Karma and the Spoiled Rich Boy

By Good Boy and NCMC readers
published April 30, 2008
3216 words

Angelo gets equipped for his new role in life.

NOTE: This is a group-created derivative work based on an earlier story. The opinions expressed in this new work are not necessarily those of the original author.

Angelo laid an expensive pair of jeans next to the cash register. The overweight salesboy picked it up flipped it over. Angelo tapped his fingers impatiently.

“So,” said the clerk nervously as he tried to find the price tag, “it must be nice to be able to fit into something this small.”

Angelo glanced down at his body, lean and athletic. He knew he was attractive in every other way, but his inability to build muscle was a sore point. “Well, it’s nice not to be a sweaty hippo, if that’s what you mean.”

The salesboy stared down at the jeans again. “I just meant, well, I try running, you know, but I don’t get very far because of the weight…”

Angelo leaned over the counter and pointed to the tiny price sticker on the label. “Yeah, your inability to get off your fat ass and exercise is really interesting and all, but could you hurry up? I have a date tonight.” In actual fact, he had a meeting with a rich widow, but halfway there he’d decided his clothes weren’t sexy enough to get the money he needed. “I wish I hadn’t bothered with this shitty little store.”

As the overweight boy timidly took Angelo’s gold card and finished the purchase, the handsome brunette looked around. His father owned a huge snack food company, so he usually shopped in the best, most expensive stores. Looking around, he was glad the store was empty since should didn’t think he could take the embarrassment of people seeing him here.

Then Angelo noticed one other person in the store besides himself and the fat salesboy. A blond guy in the men’s section. He looked about his age, but he didn’t recognize him. The boy stared at Angelo openly with a blank expression, studying him, almost leering. Angelo recognized immediately that he was the type of faggot who liked to look but never actually talk to a boy as hot as him.

Angelo absentmindedly took the shopping bag from the salesboy as he smiled at the guy. He loved seeing how much a faggot like this could take. He ran a hand through his shiny black hair and winked at him. Angelo almost giggled when the man looked away. Angelo liked that he’d probably spend the rest of the day kicking himself for not asking Angelo out. Angelo wished he would, gays always made funny faces when he laughed at them.

As Angelo turned to walk out, he missed that the guy hadn’t just looked away from him, he had looked at the salesboy. Angelo also missed seeing the overweight salesboy suddenly lose gobs of weight, slimming down in seconds to a trim, athletic figure. He almost missed the clerk’s surprised yelp, but that never actually happened. As the newly thin boy started to scream, he suddenly calmed down and walked away from the desk towards the jeans section of the dreary little clothing store.

What Angelo did notice right before he reached the door was a sudden tightness in his pants. He stopped and reached down to adjust his package, but it didn’t help. His ass, balls and cock suddenly felt very constricted. He had to get his pants off quickly.

Angelo turned and strode towards the changing rooms. Along the way he shoulder bumped into the blond guy. The guy watched Angelo run past, but Angelo kept moving without looking at him.

Running into one of the changing rooms, he pulled his pants and underpants down before the door finished swinging shut. Part of him hated that the pervert outside would get a peek as his naked butt, but mostly he thought about how hard it was to breath. As the pants came off Angelo could see that the stitching came out in several places. Finally able to breathe easily again without pants digging into his waist, Angelo threw the useless pants on the bench.

At that point, he realized how big his cock and balls were. They had gone from normal sized to huge in less than a minute. Then he realized that they were still growing. He grabbed his dick and balls with his hands, futilely trying to hold them back, but they grew and grew, too big for just his hands. First the dick flopped out his hands, then the balls became too much to handle.

When the growth stopped, Angelo let them fall out of his hands away and looked down at himself. He’d always wanted bigger dick, balls and muscles. He had even gotten father to buy an indoor gym for his next birthday. But now his dick and balls were huge, obscenely so, but his body was still the same as always.

Angelo gazed at his huge dick for a moment, stunned by the sudden change. Not only did was it larger, maybe 12 inches soft and as thick as a beercan, but it loooked … different … nice … He reached out and gently stroked it with one finger. The wave of pleasure that ran through his body almost made his knees give way. Reflexively he grabbed his dick again, with both hands, and it rapidly began to get hard. “Oh fuck, this is so hot,” he thought. “I’d love to suck on a cock like this,” he added.

Angelo pulled his hands away, scared of what would happen if he didn’t and of what he had just thought. Angelo couldn’t figure out how this had happened, but getting out of the store seemed like a good idea. Hopefully that would get him away from whatever was messing with his body. He looked around, that was when he noticed the other change. His ASS. His ass was huge … it was like a walking advertisement for “come-fuck-me-please: the movie”. “SHIT!” he swore loudly. “I’m a freak!”

