To Live and Serve Rednecks- Part 4

By PupHearted
published August 17, 2019

The arrival of our brown hero’s son leads to big changes in their lives, all engineered by the redneck neighbors.

Author’s note- This chapter contains elements that are racially provocating. It’s completely fictional and should be read as such.

Part 4

It’s 10 pm and I’m standing outside the airport, waiting for my son to emerge. He lives in DC and at the behest of my Master Hal, I’ve asked him to come visit me for a week. The truth is, Master Hal and Master Rud are going to help my son become aware of his urge to serve superior white redneck men and I’m helping them willingly and happily.

My boy emerges from the gate looking dapper as always. Like me, he’s 5’10 and about 160 pounds of lean and toned muscle. Raj (my son) and I are very similar looking, the only difference being his lighter skin tone and sharper nose (both courtesy of his mom). It also helps that he’s only 15 years younger than me and we’ve been confused as siblings on more than one occasion.

When he sees me, his face breaks out in a smile as he walks over and gives me a hug. I embrace my son in a bear hug, relishing in this moment of familial love. My head is resting on his shoulder and I glance down his back, to look at his ass. Ever since I’ve started serving my masters, I’ve developed an appreciation for a meaty ass. While Raj’s ass is fine, it sure could use some meat on it.

It’s late and we have a 50-mile drive ahead of us, so both of us get into our car and leave for home. After exiting the airport parking lot, I stop the car in a somewhat dark road. Raj is confused and asks

“Why are we stopping?”

“One of my neighbors came with me because he had some work in the area. I’m just waiting for him and then we’ll all go back” I reply.

“Umm, okay” Raj replies, a hint of irritation in his voice.

Almost immediately, a finger taps on my side of the window and I look up. There’s Master Rud, dressed in a black hoodie, as he motions me to open the door. I unlock the back door and he gets inside.

“Hey man, my name is Rud. Nice to meet ya” Rud says to Raj and extends his hand for a shake.

My son shakes his hand, somewhat hesitantly, as he introduces himself. I know the reason for his hesitation- the stench from Master Rud’s body is awfully strong and while I cherish that smell, Raj has yet to embrace it. Before I can start the car, Rud tells Raj to sit in the back with him and to leave the luggage in the front. He reasons that the compact space in the front will prevent Raj’s suitcase from rattling too much. It’s a flimsy excuse but upon my urging as well, Raj moves back without protesting.

While I’m driving, I keep looking back to see what’s happening. In the first 5 minutes, Raj was sitting with his nose almost sticking out of the window. The stench was making him awfully uncomfortable and I felt bad for my son. I was hoping that Rud would do something to make the situation a little better when something unexpected happened.

Master Rud pulled out his cock and started stroking. Raj didn’t notice at first as his eyes were focused on the road outside. But the smell of piss, cum and sweat wafting off of Rud’s dick made him turn and his eyes popped out at what he saw. Rud continued stroking his cock slowly, his eyes fixed on Raj with a shit-eating grin on his face. Raj was mortified but he couldn’t protest. He looked at me and our eyes met. His eyes had a “what the fuck” expression to them which I responded back with a sympathetic look. Raj’s eyes went back to Rud’s cock as he smelled the stench around him. His expression softened as he sat and watched Rud do his thing. He was in shock but equally mesmerized by the heavily pierced cock in front of him and the smell coming off it. He had a dopey look on his face, as he sat there watching and it made me wonder if I had the same look the first time, I saw my masters’ cocks.

I had a diversion coming ahead so I pulled my eyes off the backseat and focused on the road ahead. Once I was in the clear and on the last 30 miles of straight no-traffic road, I glanced back to see an interesting development.

Raj was bent over the seat, licking and sucking on Rud’s cock head. He seemed unsure of what to do but Rud’s moans were telling him to continue doing what he was doing. He was sucking the cock slowly, his eyes closed and a determined expression on his face. Rud was giving words of encouragement and coaching my son on how to suck. About 5 miles before our house, Rud’s breathing intensified as he came inside my son’s mouth. Raj, who had no experience with cock sucking, was caught off-guard and some of Rud’s cum escaped from his mouth onto his neck and clothes. Before he could do or say anything, Rud pushed a cloth into his nose and he passed out.

Once we reached master’s home, Rud and I carried Raj to the garage. The garage was mostly empty, except for a gurney, a IV drip and a few vital monitoring devices. We placed Raj on the gurney following which, Rud led me out to the Den. Master Hal was sitting on the couch in his stained tighty-whities, smoking a cigar. I took my place on my knees as Master Rud sat beside his dad, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“You’ve done well pup. Your kid is a fine piece of ass and it’ll be fun to make him into a redneck serving fag like ya” Master Hal said, blowing smoke in my direction. He took another long drag before speaking again, “We don’t have a month to turn yer boy into a redneck serving slut. Cub and I will keep yer boy sedated for the next three days and pump him with our special medicine. That should do the trick.”

