boyfriend to inspect. Toby sniffed at it, taking in the leathery scent and the metal of the name tag. “It’s not just a collar,” said Mark. “You see the spiral on the back of the tag? This is a hypnocollar.” Toby cocked his head to the side. “Waaaait," he said. “You don’t really believe in … do you?” “Only one way to find out,” Mark said. “Put it on.” “I can’t with these paws!” Toby said, curling his fingers into fists and pawing playfully at Mark’s chest. “Can you do it, sir?” Mark smiled and reached across to buckle the collar around Mark’s neck. As his fingers maneuvered the collar, he looked deep into his boyfriend’s face. “You make me so happy, Toby,” he said. “I love you so much.” Toby blushed. “I love you,” he said, his pale freckly face reddening. Then — “Woof!” he barked. “How’s that feel?” said Mark, withdrawing his hands and pecking Toby on the nose with a kiss. “Ruff!” Toby barked again. “Arrooooo!” “Can you talk at all?” Mark asked. Toby looked intent, roughly clearing his throat, then opened his mouth to try to speak. “Ruff ruff! Woof!” His look of concentration turned to one of surprise. “Aroo?” “Told you it was real,” Mark smiled. “You believe now?” Toby just vigorously shook his head yes, and licked Mark’s cheek, moistening his beard. “Okay, boy,” said Mark, pushing him gently back. “Down.” Instantly, Toby fell to all fours, crouching on the floor in a sitting posture. “Ruff!” he barked, looking shocked. “Good boy,” said Mark. “Now you know, when you’ve got that on, I have total control of your body. Total control.” Toby whined and looked sheepish, his brow furrowing in concern. “And I think it’s time for some new obedience training around here,” said Mark. “When you’re in pup mode, you’re on four legs. No standing on two legs like a human, no matter how hard you try.” “Aroof!" Toby said, staring up at him. He backed up a bit on all fours, then tried to rise to his knees — but he immediately fell back down onto his hands. He tried again — no use. He was stuck on all fours, and he look up at Mark in amazement. “Doing okay, pup?” Mark said, rubbing his boyfriend’s head. Toby, wide-eyed, nodded. He sat back down on his naked butt, then raised up with his hands in a begging pose. His dick jutted out from his body, rock-hard and huge. “Hmm, now what could you be begging for?” Mark teased him. “Ruff!” Toby barked, pointing his nose toward the fly of Mark’s pants. “What could you possibly want?” Mark said, putting his hands on his hips and thrusting his crotch toward Toby’s face. “Aroooooo,” Toby begged, his hands pawing at the air and his tongue dangling from his mouth as he panted. “Oh! Is it this, boy?” Mark said, pointing to his dick. “Ruff!” Toby barked. “Ruff woof!” He pressed his nose into Mark’s crotch, inhaling deeply. “I dunno. Do you deserve a bone?” Mark slowly started to unzip his fly, and Toby grew increasingly excited, sitting back and hyperventilating as his eyes remained locked on Mark’s dick. His fly fully down, Mark reached into his underwear and flopped out his cock. Like Toby, it was uncut, though not nearly as large. Toby didn’t wait — he bounded forward in an instant, bathing Mark’s body with his tongue. Toby licked Mark’s dick, his balls, his bush, the musky sweaty flesh beneath his junk — he just had to have his tongue on every inch of Mark’s skin. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay pup,” said Mark, smiling. “If we’re going to get messy, we’re going to do it in bed. Get into the bedroom, and I want to see you in your good-pup stance.” Toby knew what that meant, and on all fours he scrambled out the door of the home office, down the hall, and through the bedroom door. Mark followed, and heard the bounce of Toby clambering onto the bed. When he entered, he saw Toby waiting on their bed in the pose that he’d been trained to adopt whenever Mark wanted access to his ass: on his hands and knees, his legs curled under him and his back arched to show off his sexy butt. “Does the pup get a tail?” Mark asked, and Toby barked joyfully, wiggling his backside in anticipation of his favorite black silicone tail-plug. Standing at the foot of the bed, Mark leaned against Toby and wrapped his arms around him. “Good boy,” he breathed in Toby’s ear. “Such a good boy. Close your eyes.” Toby instantly shut them, licking his nose excitedly and he wriggled in Mark’s grasp. His tongue seemed longer, flatter. “That’s it, boy,” Mark whispered, his mouth rubbing against Toby’s ear. Toby felt Mark’s hand on his dick, just holding it. “This is mine. This dick, and your whole body. It all belongs to me. You belong to me.” “Rff,” Toby said, just barely emitting a sound. He felt Mark release his dick, and slide his hand along his hip to his butt. “This is mine, too,” he said, rubbing his finger down Toby’s crack. “This butt. Every inch of it. Even … the inside.” His finger tickled the outside of Toby’s hole, and Toby sighed, his heartbeat frantic. “Eyes still closed,” Mark said, releasing his boyfriend. “Head down. Ass up.” Toby obeyed. For a moment, he couldn’t feel Mark, but heard him bumping in a dresser drawer. Then he felt the cool smear of lube sliding down his butt, and Mark’s slick finger sliding once again into his butt crack. “Good boy,” Mark whispered again in Toby’s ear, his mouth so close Toby could feel the rough scratch of his beard. His finger traced up and down the crack, and each time he drifted against the pucker of Toby’s hole, it felt like an electric jolt. “Rowwwrrrr,” Toby moaned, his face buried in the sheet. The spiral name tag clinked softly at his neck. “So good,” Mark said. “I want you to breathe nice … and … slow.” Toby took a deep breath, feeling the thick press of the silicone pup-tail plug pushing his butt cheeks apart. “Deep breath,” Mark said. Toby took another breath, and this time he felt the plug push harder, the flared bulb just starting to enter him. “Deep breath,” Mark said. Another breath, and he felt the plug enter, stretching his hole wider, slipping slick and wet into his ass. “Deep breath,” Mark said, “and you’re sinking further into headspace. More of a pup than ever.” Toby inhaled, long and deep, and Mark’s gentle pressure on the tail slipped it ever so slightly further into him. This was the widest point, Toby felt, the maximum stretch. “Deep breath, deeper down, just my good little pup.” Inhaling again, Toby felt the bulb of the tail slip in some more, the bulb fully within him, his hole closing around the thinner neck of it. “One more breath, and you’re fully my pup,” Mark said. Toby breathed deeply once more. He felt full, his ass heavy and tight on the butt plug. But he felt full in his whole body as well — filled with purpose, with love, with the joy of belonging fully to Mark and Mark to him. “Good boy,” Mark said. “Open your eyes.” Toby blinked his eyes open, and saw that Mark had positioned their full-length mirror in front of him. The first thing he saw was his body — but was it his? His formerly hairless body was covered in fur, thick and brown, from his head down his shoulders and chest and back, down his arms, around his ass, down his legs. Even his face had the soft rush of fur across the cheeks and down his chin. It was his face, but the body was the hairiest human body he’d ever seen. Toby could only gasp and stare at his reflection. “Look at the pup,” Mark said, sitting down next to him and petting his boyfriend’s furry back with his un-lubed hand. “Uff … aroroo?” Toby said, turning to look at him in amazement. “A hypnocollar’s a powerful toy,” Mark smiled. “And we’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do.”

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