Angelo looked down at the floor and saw both the jeans he’d just bought and the ones he had ripped off. Neither would come close to fitting him now. He pulled on his new jeans, but didn’t even get half-way up his ass, and his obscenely large balls, each the size of a large orange, hung over the top. His dick had no hope of getting stashed away.

“I’ve got to get out of here,” he said, pulling off the jeans and wrapping them around him like a towel. Angelo poked his head out of the changing room. Nobody stood between him and the door. He moved towards it again, eager to get away from the store.

Halfway there he turned and caught a peek at himself in one of the store’s full length mirrors. His ass! Such an incredible ass. “I’d love to see that getting ploughed,” he thought. As he moved past the mirror he noticed that his new ass also swayed much more than his old one.

Suddenly he knew that he couldn’t go out on the street with his ass protruding like that. Sure, the car sat five steps from the door, but it still wasn’t decent to go out without pants. Getting out of the store remained a huge priority, but he knew he couldn’t leave without buying new jeans. That was supremely obvious.

Angelo turned towards the jeans section. As he approached he saw another boy looking through the racks of pants, but the boy was half naked! He had on a nice shirt that complimented his slim figure, but he didn’t have any pants on either. It was a fairly good lower half too, with a nice shapely butt and a decent set of cock and balls, though not nearly as big as Angelo’s.

Looking at the other boy’s ass caused a bell to go off in Angelo’s brain. He looked up at the guy’s face. After a moment of wondering who the boy reminded him of, he yelled out, “Holy crap! You’re the fatty from the counter!”

The boy smiled bemusedly at Angelo. “Fat? Wow, if I’m what you consider fat, you’ve got some real body issues. I’ve never been heavy, except for my cock and balls,” he said, cupping them in Angelo’s direction.

Angelo looked at the man’s dick again. It was maybe five inches soft, cut, a very nice match for his athletic frame, unlike Angelo’s new porn star pounder. Angelo wondered if it tasted as good as it looked. “But, why don’t you have pants on?! You look like a faggot standing around like that!”

The formerly heavy salesboy backed up a step and looked down at his nakedness. “What? Oh no! I didn’t realize I was… you’re right, I do like a… like a…”

“Don’t worry,” said a voice from behind Angelo. He turned around and saw the blond guy walking up behind him. “You don’t look bad at all. You look fine.”

The salesboy instantly relaxed. “Oh, hi again. Did you find that sweater for your boyfriends’s birthday?”

The blond guy held back a laugh. “No, I got a little distracted. But I’ll find it, and thanks for the help earlier.” The salesboy smiled at him bashfully, then went back to looking through the jeans.

“And you,” said the guy to Angelo, “you shouldn’t call other guy’s faggots, especially looking the way you do. Come on, let’s discuss this in private.”

Angelo’s legs started moving on their own. He tried to scream at the guy, but his mouth wouldn’t do it. They walked back into the changing rooms. As the blond guy closed the door behind them, Angelo regained control of his body.

“Back off!” he screamed.

“Nah, we need to talk. I wasn’t sure you got the first hint I dropped that you need to change your attitude. So I gave you a little test with the salesboy. You failed it by a lot. So now it’s time for drastic measures.”

Angelo stepped back, his bubblebutt ass bumping into the wall behind him. “You did this? Who are you?”

The guy brushed his dirty blonde hair from his eyes. "We’ve had three classes together and you still don’t know my name? Wow. How about you just call me “Karma”?

Angelo rolled his eyes. “Karma? Oh that’s really funny. I don’t know how you did this, but I certainly don’t deserve it.”

Karma sat on the small bench built into the wall of the tiny room. “Oh, you definitely deserve it. You treated the boy at the counter the same way you’ve treated everyone in every class we’ve had together, so you definitely deserve it.” He looked him over again.

The newly endowed man rubbed his temples. Part of him couldn’t accept that this was real. Another part of him wanted answers. “How can you even do this?!”

He shrugged. “Heh, I don’t even know. I woke up one morning and I could change people’s bodies and minds.”

“Minds? Oh sure, now I’m supposed to believe that you can control my mind?”

“Well,” he said, “don’t you think it’s a little wacky that you’re taking your shirt off right now?”

Angelo reached down and pulled his shirt off, while still looking at the strange guy and shrugging his shoulders. “No. We’re in private, what’s the big deal?”

Karma shook his head. “Well, you should. Normally you’d be running away and panicking, or at least trying to cover up that hot body of yours.”

Angelo sneered at the man calling Angelo’s body “hot,” he didn’t like being fags talking to him this way. “Don’t make out like you’re important enough for me to be modest around you.”

“See? That’s why I don’t like changing minds. Everyone just believes that they’ve always believed whatever I put in their heads, so there’s no fun in it. I could make you feel ashamed for being such a prick, but you’d think it was perfectly natural to feel ashamed and it wouldn’t be satisfying at all.”