I wanted to thank him for everything he was doing for me and my son. I did it the only way I knew, by shoving my face into his dirty boots and licking it while thanking him profusely. He laughed out loud and used his other boot to press my face into his dirt-covered boot. I licked both of his boots clean and then repeated the same on Master Rud’s boots, thanking him as well.

“Well pup, for this to succeed, ya can’t come here for the next three days. Cub and I will be busy with yer boy and we can’t have no distractions” Master Hal ordered. I nodded, sad at the prospect of not being able to be with my masters for three whole days. But kind benefactors that my masters are, they gave me some of their old clothes and boots to smell and wank off to, for the time being. I was kicked out right after this and I made my way back home.

I was absolutely miserable over the next three days. Sure, I had their stink-filled clothes & shoes to keep me company but nothing beats the real thing. Wherever I was, whether home or at work, my mind kept floating back to my masters and my son. I kept thinking about what they were doing to him and all the changes he’ll soon have. Imagining my transformed redneck-loving son, on his knees alongside me as we pleasured our redneck masters, gave me a strong erection and I wanked off to that mental image.

Three days later, on Monday, I left work at 6 pm and made my way back home. Once inside, I stripped naked, put on my leather collar, put the leash in my mouth and crawled on all fours to masters’ house. I knocked the door and waited patiently for someone to open. Master Hal opened the door and looked down at me. He was dressed like a tough biker- leather jacket, gloves, riding boots, the whole shebang. He took the leash from my mouth, attached it to my collar and pulled me inside. We made our way through the house into the garage. I was excited at the prospect of seeing my son again and to see his new lease on his life.

Inside, Raj was sitting naked and upright on the gurney, locked in a wet kiss with Master Rud. When we walked in, they broke their embrace and Raj looked at me. His eyes were glazed and his whole demeanor seemed different. He was still my son but something inside him had changed, I could feel it.

His face broke into a smile as he walked over to me, lifted me up from all fours and planted his lips on mine. For the next few minutes, my son and I kissed each other passionately, nibbling on each other’s lips and passing spit between us. All this while, our hands were exploring each other’s naked forms. He was the first to pull away as he locked his eyes into mine.

“Master Rud told me to thank you for everything. He said that you were the one who convinced them to bring me in and help me understand my place as a redneck serving slut” my son said. “I don’t know how it happened dad, but I am glad that I know my place in the world now. We are the slaves to our white redneck masters and our place is in their feet, serving their every need.”

I burst out in tears of joy upon hearing these words. Finally, my son was the man I knew he could be. I pulled him in for a hug and we stood there for a while, both of us emotional from our shared experience. It took a rather loud cough from Master Hal to break our trance and we looked towards him. Both of our masters had their huge dicks out and were slowly stroking it, looking at us.

Without a word, my son and I got on all fours and crawled towards our redneck masters, smelling their beautiful stink on our way over.

12 Months Later

It’s a deserted area somewhere in Florida. The only hint of civilization are the two old trailer parks and the many bikes surrounding them, their headlights illuminating the dark surroundings. Four men stand outside, dressed in biker attire and sharing a joint. The only sound in the area are the noises coming from the trailer park, a mix of yelling, moaning and the sound of skin slapping on skin.

“Gotta hand it to ya Hal, finding a father-son bitch combo is fuckin rare. You have outdone yerself pal” the bigger of the four gentlemen says. Hal, who’s standing next to him, doesn’t say a word but just smirks. Next to him is Rud, who keeps smoking and stays distracted from the conversation around him.

“I gotta show something to ya” the big man says as he pulls out his phone and opens a video. It’s a news coverage of a small town in Florida. The residents are holding a vigil to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the disappearance a local businessman and his son. The newscaster states that the police have looked high and low for these men but they seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The last time they were seen was the airport where the son was sighted while the dad was last seen at work, three days later.

The men finished the joint and lit a second one. The voices inside were getting louder but here, no one would hear them or disturb. This was biker territory and everyone knew to stay away.

Inside the trailer, a whole gang of white, redneck bikers were surrounding two brown slaves. The slaves were on all fours, their ass and mouth stuffed with cock, as they moaned and begged for more. Provocative piercings and racist tattoos adorned the slaves’ muscled bodies, including a stars and bars flag on the back of their shaved heads. ‘Whites Rule’ was artistically tattooed on their foreheads for everyone to see. On their chest was a ridiculously large tattoo of a heart with the word redneck in the center and an arrow shaped lick a dick passing through it. Many other racial and homoerotic tattoos adored their shiny, brown skin.

The older of the two slaves looked towards the younger one with a smile on his face. He felt contended knowing that he and his son/slave brother, were exactly where they were meant to be, serving superior white redneck bikers. His son’s face contorted in pleasure as he orgasmed loudly, causing the older one to also feel a familiar stirring in his loins.

Outside, Hal and Rud got on their bikes ready to leave. They had just been informed that the Colorado chapter of their bike club needed a new bitch-boy and it was time to hit the road.

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