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Crystal Clear - Obedience

By DickSlave
published August 17, 2019
1400 words

My submission deepens

We arrived at the courthouse and quickly filled out the forms necessary to elope. Master ordered his slave to take Master’s name. This, he said, served to further the reminder that slave belongs to Master. I happily agreed (I don’t think I had a choice, but at least I was happy in my obedience). Once we returned home, Master began to lay out his plans for our life.

“Alright, bitch, time for some ground rules. First, since I’m stuck in this relationship, so are you. You are completely unable to leave me without me telling you to do so. You are unable to even think of manners of escaping this. In fact, you don’t want to: you’re so happy to have no free will left in your head and so thankful that I took it from you that you would never want to leave.” And as Master said it, it became clear that it was true. Free will was a burden all slave’s life. Now slave would have no choice but to obey, and it would be eternally grateful for the opportunity.

“Now, you know you are a slave, and you are so because you took my free will away from me on the matter. So, you need to be punished. You told me to be more assertive in my life, so I plan to fully assert my dominance over you day in and day out. You will continue to go to work every day and you will act like everything is normal; when we are with company, we are simply a happily married couple with a lovely home life. But in private, you will wear nothing but a collar when we are alone. You will do all the chores and housework around the apartment when you return home from work, and then proceed to cook me food. You will eat as well, but while I eat at the table, you will eat on your hands and knees from a dog bowl.”

Slave’s attention was wrapped as it listened intently to it new existence.

“And to wash it down, you will suck me off like you never have before. And now, all liquids that don’t come from my dick are disgusting to you. Water tastes of rotten eggs and soda of spoiled milk. Instead, you will be hydrated by Master’s urine, which while it still tastes gross to you (I can’t let you off with any easy proceedings in this new life of yours, bitch), it is still your favorite drink. You will greedily put my dick in your mouth like a straw. In fact, your first taste is ready. Get over here.”

Slave suddenly had an deep thirst. As it crawled toward Master, it couldn’t help thinking conflicted thoughts. It realized that what It was doing would be considered weird and perverted by society, but slave couldn’t care less. Not that it had an option, the conflicted thought quickly disappeared as the very last of its free will was swallowed along with its pride, and shortly after the first taste of Master’s piss. Just as Master said, slave was left with a strange mix of emotion: the piss was nasty, all salty and warm, but yet, it couldn’t help but swallow every last drop. Even once Master’s last was drained down its throat, slave attempted to milk it like an utter for every last drop. This pleased Master.

“Ha. Now that’s not something I didn’t expect, but its fantastic none the less.” Master said, clearly excited by his creation. “Now keep that dick in your mouth while I continue explaining your new house rules.”

As slave watched with almost a puppy dog like level of adoration, Master continued. “After this is completed, I will sit down to enjoy some television. As I do so, you will help me relax from the day by messaging my feet with your tongue. Once I am satisfied with your work, you will continue to sit on the floor in front of me, serving as my foot rest. And once I am ready to go to bed, you will accompany me, but rather than sleeping with me in bed, you will sleep on the tile floor under the bed. After all, as my slave, you are worth less than furniture. Understand?”

“Yes, Master!” Slave uttered, the sound muffled by the large dick filling its gums.

“Ha, glad to hear it, slut. Now, get ready, we’re going to run a few errands.”

With that, Master took his property to get the things they would need to fit these new rules. First, they went to the pet supply store.

“Hello gentlemen, can I help you find something?” said the store attendant as Master browsed the selection of dog collars.

“Tell the nice man what I am doing,” Master directed at slave.

“Master is looking to buy a collar so his slave can accurately display its position as Master’s rightful property!” Slave announced as though it was the most normal idea in the world. The sentence drew looks of concern and an immediate desire to leave from both the employee and the elderly woman at the other end of the aisle. The employee wished Master well as both of the on lookers made swift exits to not be seen again. Master continued looking as if nothing had happened.

“This looks like it would fit you.” Master said as he grabbed a bright pink collar. This would have brought humiliation to slave’s mind instantly, as well as a raging boner at the thought of being marked as property; however, as a slave, it barely registered as abnormal. After all, boners were only to be used when Master desired.

After visiting a custom dog tag engraving machine to print a disk reading “SLAVE BITCH” Master lead his slave to the cash register. Another poor employee was subjected to the same sentiment of property-based love from Slave as the last employee. Master turned to slave and requested slave’s credit card and proceeded to pay for the item’s with slave’s money. Or rather, Master’s money that was simply held in slave’s name. Slave had the collar on before the employee could even bag it. He stood dumbfounded at the sight of a man following another man, proud of the slave collar he just purchased for himself.

Upon returning home, Master finished laying out the ground rules.

“Good job obeying me entirely, bitch. I know you have no choice but to obey, but I am proud of my handiwork none the less. As a reward, you may jack off and then eat your own cum.”

“Thank you so much, sir. You are a kind Master” it said as it obeyed its Master in stroking its dick.

“While you’re doing that, you will describe the differences between us to help me finish as well,” Master instructed.

“Yes, sir. The differences between Master and his slave are great. First, Master is intelligent, smart, and kind. Slave’s only thoughts are of Master. Master is destined to become the CEO of an international company. Slave is destined to suck on the dick and toes of that powerful CEO. Master has a large, delicious, 7 inch cock that produces vanilla cream. Slave has a measly 5 inch cock that barely pleases slave to touch.” Slave enumerated.

“Yes, great. Continue.” Master instructed. This self flagellation continued until both the man and the bitch finished and slave eagerly lapped up the two pools of slime straight off the floor, of course saving Master’s cum for last and going slowly to savor every moment of the experience.

“Good bitch, now, it’s been a long day. Time to begin the new routine full time.” Master stated.

They both proceeded into the bedroom where a man changed clothes and got into bed for a good night’s sleep while the slave took one of his owner’s socks, laid on the tile floor beneath his Master, and fell asleep with said sweaty sock draped over his nose, savoring the stench and dreaming of ways to please his Master the next day. Slave quickly rolled over and changed the alarm to a few minutes earlier: it would awaken Master with a morning blowjob!

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community series!
Everyone can contribute to this series. Please click "Add chapter" below to add your own chapter to it!