Rolling his eyes, Angelo pushed open the door and said, “Well, poor little you and all, but I’m taking off.”

Karma smiled. “Well, it’s not so bad; I just have to be a little more clever. Like instead of making you want to suck my cock, I can kinda disconnect your conscious mind from your body so that you do it even though you don’t want to.”

Angelo dropped his shirt and scurried between his knees. He tried to scream, to yell at him, but he’d lost control of his mouth just as much as he’d lost control of the hands that ripped open Karma’s pants. He dived onto the cock and started sucking with an eagerness that he’d never felt for anything before.

“Oh shit,” murmured Karma, “that’s really good! You know, I’ve never had a blowjob before. That reeeaaaly feels goooood!” He leaned forward, reached down, and fondled Angelo’s head, pulling it deeper on to his cock. “You can play with your own dick too if you want,” he said. It was more of a command.

Angelo reached down with one hand and began stroking his incredibly long cock. It slowly plumped up until it was pointing upwards. At full length it reached up between his chest!

His hand on his newly clock felt incredible, but Angelo just kept sucking.

“Oh yeah, your mouth is busy with the bj. Hmmm, I wonder if I can…” He momentarily lost focus as Angelo’s tongue did things he hadn’t known were possible. “Uh… I wonder if I can make it so that you can still talk, but without doing anything to interrupt the bj.”

Angelo bobbed his head up and down, working his cock as he silently concentrated. After a minute he felt some control come back to his mouth and throat, but he still couldn’t spit the cock out like he wanted to. Instead he stuffed the cockhead into one of his cheeks and talked as best he could while still rolling it around in his mouth.

“You asshh-hole! I’m gonna kill you for thisshh! Fucking sshhociopath!”

Karma grunted and continued bucking his hips in and out of Angelo’s face. “Oh yeah, this is definitely better with you knowing it’s a punishment. I’m so glad I didn’t just make you want to suck cock.”

A warmth formed in Angelo’s balls in reaction to the delicious sensations coming from his dick. It distracted him so much he barely noticed his other hand moving down to massage his giant balls. His fingers gently rubbed the back of his sack, pushing the balls upward while his other hand pumped his cock and as he swirled the head of Karma’s cock in his mouth. He didn’t register any of this except as pleasure.

“Ooh, fuck yeah,” said Angelo, still having trouble talking and mouthing his cock at the same time.

“Tell you what, Angelo; I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you have full control back, but you have to keep sucking. In return, I’ll let you blow a load when I do. OK?”

Angelo wanted to tell him to fuck off, but his horniness wouldn’t let him. “Fine. FINE!”

Angelo stopped sucking. It took him a moment to register that he had control back. He looked up at Karma, wondering if he should try to run away. Then Karma smiled and slapped Angelo gently in the face with his glistening dick, the sight and smell and proximity of it drove Angelo wild. He shut him eyes and then began sucking again. He was beginning to desperately needed to get Karma off so that he could get off.

“Oh, that’s good,” said Karma. He let go of Angelo’s head so he could lean back and close his eyes. “See how much better things go when you do things people like?”

Karma spasmed and Angelo clamped his lips down on the man’s cock. He sucked hard as Karma spasmed again. Finally a load of cum shot down Angelo’s throat. He tensed up, hating himself for what he was doing, until he registered the taste of the cum. It tasted incredible, and he came hard when it hit his tongue. Each pulse of orgasm in his dick sent a huge shot of hot sticky cum flying up and all over his own face and upper body. It only made him suck harder and harder. Finally Karma finished cumming and Angelo fell backwards onto the floor as he swallowed the last gulp. He lay there, covered in his own cum, and with a mouthful of Angelo’s white jism.

Karma stood and zipped up his pants. “That was pretty nice,” he said.

Angelo glared at him. “Fuck you,” he said weakly. He wanted to feel angry, but satisfaction was all his body registered.

Karma didn’t seem to care. “Well, I’m off. Hey, the salesboy is pretty nice. Do you think he’d give me his phone number?”

Angelo laid back on the worn store carpeting and panted, too spent to respond. Not getting a response, Karma shrugged his shoulders and left the changing room. The taste of cum hung in Angelo’s mouth. He wondered if he was going to do this again. Then he wondered whether or not he wanted to.

The End

The original Male/Female version of this story (available at mcstories.com) was authored by Good Boy and remains copyrighted. This version was created by readers of the gay fiction website, the Narcissus Cursed Men Collection (the NCMC). This new version of the story is distributed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Creative Commons License. You must follow the conditions laid down in that license, or else you are forbidden by copyright law to duplicate this story in any form. This message is considered part of this work.

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